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Auburn Aurelius Brutus Cato Conquest Fleming Genoa Ira
Ledyard Locke Mentz Montezuma Moravia Niles Owasco Scipio
Sempronius Sennett Springport Sterling Summerhill Throop Venice Victory
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Aurelius was formed January 27, 1789. Brutus, Owasco, Cato and Jefferson, (now Mentz) were
set off March 30, 1802; Auburn and Fleming in 1823; a part of Springport in 1833, and part of Throop
in 1859. It lies near the center of the west border of the county, Cayuga Lake, and has a rolling
surface, which inclines to the north and west. Owasco outlet runs through the north-east corner,
and Cayuga brook, Crane creek, with several other small streams, rise in the town. There are a
number of excellent water privileges along Owasco outlet. For the most part, the soil is a heavy
clay and gravelly loam.

Population, 1,793. Area, 18,595 acres.

There are five postoffices in this town, viz., Aurelius, Aurelius Station, Cayuga, Fosterville and
Oakwood. Many of the residents in the east part of town receive their mail at Auburn.


Alden Timothy, 30, Cayuga Clark John, 39, Oakwood
Anthony Daniel W, 167, Cayuga Clark Thomas J, 52, Oakwood
Avery Chas I, 141, Auburn Clartk Wm B, 139, Oakwood
Baity Edward, 29, Cayuga Coapman Albert L, 148, Oakwood
Baity George R, 13, Cayuga Coapman John W, 190, Aurelius
Baity James II, 34, Fosterville Cole Samuel, 6 1/2, Auburn
Baker Aug D, 210, Aurelius Cowels Mrs Edwin, 697, Cleveland, O
Baker Asa H, 6, Aurelius Cowan Mrs Helen, 6, Cleveland, O
Baker Andrew J, 53, Cayuga Cullen John, 113, Auburn
Baker Calvin T, 54 1/2, Aurelius Curren John, 63, Fosterville
Baker John H, 96 Aurelius Daley James, 45, Cayuga
Baker Julius O, (est) 139, Aurelius Dean Barney, 105, Auburn
Baker Mrs Marie, 103, Cayuga Delaney Charles, 33, Auburn
Baker William H, 84, Aurelius Dingman John, 22, Auburn
Baldwin Lucius, 123, Cayuga Dickenson Elisha, 11, Cayuga
Baldwin Sally, 11, Fosterville Doan Mrs Benj (est), 59, Aurelius
Bame William H, 59 Cayuga Doty Myron, 98, Aurelius
Banker Alva, 68, Aurelius Durkee Riley, 51, Aurelius
Beardsley Nelson (est) 97, Auburn Easterly Jno M, (est), 103 Auburn
Bedell Charles, 115 Fosterville Elderton Charles, 101, Aurelius
Bell Thomas J, 85, Auburn Everitt Thomas, 6, Fosterville
Bennett William H, 5, Fosterville Falvey Dennis, 86, Cayuga
Berry John R, 56, Auburn Farmer Mrs Aurelia, 85, Fosterville
Blauvelt James R, 41, Fosterville Fenner Mrs Madana, 24, Rochester
Blauvelt Mrs Peter (est), 50 Fosterville Ferris Mrs Rebecca, 76, Cayuga
Bobbett W H, 39, Fosterville Finnessey Maurice, 6, Auburn
Bowden James Mrs, 52, Oakwood Fisher Romayne, 49, Fosterville
Bower David Y, 55, Aurelius Fitch James, 65, Cayuga
Bryant Joseph, 17, Auburn Ford Joseph, 47, Auburn
Burns Mrs Patrick, 4, Cayuga Forestal Ella & May, 16, Aurelius
Carroll Charles, 10, Auburn Fredenburg Jerome (est), 123, Cayuga
Chamberlain Julius A, (est) 195, Aurelius Fuller Jerome L, 67, Fosterville
Chappel Russell S, 109, Cayuga Fuller Margaret, 27, Aurelius
Chatham Mrs Charlotte, 51, Aurelius Gable Joseph, 142, Fosterville
Clark Coy, 46, Auburn Glanville Henry, 130, Auburn


Goodrich Luther S, 16 Auburn Patterson Stephen E, 204, Oakwood
Goodwin William, 20, Auburn Pearce Charles, 28, Auburn
Gorham George, 24, Fosterville Pinckney George W, 50, Aurelius
Goss Eliza, 63 Aurelius Pinckney Ira, 378, Aurelius
Gould Mrs Charles, 94 Cayuga Pinckney Mrs James, 61, Auburn
Gould Marion, 74, Auburn Pinckney Samuel, 214, Auburn
Griggs E & F, 23, Fosterville Porter John D, 105, Cayuga
Gulley John, 8, Cayuga Pries Hans, 14, Aurelius
Hall F C, 120, Aurelius Quinn John, 3, Aurelius
Hanley George, 35, Oakwood Reed James C, 170, Auburn
Hayes Henry, 41, Fosterville Ridley Peter, 134, Auburn
Hedden Lewis, 43, Cayuga Ruth Calvin, 9 Auburn
Hoskins Frank A, 35, Auburn Sanders Edgar W (est), 56, Fosterville
Hoskins Harlow, 87, Aurelius Sanders Mrs Eliza J, 29, Fosterville
Hoskins W G, 52, Auburn Sanders Horace, 10, Fosterville
Hosmer John G, 69, Auburn Sanders Romeyn, 12, Fosterville
Hunt Chas B, 64, Aurelius Scism Stephen, 25, Cayuga
Hunt C William, 45, Aurelius Selvage William, 94, Oakwood
Hunt Mrs Lockwood, 119, Aurelius Shank Charles J, 120, Aurelius
Hunt Robert S, 61, Aurelius Shank Mrs C J, 55, Oakwood
Hutchinson William, 6, Cayuga Shank John B (est), 160, Aurelius
Jones Andrew M, 99, Aurelius Shank Peter (est), 20, Cayuga
Johnson James M (est), 61, Aurelius Scully William, 188, Cayuga
Johnson Wm E, 54, Aurelius Shepard Dorr, 423, Cayuga
Jennings Christopher, 50, Auburn Shoemaker Mrs George L, 81, Aurelius
Kanary Martin, 19, Auburn Shoemaker John (est), 170, Aurelius
Kelley John, 33, Aurelius Shoemaker John M, 62, Aurelius
Kelley Michael, 311, Cayuga Smith Charles, 197, Auburn
Kelley Patrick, 49, Aurelius Snow Mrs Kittie, 75, Aurelius
Kerwin James, 14, Auburn Staats T F, 147, Cayuga
Keyes Myron, 67, Aurelius Starr Fred W, 32, Auburn
King Mrs Charles, 159, Auburn Stevens Charles B, 47, Auburn
Kyle Mrs Fannie, 118, Cayuga Stevenson James M, 171, Cayuga
Kyle George A, 5, Cayuga Stringer Mrs William (est), 66, Auburn
Lamb Clarence, 137, Cayuga Tavener William, 195, Cayuga
Lant William, 12, Fosterville Thorpe Edgar, 98, Aurelius
La Rowe David, 49, Fosterville Thorpe Richard, 240, Aurelius
Lee Brothers, 155, Cayuga Titus D Sands, 189, Cayuga
Lilly Mrs John, (est), 149, Oakwood Titus Mrs Hiram, 100, Cayuga
Lyon Mrs John, 5, Cayuga Townsend Henry (est), 96, Oakwood
Manro Fred, 315 Auburn Treat Fred, 23, Auburn
Maycomber Orson, 52 Aurelius Trimble Thomas, 49 Auburn
Maycomber Lewis, 24 Aurelius Tuttle Levi, 22, Auburn
Mc Arthur William, 191, Cayuga Tyler Elliott F, 93, Fosterville
Mc Intosh Daniel, (est), 94, Fosterville Van Geeson Caroline, 55 Fosterville
Mc Intosh John E, 300, Cayuga Van Geeson Luther, 42, Cayuga
Mc Intosh John H, 108, Cayuga Van Sickle Harriet, 131, Aurelius
Mc Nally Andrew, 13, Cayuga Van Sickle Mary A, 120, Aurelius
Mc Nally Edward, 31, Cayuga Van Sickle Samuel C, 169, Cayuga
Mc Nally Patrick, 5, Cayuga Ward Thomas, 88 Cayuga
Mersereau John M, 18, Cayuga Warrick George, 108, Fosterville
Mersereau William (est), 106, Cayuga Warrick Jonathan H, 159, Fosterville
Merritt Joseph, 10 Fosterville Warrick Peter, 31, Aurelius
Meske(l)? Michael, 7, Aurelius Warrick Smith, 71, Cayuga
Moreland Sanford, 65 Aurelius Warrick Mrs William, 48, Aurelius
Morgan James, ag't, 8, Auburn Warrick Wm B, (est), 94, Oakwood
Morse Mrs John, 154, Cayuga Warrick Wm M, (est), 124 Aurelius
Montgomery I V W, 65, Auburn Walker John, 69, Cayuga
Mott Bertrand W, 69, Cayuga Webner Charles, 13, Cayuga
Mott Sanford, 95, Cayuga Webster Hiram, 140, Auburn
Mullen Andrew, 122, Fosterville Webster Mrs Hiram, 110, Auburn
Mullen Mrs J W, 39 Cayuga Weeks Fred, 130, Fosterville
Murdock James L, 103, Aurelius Westover Robert R, 67, Aurelius
Murphy Daniel, 101, Auburn Whitehead John, 54, Auburn
Murphy John, 17 Auburn Whitmee Samuel, 115, Auburn
Murray Michael, 45, Aurelius Whitneck Luther, 125, Fosterville
Myers Andrew et al, 215, Aurelius Wiley Seth (est), 42, Cayuga
Nickason Wm H, 49, Auburn Willard E P, 145, Cayuga
Niver James, 51, Cayuga Willis George, 127, Auburn
Nugent Mary, 37 Auburn Williams Joel, 8 Fosterville
O'Brien James, 82, Auburn Wood Mrs Jane, 59, Rochester
O'Connor Michael, 43, Auburn Wolley George, 12, Auburn
Olds Franc E. 23, Aurelius Wride Jacob, 10, Auburn
Olmstead Charles, 117, Auburn Yawger Daniel, 100, Cayuga
Parcells Walter, 50, Cayuga Youngs Solomon, 126, Fosterville
Patterson Mary, 84 Oakwood


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