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Biography of Robert Newton Eddy (1840 to 1881)
Daniel H. Weiskotten
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Robert Newton Eddy (June 12, 1840 to March 6, 1881)
from History of the Class of 1865, Wesleyan University, Fortieth Reunion, at Middletown CT, June 27, 1905

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Robert Newton Eddy
Born June 10, 1840, in Verona, Oneida County, N.Y. (Cousin of Edgar Russell, Wesleyan, Class of 1865.)  Left college near close of Freshman year.  Graduated at St. John's College, Fordham, N.Y.  1862-1863, Lieutenant and Captain in the 114th Infantry Regiment of New York Volunteers.  1879, Book-keeper in the office of the manufactory of Crawford's improved mower and reaper, Cazenovia, N.Y.   1880-1881, Assistant Postmaster, Cazenovia, N.Y.   In 1866, Associate Author of Record of the 114th Regiment, N.Y.S.V.: Where it went, What it saw, and What it Did by Dr. Harris H. Beecher, late Assistant Surgeon, Norwich, N.Y.  Died March 6, 1881, in Cazenovia, N.Y.  Unmarried.