Index to
 Biographical Sketches and Pictures of
Cayuga Countians

(Cayuga County, NY)
Compiled by: Karl Sanford Kabelac 1999
A master index to the biographical sketches and pictures of Cayuga
Countians as found in 38 different titles. The titles are all local or regional works.

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Titles Indexed: Arranged by Codes

AA 1995 	Jones, Peter Lloyd. Around Auburn. 1995.

ADA 1895 	Auburn Daily Advertiser. Souvenir Edition. 1895.

ADA 1906 	Auburn Daily Advertiser. Holiday Edition. 1906.

AHC 1902 	The Auburn Historical Calendar for the Year 1902. 1902.

ANY 1884 	Kurtz, D. Morris. Auburn, N. Y., Its Facilities and Resources. 1884.

AON 1906 	Auburn Business Men’s Association. Auburn Old and New. 1906.

ATS 1918 	Auburn Theological Seminary. General Biographical Catalogue,
		1818-1918. 1918.

BHA 1976 	Hollcroft, Temple Rice. A Brief History of Aurora. 1976.

BHS 1976 	Bicentennial History of Springport and Union Springs. 1976
		(The “Directory,” pages 129 through 146, contains several 
hundred very brief biographical sketches. Only a few of the longer
ones were indexed.) BP 1993 Cuddy, Michael J. Bicentennial Portraits. 1993. BR 1894 Biographical Review; Sketches of the Leading Citizens of Cayuga
County. 1894.
(There is A Complete Name Index to this title, compiled by Leslie L. Luther and published in 1977.) CNY 1941 Galpin, William Freeman. Central New York, An Inland Empire. 1941. ECB 1987 Eldred, Thomas G. East of Cayuga Bridge. 1987. ESSC 1985 Cummings, Gordon, comp. Early Settlers in Southern Cayuga. 1985. (Reprints the Genoa, Ledyard, Scipio and Venice entries from the Biographical Review, 1894.) FHFF 1941 Sant, Raymond T. Fair Haven Folks and Folklore. 1941. FPC 1988 Walters, Betsy. First Presbyterian Church. 1988. H 1995 Cuddy, Michael J. Hizzoners: ... Mayors of Auburn. 1995. HA 1869 Hall, Henry. A History of Auburn. 1869. HATS 1918 Adams, John Quincy. A History of Auburn Theological Seminary. 1918. HC 1893 History and Commerce of Central New York. 1893. HCC 1879 Storke, Elliot G. History of Cayuga County. 1879. (There is A Complete Name Index to this title, compiled by Leslie L. Luther and published in 1978.) HCC 1908 Cayuga County Historical Society. History of Cayuga County. 1908. HCNY 1932 Melone, Harry Roberts. History of Central New York. 1932. HCV 1927 McIntosh, Florence Pharis. History of Cayuga Village. 1927. HFPC 1936 MacPhail, Malcolm M. A History of the First Presbyterian Church. 1936. HPB 1922 Kerns, E. H. History of Port Byron and Mentz. 1922. HR 1913 Monroe, Joel Henry. Historical Records of a Hundred and Twenty Years. 1913. HSTF 1923 Post, Anna Peterson. Historical Sketch of the Town of Fleming. 1923. HSTM 1919 Wright, James A. Historical Sketches of the Town of Moravia. 1919. M 1966 Luther, Leslie L. Moravia and its Past. 1966. (Many of the entries indexed in this volume are short biographical sketches of Revolutionary War veterans.) N 1983 Crosby, Mable L. Niles, 1833-1983. 1983. NCAC 1904 Century Map Co. A New Century Atlas of Cayuga County. 1904. NM 1903 Notable Men of Central New York... 1903. OHFY 1929 Melone, Harry Roberts. A Sesqui-Centennial Souvenir Describing One Hundred and Fifty Years ... 1929. PFL 1995 Klees, Emerson. People of the Finger Lakes. 1995. SCA 1900 Auburn Business Men’s Association. A Souvenir. City of Auburn.1900. TF 1973 Tucker, Sheila Saft. The Township of Fleming. 1973. WWNY year Who’s Who In New York City and State. Volumes for 1929, 1938, 1947,1952, 1960. (These are the volumes with place indexes.)

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For those in or near Auburn, NY the Local History Room at the Seymour Library and the research library at the Cayuga County Historian's Office have most of the title volumes indexed.

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