ALONZO P. LAMEY, Publisher.
Directory Office, 4 Market St., Auburn, N.Y.


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LeMay's Auburn, NY 1900 City Directory

Auburn Street Index 'ACADEMY - 29 1/2 FITCH'
Auburn Street Index '30 FITCH - 81 GRANT AVE' Section
Auburn Street Index '89 GRANT AVE - 158 MECHANIC ST.' Section
Auburn Street Index '157 MECHANIC ST.- YORK ST.' Section
Biginning Section - Contents - Property
Index To Advertisers - Public Buildings & Halls -
Auburn Blgd. # & Des. Changes - Dist. Rate Chart
Received Too Late to be Classified in Regular Order Section

Miscellaneous Directory Section1  Misc. Sect. 2
Organizations & Clubs, County Officers

This 1900 Auburn NY Directory Also Includes Town Sections

Aurelius Brutus Cato


Fleming Genoa Ira
Ledyard Locke Mentz Montezuma Moravia Niles Owasco Scipio
Sempronius Sennett Springport Sterling Summerhill Throop Venice Victory

VOL. 30
FROM JULY, 1900, TO JULY, 1901.

For ab., read above; al., alley; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bel., below; bet., between; c. or cor., corner; ct., court; do., ditto or same place; E., east; h., house; A. H. S., Academic High School; N. Y. C. & H. R. R., New York Central Railroad; N., north; n., near; opp., opposite; pl., place; r., rear; res., residence; R. R., railroad; L. V. R. R., Lehigh Valley Railroad; W., west. The word street is implied.
Names in Bold Face Letters are Directory Patrons.


Vagge Angeline, housekeeper, 4 Greene					

Vagge John, fruits, nuts, &c, 1 State, h 4 Greene					

Vagge Milo, teamster, bds 4 Greene					

Vagge Sarah, shoe op, bds 4 Greene					

Vail Cecelia T, weaver, bds 233 Seymour					

Vail Edward A, shoe maker, bds 233 Seymour					

Vail Francis A, mechanic, bds 233 Seymour					

Vail John J, mechanic, h 136 1/2 Cottage					

Vail Joseph A, shoe maker, bds 233 Seymour					

Vail Kendrick, books, magazines, &c, also com'r of deeds, h 10 Orchard					

Vail Mary A, weaver, bds 233 Seymour					

Vail Rose E, shoe op, bds 233 Seymour					

Vail Thomas J, carpenter, bds 233 Seymour					

Vail William J, carpenter, h 233 Seymour					

Valentine Lewis N, ins agent, h 126 Aurelius ave					

Valentine Miss Mary, bds 126 aurelius ave					

Valentine Mrs Mary E, h 29 Lincoln					

Valetti Donato, laborer, bds 1 O'Neil ave					

Vallencourt Severe J, shoemaker, h 6 Garfield					

Van Allen Frederick C, res 21 Elizabeth					

Van Allen Mary, widow L G, res 173 Genesee					

Van Alstine Mrs Catherine, res 57 Perrine					

Van Alstine Elmer C, h 96 Division S					

Van Alstine Olive N, bds 96 Division S					

Van Alstine William F, tel lineman, h 29 Van Anden					

Van Antwerp Jacob W, salesman, 91 Genesee, rooms 10 Nelson					

Van Arsdale Camilla, salesclerk, Big Store, res 44 Cayuga					

Van Arsdale Charles, emp D M O & Co, h 44 Cayuga					

Van Arsdale Fred H, mechanic, bds 83 Owasco					

Van Arsdale Henry C, mechanic, bds 7 Arch					

Van Arsdale Kittie M, bookkeeper, res 7 Arch					

Van Arsdale William, motorman, A C Ry, h 7 Arch					

Van Auken George, emp D M O & Co, h 17 Holley					

Van auken George, mechanic, h 21 Van Anden					

VAN BLARICOM MARION C, cashier, Metropolitan Life Ins Co, h 16 Seymour					

Van Brunt William, cigar maker, bds Hotel Archie					

Van Buskirk Addie, res over 155 State					

Van Buskirk Dennis D, teamster, h 2 Guilfoil ave					

Van Camp Arthur G, salesman, 5 North, bds 2 Sherman					

Van Camp Clara L, student, A H S, bds 2 Sherman					

Van Camp Edwin H, salesman, 57 Genesee, bds 2 Sherman					

Van Camp Elsie L, widow Charles, h 2 Sherman					

Van Camp Ray L, piano tuner, h 2 Sherman					

Van Camp Walton C, machinist, bds 2 Sherman					

Van Campen Fannie, res over 70 Genesee					

Vance Janet, widow John, h over 35 Bradford					

Vance Mary G, student, A H S, bds over 35 Bradford					

Vance Minnie, housekeeper, 27 Bradford					

Van Cott Edward E, laborer, h r 29 Van Anden					

Van Cott William E, coachman, bds r 29 Van Anden					

Vandenberg Catherine, bds 81 Mechanic					

Vandenberg Frederick, h 15 Cornell					

Vandenberg Frederick B, boiler maker, 23 Burt ave, h do					

Vandenberg Frederick J, shoe op, bds 3 Van den Bosch ave					

Vandenberg John, city express, h 9 Cornell					

Vandenberg Lewis, emp D M O & Co, h 56 Mattie					

Vandenberg Mary E, widow Stephen, h 8 Beach ave					

Vandenberg Peter, coal yardman, bds 15 Cornell					

Van den Bosch Georgia W, bds 69 Moravia					

Van den Bosch Isabella W, acc't, 27 Water, bds 69 Moravia					

Van den Bosch John H, carpenter, h 69 Moravia					

Van den Bosch John H, Jr, carpenter, bds 69 Moravia					

Van den Bosch Mary P, stenographer, bds 69 Moravia					

Vanderhuyden Gustavus P, barkeeper, Cottage Hotel, 53 State, bds do					

Van Deripe George, carpenter, bds 64 Fulton					

Van Deripe John, carpenter, h 64 Fulton					

Vanderloo Cora M, bds 65 Cottage					

Vanderloo Gertrude A, res 65 Cottage					

Vanderloo J Bennett, iron worker, bds 33 Washington					

Vanderloo John, wall papers, paints, oils, &c, 95 State, h 65 Cottage					

Vanderloo Ralph J, painter, bds 65 Cottage					

Vanderloo William J, bartender, bds 65 Cottage					

Van Dewalker Bert E, mechanic, h 79 1/2 Van Anden					

Vandewater Charles W, machinist, h over 5 E Genesee					

Vandewater Frank, mechanic, bds over 18 E Genesee					

Vandewater Harry, emp D M O & Co, bds over 18 E Genesee					

Vandewater Marinda, widow Henry, h over 41 North					

Vandewater Martha, housekeeper, over 18 E Genesee					

Vandewater Mary, twine op, bds over 18 E Genesee					

Vandewater Mrs Mary, cook, h over 18 E Genesee					

Vandewater Nellie M, mill op, bds over 18 E Genesee					

Vandewater James, expert, D M O & Co, bds 3 1/2 Franklin					

Van Dusen Adelbert, d'v'y clerk, 64 Genesee, h 38 1/2 Lincoln					

Van Dusen Bertha, seamstress, bds 52 Lansing					

Van Dusen Edna M, res 181 Van Anden					

Van Dusen Mrs Ella M, widow George A, h 52 Lansing					

Van Dusen Irving, twine op, h 74 Division N					

Van Dusen Mary E, widow John, h 140 Franklin					

Van Dusen May, seamstress, bds 52 Lansing					

Van Dusen R Edmond, machinist, h 24 1/2 Hoffman					

Van Dusen Willis D, com trav, bds 146 Franklin					

Van Dusen Willis D, core maker, bds 181 Van Anden					

Van Duyne Clara B, res 36 1/2 Elizabeth					

Van Duyne Jessie A, accountant, Bell's Bee Hive, res 126 E Genesee					

Van Duyne J Oscar, laundry, 18 Market, h 36 1/2 Elizabeth					

Van Duyne William H, salesman, 120 E Genesee, h 126 do					

Van Dyke George, carpenter, h over 2 Garden					

Van Dyke Horace H, baker, bds 120 Van Anden					

Van Dyke Mary, attendant, Osborne House, 77 State					

Vane Flossie, governess, res 196 State					

Van Etten Charles H, barkeeper, Hotel Avery, bds do					

Van Etten Harry, tailor, over 82 Genesee, h 1 Hoffman					

Van Etten Henry W, gardener, h over 5 Lawton ave					

Van Etten Mrs Ida E, representing Dey Bro's, Syracuse, N Y, office and res over 147 Genesee					

Van Etten Ina, attendant, 43 Logan					

Van Etten Jane G, widow Thomas, h 49 Franklin					

Van Ever Charlotte, widow Charles, laundress, h 21 Union ave					

Van Ever Harvey E, laborer, bds 21 Union ave					

Van Fleet Bert, mechanic, bds 218 Franklin					

Van Fleet Florence, housekeeper, 218 Franklin					

Van Fleet Harriet, widow Garrett, bds 46 Grant ave					

Van Fleet Jesse, laborer, h 218 Franklin					

Van Gorder Clarence, brakeman, L V R R, bds 160 Clark					

Van Gorder John C, fireman, L V R R, h 29 Division S					

VAN GORDER JOHN J., (Hennessy & Van Gorder,) also journalist, Editor and Manager Aub					
	Dep't Rochester Daily and Sunday Herald, h over 168 E Genesee   Address all				
	communications to No 14 Clark				

Van Guilder Mrs Delia A, res 31 Division N					

Van Guilder George A, mason, h 134 Wall					

Van Healey Lena, wrapper op, bds 27 Garden					

Van Hoesen Abram, emp D M O & Co, bds 18 Garden					

Van Hoesen Bertie, wrapper op, bds 27 Lincoln					

Van Hoesen Edgar W, student Theo Sem, res do					

Van Hoesen Esther A, widow Jacob, domestic, 7 Elizabeth					

Van Hoesen James, emp D M O & Co, h 2 Mann					

Van Hoesen John G, stone cutter, bds over 19 1/2 North					

Van Hoesen Mrs Mattie, widow Abner, boarding house, 27 Lincoln					

Vanich Frederick, blacksmith, bds 173 Lake ave					

Van Keuren John, salesman, 5 Wall, h over 14 Howard					

Van Kleek John H, foreman piano factory, h 60 Elizabeth					

Van Kleek Myron H, piano op, h 10 Mattie					

Van Kleek Walter M, shoe op, bds 60 Elizabeth					

Van Kleek William C, student, res 60 Elizabeth					

Van Laer Francina, trained nurse, City Hospital, 15 Lansing					

Van Laer Grace H, res 12 Chestnut					

Van Laer Louisa, widow Herman, h over 13 Chestnut					

Van Laer Peter C, h 12 Chestnut					

Van Liew Guy, motorman, A C Ry, h over 35 E Genesee					

Van Marter Albert B, cabinet maker, h 6 Beach ave					

Van Middlesworth Willard, piano op, h 60 Mechanic					

Vannais William A, meat cutter, 44 Lewis, h 7 do					

Van Ness Hattie, shoe op, bds over 33 E Genesee					

Van Ness Helen, widow Giles H, h over 33 E Genesee					

Van Nest Charlotte F, bds 9 Chestnut					

Van Nest George, h 9 Chestnut					

Van Ommen Altie M, seamstress, h 44 Fitch ave					

Van Ommen Kittie T, seamstress, bds 44 Fitch ave					

Van Ommen Lottie E, silk weaver, bds 44 Fitch ave					

Van Orman Nettie E, weaver, bds 99 Division N					

Van Orman Samuel J, helper, bds 99 Division N					

Van Orman William H, lather, h 2 Foote					

Van Patten Albert, carpenter, bds 49 Perry					

Van Patten Arleigh S, machinist, bds 10 Anna					

Van Patten Asa A, mechanic, h 6 Arch					

Van Patten David H, emp Birdsall Co, h 35 Lansing					

Van Patten Eugene, hammersman, h 4 Arch					

Van Patten Frank, moulder, bds 8 Perrine					

Van Patten Frederick, laborer, bds 6 Arch					

Van Patten Frederick, machinist, h 10 Anna					

Van Patten George, carriage maker, h over 38 Park ave					

Van Patten Jennie M, button op, bds 6 Arch					

Van Patten Margaret A, nurse, res 4 Arch					

Van Patten Orlando W, moulder, rooms 8 Lansing					

Van Patten Violetta B, housekeeper, 6 Arch					

Van Schoick Guy, clerk, 109 Genesee, bds 51 Garrow					

Van Schoick Mrs Hattie, h over 94 Clark					

Van Schoick John J, mechanic, bds 170 Van Anden					

Van Schoick Susan, widow William, res 51 Garrow					

Van Sickle Anna, principal. Evans St sch, bds 28 Grover					

Van Sickle George K, acc't, 101 Orchard, bds 19 Elizabeth					

VAN SICKLE JOHN, (Payne, Van Syckle (sic) & Payne) h 28 Grover					

Vanstano John, shoemaker, 20 Clark, h do					

Vanston Ella R, stenographer, G W R & Son, res 53 Lansing					

Vanston Francis J, shoe laster, bds 53 Lansing					

Vanston James, marble polisher, h 53 Lansing					

Vanston William G, barkeeper, bds 53 Lansing					

Van Tuyle Elizabeth, res 22 Orchard					

Van Valkenburg Elizabeth, res 81 Mechanic					

Van Vechten Frances, res 11 Seminary					

Van Vechten Mrs W Page, widow, h 165 Genesee					

Van Vliet John N, prison guard, h 54 1/2 Fulton					

Van Vliet Martha S, domestic, 23 William					

Van Vranken Benjamin, emp D M O & Co, h 31 Lincoln					

Van Wagoner Charles D, student, Theo Sem, res do					

Van Winkle Philip G, laborer, h 3 Madison ave					

Varnes Jerome E, blacksmith, h 16 Union ave					

Vartsch William, coremaker, bds 9 Madison ave					

Vastano Giovanni, shoemaker, 20 Clark, h do					

Vastano Louis, shoemaker, h over 7 Water					

Vatter Anna J, bds 123 Owasco					

Vatter Anna J, widow Robert E, h 33 Bradford					

Vatter Annie, compositor, over 23 Genesee, bds 33 Bradford					

Vatter anton A, cloth dresser, bds 123 Owasco					

VATTER ANTON F., master mechanic, The Auburn Woolen Co, h 123 Owasco					

Vatter Augusta C, compositor, Burrough's, bds 33 Bradford					

Vatter Maria A, bds 123 Owasco					

Vatter Robert A, engineer, h 2 Mill					

Vaughn James, twine op, bds 56 Nelson					

Vaughn Mary, housekeeper, 56 Nelson					

Vaughn Thomas, gardener, h 56 Nelson					

Veach Robert W, student, Theo Sem, res do					

Veeder John, carpenter, bds 71 Clark					

Venderbosch Arthur R, bicycle repairer, bds 3 Mill					

Venderbosch Cora M, widow Theodore R, h over 9 E Genesee					

VENDERBOSCH EDWARD P., cigar manufacturer and dealer in Tobaccos and smoker's					
	Articles, 25 Franklin, h do   We are the makers of the most popular brands				
	of Cigars now on the market				

Venderbosch John W, architect, h 25 Franklin					

Venderbosch William H, student, A H S, bds 40 Seminary					

Venderbosch William J, saloon, 13 E Genesee, h 40 Seminary					

Verbridge Andrew J, mechanic, bds 65 Clark					

Vernier Charles, com trav, h 24 1/2 Fitch ave					

Vernier Charles M, mechanic, bds 24 1/2 Fitch ave					

Vernier Nina Irene, bds 24 1/2 Fitch ave					

Vernier William Brower, plumber, bds 24 1/2 Fitch ave					

Verplank John J, printer, Aub Bulletin, bds 2 Cottage					

Verre Delia, twine op, bds 76 Division N					

Verre Ernest, twine maker, bds 76 Division N					

Verre James, twine op, h 76 Division N					

Verre James L, twine op, bds 76 Division N					

Verre Salomy, twine op, bds 76 Division N					

Vestuto Raffaele, laborer, bds 47 Van Anden					

Vibbert Charles E, carpenter, h 11 Foote					

Vicari, Sansone & Co, (V Vicari and P Sansone,) fruits, 10 Dill					

Vicari Vincent, (Vicari, Sansone & Co,) bds 3 1/2 Franklin					

Vickers Anna Louise, h 5 Union ave					

Vickers George H, pattern maker, bds 27 Fulton					

Victor Shuttle Check Co, 18 Water					

Vieau Edward J, machinist, bds 1 1/2 Baker ave					

Vieau Florence C, mill op, bds 1 1/2 Baker ave					

Vieau Josephine I, mill op, bds 1 1/2 Baker ave					

Vieau Rose D, widow Edward, h 1 1/2 Baker ave					

Viereck Henry, weaver, h over 23 1/2 Frances					

Villeneuve Godias, grinder, bds 8 Derby ave					

Villeneuve Joseph, grinder, bds 8 Derby ave					

Vine Frank E, coachman, Tallman's Stables, h over 13 Exchange					

Viney Clarence, wood worker, bds 60 Orchard					

Viney Stephen J, butcher, bds 34 E Genesee					

Visiger Harman, twine maker, bds 86 Division N					

Vito Frank, laborer, h over 2 Garden					

Vivian Simon, machinist, bds 110 Seymour					

Volenius William C, painter and decorator, h 7 Florence					

Volentine John W, mechanic, h 44 division N					

Volentine Phoebe M, widow William, res 44 Division N					

Volentine Susie P, student, C G S, res 44 Division N					

Volkman Bertha, milliner, res over 70 Genesee					

Volkman Fred, barkeeper, h over 70 Genesee					

Volkman Otto, saloon, 92 State, h over do					

Volland Eugene, house porter, 115 South, (this name refused)

Vorhees Charles J, delivery clerk, 14 Hoffman, h 28 do					

Voorhees Flora, res 134 North					

VOORHEES SHELDON., Physician and Surgeon, office and res 88 North					
	Hours 8 to 9 A M, 2 to 3 and 6 to 8 P M				

Vorce Alice, hame op, bds 18 1/2 Mattie					

Vorce Lena, bds 18 1/2 Mattie					

Vorce Madison, pattern maker, h 18 1/2 Mattie					

Vorhis Joseph B, res 2 Steel					

Vosburgh Fannie K, artist, bds 27 Perry					

Vosburgh Francina M, widow Joseph, h over 109 Franklin					

Vosburgh & Glazier, (K W Vosburgh and W L Glazier,) general painters, 30 Garden					

Vosburgh Ira H, machinist, bds 9 1/2 State					

Vosburgh Henry E, emp D M O & Co, h 102 Clark					

Vosburgh K William, (Vosburgh & Glazier,) h 22 Howard					

Vose Frank C, twine op, bds 5 Mary					

Vose Mattie E, button op, bds 33 1/2 Walnut					

Vose Sarah E, housekeeper, 7 Mary					

Voso Gaetano, laborer, bds over 2 Dill					

Voso Tomo, shoemaker, 20 Clark, bds 7 Water					
	(Transcribers Note:  See Vanston and Vastano)				


VREDENBURG CHARLES H., (Vredenburg & Sambrook,) h Janet st ext					

Vredenburg Edward D, general painter, h 24 Holley					

VREDENBURG & SAMBROOK, (Chas. H. Vredenburg and
	Charles A. Sambrook,) prop'rs Opera House Cafe, 22 North   Billiard and Pool 				
	Parlors Attached   (See adv)				

Vreeland Belle, seamstress, bds 12 Perry					

Vreeland Helen, nurse, 137 South					

Vreeland Mrs Jennie, laundress, h over 44 Lewis					

Vreeland Martha J, nurse, bds 50 Franklin					

Vrooman Catherine T, bds 130 Mechanic					

Vrooman Charles, twine op, bds 6 Steel					

Vrooman Edward, blacksmith, h 130 Mechanic					

Vrooman Henry M, mason, h 6 steel					

Vrooman George L, machine hand, bds 60 Orchard					

Vrooman Ione A, compositor, Aub Bulletin, res over 5 Hulbert					

Vrooman Mary A, h over 5 Hulbert					

Vrooman Olive W, res 60 Orchard					

Vrooman Richard P, moulder, h 60 Orchard					

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