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Auburn Aurelius Brutus Cato Conquest Fleming Genoa Ira
Ledyard Locke Mentz Montezuma Moravia Niles Owasco Scipio
Sempronius Sennett Springport Sterling Summerhill Throop Venice Victory
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Brutus was formed from Aurelius, March 30, 1802, and Sennett was taken off in 1827. Its
location is on the east border of the county, north of the center, and its surface is level in the
north and west, with an average elevation of about ten feet above the level of the Seneca
river, which forms its northern boundary. The parts lying along the river are quite marshy.
Isolated drift hills, from 50 to 75 feet above the general level, render the surface in the south-
east broken and rolling. Bread Creek and Cold Spring Brook, both of which are tributary to
Seneca River, are the principal streams. The former is a canal feeder, and along its course are
deposits of limestone and plaster, which are quarried to considerable extent. The soil is a fine
quality of sandy and gravelly loam, intermixed with clay and alluvium.

Population, 2, 871 Area, 13, 049 acres

There is but one postoffice in this town--Weedsport. Few of the residents receive their mail at
Sennett, in an adjoining town, and at Jordan, Onondaga County.


Abbott Alexander, 4, Jordan
Abrams Charles, 38, Jordan Curry Robert, 41, Weedsport
Allen Mrs Luke, 5, Jordan Dains D S, 49, Weedsport
Atwood Mrs J S, 112, Seattle, Wash Dains Hannah, 81, Weedsport
Baird Mrs B M, 48, Weedsport Denman Chelsea, 64, Weedsport
Baird Polly, 35 Weedsport Denny Daniel, 81, Weedsport
Baggs Mrs David, 24, Weedsport Denny Michael, 21, Weedsport
Ball Frank, 154, Weedsport Dixon Fred, et al. 119, Sennett
Ball William I, 145, Weedsport Dixon John C, 5, Weedsport
Bates Laura J, 34, Weedsport Drake Mrs Elizabeth, 60, Jordan
Bates & Mills, 15, Weedsport Durston Mrs Edward, 7, Weedsport
Becker Judson, 6, Weedsport Dunn Thomas, 9, Weedsport
Becker Walter, 41, Weedsport Emerick Charles, 9, Weedsport
Bennett William M, 41, Weedsport Enright Michael, 7, Weedsport
Bentley Alfred H, 160, Weedsport Ewins Percival W, 76, Weedsport
Bibbins Daniel, 170, Weedsport Faatz Charles, 89 Weedsport
Bibbins W S, 148, Weedsport Faatz Delancey, 45 Weedsport
Bibbins Wright J, 183, Weedsport Faatz Mrs Clarence, 85 Weedsport
Bigler Charles, 20, Weedsport Faatz John, 77 Weedsport
Blackwell F & A, 7 Weedsport Fitzgerald Thomas, 167 Weedsport
Brackett Mrs Henry A, 24, Weedsport Flynn Dennis, 21, Weedsport
Burke Mrs Mary, 10, Weedsport Follett David, 56, Weedsport
Butler Wm R, 70, Weedsport Forman Mrs J H, et al. 40 Weedsport
Cady Frank E, 12, Auburn Forman John H, 5, Weedsport
Cain Mary Ann, 6, Weedsport Forman O J, 20, Weedsport
Caywood Chauncey C, 45, Weedsport Forncrook Mrs A B, 104, Elbridge
Chamberlain Charles W, 87, Elbridge Fuller John W, 14, Weedsport
Chapin Mrs George, 10, Weedsport Gailey Josiah, 40, Weedsport
Clark Mrs Amos, 31, Weedsport Gibbs Mrs John, 48, Weedsport
Clements James A, 143, Weedsport Gildersleeve Mrs O L, 95, Weedsport
Cloonen Thomas, 35, Weedsport Greggs John, 13, Weedsport
Cogan Joseph, 5, Weedsport Guyder Daniel, 86, Weedsport
Calhoun Douglass, 59 Weedsport Hamilton Archie J, 9, Weedsport
Campbell Patrick, 23, Weedsport Hamilton Mrs J T (est), 51 Weedsport
Cottle Stephen, 60, Weedsport Hamilton Josiah, 96, Weedsport
Cowell William C, 79 Weedsport Hamilton Levi T, 128, Weedsport
Crim Lewis, 42, Weedsport Hamilton Peter D, 90, Weedsport
Crim Paul H, 10, Weedsport Harrington James, 74 Weedsport
Collins Lawrence, 15 Weedsport Henderson Mrs E W, 15 Weedsport
Culligan Michael, 21, Weedsport Herbert Joseph, 10, Weedsport
Hickey John, 8, Weedsport


Hickox Mrs Elizabeth, 7 Weedsport
Higley william, 4, Port Byron Rotch Myron, 68, Weedsport
Hill Albert, 4, Weedsport Rotch Wallace, 26, Weedsport
Hill Mrs Ann, 32, Weedsport Ryan Thomas, 23, Weedsport
Hill Frank, 9, Weedsport Sabetta Frank, 16, Jordan
Hill Mrs Myron, 148, Sennett Sayles Arthurm 63, Weedsport
Holcomb Amos, 24, Weedsport Scanlon Michael, 30, Weedsport
Holmes Ernest J, 61, Weedsport Seeley Algernon, 5, Weedsport
Hopkins W R, 11, Weedsport Servis Benj. Q, 56, Weedsport
Howard Mrs S M, 13, Auburn Servis William M, 54, Weedsport
Howe Edgar, 60, Weedsport Shanahan Anna, 5, Weedsport
Howe Wilbur, 142, Weedsport Shearer Jacob, 5, Jordan
Hoyt Lillie May, 30, Sennett Sheldon Clarence W, 115, Sennett
Hoyt Philip, 7 Sennett Sheldon D Seward, 140, Weedsport
Ingalls James, 104, Weedsport Sheldon Frank N (est), 178 Weedsport
Ivison Florence, 102, Weedsport Sheldon Erwin M, 475 Weedsport
Johnson Frank, 81, Weedsport Sheldon Smith J, 146, Weedsport
Keough Michael, 20 Weedsport Sittser Willis & John, 37, Weedsport
Kerns Mrs Ann, 13 Weedsport Skaddan Abbey H, 37, Weedsport
Ketchum J W, 7, Weedsport Skaddan John H, 59, Weedsport
Kilgus Michael, 8 Weedsport Smith Clinton, 8, Weedsport
Ladue Abram, 106 Weedsport Smith Norman M, 46, Weedsport
Lamphear Mrs Harvey A, 45, Weedsport Spinning William M, 203 Jordan
Lamphear Mrs Reubin, 48 Weedsport Stevens James, 99, Weedsport
Lee, Aaron, 80, Weedsport Stevens Mrs Sarah, 21, Weedsport
Leonard Mrs John, 20, Weedsport Stickles F & F, 25, Weedsport
Mack Frank M, 393, Weedsport Stickles Frank, 119, Weedsport
Mack R L, 12, Weedsport Stickles Fred, 130, Weedsport
Mack R L & S J, 36, Weedsport Stocking Mrs Ida, 8, Jordan
Mack Samuel J, 12, Weedsport Streeter Levi, 17, Weedsport
Mahaney Michael, 5, Weedsport Streeter Lydia, 40, Weedsport
Maltby Miner, 25, Weedsport Strong Norman, 5, Weedsport
Mapes Albert, 49, Weedsport Sullivan Mary, 12, Weedsport
Marshall John, 5, Weedsport Sullivan Lawrence, 20, Weedsport
Mc Graw Mrs John, 24, Weedsport Tanner Mrs John, 50, Weedsport
Meech Mrs George, 47, Jordan, Onon Co Tanner Lewis, 50, Weedsport
Meech Henry B, 48, Weedsport Tanner Nathan B, 44, Weedsport
Meech Howard F, 231, Jordan Tanner William H, 24, Weedsport
Meech Mahala, 84, Jordan, Onon Co Titus A O & H D, 112, Weedsport
Mills Mrs Emma, 33, Fulton Titus Jonathan, 96 Weedsport
Mills F A, 86, Weedsport Traver Eugene, 8, Weedsport
Mitchell Brothers, 239, Weedsport Traver John A, 93, Weedsport
Mitchell Mrs _arah 28, Weedsport Treat Ernest G, 29, Weedsport
Moore Patrick, 15, Weedsport Treat S W, 26, Weedsport
Moriarity Morris, 12, Weedsport Tryon Aaron, 15, Port Byron
Moulson Sherza, 52, Rochester Van Schaick James, 7, Weedsport
Munson Abram, 4, Weedsport Van Schaick Vic, 4, Weedsport
Nesbitt Charles, 87 Weedsport Van Tuyne Francis, 65, Weedsport
Osborne C B, 5, Weedsport Van Wagner Seth, 58, Syracuse
Palmer Mrs James, 100, Weedsport Van Wagner William, 73, Syracuse
Parker E & G, 35, Weedsport Wadsworth Willis, 5, Weedsport
Parsons David H, 6, Weedsport Wallace Emma, 10, Weedsport
Passage Samuel A, 76, Weedsport Ward Mrs Thomas, 56, Jordan, Onon Co
Phippins Cora, et al, 38, Elbridge Warner Charles M, 110, Weedsport
Pierce Austin E, 45, Weedsport Welch Michael, 10, Weedsport
Pierce Adelbert, 65 Weedsport Welch Mrs Mary, 20, Weedsport
Pratt James, 121, Weedsport Weyant George H, 96, Weedsport
Putnam Arthur, 110, Weedsport Wheeler David H, 11, Weedsport
Putnam A D, 52, Weedsport Whelan James, 11, Weedsport
Putnam Bros. 100, Weedsport Whiting Aug H, 61, New York City
Putnam Harvey A, 70 Weedsport Whitman Guy, 56, Weedsport
Race F B, 4, Weedsport Williams Diana C, 43, Weedsport
Remington Darius, 4, Weedsport Wilson Alfred, 79, Weedsport
Remington Joseph, 100 Sennett Wilson Clarence H, 130, Weedsport
Remington Mrs M C, 12, Weedsport Wright Daniel S, 200, Weedsport
Robillard Charles, 54, Jordan, Onon Co Wright Geo, 10, Weedsport
Robinson Harvey, 103, Weedsport Wright Mrs James, 140, Weedsport
Rosa Jacob, 32, Weedsport Young C H, 63, Weedsport
Rosa John, 85 Weedsport Young Syl W, 64, Weedsport
Zimmerman Mrs Henry, 40, Weedsport


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