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in Alabama; and Abel W. Baker, a farmer in Niles.

Col. Henry Austin came in 1795, and quartered with Elijah Price's family till he could put up a log house, which stood on the site of the present brick residence of his son, John Austin, where he died. One other son is living, viz: Deacon Warren Austin of Skaneateles. John Austin has held the office of Supervisor in this town. The family is highly respected in the community.

David Bevier was one of the earliest settlers. He erected the first grist-mill in the town in 1798. It stood on lot 85, on Owasco Creek, which furnished the motive power.

Squire Martin Cuykendall came in from Orange county, about the beginning of the present century, and settled about a quarter of a mile north of Owasco village, where his grandson, George Cuykendall, now lives, and where he died about the winter of 1843. One daughter, Catharine, is living in Elmira, and is the only one of his children living.

Elijah Devoe settled as early as 1808, on lot 85, opposite to where David Brinkerhoff now lives. A man named Barry occupies the old homestead. He died in Auburn, while living with his daughter, Cornelia, who is now residing in New York City. Two sons are living, Thomas, in Auburn, and Manuel Gunsalus, in Owasco.

Daniel Ennis and Samuel Hoornbeck, from Orange county, and Walter and Timothy Strong, brothers, came in prior to 1812. Mr. Ennis settled on lot 99, where Wm. L. Noyes, Member of Assembly from this town, now lives, and died there between 1830 and '40. Mr. Hoornbeck settled on lot 92, on the place now occupied by Wm. Wilson, who married his grand-daughter. He died there, and his children are all dead. The Messrs. Strong settled at Owasco village, where one of them built and kept the present tavern. Walter removed to Ohio about 1840, and died there. His son Elijah is still living there. Another son, Dr. D. O. Strong, is living in Delaware.

Eliphalet Patee, who was born in Pawlet, Vt., June 24th, 1789, and came to Moravia with his father in 1802, married in 1812, and settled on lot 60, near the north line of this town, on the place on which he died March 5th, 1877. His daughter, Elizabeth Patee, now lives on the old homestead, together with her sister, Mrs. Simpson. One other daughter, Mrs. Howard, is living in Syracuse.

Simeon Swartwout came in from Orange county in 1813, and settled where his son, Daniel Swartwout, now lives, four miles north-west of Owasco village. He came with his wife and a colored boy, though the latter was not a slave. As late as 1820, however, there were not less than sixteen slaves and eight free negroes in this town, out of a population of 1,290; of whom 251 were farmers, 73 mechanics, and one trader. Mr. Swartwout continued his residence here till his death, which occurred in the summer of 1867, while visiting his son Peter, near Marshall, Calhoun county, Michigan. His remains were brought here and interred in the town cemetery. Three other children are living besides Daniel and Peter, viz: James in Sterling, and Sally, wife of J. N. Chamberlain, and Margaret, wife of David Brinkerhoff, in Owasco.

Daniel Miller and his sons Lewis, Adam and John, settled at an early day where Adam and John now reside, on lot 59, in the north part of the town. Daniel died on the homestead, where the widow of Lewis now lives.

TOWN OFFICERS.--Unfortunately the early records of the town have not been preserved; hence we are unable to give the names of the first town officers. The present officers (1878) are as follows:

Supervisor--Wm. L. Noyes.
Clerk--Adelbert Chamberlain.
Justices--Samuel B. Noyes, Adam Welty, Geo. Seeley and Chas. F. Church.
Commissioner of Highways--Richard A. Wallace.
Assessors--J. N. Chamberlain, John Sarr and Adam Welty. Collector--Alfred Gere.
Constables--B. L. Tompkins, Edward Bench, Orrin P. Howland and Elisha Terwilliger.
Overseers of the Poor--Ellis Meeker and Jesse Davis.
Inspectors of Election--Josiah Brinkerhoff, Charles T. Brown and Dennis Ames.
Excise Commissioners--Wm. R. Reed and S. S. Woodworth.
Game Constable--Daniel Swartwout.

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