Towns and Historians
Cayuga County

Note: The name and addresses of "Local Public Historians" are found on the website for the Association of Public Historians of New York State.
For a timeline chart showing the chronological dates when towns were formed, see website: The Town Formation Timeline.
Town, City or Village Historians are part time, public officials appointed by the local governments.  They are generally knowledgeable of local
history and records related to their municipality.  Be aware that it is NOT their job to do genealogy research.  If you write, don't forget to include a stamped, self-addressed envelope.
Town Vlg., City Date Formed Historian Name Historian Address
AUBURN 1815 Incorporated as a Village
1823 Became a town
 1848 Auburn Became a City
Eileen McHugh Cayuga Museum
203 Genesee Street
Auburn, NY  13021
original township
Barrie-Lyn Foster 741 Clark Street Road
Cayuga, NY 13034
BRUTUS March 30, 1802
from the Town of Aurelius
Jeanne Baker c/o Old Brutus  Historical Society
P. O. Box 516
8943 N. Seneca St.
Weedsport, NY 13166
CATO (TOWN) March 30, 1802
from Aurelius
Eva Taylor-Sholes 2461 Brick Church Road
Weedsport, NY  13166
  Margaret Sweetman P.O. Box 224
2564 Millard Ave
Cato, NY  13033
Katheryn Dudley 11194 Bonta Bridge Rd
Cato, NY 13033
CONQUEST March 16, 1821
from the Town of Cato
M. Joni Lincoln 10376 State Rte. 38
Port Byron, NY 13140
FLEMING March 28, 1823
from the Town of Aurelius
Sheila Tucker 5680 Silver St. Rd.
Auburn, NY 13021
GENOA Jan. 27, 1789 as Milton
original Township
renamed on April 6, 1808
Marilyn Mann 8953 State Route 90
King Ferry NY 13081
IRA March 16, 1821
from Cato
Susan Conn Town of Ira Municipal Bldg.
2487 West Main St
Cato, NY 13033
LEDYARD Jan. 30, 1823
from Scipio
Judy Furness 765 Poplar Ridge Road
Aurora, NY 13026
  Linda Schwab PO Box 24
Aurora, NY  13026
LOCKE Feb. 20, 1802
from 'Milton'
Esther Frost 4941 Harris Hill Road
Locke, NY 13092
MENTZ March 30, 1802
as 'Jefferson'
renamed on April 6, 1808
Michael Riley
38 Green St.
Port Byron, NY 13140
VILLAGE OF PORT BYRON The Village of Port Byron is located within the
Town of Mentz and was incorporated in 1837.
Position Vacant  
MONTEZUMA April 8, 1859
from Mentz
Cheryl Longyear 8621 Denman Road
Port Byron, NY  13140
MORAVIA March 20, 1833
from Sempronius
Arlene Murphy 4918 Fox Hole Rd.
Moravia, NY 13118
NILES March 20, 1833
from Sempronius
Alberta (Darlene) Winters Town of Niles Municipal Bldg.
3652 Oak Hill Rd
Moravia, NY 13118
OWASCO March 30, 1802
from Aurelius
Laurel Auchampaugh Town of Owasco Municipal Bldg.
2 Bristol Ave.
Auburn, NY  13021
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Feb 5, 1796 Sandie Gilliland 4331 Wyckoff Rd
Scipio Center, NY 13147
SEMPRONIUS March 9, 1799 Doris A. Smith 2253 State Rte. 41A
Moravia, NY 13118
SENNETT March 19, 1827
from Brutus
Thomas E. Gray 10 S. Hunter Avenue
Auburn, NY 13021
SPRINGPORT Jan. 30, 1823
from Scipio and Aurelius
Linda Zach 1 Foundry St.
Union Springs, NY 13160
1848 Jean Lanning P. O. Box 256
Union Springs, NY  13160
STERLING June 19,1812
from Cato
Judy Snyder 1264 Old State Rd.
Sterling, NY 13156
  Susan Parsons P.O. Box 539
Fair Haven, NY 13064
SUMMERHILL April 26, 1831 from Locke
renamed on March 16, 1832
Florence Lansdowne 13430 Ste. Rte. 90
Locke, NY 13092
THROOP April 8, 1859 from
Aurelius, Mentz, and Sennett
Nancy Murinka 7033 State Street Road
Auburn, NY  13021 
VENICE Jan. 30, 1823
from Scipio
Phyllis Stanton P.O. Box 14
Poplar Ridge, NY  13139
VICTORY March 16, 1821
from Cato
Beverly Sayles 2820 E. Rude St.
Weedsport, NY 13166

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