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Aurelius Brutus Cato


Fleming Genoa Ira
Ledyard Locke Mentz Montezuma Moravia Niles Owasco Scipio
Sempronius Sennett Springport Sterling Summerhill Throop Venice Victory

VOL. 30
FROM JULY, 1900, TO JULY, 1901.

For ab., read above; al., alley; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bel., below; bet., between; c. or cor., corner; ct., court; do., ditto or same place; E., east; h., house; A. H. S., Academic High School; N. Y. C. & H. R. R., New York Central Railroad; N., north; n., near; opp., opposite; pl., place; r., rear; res., residence; R. R., railroad; L. V. R. R., Lehigh Valley Railroad; W., west. The word street is implied.
Names in Bold Face Letters are Directory Patrons.


Yakley Benjamin F, manager grocery, 33 Grant ave, h 41 Lewis				

Yakley grace L, clerk, 33 Grant ave, bds 41 Lewis				

Yale Mrs Anna, laundress, h 18 Washington				

Yanas Thomas, laborer, bds 93 Perrine				

Yantch Adelaide M, teacher, res 46 Elizabeth				

Yantch Agnes A, seamstress, bds 112 Mechanic				

Yantch Anna C, dressmaker, bds 46 Elizabeth				

Yantch Clara A, bookkeeper, 50 Orchard, res 14 Union				

Yantch Emily A, student, A H S, bds 46 Elizabeth				

Yantch Frank C, mechanic, h 112 Mechanic				

Yantch Frank A, Jr, emp D M O & Co, bds 112 Mechanic				

Yantch Fred A, grocery, 50 Orchard, h 14 Union				

Yantch Gertrude A, bds 46 Elizabeth				

Yantch Helen X, dressmaker, bds 46 Elizabeth				

Yantch Joseph J, barber, 104 State, h 46 Elizabeth				

Yantch Mary A, widow Anthony, h 14 Union				

Yantch Mary R, twine op, bds 14 Union				

Yantch Nina A, seamstress, bds 112 Mechanic				

Yantch Raymond, iron worker, bds 14 Union				

Yantch William H, d'v'y clerk, 50 Orchard, bds 14 Union				

Yawger Charles E, brakeman, L V R R, h 24 Jefferson				

Yelitscha Andrew, laborer, bds 129 Van Anden				

Yelitscha Stephen, laborer, bds 129 Van Anden				

Yesinger Christian, tailor, h 29 Union				

Ying Lung, laundry, 10 Market, h do				

Y M C A, Gymnasium and Athletic Fields, Swift, Mary and Steel				

Yorkey Bertha E, housekeeper, over 97 Fulton				

Yorkey Henry, emp D M O & Co, bds Gernand's Hotel, 114 State				

Yorkey William A, emp D M O & Co, h over 97 Fulton				

Young Adam, janitor, Y M C A Club, res bet Steel and Mary				

Young Albert H, emp D M O & Co, bds over 66 North				

Young Andrew J, galvanizer, h 119 Washington				

Young Anna E, domestic, res 63 Fitch ave				

Young Calvin, h 6 Easterly ave				

Young Carl E, pattern maker, h 102 Moravia ave				

Young Catherine A, widow Peter, h over 43 Seymour				

Young Charles F, twine op, bds 91 Perrine				

Young Charles J, machinist, h 91 Perrine				

Young Cora M, bds 10 Lansing				

Young Cordilla J, painter, bds 66 North				

Young Dell, barber, 8 State, h 17 Elm				

Young Dorr, laborer, bds 23 Seymour				

Young Edward, galvanizer, bds 9 Spring				

Young Edward, Jr, wringer op, h 9 Spring				

Young Edwin J, emp D M O & Co, bds 21 Cross				

Young Elizabeth, assistant, White's Cafe, 16 State				

Young Mrs Ella A, res 51 Clark				

Young Mrs Emma, housekeeper, 96 Aurelius ave				

Young Emma F, teacher, A H S, bds 12 Lansing				

Young Eugene, photographer, 133 1/2 Genesee, h do				

Young Fannie J, res 21 Cross				

Young Frank A, mill op, bds 21 Cross				

Young Fred F, painter, h 17 Elm				

Young George, attache Opera House Cafe, 22 North, res 19 Elm				

Young George, carpenter builder, bds 12 Garden				

Young George, emp Burtis Opera House, bds 17 Elm				

Young George A, emp D M O & Co, bds 21 Cross				

Young George K, machinist, h 92 Wall				

Young George T, mechanic, h over 17 1/2 Chestnut				

Young George W, upholsterer, h over 66 North				

Young Georgiana A, widow Edgar, bds 24 Franklin				

Young Halsey A, chairmaker, h 14 Frances				

Young James E, painter, h 46 1/2 Division N				

Young Jessie, widow Gilbert R, bds 14 Frances				

Young John H, lawyer, h 125 Aurelius ave				

Young John S, dining rooms, 16 Clark, h over 20 do				

Young Joseph, shoe op, bds 9 Spring				

Young Lemuel, machinist, h 6 Pleasant				

Young Levi S, painter, h over 218 Franklin				

Young Mrs Lillian, housekeeper, over 22 E Genesee				

Young Mabel P, compositor, bds 24 Franklin				

Young Mrs Margaret, employment office, over 133 1/2 Genesee, h do				

Young Mary L, bds 10 Lansing				

Young Mary M, h over 8 South				

Young May B, res 6 Pleasant				

YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION, A. H. Dadmun, gen'l sec'y, office and rooms				
	over 64 and 66 Genesee			

Young Oscar D, shaving parlors, 57 Market, h 17 Cayuga				

Young Otis A, upholsterer, 3 Garden, h 14 Frances				

Young Rachel C, res 46 1/2 Division N				

Young Rose, button op, bds over 43 Seymour				

Young Thomas, wood worker, bds 9 Spring				

Young Walter E, hair dresser, 74 Genesee, res 39 Clark				

Young Wesley, blacksmith, h 5 Seneca				

Young William, blacksmith, bds Mary n limits				

Young William, emp D M O & Co, h 21 Cross				

Young William J, blacksmith, h over 118 Franklin				

Youngs Fred X, machinist, h 64 Capitol				

Youry Florence J, button op, bds 123 Aurelius ave				

Youry Harry D, mechanic, h over 146 1/2 Wall				

Youry Spencer W, carpenter, h 13 Aurelius ave				

Youtt Amelia L, shoe op, bds r 185 State				

Youtt David P, core maker, h over 175 Cottage				

Youtt Joseph E, barber, h 1 Cottage Pl				

Youtt Louis J, moulder, h over 44 State				

Youtt Louise, shoe op, bds r 185 State				

Youtt Michael, carpenter, h r 185 State				

Youtt Michael J, coremaker, h 28 Division N				

Youtt Victoria L, shoe op, bds r 185 State				

Yradle Joseph, emp D M O & Co, h 178 Perrine ave				

Yutkivitch Andrew, emp D M O & Co, h r 36 Perrine				

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Click on the "Surname Letter" above to view that section of
LeMay's Auburn, NY 1900 City Directory

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