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Biography of Charles Munger, MD (1841 to ____)
Daniel H. Weiskotten
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Charles Munger, MD (April 26, 1841 to ____)
from Our County (Oneida) and Its People by Daniel E. Wager, 1896, The Boston History Company.

Pages 259-260

MUNGER, CHARLES, M. D., was born in the town of Fenner, Madison county, N.Y., April 26, 1841, and has been nearly twenty-five years engaged in the practice of medicine at Knoxboro, having at that time just graduated from Bellevue Hospital Medical college at New York city, and his professional work began with his residence in Knoxboro.  He attended the Cazenovia Seminary, previous to entering upon his medical course, which included one year at Ann Arbor and two years at Bellevue, graduating in 1871.  Dr. Munger' s father was Chauncey Munger, also a native of the town of Fenner, and a lifelong farmer in that section.  Chauncey Munger's father was one of the first three settlers in the township, and a part of the farm upon which he settled in 1793 is still in the possession of the family descendants.  Chauncey Munger married Minerva Hathaway, a native of Massachusetts, who was born in 1803, and died at the homestead in 1868.  A noteworthy accomplishment of her early life was the weaving of a bed counterpane when she was sixteen years of age, which, although seventy-six years old, is still in use in Dr. Munger's home. Mr. Munger died at his son's home in Knoxboro in 1879.  Mr. Munger married Mary E. Strong, a native of Stockbridge, who was born April 20, 1842, and she died June 1, 1881, leaving two daughters: Jessie Strong, born July 11, 1874, and H. Louise, born September 5, 1876.  Dr. Munger married for his second wife, Emma O., daughter of W.G. Strong, of Knoxboro, by whom he has had three children: Edith Frances, born November 28, 1886; Margaret Strong, born May 26, 1892, and Robert Strong (deceased), born October 19, 1894.