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-Genealogy Research at OBHS-

The records of the OBHS are used more often for genealoical study than any other activity.  Volunteers of the Society update the files weekly through local recent newspaper clippings, old newspaper clippings, scrap books, and photographs.  Scrap books are not kept intact, but are broken up and useful items placed in the family records. The Society also has a collection of local County histories; maps; published and non published histories; and fictional and non fictional works that might be of relavence to local history.  The Society also has a collection of the local newspaper dating back to the late 1800's and up through the 1960's.  The archives also contain files on the local history of Brutus, Weedsport and other northern Cayuga towns, as well as railroads, canals, trolleys, roads, etc. The Historian will respond to requests for information that might be contained in the OBHS files.  She will also make recommendations as to where the searcher might check beyond the borders of Brutus.  The Historian asks for a $10.00 per hour donation charge for any research.  The records available at the OBHS are:

Green Bullet Family data files

Green Bullet Cemetaries in and around the vicinity of Weedsport

Green Bullet Census records for 1840 and 1855

Green Bullet The History of Cayuga County, 1879

Green Bullet Facts Regarding Weedsport, 1933

Green Bullet Cayuga County Biographical Review

Green Bullet Cayuga County and local maps from 1859 and 1885

Green Bullet The hours for research are Monday and Tuesday between 9:30 AM and Noon.
Green Bullet Other times by appointment.

The Old Brutus Historical Society relies on volunteers and donations to operate.  All genealogy related requests for information need to be made in writing and sent to the OBHS directly.  Any mail request must be accompanied by at least the one hour fee of  $10.00

Be specific and include dates and line of decent for the person you're seeking information about.  We can not respond to requests such as: “Send me all your info on the ____  family”.  

Send in your name, address, fee and what you are looking for to:  
8943 North Seneca Street
Weedsport, NY 13166

(The above cited hours & fee information was provided by Mike Riley for the O.B.H.S. in 2008 and is subject to change without notice) - This website is published on the Internet as a courtesy by Bernie Corcoran for O.B.H.S. and the Cayuga County NYGenWeb Project

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