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spirit of religious activity awakened. Elder Plumb closed his labors in April, 1833, and was succeeded by A. Clark that year. Elder Clark served a pastorate of two years, and was succeeded in 1836 by J. C. Holt, who remained one year.

L. Farnsworth assumed the pastoral care April 1st, 1838, and remained till January, 1842. During his pastorate the church purchased a lot in the village and erected a new and commodious house of worship, partially from the material used in the construction of the old one. It was dedicated in 1840. Soon after its completion a revival was experienced, by which forty-seven were added by baptism and letter. S. S. Wheeler became their pastor in 1843, and added eighteen to their number. He was succeeded in 1845 by H. Cady, who remained two years. From this period till the spring of 1850, when J. M. Shaw was called to the pastorate, the pulpit was supplied by Brother Justus Ask, of Springport, and Elder George Plummer. Elder Shaw was ordained December 27th, 1850, and served them till 1851. He was followed the third Sabbath in May, 1852, by T. H. Green, who closed his labors with them April 1st, 1854. Ezra Dean, of Auburn, supplied the pulpit till May 5th, 1860. E. Smith entered upon the pastoral charge the third Sabbath in May, 1860. He tendered his resignation August 3d, 1861, and was granted a letter of dismission February 1st, 1862. He was succeeded May 3d, 1862, by C. A. Smith,. who remained till 1867. E. Dean served them again as a supply till March 7th, 1868. William L. Goodspeed commenced his labors with them May 2d, 1868, and closed them January 1st, 1870. He was succeeded March 5th, 1870, by James H. McGahen, who continued his pastoral labors till March 2d, 1872. G. D. Downey served them a short period from May 22d, 1872. D. Conley became their pastor June 15th, 1873, and remained four years, till the summer of 1877, when sickness, which resulted in his death, compelled him to discontinue his labors. He was succeeded in June, 1877, by L. Brasted, the present pastor.

During the summer of 1876, their church edifice was repaired at a cost of $1,400, so that it now presents a very neat appearance. The present number of members is eighty-one; and the attendance at Sabbath school, about thirty.

SAND BEACH CHURCH.--This church is situated two miles from the city of Auburn. It was founded on the 10th of March, 1807, when a meeting was held at the house of Mr. Asa Jackson, and after prayer, George Burnett was chosen moderator, and Jacob Bogart, clerk. It was then resolved that Andrew VanMiddlesworth, Frederick VanLiew and Peter VanLiew be appointed to fix a site for a meeting-house, said house to be built on land belonging to, and granted by Asa Jackson, at whose house a meeting was held on the 19th of March, 1807, when Asa Jackson, Andrew VanMiddlesworth and George Burnett were appointed managers for building said house, which was to be 44 by 34 feet, with galleries. The building of the house was delayed, and on the 13th of January, 1810, another meeting was held at the house of Asa Jackson, when it was resolved to go on with the building of a house of worship, and that the managers previously appointed, erect a house of worship 40 by 36 feet, with galleries on three sides.

On June 5th, 1810, a meeting was held at the house of Mr. Asa Jackson, when further measures were taken for selecting a suitable site for the church building. The first pastor of the Sand Beach Church was Rev. Conrad TenEyck, who remained in its service until the year 1826. After the close of Rev. Mr. TenEyck's ministry, the church applied to the secretary of the Missionary Society of the Reformed Dutch Church, in the city of New York, asking to have a missionary sent to them. In response to this request, Rev. Benjamin Westfall was sent. He entered upon his mission June 5th, 1826. From that time to the present, (1826 to 1879,) the Sand Beach Church has had seventeen pastors; their names are as follows: Rev. Henry Hurmans, 1828; Rev. I. G. Tarbell, 1831; Rev. Leonard Rogers, 1833; Rev. Robert Kirkwood, 1836; Rev. John Mole, 1839; Rev. R. W. Knight, 1842; Rev. A. B. Winfield, 1844; Rev. S. R. Brown, 1851; Rev. Seth Hastings, 1859; Rev. John Garretson, 1862; Rev. Mr. Schenck, 1865; Rev. S. R. Brown, 1868; Rev. Mr. Huntington, 1869; Rev. Mr. Rice, 1871; Rev. A. Dean, 1872; Rev. Geo. McKinley, 1876; Rev. E. C. Lawrence, 1877; Rev. Charles Anderson, 1878-'79.

During the ministry of Rev. S. R. Brown, about the year 1853, measures were taken to

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