CAYUGA COUNTY 1847 - 1849

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Jan. 10		Emily L.		Lansing and Hannah Fiero
Jan. 11		Hellen I. 		Thomas and Sarah Gutrick
Jan. 12		Mary Elizabeth		Charles and Rhoda Ann White
Jan. 14		Ellen Miles		Daniel W. and Mary Bristol
Jan. 17		Mary E.  		John C. and Henrietta M. Ivison
Jan. 17		Jesse 			Curtis and Sally J. Stevens
Jan. 20		Frances A.		Isaac and Elizabeth Gaskel
Jan. 22		Herbert W. 		John and Sarah Rising
Jan. 24		Catherine M. 		James and Alice Brydon
Feb.  1		Sarah Ann 		Phineas and Elizabeth Stone
Feb.  2		Henrietta 		William and Sarah Trowbridge
Feb. 10		Ann 			George Rising and H. his wife
Feb. 10		John  			Nelson and Mary Rounds
Feb. 15		Ann			John and Mary Richardson
Feb. 11		Harriet J. 		Harvey and Mary G. Palmer
Feb. 16		Elijah  		Platt and Harriet Squires
Feb. 17		Mary 			Samuel and Sarah Dale
Feb. 20		George			Curtis and Emily Harkness
Feb. 22		Mary J.			John and Mary C. Woodworth
Feb. 22		Robert E.		David and Aurelia Nisbet
Feb. 27		Melissa 		Saul F. and Charity Elmira Hawes
Mch.  1		James 			George and Sophia Jones
Mch.  4		Unnamed 		Peter and Susan Rydenburgh
Mch.  9		Olive Maria		Clark and Jane Ivan Mastin
Mch. 10		Eliza			John and Sarah White
Mch. 15		Ann E.			Moses and Diadema Barron
Apr.  3		James Egbert		James M. and Jane Gale
Apr.  4		Jane			John and Margaret Freeland
Apr.  6		Caroline		William H. and Emeline VanTuyl
Apr.  8		Valentine		Charles A. and Harriet Hyde
Apr. 10		John 			Timothy and Charlotte Row
Apr. 11		James A.		James and Margaret Kelley
Apr. 12		John			John and Maria Hicks
Apr. 15		Mary E.			Hugh and Roxy Ann Wilson
Apr. 19		Harriet			Alva and Mary F. Fuller
Apr. 22		Martha Ann		Daniel and Mary Parkwood
May   5		Georgianna		Jesse and Fanny Egleston
May  14		William			Jacob and Sarah Brown
May  15		Ann M.			D. M. and E. M. Keeler
May   8		Frances			Jacob R. and Lucinda How
May  16		William 		Robert and Maria Blakely
May  17		Eliza Ann		David and Alice Burnham
May  29		Helen			John W. and Jane Loving Jenkins
May  30		Elisha D. 		David and Mercy Patchen
May  21		Emily 			Horace and Clarissa Gilbert
Jun.  1		George 			William and Mary Dean
Jun.  4		Unnamed			David and J(?)enette Namuel
Jun.  4		Rebecca			Thomas and Mary Hudson
Jun.  5		Jane 			Thomas and Eliza Kern
Jun.  7		John			John and Rebecca Stewart

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Return to Index Jun. 19 Charles Isaac and Eliza Chatterson Jun. 13 John V. Robert Jr. and Catherine Nisbet Jun. 18 Cora Eliza Horace G. and Harriet N. Van Anden Jun. 20 Henry Francis and Susanna Cossum Jun. 21 Mary Edw. and Margaret McCabe Jun. 21 Margaret William B. and Mary Smith Jun. 22 Caroline Herbert and Rachel Vinay Jun. 22 Abby M. George C. and Abby Williams Jun. 22 Mary C. Henry H. and Sarah E. Cooley Jun. 27 John Robert and Elizabeth Bell Jun. 28 Hellen J. John and Eliza Jones Jul. 2 Jane George and Jane Abbey Jul. 4 Lewis C. Preston S. and Sarah E. Barr Jul. 6 William Daniel and Anna Dyer Jul. 7 Lavissa A. William and Margaret Remington Jul. 10 John Zebulon and Diana Holmes Jul. 10 John John and Peddy Clingan Jul. 11 James William and Mary Delaney (Negro)
Jul. 11 Josephine   Levi and Ann Slater
Jul. 13 Harriet Amelia Nathan and Harriet Amelia Burr
Jul. 13 Louisa M. William and Henrietta How
Jul. 23   Anna Jerry and Bryan Sullivan
Jul. 23 George Alex and Phebe Henry
Jul. 25 Catherine James and Margaret McCarty
Jul. 25 James William and Mary Pickerill
Jul. 28 Mary L. and Hannah Ball
Jul. 28 Georgianna Theodore and Martha Curtis
Jul. 28 Sabel John and Sarah Hopper
Jul. 31 Thomas H. William and Mary Wilsterholm
Jul. 31 William Michael and Mary Leddy
Aug.  2 Mary Benjamin F. and - Hall
Aug.  2 Charles M. and Margaret Tanner
Aug.  4 Mary William and Abigail Pool
Aug. 5 Benjamin Benjamin and Harriet A. Tucker
Aug. 7 Martha Henry A. and Eliza Haney
Aug. 11 William Francis Wm. Augustus and Sarah V. Claudius
Aug. 14 Unknown R. G. and Caroline Wynkoop
Aug. 21 Mary Henry and Eliza Smith
Aug. 25 Jane W. and Lydia Rock
Aug. 25 Jane Paul D. and Lydia Ann Cornell
Aug. 28 Eliza M. Brown John and Mary Brown
Aug. 29 Sylvester       Myron and Malvina Cowell
Aug. 29 John Zeba and Ann Leland
Sep.  5 Edwin S.and Mary Van Burgduff
Sep.  6 Henry Cook Hermon and Jane H. Woodruff
Sep.  6 Charles Cushman Charles and Sarah W. Bagley
Sep. 13 Jane Albert and Jane Shepherd
Sep. 13 Edwin S. Richard W. and Sarah A. Jones
Sep. 14 Mary Ann Thomas and Bridget Carter
Sep. 16 Emily A. William and Jane W. Giffin

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Return to Index Sep. 19 Charles Gamewell Charles and Charlotte J. Taylor Sep. 23 Valentine Calvin C. and Mary A. Clemence Sep. 23 Ellen A. Andrew and Harriet S. Bankson Sep. 30 Charlotte David and Caroline C. Romer Oct. 2 Ann John and Mary Adams Oct. 2 Jane Daniel and Margaret McGarr Oct. 6 Henrietta White William and Elizabeth Lidden Oct. 6 Charlotte A. Emery and Dorcas Bruce Oct. 7 Alethia John M. and Sarah Ann Austin Oct. 7 Helen Amelia Perry and Cordial Cooper  Oct. 13 Elizabeth Henry A. and Emily VanAnden Oct. 10 William L. William and Hannah Hopkins Oct. 10 James Lewis and Margaret Clancy Oct. 13 Gertrude Henry M. and Lydia B. Stone Oct. 18 Isaac J. Isaac A. and Jane Bennett Oct. 25 Isabella Thomas and Anna Mallison Oct. 28 Emeline Lucinda William and Elizabeth Sunderlin Oct. 29 Anthony H. Furmin William and Mary Furnim Nov. 7 Anna F. David and Anna Shaw Nov. 10 John Orin and Mary Burdick Nov. 15 John F. Loughborough Barton and Margaret Loughborough Nov. 16 Eugene P. Peter and Jane Todd Nov. 17 Jennette William and Agnes Crawford Nov. 18 Edwin Mills Henry A. and Margaret Nelson Nov. 20 Frank M. James C. and Larachie W. Derby Nov. 27 Unnamed Charles and Harriet White Nov. 29 Unnamed Mrs. E. Carr Dec. 1 William David Hezekiah and Helen Mastin Dec. 9 Sophia James H. and Maria M. Bostwick Dec. 10 William H. William and Jane Gibbs Dec. 11 Mary Jane William and Eliza Roberts Dec. 12 Winifred S. George and Hannah M. Rumril Dec. 15 Charles Patrick and Anna Heany Dec. 20 John E. Thomas and Maria Battams Dec. 24 Unnamed William and Susan Everetts Dec. 24 Unnamed Stephen and Caroline Ball Dec. 31 Susan E. Henry and Hannah Taylor (Negro) Dec. 21 Abigail Maria James and Catherine Maria Frey BIRTHS IN AURELIUS - 1847

Sep. 28 David E. William and Mary Eggleston Mar. 22 Mariah E. Chester and Harriet Hoskins Aug. 10 Charles H. Charles and Sarah Wolvin Dec. 9 William William and Phebe Bills Feb. 18 Walter Philander and Huldah Nye Nov. 7 Mary Alexander and Mary Hoosac Feb. 17 Clarissa Jane Charles D. and Rebeca Belden Feb. 4 Andrew Henry and Asamanth Wolweaver Mar. 24 Rachel M. Charles and Sarah Jackson

Page 4 Return to Index Jun. 2 Edwin Levi and Elizabeth Morse May 16 Harvey John H. and Harriet Cady Aug. 9 Harriet A. Elias M. and Olive M. Landen Nov. 5 Julia Ann Jonathan and Julia Ann White May 7 Mary William and Sarah Brown Jun. 6 George W Joseph and Mary Todhunter May 8 Daniel E. Elias and Hannah Baldwin Mar. 31 Mary J. Lewis and Maria Baker Feb. 5 John Henry and Mary Dowen May 13 Mary J. Mortimer and Lucinda Arnold Aug. 27 Robert William and Lee Jul. 8 Mary Owen and Catherine McGrain Feb. 8 Effy Ann Henry and Eleanor Shank Apr. 25 Margaret Thomas and Mary Rogers Aug. 6 Unnamed James and Polly Culver Feb. 23 Josiah M. Harrison and Elizabeth Lamb Oct. 15 Stephen Stephen and Mary Cornwell Feb. 2 Maryella Allison and Rosaline Hoskins Nov. 14 Clarence D. John B. and Mary Ann Shank Nov. 17 Samuel Jr. Samuel and Margaret Hall Nov. 10 Unnamed Nelson and Frances Beardsley Oct. 4 Unnamed Albert and Melinda Kelsey Dec. 31 Unnamed James and Harriet Adams Aug. 7 Charles William and Adaline White Aug. 18 Albert J. George and Mary Breed Jul. 25 Chester William L. and Betsey Ervin Nov. 9 Georgianna James H. and Aurelia C. Sackett Dec. 29 Unnamed Lyman L. and Julia Rogers Apr. 15 David E. David and Mary Stone May 28 Mary Stephen B. and Mary Harlow Births in Aurelius, Cayuga Co. NY 1848 Feb. 1 Charles Francis Charles and Sarah Foster Feb. 14 Byron C. Christopher and Ellen Trumphant Feb. 27 Sarah J. Cornelius and Susan Feek Feb. 22 Charles E. Elijah and Eliza Gould Mar. 26 Charles T. Charles and Mary Jane Coffin Mar. 29 Samuel P. David and Charlotte Brown Apr. 4 Mary Eliza William and Mary Ann Johnson May 8 Allice Elizabeth Joel F. and Deborah Davids May 3 Catherine Ann Robert and Eliza Dean May 3 Unnamed Samuel and Margaret Poter May 6 Edwin W. Edwin and Charlotte West May 16 Allice M. Edmund R. and Maria Garton Jul. 9 Caroline Maria William A. and Phebe Jane Townsend Jul. 11 Ruth Hiram and Deborah Depew Aug. 20 Unnamed David and Louisa Phillips Aug. 25 Annett James H. and Harriet J. Crofut Aug. 29 Louisa Jane Wafford and Jane Warrick Oct. 19 Marion William and Susanna Smith
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Return to Index Oct. 29 Mary Ann Timothy and Julia Murphy Nov. 18 George E. Elbridge and Mary Ann Green Nov. 26 John Michael and Ellen S. Bassett Dec. 15 Sarah Thomas and Jane Henry Dec. 16 Anna B. Henry S. and Jane Dunning Dec. 14 Unnamed Ransom and Elizabeth Olds Dec. 19 David Jr. David and Elizabeth Baker Jan. 3 William Henry and Aramantha Woolweaver Jan. 5 (or Jun)Erastus John and Renny Woolweaver Births in Aurelius, Cayuga Co. NY 1849 Jan. Minerva Jane Samuel and Harriett Demont Jan. Unnamed Richard Lynch and Wife Jan. William A. Thomas and Ann Smith Jan. Unnamed William Thompson and Wife Jan. Charles E. Lyman Rogers and Wife Jan. Unnamed Timothy Roach and Wife Feb. Ella Jane William and Elizabeth Bills Mar. Unnamed John G. and Matilda Taylor Mar. Unnamed John Nostrant and Wife Mar. Unnamed David Carier and Wife Mar. Daniel John and Catherine Hoar Apr. William H. Volney G. and Rachel J. Case Apr. Unnamed George B. and RuthAnn Halleck Apr. Frederick A. Lewis and Maria Baker Apr. Unnamed Mortimer and Lucinda Arnold May Wallace E. John B. and Mary Ann Shank May Unnamed Henry E. and Susan Curtis May Unnamed John and Fanny Thompson May Mary Mr. and Mrs. Couts May Unnamed P.R. and Cynthia Fairchild May George C. David and Mary Stone May Phebe E. Hezekiah and Sarah ??? June Ann Effie Alando and Catherine McGraham June Elizabeth Charles and Mary Knowland June Laura C. James and A.C. Doty June Samuel Jr. Samuel Fitch and Wife June E. Frank Asa S. Cummings and Wife June Unnamed Charles Hibbard and Wife July Susan James and Mary Bedell July Unnamed Caleb L. Candee and Wife July Theodore Horace Willey and Wife July Isadore Horace Willey and Wife July John John F. and Jane G. Adkins July Jasper Charles D. and Rebecca Belden July John Jeremiah and Mary Gurney July Sarah Caroline Gilbert and Fanny Goodrich July Onora Husband Dead Elen Jol(i?)y July Georgianna James and Harriet Webster
Page 6 Return to Index Aug. Alton D. Dradorus S. and Betsey Westover Aug. Milton Kinyon and Mary Prelman Sept. Percy Elvelin and Almyra Purchase Sept. James William and Lee Sept. Harnett Ann Cornelius and Cornelia Elwood Sept. Harriett Eliza William and Sally M. Dickinson Sept. Nathan Stephen B. and Mary Harlow Sept. Allen Jonathan S. and Elvira Manro Oct. William William and Mary Ann Thompson Oct. Unnamed I. G. Maw and Wife Oct. Unnamed Daniel Neil and wife Dec. Albert H. Lorenzo and Sarah Lombard Dec. Unnamed William A. and Phebe Jane Townsend Births in Brutus, Cayuga Co. NY 1847 Jan. 1 Frances Amelis John and Sally Ann Carsell Jan. 17 Hulbert Natamon Eathen and Malissa Lampher Feb. 4 No name given David and ___Cole Feb. 18 Irene Isaac and Phebe Hoyt Feb. 18 Harvey Allen Amos b. and Sally Ann Stevens Feb. 22 Margaret Angeline John and Roxanna Travers Feb. 26 Amelia George and Abigail Nestle Mar. 6 Martha E. Caleb and Jane Adelia Jones Mar. 3 Julia Joshua M. and Elizabeth Bidluct? Mar. 9 Leroy Lewis and Caroline Crim Mar. 21 Lewis Morgan and Cornelia McCartha Apr. 22 Sarah A. Benjamin I. and Celisha A. Bucklin Apr. 25 Willia Daniel and Sarah Crim May 11 Betsey Jane Rinslar and Eliza Miller June 11 Harriet Chester and ___ Hitchcock July 2 William Alexander Alexander and Mary Jane Jones July 8 Franklin Edwin and Martha Crim July 10 Jacob. M. William and Margaret T. Vannie July 20 Amelia Ann Ezeakle and Eliza Ann Patten July 20 Unnamed J. and Sarah Ann Bryant Aug. 28 Unnamed Oliver and Rebecca Watterman Aug. 29 Levia Daniel H. and Lauree Moore Sept.12 John Lyman and Deborah Sales Sept.19 Florence William and Louisa L. Faatz Oct. 2 Jennett A. James and Elizabeth Howard Oct. 8 Elizabeth Orlando and Caroline Barker Oct. 9 Ransler Illeg and Betsey Jane Miller Oct. 16 Unnamed George and Rachel Herrington Oct. 18 Unnamed Nathan Holcon and Wife Oct. 19 Unnamed John and Mary Donley Oct. 20 Ellis Robert and Ann Bosnett Oct. 26 Mary Louise Richard and Phebe Jane Dean Oct. 18 Unnamed Nathan and Jane Hubbard Oct. 26 Eliza I. Eson and Eliza St. John Oct. 17 Bibbins John W. and Lydia Ann Bibbins
Page 7 Return to Index Oct. 29 Unnamed Luke and Rebecca Ranney Nov. 4 Lewis P. Charles and Lucinda Moorehouse Nov. 10 Catherine Edwin P. and CAroline Townsend Nov. 16 Unnamed John and Elizabeth Alexander Dec. 12 Allis Morgan and Sarah Mosher Dec. 16 L. Haml?? Dexter and Mary S. Havens Births in Brutus, Cayuga Co. NY 1848 Apr. 4 William Henry George and Louisa Lamphere Jul. 23 Harriet Amelia Almond and Margaret Lamphere Sep. 12 John Henry Edward S. and Catherine Skadden Oct. 1 Zeno Orlando and Mary Remmington Nov. 17 Elizabeth Amelia Charles and Mary Cook Apr. 24 George Henry Thomas and Eliza Petrie Jul. 28 Laura Daniel B. and Mary K. Baldwin Sep. 7 Charles Charles and Emily Rowley Oct. 22 Hanah Mattec and Christian Kendle Sept.20 Nancy M. Joseph and Sally C. Beard Aug. 19 Lydia Idelle Harvey and Sally H. Daniels Jan. 10 Henry Rex and Ordelia Beldin Feb. 9 Milton Orlando and Catherine Barker Apr. 12 George Adam and Rilla Papage Jan. 5 Mary Ann Simon and Mary Ann Bristol Feb. 15 Adison David and Lorry Moors or Moons Oct. 14 Augusta Samuel and Hannah White Apr. 25 Daniel Daniel and Abigail Moores
Note: Copy sent Feb. 23, 1849 for previous year 1848 gives the following: 15 males 16 females- John Moores, James Brown, Mark Casner, James Henderson, Francis Batchelor, E.W. Turner, Jason Rude, Thomas Bentley, M.E. Brisbane, Ebenezer Taylor, Alexander Jones, Clark Jacobs, D.C. Rude, Margaret Babcock, Geo. Colbert (Twins), George Nestle, John Radford, Ben. Hasbrook, N?. D. Caldwell, Oliver Combs, James M. Bryant, Lewis Moores, D?. E. Havens, Richard Dean, William Hines, Adolphus Ridgers, N?athan Hubbard, Syulvester Alexander, William Richards, A. D. Hendrickson, James Lutts. Births in Cato, Cayuga Co. NY 1847
June Delia Ezra and Electa Stone or Stowe July Isaac Newton Alonson and Joana White Nov. Ruth Helen William and Fanny Jewell July 15 Sarah Clementine Joseph and Anna Cowell Feb. 26 Stillborn Miles and Eunice Mott Dec. 3 Samuel E. B. Abott Miles and Eunice Mott Oct. 29 Stillborn Moses and Martha Gilbert Aug. 25 Catherine Ann John and Nancy Palmer Oct. 5 William Henry William and Betsey Jane Morgan Oct. 29 Jane Baxter and Eunice Goodrich Nov. 3 William Lewis Robert and Ruth Blair Sept. ? Charlotte Adela John and Mary Ann Carncross Nov. 27 Sarah Hellen Lewis and Sally Ann Carncross June 11 Marion Elizabeth Samuel and CAroline Matilda Wells
Page 8 Return to Index Aug. 7 Sarah Ann George and Sarah Forward Dec. 22 Marion Matilda Isaac and Margaret Everts Apr. 6 Phebe Maria Archibald and Clarinda Chase Mch. 12 Erastus Lorenzo and Mary Palmer June 5 William J. John and Eliza Jane Armon Mch. 3 Orville Lewis and Mary Ann Donius May 4 James L. James and Almire A. Hickok Jun. 27 Grove L. Carter B. and Anstus A. Hickok Jul. 25 Austin R. Stephen C. and Sarah Terry Jun. 8 Gilbert W. James and Rhoda Ann Chase Sept.15 Asenath Parsons P. and Asenath Masham Oct. 15 Lorin H. Henry and Jane Cornell Aug. 30 Elizabeth Walter and Jane Higgins Dec. 13 Ann Oscar and Ann Britton Dec. 13 Betsey Salmon and Betsey Harris Jan. 23 Clarissa Ann Luke and Rebecca Prine Nov. 16 Unnamed Luke and Polly Ferris Apr. 16 Julius Andrew and Catherine Cappernoll Apr. 26 Mary Jane Stephen and Hellen Maria Bentley Mch. 4 Albina Fletcher and Fanny Hunter Apr. 10 Melissa Isaac and Austin Buck June 3 Jerome Samuel M. and Caroline Marble June 8 Harry S. Sebastian and Philinda Putnam Nov. 3 Charles Jacob and Hannah Putnam Nov. 15 Rosabell Henry and Luna Bradt May 15 Mary Amanda James (N.) and Mary Ann Hansburgh Aug. 10 Lucy P. Benjamin and Miranda Wright Oct. 21 Mary Elizabeth Geroge and Harriet S. Lockwood Dec. 21 Maria Isaac H. and Susan A. Cogswell Dec. 27 William William and Lydia Burk Nov. 30 Elfrida Florila Reuben and Adeline Avery Feb. 19 Melvin William and Sarah Root Apr. 22 Anthony Erwin Freer Samuel A. and Louisa Botsford Mar. 5 Hiram J. David C. and Asenath Follett Mar. 25 Eldon B. Baxter and Sarah A. Doty Aug. 20 Adelia Ann James M. and Elizabeth Abels Jan. 1 Caroline John and Phebe Ann Daralt Jun. 21 Oscar Ambrose and Minerva Daralt Jul. 13 Emma Cordelia Solomon and Phebe A. Jewell May 5 Joel Jabez and Mary Ann Rhoads May 2 Charles M. Samuel P. and Sarah Ann Gray Sep. 19 Harriet Elizabeth Peter and Elizabeth Griggs Jul. 20 Unnamed John and Anna Hunt Nov. 21 Unnamed John and Rebecca Ann Forman Oct. 17 Unnamed Richard and Anna Norris Oct. 5 Ann Eliza David N. and Mary Ann Follett Nov. 1 Unnamed Robert and (R)uth Blair Aug. 10 Mary Josephine Jacob and Mary G. DeWitt Oct. 24 Elizabeth Zimri and Thankful Jane Weaver Nov. 23 Julia Annette William and Julia Ann Merritt
Page 9 Return to Index BIRTHS IN CATO, CAYUGA CO. NY 1848 Jun. 20 Unnamed Christian and Phebe Fink Jun. 28 Unnamed Lawrence and Catherine Churchill Oct. 17 James W.D. Jeremiah and Mary D. Waters Aug. 23 Elinus ? Jacob and Samantha Mills Sep. 5 Unnamed Henry and Mahala Bevere Oct. 25 Emily James and Jane Bennett Mch. 5 Unnamed Robert and Louisa Gallt Sep. 1 Unnamed Alexander and Anna Thomas Jul. 10 Unnamed Robert and Maria Bayles Mch. 6 Amon ? Sylvester and Maria Farnum Mch. 26 Harvey Nelson and Catherine Roudy Mch. 28 Elizabeth Nathaniel and Betsey Townsend May 22 Marien Asa and Sally Crosman May 26 May V. John and Mary Leland Jan. 14 Evelin Norman and Mary Ann Blake Mar. 1 Lucius Adelbert Jacob B. and Margaret (R)elyear Apr. 26 John Henry John and Louisa Anthony Dec. 14 Miles C. Hiram and Louisa Everts July 16 Sarah Ann Jacob and Maria A. Doty Apr. 17 Emily M. Edwin E. and Catherine Dudley Apr. 20 Theodore Theodore R. and Charlotte Trimly Mar. 13 William William and Acenith Cooper Mar. 26 Sarah Maria Jeremiah and Margaret Hollenbeck May 9 Carlos Bacon John M. and Salome Shotwell May 29 Emily Julia George W. and Susan Mead Jul. 12 Albert D. Victor M. and Unice Wheeler Aug. 7 Edgar Benedict Peter and Susan Ann Shaw Aug. 15 Mary Emily William G. and S. Amelia Hubbard Oct. 13 Polly W. C. H. and Clarissa Hollister Oct. 15 Frances A. Paul and Frances Smith Oct. 22 Hannah L. Davis R. and Mariah Conger Oct. 23 Mary E. Abram and Adaline Lynx Nov. 5 Susan Charles and Susan Ann Colton Dec. 2 Frances Pheneas and Frances Sawyer Feb. 10 Theodore Tolen and Abby Jerolmon May 30 Betsey Ann Abram and Barbary Ann LaDue Jun. 29 Thomas Oliver and Dianah Palmer Aug. 15 Joseph Albert Joseph and Amanda Lamphere Mar. 15 Catherine Isora George W. and Harriet Clark Nov. 12 Lantha William and Loisa Cornell July 5 Robert Edgar James and Margaret Bloomfield July 2 Mary Jane William G. and Catherine Sturges May 25 Eliza A. William and Eliza Slater Sep. 12 John B. Thomas B. and Ann Wiles Mar. 28 William Henry Richard and Isabel Stevens Jul. 15 Edwin James and Louisa Acker Mar. 6 Sarah L.(or D) Alvin R. and Lucila Stone Mar. 29 Ann Electa Nelson P. and Fanny Burke May 21 Lydia Jane George and Nancy A. Lincoln Sep. 27 Edgar John and Harriet E. Lawrence Sep. 27 Henry Nelson Benjamin and Rosina E. Hoyt Dec. 2 Adelbert Alfred and Nancy Parsol Dec. 4 James Samuel and Dorcas Mills Mar. 20 Seth Laroy Willard and Polly Stone
Page 10 Return to Index Apr. 23 Smith Adelbert Henry and Helen Auch Moody Oct. 13 Altha Richard and Maria Ladue Aug. 7 Louisa Isiah and Isabella Hallet Jan. 7 Lorena John V. and Lucy Daratt Apr. 20 Alis R. Norman and Betsey Sturges Aug. 2 Unnamed Eneas and Julia Ann Greenfield Aug. 12 Adaline M. John and Julia Frances Mills Oct. 9 Charles Orlando John and Betsey Jane Welch Jul. 27 Emma Sally Marie Olmstead May 8 Sally Ann Matthew and Sally Corwin BIRTHS IN CATO, CAYUGA CO. NY 1849 May 10 Unnamed Anson and Julia Ingham Aug. 13 Ugene Samuel and Louisa Bothsford Jul. 25 H. W. (copy not clear) Lorenzo and Alzine Beebe Nov. 9 Allis Z. Lewis and Sally Carnecross Apr. 15 Hulbert William and Jane Bonker July 13 Amos J. Solon and Rebecca Shurtleff Dec. 20 Charles Jr. Charles and Sally Henry May 9 Mary L. Olmstead and Louisa Gilbert May 16 Elen C. Ezra and Electa Stow or Stone Mch. 2 Delia F. John and Ruth Jewell May 15 Elizabeth Isaac and Elizabeth Schumerhorn Jun. 3 Matilda D. Jeremiah and Mariette L. Brown Aug. 12 Unnamed James M. and Elizabeth Abels Jun. 11 Ambrose Daniel C. and Asenith Follet May 10 Joseph D. Henry and Hepsey Perkins Sep. 14 Lionel A. Baxter and Sarah Ann Doty Feb. 6 Joanna Alanson and Joanna White Jun. 8 Baxter Preston and Emily Thompson Jul. 22 George Samuel P. and Sarah Grey May 8 Unnamed William and Lydia Mills Jan. 18 Caroline D. J.B. and Belinda Waldron Jul. 31 Unnamed Nathaniel and Mary E. Townsend Dec. 9 Frances E. Samuel and Ann sheldon Dec. 28 Ellen Perry and Margaret Wheeler Nov. 17 Hellen Richard and Isabel Stephens Aug. 7 Jane Ann James and Mary Ann Flensburgh Dec. 5 Unnamed G.W. and Harriet Clark Apr. 21 Lewis Philo and Nancy Rockwell May 20 John Daniel S. and Polley Parker May 28 Albert R. John? and Mary Cornell Oct. 25 William John J. and Abigail Jerolman Oct. 27 Daniel George and Christian Quakenbush May 21 Hattie Ann Stephen L. and Hattie Marie Bentley Apr. 9 E.E. Carter B. and Austis A. Hickox Mch. 2 Ella A. Nelson E. and Lovina VanScoy Apr. 25 George Albert and C.E. Albert G. and Almira Wheeler May 27 David Chauncey and Mary Jane Rockwell Jun. 13 Henry Nicholas J. and Susan VanPatten Jun. 20 Judson H. Theodore and Charlotte Timby or Trimby Jul. 26 A.C. (female) Garet V. and Eliza Peak
Page 11 Return to Index Aug. 14 Sarah A. James and Rhoda Ann Chase Sep. 14 Conrad Richard and Lovina McNiel Sep. 28 Mary Francis and Elizabeth Nipper Oct. 18 E.H. (female) Samuel and Maladine Goodyear Oct. 27 Ennet (female) Philander and Lucy Whitmore Dec. 1 Margaret Elias and Mary Ann Whitmore Dec. 19 A. W. (male) Henry and Sally Ann McGregory Dec. 22 C?. H. (male) L. G. and Matilda Appleby Dec. 25 Andrew Robert G. and Margaret Kimball Dec. 1 Unnamed Henry and Lunyann Bradt Aug. 3 James Oren Caleb B. and Sally Parmer Dec. 27 Unnamed Randolph and Catherine Hooper Jun. 1 Emison Samuela and Caroline Marble Jul. 5 Harriet Viola John and Liza Ann Arnon Jul. 10 Anice Gilbert Robert and Hannah Bayles Nov. 1 Unnamed Moses and Martha Gilbert May 9 Unnamed William and Eliza St. John Oct. 2 Eliza Miles and Eunice Abbott Dec. 3 Unnamed Jabez and Mary Ann Rhoades BIRTHS IN CONQUEST, CAYUGA CO. NY 1847 Jan. 18 Ira Jr. Ira and Susan Youngs Jan. 13 George Edwin Richard and Aseneth Emerson Feb. 1 William Edwin Cornelius D. and Ervilia Earl Feb. 21 James Ira Leonard B. and Lydia L. Courtright Mar. 17 Emma C. Morgan and M. Grant Mar. 23 Edgar A. Preston A. and Charlotte Chafee Apr. 9 Maner Ballard Jefferson and Polly Thompson Apr. 16 Stephen Eaden Stephen and Polly Willson Apr. 20 Jacob Jacob and Leona Crounse Apr. 23 Harriet Mariah Ruben and Emeline Fuller Apr. 25 Manson Moses and Betsey Robertson May 7 Harry C or G. Hardy and Geralden Coul May 23 Julia John and Abigail Bosler May 15 Homer Lockwood Losie and E. Rumsey May 31 John H. Elias and M. VanN(H)ocking May 16 Sarah Thomas and Jane Cooper May 15 Unnamed Sidney and Harritte Haley June 9 Ellen A. Lorenzo and C. Reynolds June 20 L. ? James and M. Parcel June 9 Hannah Jaramiah H. and Esther A. Christian June 22 Winfield S. Daniel and Charlotte Lucas June 8 Mariah Ira B. and S. Gutchens June 8 Samuell A. John L. and Elizabeth Vananthorp July 2 Mary E. George A. and Mary Starks July 2 Emily Libo and Eliza Colins July 30 Mary Augusta David and Jane Legg July 27 Albert John and Mary Hateman Aug. 3 Unnamed Isaac W. and Eliza Shepard Aug. 29 George VanOlondy Mary Square (illeg.) Sept. 7 Cornelia Ransom and Jane Gates Sept.25 High M. Hugh and Ann Crowell Sept.29 Caroline Loren T. and Ann Coulman
Page 12 Return to Index Sep. 11 Dudley B. James and Broxey L. Petty Oct. 13 Danie J. Henry and L?H? Wolford Nov. 8 Lucinda Achable and Margaret Wilks Nov. 8 Andrew M John and Hannah Krom Nov. 25 Jesse John and Betsey Braxton Dec. 4 Unnamed Homer and Caroline Holcomb Dec. 4 John S. Michael and Eliza Blass Dec. 24 George Nolton and B. Scott Dec. 30 Unnamed Sylvanus and Polly Moon BIRTHS IN CONQUEST, CAYUGA CO. NY 1848 Jan. 8 Isaac A. Isaac and Harriet Dodge Jan. 15 Charity E. John and Louisa VanBlaricum Jan. 20 Raymond J. Allen G. and Mary J. Titus Jan. 24 Anna Perilla Edward and harriet Burgduff Feb. 3 Eliza Ann Andres and Barbara VanDeWater Feb. 7 Hellen N.? William N. and Harriet L. Babbitt Feb. 8 William Adam and Julia Cooper Feb. 9 Hannah Ebb Hiram and Lena Crowell Feb. 25 Malinda Earl W. and Malinda Court Mar. 5 Alfred George and Elizabeth Coleburn Mar. 5 George George and Elizabeth Coleburn Mar. 6 Cora Daniel and S.A.Starks Mar. 9 Rosalinda V. John A. and A.J. Hunter Mar. 14 Elizabeth H. Jacob and Mariah N.? VanAuken Mar. 30 Henrietta Jesse and Mariah Bell Apr. 2 Nancy Jane Joseph and Nancy Slayton Apr. 5 Emma John and Margaret Ann Hamilton May 3 Edwin Charles B. and Fanny Howell May 18 Daniel Lyman and Jane Pinckney May 22 Mary Ann John J. and Mary Ann Cooper May 23 Charlotte E. William and Hannah Petty May 28 Harvey S. Albert G. and Eveline Chapel Jun. 20 Aaron J. Joseph H. and Elizabeth Treat Jun. 30 Rosetta Meramda Charles W. and Catherine Scot July 14 Leonard Ezra L. and Jane McWithey July 31 Mary A. Seneca and Gitty Everts Aug. 4 Fanny Jane Garret and Samantha Windover Aug. 10 Rodney ___ and Eliza Knapp Aug. 13 Polly Lucretia Henry and Polly Wood Aug. 17 Reuben Augustus Samuel and Sintha Caswell Sep. 7 Hellen Rolan and Barbara Holcomb Sep. 11 Berthana john S. and Berthana Wilson Sep. 19 Archibald Aaron H. and Arvilla Carr Oct. 2 Peter Levi and Lois Brooks Oct. 3 Peta Jacob S. and Ann Haws Oct. 10 Joseph Henry Joseph and Phebe Ann Hufman Oct. 12 Marinda Orange and Adeline Starks Oct. 19 Unnmaed William S. and Sarah E. Worthington Oct. 26 John Henry Daniel and Catheirne Loveless
Page 13 Return to Index Nov. John Zachariah and Margaret Blass Nov. 12 John Philip and Ann Klahler Nov. 19 Unnamed Manly T. and Mary J. Treat Dec. 3 Unnamed Geroge W. and Louisa Miller Dec. 26 Unnamed Barnabas and Permelia Wood BIRTHS IN CONQUEST, CAYUGA COUNTY NY 1849 Jan. 23 Jane A. Jeremiah and Amy VanAuken Jan. 23 Helen C. Norman and Phebe J. Loveless Feb. 1 Thomas J. Daniel and Charlotte Lucas Feb. 4 Dexter Samuel C. and Jane Wood Feb. 4 Martha John and Betwey Brayton Mar. 3 John Alexander and Nancy Bush Mar. 27 Volney E. Ephriam and Demarias Woodworth Apr. 11 George L. Cornelius D. and Arvilla Earl Apr. 21 Sarah E. Lacy and Eleanor Rumsey May 8 Clarence A. Richard and Asenith Emerson May 9 Arsetia and Permelia Peter and Mary Jane Lemon May 16 Elisa J. David and Jane Crownee ? May 18 Catherine E. William and Hanah Cummings May 31 Elizabeth Hiram and Caroline E. Crownee June 6 Eleanor James and Christiana Cooper June 8 Elnoir James and Elsie A. Van Tasch June 16 Charles D. Zachariah and Mary Aldrich June 23 Unnamed James and Melissa Parcels June 23 Hanah Andrew and Louis Morehouse July 2? Phebe Hiram and Clarissa O'Byrne July 24 Helen L. John and Elizabeth VanAntwerp Aug. 4 Mary E. Charles and Betsey Goodele Aug. 15 Unnamed Giles and Jane Phelps Aug. 20 William E. Ransom and Jane Gates Sep. 2 Mary A. John and Anna Carter Sep. 3 William W. Lewis and Elsie D. Hammond Sep. 10 Charles S. Elias and Margaret Cooper Sep. 11 Jeremiah John and Eleanor Crownee Sep. 13 John David B. and Jane Rumsey Sep. 18 Hariet P. Stephen and Minerva Burgdurf Oct. 2 Zachariah Timothy and Catherine Beebe Oct. 1 Unnamed Jacob and Anne Eliza Crownee Oct. 16 Unnamed Hiram and Elizabeth Lake Nov. 2 Horatio Joseph and Charity Ballard Nov. 8 Alonzo Henry and Phebe J. Cooper Nov. 23 Martha Archibald and Margaret Wilks Nov. 23 William Charles and Maria Miller Dec. 12 Charles D. Conrad and Martha Pickard Dec. 12 Jacob O. (C) Peter and Annis Carle Dec. 14 Unnamed David and Maria Gutchins Dec. 25 Unnamed Otis and Betsey Dodge
Page 14 Return to Index BIRTHS IN CONQUEST, CAYUGA COUNTY NY 1850 Jan. 22 John Jefferson and Polly Ballard Feb. 6 George Geroge M. Pitt and _____ Feb. 18 George Stewart Harry J. and Ann Eliza Wilcox Feb. 20 Rhoda A. Edward and Evaline Belknapp Mar. 14 Ida Stewart John and Hannah Krum Mar. 23 Cornelia Ann Earl W. Court and ___ Apr. 22 Roselinda Robert and Lucina Miller Apr. 22 Mary Jane Gideon and Polly Granger Apr. 27 Unnamed Sylvester and Maria Lawson May 11 Henry E. Philip and Ann Keelaher May 16 Calvin Eugene William and Harmony Brown May 16 Phebe Jemima William and Hannah Petty May 26 Ann K. Charles and Sarah Carman June 21 Salina E. George and Mary Ann Parsell June 23 Martha Jane Silas Lincoln and ____ July 13 Alvaretta Abram and NancyJane VanPelt Aug. 1 Cecelia E. Peter D. Betsey A. Blass Aug. 26 William Bryant Alexander B. and Catherin Phelps Sep. 3 Unnamed Hiram and Lena Crowell Sep. 18 Calista M. Charles W. and Catherine Scott Sep. 17 Nilan Louisa Dodge (illig) Sep. 21 Theron E. Rosel and Ann Treat Sep. 20 William William H. and Jane VanTasel Sep. 27 Francis D. Ephriam and Emeline Arnold Oct. 14 George L. Reuben Fuller and ____ Nov. 26 Canfret? Horace and Lydia Ann Jerrod Dec. 3 Francis M. Almeron and Laura M. Snyder Dec. 5 Unnamed Henry and Polly Wood Dec. 15 Unnamed Thomas J. and Lucy Callayton Dec. 16 Unnamed James and Eley Ann VanTasil BIRTHS IN FLEMING, CAYUGA CO. NY 1847 Feb. 1 Charles Charles and Sarah Grey Feb. 7 Sarah Jane Artemus and Eunice Reed Feb. 11 Godfrey Richard and Mariah Gregory Feb. 20 Eliza John and Hannah Mosher Apr. 8 John Wesley Philip and Caroline Craver July 12 W. Clark Whitcomb and Harriet FArnsworth July 16 Eugene Marcus and Helen Holland July 21 James Edwin Edw. and Elizabeth M. Kelley Aug. 16 Chauncey Edwin Jeremiah and Caroline Simon Aug. 19 Susan Smith and Mary Anthony Sep. 2 John Lucas and Malisa Brunson Sep. 22 Jacob Jacob and Hannah Millis Sep. 31 Edwin Winslow Calvin and Jane H. Leach Nov. 8 Stephen Francis E. and Caroline Thornton Nov. 14 Heman L. Charles and Esther Kilmore Nov. 14 Caroline Israel and Mariah Taylor Nov. 27 Mary Melissa Josiah B. and Sarah Chatfield
Page 15 Return to Index BIRTHS IN FLEMING, CAYUGA CO. NY 1848 July 4 Thomas Jefferson John and Mary Perkins May 29 Mary Frances John F. and Harriet Sturtevant June 27 Martha (typeover) Thomas and Margaret Shannon July 8 Ann Andrew and Eliza Ennis July 24 Julie Ann Elijah H. and Caroline Meritt Oct. 15 Lemuel C. Erastus H. and Sophia Wheeler Oct. 17 George W. John and Hannah Mosher Oct. 3 Harriet L. Godfrey D. and Phebe F. Walker Feb. 28 Zackery Taylor John and Jemima O'Hara Aug. 14 Mary E. Harry and Sarah Spangler March Clary Annett John and Caroline DeGroff June 1 Mary J. Lef? and Ann G. Shaw Feb. 25 Elen C or G. DeWitt C. and Juliett Simons May 27 Harriet J. Silvester and Emeline Riley Oct. 17 Thomas J. Thomas and Catherine Willis Oct. 23 Devid P.M. William M. and Hannah Chatfield Nov. 27 Sarah Alanson M. and Sarah Clark Feb. 28 Sarah E. Daniel b. and Amanda Hale June 23 Charles Munson George and Annie Post June 30 John Hanry and Cornelia Farnum Oct. 6 Edwin Nelson Edwin M. and Jane Mariah Perry BIRTHS IN FLEMING, CAYUGA CO. NY 1849 Jan. 9 Isaac Israel and Fidelia Farmer Apr. 4 Margaret E. Jacob and Betsey Post Apr. 9 John J. Phylup and Julia Huslum Apr. 14 Sarah E. George and Rhoda Jones May 10 Mary William and Catherine Osborn May 13 Anna E. Wheaton and Mary Leach June 12 Margaret William and Bridget Delano June 12 Albert E. Hiram F. and Hannah M. Ingraham June 16 Charles E. Frances E. and Caroline Thornton Aug. 18 William H. Albert and Rachel Howe Aug. 30 Elizabeth William and Rosetine Beach Sep. 1 Ellen L. Charles and Luch Gould Sep. 14 George William and Helen DeGroff Oct. 11 Alanson B. DeWitt E. and Juliaett Simons Oct. 14 Lorena ? Israel and Mariah Taylor Oct. 24 Edgar David and Carolyne Myers Nov. 9 Unnamed Calvin and Jane Leach Nov. 25 Henry P. E.T. and E.A. Baker BIRTHS IN GENOA, CAYUGA COUNTY, NY 1847 Jan. 1 Susan Francis Peter and Lucinda Bower Mar. 18 Albert Lyman and Sarah Marshall Mar. 24 Frederick Thomas and Jane Pierce Apr. 4 Unnamed Isaac and Lucinda Snover June 9 Emma Francis Henry L. and Julia W. Green June 9 William Joseph and Fanny Stringham July 10 Benjamin Franklin William and Jane Slipper July 23 Catherine Elizabeth Darwin and Rosanna Ives
Page 16 Return to Index Sep. 1 Jesse Alexander and susan Labar Oct. 8 John Frederick and Harriet Bement Oct. 30 Frances Ledyard and Mariette L. Hewitt Nov. 21 Winifield Robert and Abby Denton Nov. 27 Unnamed Chauncey and Phebe Jane Casar Nov. 28 George F. Corydon and Phina Tripp Dec. 3 Unnamed Samuel and Rachel Bayer Dec. 9 Sarah Jane Abijah and Ada Brown BIRTHS IN GENOA, CAYUGA CO. NY 1848 May 4 Charlotte Elizabeth Philo and Ann Augusta Clark May 6 Unnamed Volney and Clarissa Brundage June 11 Ellen Aaron O. and Hannah Creely July 18 Hellen John B. and Anna Maria Cheesman Feb. 3 DeWitt Augustus and Elizabeth Bates Apr. 3 Larm? Larm ? P. and Amand Strong Apr. 27 Sarah Abram C. and Polly W. Hinman Juy 27 Moses Alanson and Icy? Durfee June 16 William Henry Hewett and Phebe Ann Close Apr. 16 Marcus William and Polly Duvall Aug. 5 Marcus Geroge and Rebecca Snyder Sep. 7 Marcus Stephen and Clarinda Woodin June 16 Maria Louisa George and Battusa Woodin Apr. 3 William Augustus William and Amy Wilbur June 2 Ann Elizabeth Henry or Harry and Ann S. Avery Jan. 9 Eugene Amon? and Sarah Taber Oct. 22 Emma Hiram and Elsa Shaw Feb. 26 Orin Newton Orin and Harriet Hewett Sep. 29 Unnamed Abram and Lorana Stevens Oct. 30 Unnamed Sidney I. and Philinda Hewitt June 10 Asa Sidney and Lavina Goodyear July 8 Eugene William and Mary Goodyear Feb. 1 William and Francis Samuel and Henrietta Hess Mar. 17 Harvey S. Amos and Bernice S. Beach Mar. 29 Emma Isabella Noah and Catherine Lyon Feb. 16 Unnamed Joshua M. and Jerusha Sharpsteen July 15 George Richman Mark and Phebe Mills Aug. 11 William Henry Ruben C. and Phoebe B. Beach Nov. 19 Unnamed Lockwood and Jane Ferns Nov. 6 Sarah J. Amos and Sally Main Feb. 29 Eliza Amanda Richard and Betsey Boice Nov. 16 Unnamed George and Eliza Bockett Sep. 20 Jesse E. Curtis and Phebe Cornell
Page 17 Return to Index July 5 John James and Mary McCravia May 6 Allen Lewis and Miranda Calhoun June 22 Hartwell Albert and Elizabeth Haynes Apr. 25 Mary Ann Richmond and Manervia Davis Jan. 5 Frank Jefferson Stephen and Sarah Clark Jan. 3 Cornelia A. Res ? and Elizabeth Goodyear Oct. 9 William Thomas and Sophronia Knapp Feb. 16 Glen W. Edwin P. and Charry King Dec. 31 Unnamed James and Sarah Anderson Aug. 23 Annetta Ezra and Rachel Ogden Oct. 19 Alanson Daniel and Matilda Brown May 10 Unnamed Isaac and Marinda Starks May 8 Charles M. Samuel and Hellen W. Pope Sept. Unnamed Elias and Catherine Dolson Dec. Emily Mariah Josiah and Susan Everetts Dec. Unnamed Frederick and Sarah Bordon Oct. 1 Ashbel Ashbel and Emeline Avery June 24 Mary E. David and Martha Lockwood Oct. 23 I ?nah O. George W. and Amanda Ferris Nov. 21 Unnamed Alexander and Orvilla Bothwell June 10 Mary L. S. T. and Temperance Martin Jan. 30 Alfred D. Lucas and Eliza Moe May 10 Darius C. Jesse and Mary Whitlock Aug. 16 Amos Amos and Eliza H---r Mar. 27 Thomas E. Intha and Mary Ann Durfee Sep. 4 Jane James and Phebe Moe Dec. 13 May Hiram and Ruth Youngs Jan. 9 Unnamed Stephen Holenshead and Wife Jan. 24 Unnamed Levi Sterns and Wife May 10 Joseph and Franklin Samuel and Sarah A. Smith Aug. 1 John Moses and Clarissa Lyon May 6 May and Elizabeth William and Elizabeth Maleson Aug. 2 Warren W. Thomas and Jane Pierce Aug. 14 Mabell nd Jane Daniel T. and Sarah Corwin Nov. 26 Lewis and Henry Philip and Christiana Algard Dec. 7 Unnamed Isaac and Margaret Peck Dec. 31 Emiline Arba and Hannah Mills Nov. 18 Emma Augustus and Phebe Ferris Dec. 1 CAroline Olevia Robert and Abby Denton BIRTHS IN IRA, CAYUGA CO. NY 1847 Jan. 21 Jerusha Alfred and Chloe O. Worden Jan. 23 Susan William and Sarah Cook Feb. 1 Sarah Adelaide Elias A. and Margaret Hatch Feb. 2 John John V. and Charlotte Green Feb. 2 Ellen John L. and Clarissa Lent? Feb. 16 Joanna William and Eliza Green Feb. 20 John Edwin and Cynthia Shumway FEb. 23 George Adam Gildbert and Magdalene Williams Mar. 4 Unnamed Caleb and Bladassah Everts Mar. 6 Emily John S. and Ann Barlow
Page 18 Return to Index Mar. 6 Emily John S. and Ann Barlow (2nd entry) Mar. 9 Frank Reuben and Sophia St. John Mar. 16 Ruth Maria Benj. and Sarah Ann Burgess Mar. 21 Charles Eberlee John and Sarah Ann Thompson Mar. 29 Margaret Alex and Selina Terpening Apr. 1 Mary Lovinda Leonard and Sarah Jane Ward Apr. 9 Racine Gideon and Margaret Acker Apr. 11 Adelbert John and Nancy VanPatten Apr. 13 Archibald John M. and Mary Willes Apr. 18 Mary Elnora John and Betsey Harris May 27 Mary Smith and Sarah Shattook June 11 Cynthia Ann James Rice and - - June 26 Mortimer Wilmot James Hunt - - - July 2 Mary Jane John and Permelia Lindsley July 16 George Henry Henry Whitmore and - - - July 17 Abraham Robert and Sarah Lent Aug. 22 Orsovilla George W. and Eliza Perry Sep. 3 Mary Martin and Olive Chase Sep. 6 Emily L. David H. and Mary A. Bradt Sep. 18 Mary M. and Martha James and Rebecca Law Sep. 18 Norman Wesley Lyman and Gerusha Fox Sep. 23 Mabel Maria Henry and Rosina Culver Sep. 28 Charlotte John and Sarah Pernilore Sep. 28 John Hammond Alexander and Harriet Kerr Oct. 1 Mary Ann Samuel E. and Lovina VanScoy Oct. 1 Laura M. John M. and Matilda Shepherd Oct. 7 Mary Elizabeth John and SusanE. Bartholomew Oct. 9 Richard James Jacob and Elizabeth Terwilliger Oct. 9 Unnamed Theodore and Elizabeth Rich Oct. 22 Eliakim Cheesebro Solomon B. and Angelic VanAuken Oct. 25 Unnamed William and Harriet E. Lampman Nov. 1 Elmina James and Margaret Steward Dec. 4 William David W. and Caroline E. Telford Dec. 5 James W.B. Albert and Caroline Robinson Dec. 10 Oscar Briggs Cornelius and Eliza Flint Dec. 16 Unnamed June VanScoy (Illeg.) Dec. 18 Unnamed Truman F. and Phebe Brackett Dec. 27 Jane William Youngs and - - BIRTHS IN IRA, CAYUGA CO. NY 1848 Jan. 3 Loretta Adell Chauncey A. and Fanny Smith Jan. 22 Adelbert James and Leoratia Terpening Mar. 20 Margaret Joseph and Adelia Caffinger Feb. 28 Adelbert Jacob Countryman and - - Apr. 6 Mary Eugenia Birdsey and Adelia A. Curtis Apr. 6 Telotes Benjamin and Hester VanAuken Apr. 9 Alexander B. Maria Burchard (Illeg.) Apr. 20 Ellen Benjamin and Elizabeth VanAuken May 1 Chloe Russell and Prudence Carter May 31 Tammy Jane William and Rennet Terpening May 13 Sarah Margaret Wendell and Catherine Helebrant June 2 Unnamed Smith W. and Catherine Holcomb
Page 19 Return to Index June 9 George John F. and Ann Eliza Squares June 10 Sarah Caroline John and CAroline Johnson June 21 Job. B. Lewis B. and Louisa L. Conger June 30 Unnamed Ransom and Sally McGraw July 4 Harriet Lucy Philander and Lucy Palmer July 9 Alonzo Richard and Jane Terpening July 11 Unnamed Ebenezer and Sarah Stranaham July 24 Maria George Gilbert and - - - July 16 Albert D.E. Jacob and Polly VanPatten Aug. 8 Pamelia Jane Jesse and Sally Potter Aug. 12 Robert Emmett Joseph B. and Sally Potter Aug. 24 George Wesley David and Lovina McCausey Sep. 4 Unnamed Josiah and Loretta Rice Sep. 17 Eugene and Josephine Gural ? and Angeline Palmer Sep. 14 J. C. (male) John and Sarah Andrews Sep. 15 John John Marvin and - - Sep. 16 Almon Eugene William and Lydia Ells Sep. 17 Morris Warren and Emeline Blake Sep. 25 Mary Philip Sharp and - - Sep. 26 Alice Amelia Hugh and Sally Hunter Oct. 14 John Isaac and Polly Hunt Nov. 1 Unnamed Mason S. and Eliza Carter Nov. 12 Charles Henry Civillia Ells (Illeg.) Nov. 15 Charles Edwin and Cynthia Shumway Nov. 20 Unnamed Jedediah E. and Sally Loverige Nov. 29 Unnamed George B? and Clarissa Andrews Dec. 2 Unnamed Willis and Sophronia Phelps Dec. 22 Unnamed Charles and Eliza McCaunsey Dec. 28 Unnamed Philo t. and Miranda Booth Dec. 31 Mary and Maria David and Mary J. Kellogg BIRTHS IN IRA, CAYUGA CO. NY 1849 May 21 John Bentis? Thomas and Sarah A. McChese May 25 Unnamed Samuel and Catherine Terpening May 25 Walter John and Morilla Phelps June 4 Charles and Daniel John and Mary Mullegan Mar. 19 John James and Ann Copelan May 5 William W. Hiram Jr. and Betsey Strickland Nov. 13 Georgiana Alfred and Jane Phelps Dec. 19 - - - James and Diantha Hunt Mar. 9 Unnamed Hiram and Harriet Crossett Jan. 14 Harvey S. Charles and Emeline Rich Feb. 10 Grata George R. and Peggy Ann Rich Feb. 23 Irvin Jerome John N. and Lydia Melissa Martin Feb. 25 Sis Caleb and Theodosa Everetts Mar. 14 Sarah Ann George and Hester Pane May 15 Allice Tunis T. and Nancy A. Suydam July 2 Charles Christon and Sophronia Fink Sep. 13 Sis John P. and Evaline Chamblin Sep. 17 Joseph Henry Henry R. and Hannah Knowlton Nov. 8 James Henry Peter and Louisa Lyon
Page 20 Return to Index May 26 Allice Thresia Harvey and Polly Root May 29 Leone Mariah Gideon and Peggy Ann Acker Nov. 29 Sis Stephen C. and Gratia Wallace Aug. 17 Baby (Male) Charles and Jane P. Smith Aug. 30 rufus Henry Jeremiah and Elizabeth Defendorf June 19 Unnamed Sollmon and Anjebrick VanAuken Apr. 10 Unnamed Alexander and Hariet Kerr Jan. 3 George Horace E. Parker and susan Cook Oct. 26 Angeline Sharpley Justus and Susan M. Townsend Dec. 7 Unnamed Russell and Prudence Carter Feb. 8 James Benjamin James and Harriet Ann VanPatten May 6 Mary Alid Derius and Lucy Gould July 3 Warren Eleazer Frisby and Gertrude M. James Sep. 22 Harriet Elizabeth Lucas and Betsey Terpening Dec. 18 Unnamed Washington and Almira Harris July 6 Sweetheart Chauncey and Fanny Smith Nov. 19 Ephriam J. Augustus and Sarah Stockwell May 10 James James and Mary Hallesy Feb. 25 Anne Adella John and Lidian Spickerman Feb. 2 Childs W. Levi B. and Caroline Morris May 1 John W. John and Ladisca Guppy May 14 George George and Rebecca Copelin Feb. 9 Elizabeth Ann Barnet and Betsey Ann Marvin July 31 Unnamed Henry and Catherine VanDusen Nov. 16 William Wallace Almarian and Annica Holcomb July 14 Ruth Ann Hiram and Aseneth Coon Oct. 24 William Henry Henry and Hester VanAuken Jan. 2 Edward Joseph and Jane E. Bullard Oct. 7 Alis Loisa Gilbert and Phebe Eliza Jones BIRTHS IN LEDYARD, CAYUGA CO. NY 1847 July 21 Samuel Aaron and Sally Spiller Nov. 3 Lathera Harriet Jacob and Lucinda Rosecrants Apr. 2 Wallace John and Elizabeth Anthony Nov. 13 Unnamed William and Mary Ann Spiller Dec. 3 Unnamed Jeremiah and Harriet Tallman Jan. 2 Charle Jesse and Catherine Bowen Mar. 19 Charles Henry Henry and Dulcy Gillan Apr. 18 Benjamin Alfred and Phebe Ann Bowen Dec. 13 Julia John and Orselia Bradford BIRTHS IN LEDYARD, CAYUGA CO. NY 1848 Aug. 29 Emeline Elizabeth James H. and Sebra Barber Nov. 9 Unnamed Charles E. and Nancy Birdsall Mar. 14 Unnamed Abner S. and Emma Gifford Dec. 9 Theodore Jeremiah and Harriett Tallman BIRTHS IN LEDYARD, CAYUGA CO. NY 1949 Apr. 8 Franklin Capen Edgar and Eliza Avery June 19 Weston Ogden Allen Charles and Sarah Avery
Page 21 Return to Index BIRTHS IN LOCKE, CAYUGA CO. NY 1847 Jan. 6 Unnamed James and Sarah Kenyon Feb. 23 Julia Mariah Esbrow and Sarah Sanford Feb. 26 Albert Miletus and Caroline Brown Mar. 15 James Edwin Henry H. and Mary Ann Johnson Mar. 16 Unnamed Samuel and Sally Whiston Apr. 4 Grace David and Sarah Sutphen Apr. 19 Norman Edwin Susan Deyo (Illeg.) May 5 Esther Sopronia E. Seth and Eunice Roberts May 22 Unnamed Ira and Abigail Babcock Jun. 14 Jerome Nelson and Martha Minturn Jun. 22 Unnamed Hiram and Frances Wallace Jun. 25 Carlos Rhodaphus and Martha Jane Brown Jul. 11 Harriet James A. and Lydia R. Curtis Aug. 1 Unnamed Rodney and Lucretia Freelove Aug. 10 Letitia Caleb M. and Emily Carr Aug. 20 Phebe Mariah Calvin and Julia Ann Spafford May 4 Cassius M. Eliphalet F. and Betsey F. Putman Aug. 31 Hellen Simon I or J Cook and - - Sep. 9 Unnamed Nathan A. and Lovis Ann Parker Sep. 10 Lucinda Warren and Roxaunal Brown Oct. 6 Sarah Jonathan and Almira Miller Oct. 17 Quarles D. Thomas and Sophronia Knapp Oct. 26 Orlando Porter and Lucinda White Oct. 27 Clinton Fitch Nelson F. and Elizabeth Stephens Nov. 9 Thepdore Edwin and Amanda Guest Dec. 2 Unnamed Mahlon and Mary Murphy Dec. 10 John Elizar and Amanda Smith Dec. 17 Clinton Henry and Martha Hower Dec. 19 Unnamed Peleg R> and Sally Ann Humphrey BIRTHS IN LOCKE, CAYUGA CO. NY 1848 Oct. 10 Elonzo Elonzo and Olive Guild Nov. 6 George Washington Nathan and Cordelia Doan Sep. 4 James E. William N. and Sarah Reynolds Jan. 2 Olive C. WArren and Mary Peck Mar. 27 Cordelia Ebenezer and Martha Ann Slocum Jan. 3 Amanda Daniel and Amanda Learn Jul. 25 Helen A. David and Jane Lowns Oct. 31 Alice Jane Wisner and Eliza Austin May 10 Unnamed Darius and Aurelia Congdon Jun. 23 Clayton Lester and CAroline Mattling Aug. 7 Stillborn Warren and Philancy Stearns May 1 Isaac James O. and Julia Ann Striker Sep. 12 Esther Giles and Mary Ann Mosher BIRTHS IN LOCKE, CAYUGA CO. NY 1849 Mar. 9 Elizabeth Nelson T. and Elizabeth Stephens Oct. 18 Charles Rodney and Lucretia Freelove Nov. 5 Hiram Moses and -- Barrow Nov. 23 Unnamed Mahlon D. and Mary T. Murphy Aug. 11 Jay Henry and Hannah Bostwick
Page 22 Return to Index Aug. 15 Unnamed Charles and Sally Whiston Jul. 2 Isaac Newton Caleb M. and Emily P. Carr Apr. 11 Emily Hermine Caleb and Anna Taylor Oct. 8 Horace Edwin and Amanda Guest Apr. 17 Drucilla Rhodaphus and Martha J. Brown May 10 John Douglas Peter S. and Cinderella Helm Aug. 10 Ida Isabelle Hiram and Nancy Powers Mar. 12 William Benjamin Samuel and Mary L. Lacey -- Mary Esther John and Keturah Content -- Unnamed Chester and Harriet Patrick Jun. 24 Lodusky Ann Harvey and Syrena Whipple Apr. 8 Judson Lyon H. Milton and Caroline Tucker Jan. 25 Levanjah Lyman and Sarah Hulbert Aug. 18 Arnilla Elijah and Samantha Devoe Mar. 4 John William and Elizabeth Conley -- Unnamed Warren and Lindy Heath Aug. 8 Franklin Wilkins and Sally Love Feb. 16 Webster Frances D. and Angeline Croft May 21 Mary Elizabeth James H. and Laura Moneghan Jul. 7 John C. Reuben and Silence Rounds Apr. 6 CAroline William and Santha Shaw BIRTHS IN LOCK, CAYUGA CO. NY 1850 Jun. 18 Charles L. Anthony V. and Hannah E. Shaw May 22 Jay Darius and Orvilla Congdon Jul. 3 Isaac L. Jeremiah P. and Sarah A. Cady Jul. 3 Edna Maria John W. and Emeline Taylor Aug. 1 -Hull Hiram and Lydia Greenfield Oct. 25 Unnamed Barnabus and Nancy King Oct. 25 Lucinda Ella? and Mary Kimball Mar. 1 Margaret William and Mariah Thompson -- Unnamed Emmon and Elivra Hamlin Jun. 14 Ray J. Jacob and Martha Swartwout Feb. 13 William Malesko William and Eliza Walker BIRTHS IN MENTZ, CAYUGA CO. NY 1847 Jan. 3 Alanzo William and Lucy Thomas Jan. 10 Maria E. Benjamin and Rebecca Snyder Jan. 10 Mary Benjamin and Rebecca Snyder Jan. 11 Edward Richard A. and Emily Hoff Feb. 1 William John Rathburn and Mary Ann Hagadoon Feb. 4 Sarah Rolinda Reily and Ann Wilson Feb. 19 Charles Henry John and Catherine DeGroff Mar. 1 Phoebe E. Abram and Frances Knapp Mar. 2 Salina T.B. Myers --- Mar. 22 Mary Jane Richard and Francis Cheats Mar. 23 Lorenzo Joel and CAroline Goodsel Mar. 12 Thomas J. John and Julia Bell Apr. 2 Philip K. Ezekel K. and Hannah Henry Apr. 7 David B. John B. and Catherine Kinne Apr. 9 Justus B. Frederick and Hannah Kibble Apr. 23 Amelia Thomas and ELiza Ann Blass
Page 23 Return to Index May 11 Laura Frances Egbert and Hannah Davis May 24 George S. Israel W. and Patience Petty May 24 Isabella Joseph and Hannah Hagder Jun. 22 Charles Lyman Eli and Eliza E. Wilson Jun. 2 Thomas St. John DeWitt C. and Helen Akin Jun. 22 Edgar Edgar and Martha C? mon Jul. 2 Samuel N. Samuel and Elizabeth Daugherty Jul. 14 Jessey Annett William T. and Jane A. VanDooran Jul. 19 Stephen David and Mahala Morris Jul. 21 Clarence L. Alvarez and Ursula A. Tupper Jul. 23 Emma A. S. Benjamin B. and Laura J. Clapp Jul. 31 Sampson Reight Herman and Lucy Wright Myers Aug. 1 Albert David and Julia Lewis Aug. 14 Francis E. Edward and Margaret White Aug. 14 Sarah Cornelia Ezekial and susannah Lampher Sep. 18 Unnamed Joseph and Amand Smith Sep. 28 Jane Robert and Sarah Goulding Oct. 24 John F. Asahel D. and Lucy Ann Avery Oct. 26 Silas Wright William W. and Elizabeth Mills Oct. 30 Unnamed Jabez S. and Ann Ashley Nov. 2 Unnamed Abran and Louisa Teachout Nov. 15 John Lewis and Catherine Sullivan Nov. 25 Unnamed Palmer M. and Sarah Nelson Dec. 1 Catherine A. Nathaniel and Catherine Saxton Dec. 10 Unnamed Albert and Louisa Allis Dec. 11 Eliza Isaac and Floretta Graham Dec. 11 Adelia Jacob and Lorane Williams Dec. 14 Unnamed Wellington and Jane Buck Dec. 23 Lewis McCarty Washington J. and Betsey Mary White Dec. 25 John G. Peter and Loisa Wandover Dec. 26 Unnamed Samuel and Angeline Hetfield Dec. 29 Unnamed John and Betsey Ann Copp BIRTHS IN MORAVIA, CAYUGA CO. NY 1847 Jan. 18 Louisa Ann David and Sally Royce Jan. 24 Lauren Martin Lauren and Lucy Townsend Jan. 25 Mary Jane Coe and Frances Wilson Feb. 10 Thomas Benton Thomas and Amanda VanOradol Feb. 12 Frances Mariah Elias T. and Fidelia Roberts Feb. 24 Amelia Ralph and Arissa Studwell Feb. 26 Unnamed William and Elsie Harris Mar. 1 Amos P. Stephen and Sally Main Mar. 1 Leander G.W. and Electa Ann Bowen Mar. 5 James Gordon Gordon A. and Permelia Hewitt Mar. 9 Minerva Israel and Caroline Keeler Mar. 10 Charles Anson Anson and Jane Curtis Mar. 17 Frances Jane John and Charity Prine Mar. 29 Rachel Alice Isaac and Tinia Sanford Apr. 1 Samuel William and Diantha Miller Apr. 3 Margaret Adell Samuel and Katherine Dates Apr. 7 Hannah Jane Lafayette and Harriet Rosekrans Apr. 11 Martha E. Perkins and Mary Berean
Page 24 Return to Index BIRTHS IN MORAVIA, CAYUGA CO. NY 1847 CHILD Apr. 22 Mary Elizabeth James and Lucinda Allee Apr. 23 Miranda Simeon and Almira Kelley Apr. 30 Unnamed Caleb and Mary Palmer May 1 Clarissa Elizabeth Amasa and Eliza Palmer May 6 Viletta Dennis D. and Mary Roberts May 6 William P, B or R Henry and Charlotte Wilson June 8 Reuben L. Spencer and Louisa Bailey June 16 Lydia Ann Samuel and Ann Huntley June 19 Sally Jane John and Calista Jane Dennis July 8 Edgar Leonard Philip and Malinda Ercanbrack July 19 Ann Eliza Zadoo and Ann Eliza Rhoads July 28 Hannah Dorcas Warren and Thirza Baker Aug. 4 Catherine Thomas R. and Hannah Belding Aug. 8 Leonard M. Silas and Sophia Main Aug. 8 Leonard David and Angeline Moffitt Aug. 9 George M. William and Jane Teed Aug. 12 Elizabeth Frances Christian Jr. and Caroline Fritts Aug. 17 Mary Erastus and Martha Reynolds Aug. 19 Wright Christopher and Eleanor Foster Aug. 4 Elasco Luther and Elizabeth Baker Sep. 6 Unnamed Isaac and Polly Reamer Sep. 16 Orlin W. John Jr. and Jennette Hicox Sep. 17 George W. William and Harrietia Bumford Sep. 22 Unnamed Isaac and Jane Austin Oct. 4 Sidney Ellis Edmund and Diantha Benjamin Oct. 7 George James and Abigail White Oct. 30 Unnamed Delos and Polly Bradley Oct. 30 Unnamed David and Margaret A. Wood Nov. 8 George Joshua Jr. and Mahala Fowler Dec. 4 Louisa J. Alvin and Lucretia Wilson Dec. 17 Unnamed William and Mary Clark BIRTHS IN MORAVIA, CAYUGA CO. NY 1848 Jan. 9 Alida Samuel C. and Charlotte Jennings Jan. 28 Lovina Jane Eliker P. and Electa Hibbard Feb. 1 George Alfred Martha Carscadin (Illeg.) Feb. 2 Unnamed Elijah and Elizabeth Goodell Feb. 4 Abigail Jeremiah J. and Hannah Reed Feb. 11 Benjamin Lindal and Mary Brown Feb. 21 John A. Joseph Jr. and Zilpha Lee Mar. 3 Francis Marion Lorenzo and Mariah Loomis Mar. 5 George W. Anthony and Melissa Austin Mar. 5 Electa Lavena Major and PHebe Champlin Mar. 18 Mortimer Harvey and Margaret Reynolds Apr. 1 Mark Peter and Harriet Brokaw --- --- Unnamed Harvey and Sirena Whipple Apr. 25 Unnamed Homer and Deborah Aldrich May 9 Truman Kellogg Ezra P. and Ruth Smith May 17 Josephine William and Nancy Whiting May 18 Harriet Lorenze John and Diantha Brokaw May 25 Smith John and Lydia Stoyell June 5 George B. William and Mary Richards June 7 Susan
Page 25 Return to Index June 10 Marien Jeremiah and Eliza Hunt June 26 Albert Morgan L. and Aurelis Wood July 5 smuel Brugess David and Rebecca Dunham July 13 Loretta Conrad and Jane Rosekrans Aug. 2 William John A. and Sarah Robinson Aug. 16 Unnamed Henry and Louisa Harris Aug. 18 Emma Jacob and Jane Nostrandt Aug. 27 Jefferson Franklin P. and E.M.Howe Sept. Elizabeth Ira and Angeline Young Sep. 15 Unnamed Henry Jr. and Emily Cutler Sep. 15 Mary Elizabeth Cornelius ?. and Ann Depuy Sep. 15 John Day Dewight and Mary Lee Sep. 20 Charles Duane William and Deborah Parker Oct. 11 Unnamed Alvin and Sarah Goodell Oct. 19 Unnamed William and Diantha ___ Oct. 19 Chloe C. Tunis and Chloe Barhite Oct. 20 George W. John and Charity Prine Oct. 30 Sarah A. James A. and Sarah Ferguson Nov. 10 Unnamed John and Esther Hodge Nov. 13 Ida Alanson and Mary Dean Dec. 1 James West Luther L. and Asenath Lakey Dec. 15 Tirshus John and Sumantha Phelps Dec. 26 Paulina Hiramand Sarah Leroy BIRTHS IN MORAVIA, CAYUGA CO. NY 1849 Jan. 4 James D. William and Elspy Harris Jan. 20 Edgar Henry and Sarah Alley Jan. 27 Unnamed Beriah and Harriet King Feb. 3 Mary Simeon and Almyrah Kelley Feb. 3 James Hanry Abram and Elizabeth Norstrandt Feb. 12 Charles Israel and Caroline Keeler Mar. 4 Ann Augusta David and Angeline Moffitt Mar. 13 John Henry Elisha and Martha Conklin Mar. 15 Unnamed Isaac and Martina Sanford Mar. 28 Frederick William William and Melissa Whitney Apr. 2 Mary Ann Samuel W. and Catherine Dates Apr. 5 George W. Orson M. and Harriet Welch Apr. 7 George Henry Hiram C. and Julia L. Smith Apr. 14 Cornelia Lyman and Sarah Sabin Apr. 30 Oscar Corydon and Electa Arnold May 1 Sarah Daniel and Cordelia Lumbert May 9 Sarah Louisa Elijah and Betsey VanArsdell May 17 Clinton C. Stephen and Sally Main May 22 Harvey Philo Hiram and Clarinda Burch May 31 Hellen M. James M. and Emily Thornton June 4 Orselia Augusta Avery and Sally Lawrence June 13 Phebe Jane Isaac and Polly Bell June 29 Unnamed Stephen S. Birdsall and Wife July 6 Day Lyman and Mary Ann Card July 22 Russell Ephriam and Emily Robinson
Page 26 Return to Index July 22 James Henry Alexander and Sally Shimer July 29 Unnamed James M. and Mariah Walker July 31 Unnamed Arotus and Betsey Sabin Aug. 10 Lydia Powell Ross S. and Nancy W. Allard Aug. 11 Charles John R. and Sarah Ann Cobb Aug. 12 Unnamed Lafayette and Harriet Rosecrans Oct. 7 George Isaac and Julia Ammerman Oct. 18 Elijah J. John and Dorcas Congdon Oct. 14 Unnamed Zadoo(Zadoc) and Ann Eliza Rhodes Oct. 19 Jared F. Jehiel and Sarah Jane Perkins Oct. 19 Susannah Lewis and Caroline Everson Oct. 26 Truman A. Samuel and Julia Royce Oct. 28 Maryette James and Abigail White Nov. 10 Unnamed David and Margaret A. Wood Nov. 12 Dolfus C. Samuel C. and Sabra Mosher Nov. 24 Unnamed Benjamin and Lucinda Davenport Dec. 1 Clarissa Abner and Lucretia Abbey Dec. 3 Unnamed Lydia Jane Scott (Illeg) Dec. 5 Unnamed James and Caroline Bynett Dec. 13 Wing T. John L. and Mary Parker Dec. 16 Unnamed John M. and Mary Stoddard Dec. 27 George John W. and Sarah Bouton BIRTHS IN NILES, CAYUGA CO. NY 1847 Jan. 6 George Ira L.and Emma Moore Feb. 1 Charles H. Stephen and Mary DeBar Feb. 17 Robert Stephen and Axy Oakley Feb. 18 Ruliff B. Illegitimate Feb. 19 Ann Nette Berton H. and Eliza Ann Lewis Mar. 6 Jackson V. and Jefferson L. Harrison and Almira Fowler Mar. 29 James Joseph and Jane Dehart Apr. 5 Amelia William and Polly Bassette Apr. 22 Mary Loira Ross R. and Jane Oakley May 5 Phebe Marian Daniel J. and Lucinda VanAuken May 8 Harriet M. Albert and Margaret Simmons May 16 Logesta Matilda John and Mary Dempsey June 3 Mary Ann George S. and Eliza Sager June 3 Lydia Ann Jonah and Elizabeth Whipple June 4 Benjamin Abram and Betsey Rosebloom June 22 Elizabeth Abram and Evaline Defendorf July 14 Walter Ugene John and Roanna Welty July 3 Adelaide Richard and Rachel Selover July 17 Orcelia Abram and Sarah Ann Shaver July 22 charles Henry Chauncey and Philena Westfall July 30 Eliza Ann James and Hannah Derbyshire Aug. 20 John Milton Samuel and Hannah Dempsey Aug. 21 Unnamed Isaac d. and Sophia W. Gravit Sep. 2 Ebenezer James P. and Mary Ann Hoyt Sep. 15 William I. Wilber and Mary Baker Oct. 4 John Daniel and Polly DeWitt Oct. 8 Mary Augusta Levi and Emily Decker --- Unnamed Henry R. and Julietta Bodine Oct. 11 Dewane Joab and Margaret Austin
Page 27 Return to Index Oct. 12 Unnamed Ames and Sally Palmer Oct. 12 Mary Jane Richard and Eliza Duryee Oct. 25 Unnamed Asa and Mary Robinson Oct. 25 Unnamed Daniel and Sarah Winters Nov. 1 Orphia Ann Abram and Ann DeBar Nov. 11 Lina Phillip and Lina Sherman Nov. 19 Abalena George and Ruth Hall Nov. 23 Unnamed William and Sophia Fritts Nov. 28 Jesse William and Katherine VanFleet Dec. 12 William Henry S. and Susan Kise Dec. 15 Unnamed Henry and Sally Bush Dec. 18 Unnamed Edmon and Elizabeth Robinson Dec. 25 Unnamed Jacob and Harriet Selover Dec. 28 Unnamed William and Jane Devinney BIRTHS IN NILES, CAYUGA CO. NY 1848 Jan. 5 Fidelia Willhelinus and Ruth Cuykendall Jan. 12 Helen Barney and Minerva Starin Jan. 12 William Lyman and Asia Greenfield Feb. 1 George Milton Thomas and Harriet Whitmore Feb. 12 Alice Abram and Hannah Bodine Jan. 25 Julia Ann WilliamJ.N. and Lydia Shepard Mar. 1 Jane Alida Edwin V. and Rachel Chandler Mar. 14 Harriet Eliza Ezra and Eliza Mossman Mar. 15 Martin Erastus and Eliza Robinson Apr. 3 James Leonard and Jemima VanArsdale Apr. 18 Emma John and Huldah Dennis May 14 George W. Samuel and Leah Robinson May 22 Phebe Archibald and Ruth Lewis May 30 Jenette James and Nancy Odell May 31 Julia Lewis and Mary Lockwood June 9 Genevieve Clara James H.and Loiza Lewis June 11 Nancy Jane David and Rachel Winter June 20 Sypranit Alexander and Lydia Beebe June 24 Annis Cornelia William and Hannah Hayn June 24 Alice Adelia William and Hannah Hayn June 30 Asenith Maria Charles and Gitty Burch July 27 Lindsley John C. and Melvina Derby July 27 Mary Elizabeth James and Augusta Elizabeth VanDuyne Aug. 14 Wellington John and Jane Ann Cunard Sep. 19 Charles Henry Alonzo and Angeline Wood Nov. 6 Antinette Abel and Cornelia Darrow Nov. 16 Odell M. DeWitt and Juliett Brinkerhoff Nov. 18 Elizabeth Frances Asahel and Lana Shaver Nov. 24 Ellen Maria J. Bishop and Maria Partels Dec. 3 Jane Elizabeth Allen and Permelia Bush Dec. 11 Unnamed Williamand Sally Slade Dec. 26 Unnamed Elias and Jane VanEtten Jan. 28 Isabel Benjamin and Huldah P. Duryee
Page 28 Return to Index BIRTHS IN NILES, CAYUGA CO. NY 1849 Jan. 10 Manson David and Catherine Devinny Jan. 24 William Henry Peter R. and Juliette VanDuyne Feb. 4 Darius Joshua and Nancy Clark Mar. 1 Charles Abram L. and Minerva Jones Mar. 14 Dor ? John and Mary DeWitt Apr. 15 Frances E. Baxter F. and Matilda Blakeley Apr. 27 Eugenius Hiram and Rachel Ann Hall May 24 James Myron William and Maria VanDuyne May 27 Miles Reuben and Sophia Drake June 10 Margaret Adaline Richard and Rachel Selover June 21 Jane Elizabeth Levi W. and Eliza VanEtten June 21 Milton George S. and Eliza Sager July 4 Martin R., Jr. Martin R. and Lucy M. Streeter Aug. 2 Chancey O. Chancey and Adeline --- Aug. 4 Lydia Ann Phillipand Rebecca Kellogg Aug. 13 Isaac Talman William B. and Mrs. VanArsdale Sep. 12 Eliza Ann Henry and Mary Ann Amerman Sep. 14 Laura Ann Abram and Hannah Bodine Sep. 15 John C. Cornelius and Delila Bodine Sep. 28 Unnamed Abram and Lydia Sinderilla Taylor Oct. 6 Minerva Phillip and Lina Sherman Nov. 5 Unnamed Daniel J. and Lucinda VanAuken Nov. 20 Polly Ely and Lusina Devoe Nov. 22 William Harris James and Augusta VanDuyne Dec. 4 Catherine Elizabeth Isaac and Mary Selover Dec. 12 John Milton John C. and Malvina A. Derby Dec. 14 Eliza Richard and Eliza Duryee Dec. 26 Rorzilla Abram and Susannah Westfall BIRTHS IN OWASCO, CAYUGA CO. NY 1847 Jan. 11 Orin Obadiah and Fanny Howland Jan. 31 Hannah E. Martin and Catherine Graham Feb. 8 Tyler S. Saffarine and Elizabeth DePuy Feb. 25 Louisa M. William and Louisa Bassett Mar. 15 George L. Jacob L.and Sarah Deboe Mar. 19 Frances Louisa Jacob B. and Catherine Fries Mar. 20 Daniel Merick and Loeresia Edson May 17 Arvilla Edwin and Arvilla Sherman May 20 Martha E. John G. and Elizabeth WMson(sic) may be Williamson May 23 Janes S.C. A. B. and E.L. Winfield May 23 Sarah N. Calvin and Merv?? Groff May 26 James M. Benjamin and Sarah Deboe May 29 Richard Roelif and Almyra Parsell June 12 Harriet William and susan DeGroff June 27 Winfield Peter and Sarah Frair Aug. 13 Frederick John P. and Mary J. Adams Aug. 27 Winfield John and Marie Stryker Sep. 5 William D. Jeremiah and Sophronia Burroughs Sep. 18 Mary E. Al--am and Elizabeth Quick Oct. 1 Mary J. Daniel and Elizabeth Conklin Oct. 8 Mary David and Catherine Parsell
Page 29 Return to Index Oct. 21 Ann Louisa Henry and Mary A. Brinkerhoff Nov. 5 Unnamed John T. and Nancy Brokaw Nov. 13 Unnamed Richard and Margaret A. Amerman Nov. 21 Elenor A. Samuel B. and Catherine Noyes Dec. 11 Unnamed Henry and Lydia Conklin BIRTHS IN OWASCO, CAYUGA CO. NY 1848 Jan. 1 Isora Manuel G. and Jane Deboe Jan. 11 Abby Jane Hamilton and Abby Jane Perkins Feb. 23 Sarah M. William and Mary Ann Greenwood Mar. 17 James H. Eli and Eletha Barup Mar. 24 John H. Henry and Sarah Francisco Mar. 26 Emma J. Stephen and Nancy Pero Apr. 1 James M. Aretusand Angeline Sabin Apr. 3 John Henry Henry and Jane Francisco Apr. 10 Lucinda Samuel P. and Mary Terwilliger Apr. 22 Elizabeth A. John R. and Elizabeth Conklin May 11 Hannah P. William and Caroline Brinkerhoff June 30 Jasper L. Leroy and Sally Hopkins July 14 Lusena Joseph and Charlotte Bell July 28 Alfred John T. and Mary Ann Brinkerhoff Aug. 12 Julia Elam T. and Sarah Balwin Aug. 30 John R. Roelif and Almira Parsel Sep. 23 Unnamed David and Harriet Brinkerhoff Oct. 13 Ann Maria Peter and Emily Moore Oct. 19 Peter Stephen and Eliza Groff Oct. 20 Unnamed Aubros J. and Phebe Freeland Nov. 11 Annetta William and Margette Van Varnn--? Nov. 19 Unnamed Martin and Catherine Graham Nov. 24 John Amphrey and Sarah Havens Nov. 27 Sarah Jerome and Jane Groff Dec. 13 Unnamed Jacob S. and Sally Deboe Dec. 15 Reece Leonard and Sharlotte Harmon BIRTHS IN OWASCO, CAYUGA CO. NY 1849 Aug. 6 Hannah Elizabeth Saffarine and Elizabeth DePuy Oct. 19 Unnamed Henry and Lydia Conklin July 21 Phebe Jane Peter and Sarah Friar Oct. 4 Reuben William and Sarah Hawkins Sep. 23 Aaron R. Peter J.and Sarah E. LeFever Sep. 4 Catherine Elexander and Magdaline Etting June 8 Ema Ursula John and Amy Kimpton Sep. 8 Lana Alrad John and Ann Pickard Jan. 11 Eliza George and Jane Pickard July 23 Maria Allett Rufus and Mariah Potter June 6 Mary L. Isaac and Mary Christian Oct. 7 Margaret James and Eliza Basson Dec. 15 Norman Michael and Margaret Beach Sep. 16 Sarah A. John and Mariah G. Stryker July 6 Mary Ann Noah and Deborah Robinson Nov. 28 Harriet Adam and Hariet Fries
Page 30 Return to Index June 1 Samuel John E. and Elizabeth Wmson (sic) Nov. 7 Mary Jane Peter and Abigail Howard Sep. 19 Sarah William and Aseneth Howard May 20 Hardenburgh John T.E. and Leah DeWitt Feb. 18 Narusea Morgan and Sally Owen Dec. 12 Unnamed John B. and Sarah Cuykendall Dec. 16 Cornelius V. Anthony V. and Mariah Cuykendall Aug. 20 William P.(F) William H. and Mary Dunning June 30 John Q. John and Mary Ann Adams July 2 Orville John and Elizabeth Ann Miller BIRTHS IN SCIPIO, CAYUA CO. NY 1847 Apr. 20 Eugene M. Aaron and Mary Yale or Gale Mar. 6 Frances Gideon and Deborah Tallman Apr. 23 Caroline A. Volney and Sarah Bishop Mar. 8 Caroline M. Ira and Elenor Akin July 20 Elijah A. Williamand Matilda Lawrence Feb. 1 Lois Hiram and Martha Wheat June 30 Mark Benjamin and Nancy Trim Aug. 1 Abraham Henry and Eliza Sawyer Sep. 12 Charles E. William E. and -- Hudson Oct. 23 Elizabeth Edward and Harriet M. Akin Aug. 26 Mortimer Peter and Mary VanArsdale June 19 Leo-a Franklin and Ordelia Parker Nov. 22 Elen Orman and Laura Sherwood May 26 Mary Nathanieland Margaret Allward Dec. 24 Bridget John and Mary Grimes Feb. 27 Charles B. Urial and Amy Tracy Mar. 31 John T. John C. and Sarah J. Backus Oct. 12 Unnamed Harvey and Emily Raynolds July 21 Georgiania Abiel and Rossanah Luther BIRTHS IN SCIPIO, CAYUGA CO. NY 1848 Sep. 8 Caroline Thomas and Silva White Jan. 9 Ophelia Anthony and Sophia Shaw Aug. 22 Unnamed Braddock and Elvira Clark May 24 Unnamed Ethan and Sarah Clark Aug. 28 Emily DeWitt C. and Hannah Gould July 10 Unnamed Noyes M. and Elizabeth Merrill July 9 Mary E. Christopher and Samantha Roffee Sep. 26 Caleb A. Christopher and Mary Ann Roffee June 3 Lovina F. Orin and Phila Ames Aug. 26 Sarah A. John J. and Elizabeth Reed Nov. 9 Charles M. Morell S. and Laura L. Fitch Oct. 12 syntha M. Jonathan E. and Sarah Smith May 8 Newton E. Ledia W. and Hannah T. Watkins June 16 Mary and Sarah John W. and Hannah A. Higgins
Page 31 Return to Index Jan. 27 George Arthur Samuel and Joyce Goodman Apr. 3 Unnamed John S. and Parmelia Parks Apr. 7 Unnamed Peter and Henrietta Fox May 20 Florence Hiram and Laura A. Close May 23 Phebe E. Erastus and Polly Hill July 25 Unnamed William and Mary Ann Morgan July 30 Unnamed Hiram and --- Wood Aug. 20 Helen Gideon and Deborah Tallman Aug. 28 Eliza E. George L.and Ann E. Watkins Sep. 29 Hiram M. R.E. and susan M. Beardsley Oct. -1 Edna M. Jerome and Marandy Clark Oct. 22 Lewellyn Christopher and Samantha Roffee Nov. 19 Unnamed Joshua and Mary Rhinehart Nov. 24 Unnamed Samuel and Cornelia P. Griggs BIRTHS IN SEMPRONIUS, CAYUGA CO. NY 1847 Jan. 1 Thomas B. Griffin and Christina A. Reynolds Jan. 15 Esther Isaac and Esther Hart Jan. 24 Benjamin Giles P. and Ann S. Ripley Jan. 31 Salvina Otis and Mary Ann Dresser Mar. 7 Ebenezer W. Ebenezer and Uretta Heald Mar. 12 Lydia Maria Stanton Wilcox -- Apr. 7 Orra Louisa Evi and Hetty Stoddard Apr. 8 Helen Stephen and Elizabeth Newland May 5 Unnamed Joseph and Zanna Chandler May 8 Ida Alphena Illegetimate May 11 Norven A. Alexander and Fidelia E. Harmon May 22 Julius Cephas Henry and Sally Smith May 25 Malcom Miss Betsey Hewett May 29 Unnamed Adna M. and Louisa Griffin June 26 Ellen Ebenezer and Adeline Eaton June 26 Unnamed William and Mary Pressy July 6 Emma Jane Volney B. and Ada Newland July 9 Celestia Gardner Mott and -- July 18 Unnamed William and Loranda Sweet July 23 Bradley Demas and Cynthia Cutler Sep. 1 Artemas Jacob and Jane Updike Sep. 11 Jason William R. and Louisa Manley Sep. 20 Ellen ELiza George and Amanda Southwick Oct. 8 Unnamed John and Relief Alcott Oct. 26 Zuriah Samuel and Jane Scott Dec. 8 John Henry John and Polly Minard Dec. 9 Unnamed Arnold and Harriet Swift Dec. 18 Unnamed Rosel C. and Jounah Dec. 26 Rosetta Nathaniel Clark and --- Dec. 26 Unnamed Lucius and Isabel Fitts BIRTHS IN SEMPRONIUS, CAYUGA CO. NY 1848 Jan. 5 Mariah Andrew and Eliza Perry Jan. 13 Caroline Jehiel and Sophronia Mather Feb. 10 William Downer Alonzo and Nancy Perry
Page 32 Return to Index Feb. 15 Harriet Nathaniel and Mary Baly Mar. 16 Charles Lewis and Emeline Dresser Mar. 20 Laura Mariah Samuel and Betsey Nelson Mar. 15 Mary David and Anelisa Kellogg Apr. 7 Charles Newland and Sophia Sherman Apr. 28 Alma Maria Amasa B. and Amy Ann Hardy Apr. 29 James David H. and Polly Foster May 4 John R. John and Elmira Cleaveland May 10 Mary Isaac and Eliza Ann Conklin May 30 Sarah Jane John and Fanny Spore May 31 Diadama Jacob and Deborah Brown June 17 Maria Elizabeth Charles and Naomi Heald June 21 Celia Ann Nathan and Cordelia Colwell July 10 Irena Amos and Jane Rathbun Aug. 1 Unnamed John and Roxena Youngs Sep. 2 Luzerne Z. Schuyler and Maranda Matterson Sep. 14 Silas H. William Y. and Eunice Smith Oct. 7 Earl Zeriah G. and Sophia Rhoads Oct. 24 Sanford H. Henry and Sally Smith Oct. 26 Cashus M. Edw. and Maria Clark Nov. 7 Arthur Denton and Phidelia Smith Nov. 14 John Henry and Jane Atwood Nov. 30 Mariah Arminda Alexander and Fidelia Harmon Dec. 6 Unnamed John and Lydia Richardson Dec. 18 Nancy A. Daniel and Harriet Briggs Dec. 25 Unnamed Hezekiah and Diantha Havens BIRTHS IN SEMPRONIUS, CAYUGA CO. NY 1849 Feb. 1 Delia M. Stephen and Sarah Randel Mar. 13 Erastus E. John W. and Lucyann Tift Apr. 6 William D. Stephen and Mariah Rhoads Apr. 18 Alveretta Henry and Sopbia Spore Apr. 19 Horatio M. Nathan D. and Emaly Headdy May 13 Eugene Emmet Doolittle (Illegitimate) June 11 C or Ozarrina Y. Darius F. and Lovicy Clark July 9 Edwin Elijah and Eliza C. Parsons July 13 George E. Caleb and Electa Gurnee July 18 Unnamed William and Loranda Sweet July 23 Rachel F. Cyrus and Lydia Perry Aug. 23 Algeron Nathan and Emily Legg Aug. 25 Ralph Joseph W. and Hepsabeth Robins Sep. 30 Unnamed Adna H. and Louisa Griffin Oct. 31 Josephine John and Hannah Chase Nov. 11 H. Greely J. Ishum and Sophronia S. Cady Dec. 2 Milissa Seneca and Betsyann Miller Dec. 6 Mary M. Samuel and Betsy Patten Dec. 15 Charles H. P.H. and Abigail VanSchaick Dec. 16 Unnamed Timothy and Sarah Williams Woodward
Page 33 Return to Index BIRTHS IN SENNETT, CAYUGA CO. NY 1847 Jan. 19 Franklin D. Samuel and Rebecca Munn Feb. 19 Jonas Nathan M. and Elvira C. Baker Feb. 17 Sophia Dikeman Eliott G. and Hannah Sophia Storke Feb. 1 Walter Martin John W. and Mary Ann Becker Feb. 11 William H. Hugh and Dian Walker Mar. 15 Clarence Day James Harvey and Minerva Calhoun Mar. 23 Rebecca Elnora Abram and Almira Parsel Apr. 25 Nelson Box John L. and Malvina L. Gibson May 25 Sarah Gertrude Hiram and Betsey Stevens May 29 Harvey C. Charles and Lois E. Fuller July 9 Alfred William and Preserden Tibles July 8 Eliner Ira and Martha S. Mattison July 13 Unnamed L.W. and Almira Wells July 1 Emma D. John H. and Lodema Madison July 24 Mary Roswell and Eunicey Cook June 2 Floretta C. Isaac S. and Harriet L. Carpenter June 17 Delpheus A. Freeman and Amy E. Elsworth Sep. 9 Sarah A. John I. and Flora C. Prentice Oct. 28 Unnamed Nathan and Polly H. Bullock Oct. 18 Delos F. William S. and Den?? Gary Oct. 13 Lydia Amogene Alva and Rebecca Townsend Oct. 4 Lucy Charles W. and Lucy Brown Nov. 17 Sylvia Hiram P. and Minerva A. Crosman Dec. 12 Charles Napolean B. and Laura Ann VanSlyke Dec. 13 Unnamed Harvey W. and Mary Tibels BIRTHS IN SENNETT, CAYUGA CO. NY 1848 Jan. 9 Sarah C. Horace A. and Allice Baker Jan. 5 Elvira W. Horace and Margaret Suderlin Feb. 27 William T. Thomas and Lydia A. Howlett Mar. 7 Charles Christian and Jane A. Lave Mar. 25 Charles Samuel and Jane Adsit Apr. 6 Alice Silas and Polly Bange Apr. 7 Eliza Jane James and Elmira Suffin Apr. 28 Nancy Maria Moses and Maria Dixon Apr. 5 John D. William and Hannah Bell Apr. 29 John Q. Robert and Eliza Owen Apr. 29 William H. Seward Robert and Eliza Owen Apr. 29 Lea Martin Robert and Eliza Owen Apr. 19 Maria Daniel and Catherine Bullen May 8 Jane James and Delilah Rosita May 21 Susannah R. Annias and Cornelia Elliot May 5 Lewis Lewis and Eliza White July 14 Lucetta Erastus and Christana ??? July 3 George John and Mercy Burduff July 30 George W. Henry and Clarissa Houghtaling Aug. 20 George Franklin and Sarah Ann Cole Aug. 20 Charles Frederick and Emily Fellows Sep. 18 Charles Henry Myron and Amanda Sears Nov. 22 Hiram Nathaniel and Mary Horton Nov. 17 Charles Charles and Mary Webb Dec. 6 Israel Edwin and Mary Ann Munson
Page 34 Return to Index BIRTHS IN SPRINGPORT, CAYUGA CO. NY 1847 Jan. 1 Henry Porter Timothy and Happelona Hope Jan. 10 James James and Catherine Farley Jan. 12 John Patrick and Ellen O. Hendrick Jan. 14 Elva B. Elias and Calantha Tuttle Jan. 20 Henry H. Jacob and Harriet Sovocool Feb. 2 Louisa F. Benjamin H. and Anna Brook --- - William Hacker Charles W. and Gulielma N. Howland Feb. 4 Clara F. Charles and Caroline F. Sayles Feb. 7 Frances M. F. and Mary Ann Hoaglan May 5 George Clayton John and Adelia M. Hoaglin (Negro) May 8 Horace James and Margaret Thomas May 31 James B. William and Ann Hoff Apr. 6 Olive James S. and Luvia Flinn Apr. 11 John Wesley Andrew and Julia Ann Myers Apr. 27 Lewis E. Lewis E. and Eliza Burlew May 12 Peter Philip Samuel K. and Cornelia Winegar May 19 Martin Michael and Carolime Myers June 8 Euphemia Maxwell and Emily St. John June 28 Lewis Ephriam and Harriet Belding July 5 Henry C. Benjamin F. and Jane Wade July 5 Unnamed David Naracong ---- July 6 Lewis and Louisa Norman and Mary Clark Aug. 4 Rachel J. John and Adeline Yawger Aug. 5 Susan S. George and Laura Ann Redman Aug. 7 Angeline Ephriam and Mary Ann Johnson Aug. 23 Geroge Henry Thomas and Mary Ann Fletcher Aug. 24 Mary J. Gordon and Jane Brown Aug. 26 Unnamed David and Mary Ann Cornwell Aug. 28 Sarah J. John C. and Ann Eliza Yawger Sep. 2 Harriet A. Hiram and Mary Finch Sep. 4 Susan M. William D. and Mary Jane King Sep. 12 Ophelia Benson and Sarah Ensign (Negro) Sep. 13 Harkness Hiram and Adeline Demun Sep. 23 Unnamed Hezekiah and Christian Burch Sep. 30 Unnamed Benjamin F. and Margaret Cumstock Nov. 15 Patric James and Mary Carroll Nov. 15 John and Ann Michael and Lucretia Hendrick Nov. 23 Charles E. Titus and Joanna Brewster Nov. 30 Margaret Jacob and Sally West Dec. 1 Robert Leslie Peter H. and Elizabeth Peterson Dec. 3 Orlonzo Charles and Lucy Farnham Dec. 4 Ellen Amelia Silas and Mary Catherine Cain Dec. 7 Naoma John and Sarah Richardson BIRTHS IN SPRINGPORT, CAYUGA CO. NY 1848 May 10 Romayn P. William and Harriet E. Lathrop Nov. 13 Charles Edw. James and Catherine Coutney Dec. 10 James Michael and Mary Clinton Sep. 24 James William and Mary Dunn Apr. 2 Mariah E. Rufus F. and Ruth Hathaway Oct. 26 George Washington Thompson and Margaret Gill Nov. 24 Eliza Ellen Barnard and Margarett Mackaw Dec. 25 Hellen Frances Hiram and Rhodyan MacDonald
Page 35 Return to Index Jan. 18 Mary E. Orestus and Mary Isabella Burbanks Sep. 25 Elizabeth Haram and Saryann Strang June 10 Parmelia Dwight and Lucyann Ingram Dec. 27 Unnamed John and harriet Hulbert Jan. 29 Elevetta Horrace C. and Ann R. Carr July 15 Unnamed Jacob and Rosanna Smith Oct. 14 Franklin E. B. Franklin and Emily Angle June 10 James Eugene Barker and Caroline Thompson Oct. 3 Unnamed Stephen and Mary Everts Dec. 12 Unnamed Oliver and Margaret Sherman Dec. 8 Unnamed William and Fedelia White May 2 Isabelle Norman and Phebe Durkee Feb. 17 Peter Philip H. and Emily Yawger Apr. 3 Julia Ann Benjamin and Betsy Soryver Aug. 22 Frances Erastus and Harriet Myers July 20 Sarah John and Sary Negion Mar. 28 Susan Asa and Asusah Larow Oct. 12 Frances Barny and Bridget Clark June 23 Joseph Nathaniel and Catherine Gove Oct. 6 Mary Susannah Henry F. and Mary Johns Jan. 7 Josephine Elizabeth Edward and Elizabeth Wheeler Sep. 14 Fanny Mariah Benjamin J. and Lucinda Greenfield Aug. 23 Ailen Wheeler and Adeline Smith Nov. 3 Hellen Eugenia James and Mary E. Arnold Sep. 2 Horatio William and Phebe Tompkins Nov. 11 Lacy John B. and Adelia Hoaglan (Negro) Apr. 21 James L. William and Eliza Mosher Apr. 12 Caroline Amelia Harry and Caroline Tripp Aug. 11 Sarah Stell Joseph and Catherine Wightman July 23 Susan Caroline Henry and Mehitable Haley Dec. 8 Mary Eliza William and Margaret Derrick Sep. 4 Susan M. William D. and Mary Jane King Sep. 29 Ellen Grafton Perry and CArolin- Barritt Sep. 9 L. Herbert Charles F. and Caroline Sayles June 24 Inez Elizabeth William and Caroline Anthony Dec. - Ellen Daniel and Anna Mariah Albertson Mar. 4 Henry Franklin William and Hannah A. Hathorn June 1 Sarah Loisa Joseph and Ruth Smith Aug. 1 Latetia Richard and Ursula Gonely June 24 Eugene Alanson and Celia Reynolds Nov. 6 Elizabeth David and Eliza Anthony July 12 Martin Edela Justus and susan Ask Oct. 8 Loisa E.G. and Roxiana Angel BIRTHS IN SPRINGPORT, CAYUGA CO. NY 1849 Jan. 25 Margarett James and Margarett McGerusk Jan. 29 Sharlott A. John and Harriey Smith Feb. 8 James Thomas and Margarett McKenney Feb. 9 Sarah L. Jacob and Mariah Schenck
Page 36 Return to Index Sep. 22 Horace C. Horace C. and Ann B. Carr Mar. 15 Emogene Daniel W. and Euphema CArr Mar. 20 Minervia Philip L. and Mary Ann Yawger Apr. 2 Barnard William and Catherine Reynolds July 25 Margarett S. Charles W. and Gulielma Howland July 27 Sarah E. Robert and Jane P. Hoosick July 28 Julia A. Obia and Cornelia Montague June 2 Frances John H. and Candae Maurice July 23 Charles John and Lovina Oakley Apr. 15 Eugene Isaac and Mary Warrick Aug. 10 John James and Olive Clarck Sep. 6 Emily Philip H. and Emily Yawger Sep. 16 Unnamed Charles and Phebe Burlew Oct. 12 Lucyan George P. and Emily Newel Nov. 26 Thomas James and Mary Carroll Feb. 22 George E. Archibald and Mary Stewart Jan. 30 Caroline F. Charles and Jane Hamblin Feb. 8 Fredric Peter and Abigail Carr Feb. 8 Male (Illeg) Miss Caroline Slocum Mar. 1 William William and Laura Cozzens Mar. 16 Helen M. Andrew J. and May Jane Culver May 1 Henry Clay George and Margaret Tripp Apr. 24 Carver B. Nathan and Clarin Howland May 19 Mary E. Jonathan B. and Mary Ann Hoaglan May 13 William H. Elias and Calantha Tuttle May 13 William Welmont Elias and Calantha Tuttle June - Unnamed Luman W. and Eliza Capen June 29 Charles M. Jeremiah and Caroline M. Simons July 19 Henry R. William P. and Marilla Anthony Aug. 5 Phebe Louisa William and Caroline Anthony Aug. 24 Charles Edwin Jacob and Lucinda Roescrants Sep. 2 George M. Hiram and Mary Finch Sep. 20 Charnci Miss Martha Carr (Illeg) Sep. 20 Ida Jane John L. and Maryan Everson Oct. 9 Fredric Benjamin and Eliza Wheeler Oct. 23 Sarah Catherine Alansing and Manerva Quigley Nov. 4 Caroline Thomas and Hannah Patten Dec. 16 David John and Margarett Shank Dec. 13 Unnamed Frederic and Abigail Johnson Dec. 21 Unnamed R.M. and Ursula Conelly Dec. 17 Henry L. John C. and Aneliza Yawger BIRTHS IN STERLING, CAYUGA CO. NY 1847 Jan. 3 Catherin Amasa and Catherin Bunnell Jan. 17 Sarah E. Augustus and Polly Carman Jan. 20 William Albert Hiram and Hester Carman Jan. 25 John Martin Abram and Cornelia Buck Feb. 3 Sarah Elizabeth Richard Bowell and ---- Feb. 19 CAroline F. Elias and Syntha Cole Mar. 6 William Albert Wiliam and Jane Galy Mar. 10 Luther John A. and Elma Stewart
Page 37 Return to Index Mar. 11 Sally A. Levy and Runa ? Lyon Apr. 2 Isaac John and Polly Finch Apr. 17 Elnor Samuel and Emerline Fuliton May 10 Joseph John and Jane Rose May 17 Ebinzer James and Hannah Keelor June 2 William William and Sabra Qeuron June 21 Alex James A. and Marie Wasson Aug. 8 George Jonathan and Nancy McAlister Aug. 31 Charles D. Reuben and Nancy Jinkins Sep. 28 Hellen A. Alex and M. Carmen Sep. 12 John E. Jeremiah and Catherine McCrady Sep. 28 Mary Lois Swight and Margaret Reed Oct. 1 Theodore Seth and Betsey Furmer Oct. 5 Unnamed Ezra and Julia Howell Oct. 13 John Alexander Thomas and Dorothy Corwin Oct. 25 Philip Hate Alexander and Emeline Proudfit Oct. 30 Helva D. Henry N. and Margaret Hodges Nov. 8 Wallas Rubin and Caroine Root Nov. 17 Alexander George and Sarah Ann Turner Nov. 21 Unnamed Hinry and Ann Eliza Cooper Dec. 1 Andos Harvy and Cyntha Fields Dec. 4 Jonathan Robbins Jonathan R. and Margaret Pettit Dec. 14 Albert Isaac M. and Caroline Hoppins Dec. 21 Monroe Truman and Sally M. Skeels Dec. 23 Hellen Marie George and Lucinda Holcomb BIRTHS IN STERLING, CAYUGA CO. NY 1848 Jan. 6 Emiline Walter and Catherine Bloomingdoll Jan. 15 Susan Annet Edward and Abigail Rowland Feb. 8 Margaret Elizabeth John and Mary Jane Roberts Feb. 16 Elizabeth Peter and Nancy Hickey Feb. 27 James roberson James and Catherine Crosier Mar. 10 Unnamed Philander and Lucy Stong Mar. 13 Hulbert Dean and Rebe Lake Mar. 20 Unnamed Joseph and Elizabeth Albring Mar. 27 Ralph Hewitt Washington and Lydia Rose Apr. 9 Elodian Hart Williams --- Apr. 11 Rosella Alexander and Ellen Sturgess Apr. 15 Sarah Isaac and -- Van Duzer Apr. 16 Malcomb Robert and Ann Harper Apr. 20 Jane Ann Clerbis ?? and Jane Ann Churchill May 13 Sarah David and Angeline Lester May 23 Walter William and Margaret Oliver June 3 William Duncon Richard and Mary Blakie June 27 Lyda Julius and Emily Moss July 3 Nicholas Needer Charles and --- Hussey July 15 Jane Ira and Betsey Gilbert Aug. 17 Peter J. Joel and Loisa Naracong Aug. 25 Margaret Elizabeth James and Catherine Harris Sep. 2 James John and --- Hinds Sep. 5 John Luther Rial and Jane Ingersoll
Page 38 Return to Index Sep. 19 Samuel Samuel and Mary Gibs Sep. 25 Hannah Catherine Jesse and Mary Lyon Oct. 3 Lucy Solomon P. and Rebeckey Culver Oct. 4 Harris Wyman and Mary Granger Oct. 9 John DeWit John D. and Rose T. Cole Oct. 24 Josephine William and Betsey Rassmussen Nov. 22 Augustus F. Sylvester and Charlott Ferris Nov. 29 Emma Jane John and Lydia Bloomindoll BIRTHS IN SUMMERHILL, CAYUGA CO. NY 1847 Jan. 6 Althea Freeman and Eliza Barber Jan. 9 Daniel S. Moses and Esther Marble Jan. 9 Ellen Vilette Jonathan and Lydia Hoxie Feb. 28 Franklin Berdette John and Margaret Wilson Feb. 28 Daniel Benjamin and Lucy Sheldon Mar. 30 Orissa James and Mary Maltbie Mar. 31 Charles E. John and Sarina Bottom Dec. 16 Unnamed Dwight and Sarah Cummings Mar. 4 Unnamed Seymour B. and N.C. Clarck Apr. 13 Mary Henry and Clarissa Lick Jan. 22 William H. Isaac and Caroline Mosher May 2 Unnamed Philander and Patty Jacobs July 27 Salmon H. Salmon and Fanna Stanley Nov. 10 Morvin John and Lucy Wood Dec. 12 Unnamed William and Alma Bowker Jan. 23 Sarah Ellen Horace and Cleu Woodard Aug. 23 Daniel Julius Samuel and Sophronia French Feb. 18 William T. Roswell and Lydia Peck Mar. 26 Caroline Holmes Peter and Lucretia H. Close May 15 Archibald Jasper and Ann Bowker Jan. 4 Emma William H. and Melissa Whitney June 10 Mary F. Aaron and Isabella S. Walker July 16 Sarah E. Horace and Harriet R. Brown Jan. 3 Ellen Lavern Samuel and Olive Scovill Feb. 15 Slijah Ambers Elijah and Tabithy Berryan Mar. 19 John Andrew and Polly J. Douglass June 10 Unnamed Ira. and Sarah Smith Nov. 12 Humphrey D. Frederick A. and Lydia Van Schaick Dec. 6 William Squire William and Sarah Peters Sep. 10 Frederick Joel and Betsey Smith Oct. 2 Frencis Eugene Jarius and Susan Webster Feb. 16 Abigail James and Loiza Patten BIRTHS IN SUMMERHILL, CAYUGA CO. NY 1848 Jan. 5 Millard F. Roderick S. and Mary Ann Richards Jan. 25 Unnamed Walter and Phebe Goodin Jan. 17 Alwilda Josiah and Mary Ann Lawrence Feb. 1 Jane Leroy and V(C?)ynthia Maxum Feb. 18 Esther Haskill and Sally Gillett Feb. 25 William Chandler and Ann Alexander Feb. 25 Unnamed John and Betsy Bartlett
Page 39 Return to Index Mar. 1 George Wash. Abram V. and Mahilda Snell Apr. 12 Charles A. William and Hannah Evins Apr. 12 Horace Benjamin and Sarah Atwood Mar. 10 Helen V. William S. and Phebe Ann Briggs May 5 Alonzo Zepheniah and Charlotte Mosher May 7 Cortland William and Arvill Lawrence May 7 Fidelia Manerva Richard and Maria Flinny June 1 Clarinda Daniel and Velanta Wood June 22 Alanson P. Patrick and An Eliza Keenan June 29 Dewitt C. Philo E. and Angeline Freeman Aug. 5 Ruth E. Thomas P. and Alice Goodyear Aug. 16 Daniel J. Aaron and Isabella Walker Aug. 25 Harrop Dewitt C. and Sarah Freeman Sep. 3 Catherine John and Harvilla Saxton Sep. 5 Abigail Jacob and Charlotte Powell Sep. 11 Charles E. and George W. and Melissa Gibson Oct. 15 Unnamed William A. and Annis Martin Nov. 25 Frederick R. Roswell and Lydia Peck Dec. 30 Unnamed Henry E. and Louisa M. Ranney BIRTHS IN SUMMERHILL, CAYUGA CO. NY 1849 Jan. 1 Unnamed Horace and Cloe Woodard Jan. 15 Emi Jne Jacob and Esther VanHousen Jan. 17 Mary E. James and Abigail Crane Jan. 23 Francis Marion Gethroe and Mary Mosher Jan. 23 Cynthia Maryum Gethroe and Mary Mosher Feb. 2 Freeman B. Moses and Esther Marble Feb. 2 Chemont Elliot Alonzo and Cornelia Campbell Mar. 15 Caroline Charles and Nancy Andrews Apr. 6 Julia Ann Charles and Sarah Robinson Apr. 15 Emma Lavern Samuel and Dolly Scovill Apr. 27 Ennamed Otis and Mary Ann Dresser May 15 Franklin Joel and Fanny Diskill May 31 Alfred B. Bilins and Catherine Birch Aug. 3 Mary Cornelia Andrew and Polly Douglass Aug. 9 Unnamed John and Polly Knight Sep. 1 Lewis M. Horace H. and Harriet Brown July 10 Julia Philander and Martha Jacobs Aug. 11 Theodore William and Phebe Ann M. Briggs June 15 Francis Charles and Diana Tuttle Oct. 13 Unnamed Jonathan and Fanny Bell June 4 Olive Lamira Jason and Olive Hathaway Oct. 12 Unnamed Haskill and Sally Gillett Nov. 16 Mary Ella William and Frances Eaton July 8 Francis Jasper and Ann Bowker Nov. 18 Unnamed Arba and Sophia Rice Nov. 18 Unnamed Arba and Sophia Rice Apr. 13 Adelia Nathaniel and Emeline Eaton Aug. 20 Elen Adelia William and Hannah Evins
Page 40 Return to Index BIRTHS IN SUMMERHILL,CAYUGA CO. NY 1850 Jan. 8 Mary Joel and Betsey Smith Mar. 23 Elizabeth Zennas and Minerva Howland Apr. 7 Helen L. Daniel and Valanta Wood Apr. 28 Mary H. Elijah C. and Charlotte Ranney -- -- Alida William and Adeline Phillips May 9 Edwin M. FrancisM. and Harriet Mix June 20 Ellen L. Robert and Hepsey Fish Aug. 20 Joshua S. Daniel and Maria Whipple Oct. 29 Ambrose John C. and Margaret Wilson Dec. 17 Nelson J. George and Arvilla McCowan BIRTHS IN VENICE,CAYUGACO. NY 1847 Jan. 20 Herbert Peter and Elizabeth Chase Mar. 13 Charles Edw. and Bor Rudah Gray Mar. 16 Sarah Ann Jesse and Hannah Silcox Apr. 30 Adeline Daniel and Caroline Cannon May 14 Wellington T. William P. and Almana Close May 26 Delworth William A. and Betsey Lum June 8 Nancy A. John R. and Nancy A. Vandergrift July 9 Thomas James W. and Fidelia Green Sherman Aug. 19 Unnamed James and Lovica Young Aug. 24 Martha Pauline John L. and Paulina Luce Oct. 11 Unnamed Isaac L. and Sarah Morse Oct. 18 Emaline R. Like and Eleanor Belden Oct. 25 Unnamed Gilbert and Louisa Merritt Nov. 28 Elizabeth David and Lucy Jennings Dec. 29 Unnamed Adam K. and Elizabeth Mastin BIRTHS IN VENICE, CAYUGA CO. NY 1848 Feb. 5 Wilson Herman and Fanny Mosher Mar. 4 Adelbert Robert S. and Elizabeth Wood Mar. 8 Francis Eugene James T. and Fidelia Cannon Mar. 10 Unnamed (Mary Elizabeth) Calvin and Hannah Tanner Mar. 17 Alzy Delilah Esli and Sarah Ann Fish May 27 Helen F. William J. and Elizabeth Phelps June 7 Mary Frances John P. and Hester Green June 20 Unnamed Solomon Congdon and Wife June 26 Unnamed Simpson and Wife June 26 Lucy Urana Ezra W. and Elmira Bateman Aug. 8 Lemuel M. Joseph and Sabrina Gregory Aug. 21 Emeline William and Elizabeth Miller Aug. 25 William F. Nelson and Jane Brownell Aug. 26 Adillon William D. and Angeline M. Bennett Sep. 5 Unnamed John and Nancy Ann VanDegrift Sep. 13 Unnamed Peter and Lucinda Signor Oct. 16 Joseph Elias and Julia Perrigo Nov. 19 Unnamed Andrew P. and Eliza Lawson Nov. 20 Unnamed Chancey B. and Emeline Jennings Nov. 20 William H. William and Sarah J. Wheat
Page 41 Return to Index Nov. 13 Mary Ellen Franklin I. and Elizabeth How Oct. 2 Unnamed William H. and Emeline Andrews Mar. 31 Suman? E. David and Harriet Wood Dec. 24 Almira John and Ellen Lum Feb. 16 Frederick Jonas and Sarah Ann Wood June 26 Benjamin F. Edward and Fridah Gray July 1 Lewis Jr. Lewis and Mary Ann Hoglan July 11 Edgar t. Seth and CAroline Reynolds Apr. 4 Harvey J. Albra and cyntha Nickols May 30 Edward Jesse and Mary Kibler Sep. 27 Allen Giles and Lucretia Landon BIRTHS IN VICTORY, CAYUGA CO. NY 1847 Dec. 4 Grace Robert F. and Louisa Dutcher July 8 Caroline Charles and Delaney Colman July 8 Carloss Charles and Delaney Colman May 31 Francis E. Patrick and Emeline Murphy July 1 Ann George and Oive Vosler Nov. 26 Charles H. Sanford and Emily Forbes Jan. 7 James Henry Adison and Mariah Parsons Jan. 13 Elen Josephine Samuel and Adeline Lafavour Feb. 13 Hamilton Samuel and Minerva Wetherby Dec. 3 Unnamed Samuel and Seloma Glass May 7 Rose Limda Freeman and Pricilla Patch Nov. 5 Ann Katherine John and Hannah Couling Oct. 8 William Bradley Eli N. and ??? Botsford Mar. 11 Pharosine Amelia Henry and Mary Garthwait June 9 Lucy Ardilla Harman and Polly Timerson June 19 William Adelbert John and Sally Mariah Gott Aug. 29 Eli Mortimer Dyer Sendleton and Betsey Lewis Oct. 13 Ellen John and Betsey VanHooser Oct. 13 Edwin John and Betsey VanHooser Nov. 10 James Albert Nelson and Anda Phelps June 30 Lewis Fenlon Elias v. and Mary Ann Cooley Nov. 9 Rufus Slosson Matthews and Lavina Campbell May 13 Mary Jane John and Alice Ann Sarts Feb. 18 Mary Jane William and Phebe Stephens BIRTHS IN VOCTORY, CAYUGA CO. NY 1848 May 20 Cecelia A. Jacob and Harriet M. Bogart Oct. 8 Sarah P. Al ? C. and Mary A. Worden Apr. 29 George W. Joseph and Martha A. Thompson Oct. 6 William Henry Robert W. and Marilla Taylor Nov. 4 Hobart M. Allen W. and Mary Ann Soules Nov. 9 Frank P. David and Cyntha E. Woodford Feb. 24 Elsie Miner George and Lucinda Lockwood Apr. 4 George Joseph and Julia Koon Apr. 2 Ervin Sanford and Olive Ann Wetherby May 10 Charles W. Daniel and Adeline Willson Aug. 23 Meletes?? Jacob and Abigail Baldwin Sep. 4 John William and Hannah A. Williams July 2 Henry Clay John and Sarah Wetherby
Page 42 Return to Index June 1 John Whitney and Miranam Hopp Aug. 15 Unnamed Albert and Almira Jones Jan. 16 Margaret Peter and susan Wilabrant Mar. 5 Sarah Phelps William and Sally Olmsted July 25 Reuben Kendrick D. and Anna Blanchard Dec. 2 Ezra Philip and Elizabeth McIntire June 16 Charles Albert Henry and Betsey Bennett Aug. 18 James James L. and Betsey E. Moores Dec. 4 Josephine Christopher and Arninte Cornue Jan. 14 Nancy Jane William and Amanda Ann Teachout June 13 Olive Cordelia Oliver and Orpha Albro Sep. 9 Joseph Ebenezer Daniel and Mary Bird Oct. 27 James James and Sarah Jane Drummond Nov. 7 Aaron John and Ester Sabine Jan. 25 Unnamed Nicholas J. and Susan VanPatten Apr. 8 Mary Jamesand Elizabeth McCabe Apr. 10 Caroline Jacob and Harriet VanHooser July 8 David Henry Linden and Charlotte Lamphere July 21 George Washington George W. and Delia VanHooser Aug. 11 Cornelia Lorinda Finch (Illeg.) Nov. 2 Sarah Mariah Andrew B. and Betsey VerPlank Nov. 16 James Albert John and Sarah Mariah Gult July 14 Charles Joseph and Sarah Elavige June 25 Homer Hanson and Mary Campbell Apr. 1 Unnamed Nathan and susan Peirce Feb. 15 Unnamed John M.and Mary Taber Dec. 13 Sarah A. Reuben and Mary Coon BIRTHS IN VICTORY, CAYUGA CO. NY 1849 Jan. 25 Josephine Hiram and Juliette Adle Feb. 14 Susannah Jacob and Eliza Timerson Feb. 16 Mary Ann Saul and Eliza Ann Gurney Apr. 5 Mary Elizabeth Reuben and Caroine Root Apr. 12 Almeron Harmon and Polly Ann Timerson Apr. 23 George Allen Cornelius and Maria Barr May 8 Hellen Mary Solomon and Phebe R. Jewell May 18 Almira William and Margueritte VanWie Aug. 15 Verderina John and Lena Drew Sep. 19 Mary Elizabeth Charles and Margery Timerson Nov. 3 Wynard John and Betsey VanHooser May 27 Ervin H. Barnabas and Sarah J. Philips June 2 Charles James and Sarah Aumick June 2 Sarah E. Fayette and Ellis McIntyre Feb. 28 Sarah Electa William and Eliza Mead May 4 Nancy Jane Mathew and Caroline Cooper June 30 Charles Homer Philo and Charlotte Camp Dec. 5 Mary Elliot Phares and Lucinda Chittenden Dec. 29 Mary Ann John and Hannah Couling Jan. 6 Alonzo Byron and Susan Coppernoll Dec. 12 Unnamed William and Hannah Williams Apr. 15 Mary A. Riley and Abigal Watson Feb. 18 Emma Elias H. and Betsey Mitchell
Page 43 Return to Index Nov. 18 Unnamed Jacob and Abigail Baldwin Jan. 10 Stephen N. Alanson and Salina Benedict Aug. 4 Unnamed William and Louisa L. Morris Sep. 12 Alice James and Mary Canada Sep. 12 Adaline James and Mary Canada Aug. -- william Nathaniel Peter and Forette Fuller Feb. 23 Mary Ann Timothy and Electa Sibley May 7 Rebecca S. Alfred and Arminta Morse Aug. 2 Jeremiah Abraham and Mary Vanderheydern June 7 Peter Jeremiah and Esther Ann Christian Feb. 26 Unnamed Tompkins and Sally Tripp July 26 Charles A. Philander and Sally M. Cutting June 11 Mary Elizabeth James M. and Louisa Allen Jan. 7 Austin L. Abraham and Lydia Halstead July 16 Charles H. Lewis C. and Abigail Miner BIRTHS IN VICTORY, CAYUGA CO. NY 1850 Jan. 18 Lyman Rufus and Sally Johnson May 15 Eleanor Jennett Henry and Betsey Bennett May 22 Sarah Elizabeth Medad and Lurinda Downs Sep. 25 Unnamed Jeremiah and Margaret DeForrest Dec. 13 Unnamed Henry and Eunice DeForrest Mar. 4 Susan Peter and Susan Blanchard Nov. 10 Kendrick Kendrick and Anna Blanchard Mar. 16 Irving John and Nancy Wager Dec. 10 Unnamed David and Laura Hunter Aug. 24 George Wileman and Sally Olmstead July 24 Isora Patric and Emaline Murphy Dec. 12 Unnamed Walter and rosannah Crowley Mar. 18 Clarke Nathaniel and Zelinda Wheeler Oct. 18 Fidelia James L.and Betsey Moore Nov. 7 Byron Eugenia Isaac R. and Catherine Merritt July 25 Francis Jane W. D. and Mary C. Sayre Sep. 15 Ann Elizabeth Alonzo and Sarah Ann Woodford Mar. 28 Seward Ira and Caroline Hanscomb Nov. 15 Unnamed Allen W. and Mary Ann Souls Sep. 26 George Henry John and Sarah Lansing