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Biography of George Smith Boardman (1796 to 1877)
Daniel H. Weiskotten
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George Smith Boardman, D.D. (1796 to 1877)
from Alfred Nevin, 1884, Enclyclopedia of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America: Including the Northern and
Southern Assemblies Presbyterian Encyclopedia Publishing Co. Philadelphia, PA.

He was born at Albany, New York, December 28th, 1796; graduated at Union College in 1816; entered Princeton Seminary the same year, and graduated in 1819.  After receiving license to preach the gospel, he spent about two years in traveling on horseback and preaching from place to place in Ohio and Kentucky, which was then the "Far West." July 26th, 1821, he was installed pastor of the Church at Watertown, New York, and had a precious and fruitful pastorate there of sixteen years duration.  In 1837 he accepted a call to the Central Church of Rochester, New York, where he remained six years, except that he labored for six months, in 1842, at Columbus, Ohio, in connection with a very marked and productive revival, and supplied for a while the Third (or Pine Street) Church in Philadelphia.  In 1843 he took charge of the Second Church at Rome, New York, which he left in 1847, to enter upon a short pastorate at Cherry Valley, New York.  At the latter place he remained until 1850, when he accepted a call to the Church at Cazenovia, New York. This pastorate extended to 1865, a period of nearly fifteen years, in the course of which large numbers were added to the Church.  At the end of this time impaired health required his release.  But he could not be unemployed.  After his health was restored he eagerly engaged in preaching, either as an occasional or stated supply.  For longer or shorter periods he filled the pulpits of the First Church of Rome, New York, Ogdensburg, New York and Little Falls, New York.  His death occurred February 7th, 1877, in the eighty first year of his age.