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Biography of Edwin S. Hamlin (1836 to 1911)
Daniel H. Weiskotten
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Edwin S. Hamlin (April 15, 1836 to 1911)
from Our County (Oneida) and Its People by Daniel E. Wager, 1896, The Boston History Company.

Page 125

HAMLIN, EDWIN S., was born at Chittenango Falls, Madison county, N.Y., April 15, 1836, son of Lewis Hamlin, who was born on the Catskill side of the Hudson River in 1796, and was engaged in farming all of his life.  Lewis Hamlin with his father came to Sullivan, N.Y., where he remained about five years; thence to Chittenango Falls, and in 1846 to the town of Cazenovia, near New Woodstock, where he resided eleven years; returning then to Perryville, where he lived until his death.  He married Desire Hulbert, of the town of Butternuts, Chenango county, who died at Chittenango Falls, in 1844.  Edwin S. received his education at Chittenango Falls, New Woodstock, and Cazenovia Seminary.  He finished at the age of seventeen, and engaged on a farm for a time; he then spent several years in the West, and returned in 1861.  He then engaged in the milling and lumber business at Perryville, N.Y., which he carried on till 1877, when he disposed of his lumber interests, and devoted himself to the grist mill which he had purchased.  In January, 1884, he bought what was known as the farmer's mill at Oriskany Falls, and is now carrying on a large and successful milling business, having remodeled and supplied the latest roller process for making flour.  September 1, 1863, he married Mary E. Ehle of Perryville, by whom he has three children: DeL. B. Hamlin, who was born September 21, 1868; Lena F., born June 7, 1870; and Edwin P., who was born June 29, 1875.  DeL. B. Hamlin is a dealer in flour and feed at Waterville, Oneida county, N.Y.

Note from DHW:
He and many others of the "Hamblin" family are buried in Perryville Cemetery.