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Perryville Cemetery, Town of Fenner, Madison County, NY
 (aka Perryville Episcopal Church)
Field Check by Daniel H. Weiskotten, September 2, 3, and 4, 1995
 MNI = ___, names = ___, 1818 to present
(old lists include: Gallup c.1933)
posted 7/26/1999
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        A short history accompanying an older cemetery list states that the Perryville Cemetery was opened by St. Stephen's Episcopal Church of Perryville.  This appears to be the Protestant Episcopal Church of Perryville, founded in 1816, which later ceased to exist.  The cemetery was at an unknown date taken over by the Methodist Episcopal Church of Perryville, founded in 1818, and has for some time been operated under the direction of a board of trustees who maintain the grounds and records.  The earliest date of a burial in the cemetery is that of Annis Blakesley, who died in 1818.  Other burials soon followed and the cemetery has been in continuous to today.
        The central section is the oldest, and here a pine stump, cut perhaps 10 years ago (c.1985), showed 115 annular rings (c.1870).  The abundance of thyme in the grass, as found in many early cemeteries, might indicate that this fragrant herb was planted here intentionally.
        The cemetery is today much larger than as originally set out.  The first enlargement of the cemetery was made to the south about 1850, then again about 1870 to the north, then about 1930 to the east, and finally about 1980 to the southeast.  Evidence of unmarked or unnamed graves is seen in the original as well as more recent sections, but there do not seem to be very many.
        There are no early shale stones and most of the 1820s burials have later marble stones indicating that they were marked temporarily before a proper stone was acquired.  Two stones are made out of slabs of local limestone but erosion has nearly destroyed their lettering and has erased any decoration that might have been upon them.  One has an ogee top and another has a scroll top.  The monument for Orin Ransom, who died in 1887, is made of local Onondaga limestone, and is of obelisk form like several that are in the Chittenango Falls Cemetery indicating that they were made at the quarries at the falls (Orin Ransom operated the Traveler's Home at the top of the falls for many years).
        It is likely that the original cemetery used by the pioneers of the Perryville region was that located about 2.5 km (1.5 miles) to the east and known as the Munger Cemetery.  Hammond's History of Madison County (1872:365) describes the Perryville Cemetery as

        The cemetery is well kept despite the costs of maintaining such a property with limited income.  In 1994 I spoke with Don Snyder of Perryville, who is the President of the Perryville Cemetery Association, and it is he who maintains the records of the cemetery.  He said that due to the size and age of the cemetery with large trees, many stones, and uneven ground, the costs of maintaining it are considerable.  The expenses are far beyond the income generated as families move away, fewer spaces are available, and apathy grows toward the older and less frequently visited sections.
        The cemetery, located on a rarely traveled side road in a quiet community, is still a pleasant place to visit, with a beautiful canopy of pine trees, and vistas over the surrounding farm land.  One of the pines, cut down several years ago, had 115 concentric rings indicating that it was planted about 1880.
        While the cemetery is well kept, and located in a rural area where pollutants are lesser, there seems to be a considerable degree of erosion on the stones.  Many stones were read only with great difficulty.  The older list, made about 1933 (the latest stones on record were dated 1932) was helpful to identify the words on older stones for which only portions could be read today.  Those portions that could not be positively confirmed are in parentheses.  Only a few stones from the old lists were not found and because the cemetery has been in continuous use there are many individuals who did not appear on the old list.
        Thirty-nine individuals who died before 1933 had not appeared on the old list.  These include: an unidentified child who died December 21, 1827, age 4 years 8 months, Frank Garritt Blakeslee, Daniel B. Campbell, James A. Cox, Nellie Hill Cox, Adam Ford, Baby ______ Guy, Emily Keeler Hamblin, Lewis Hamblin (2), Helen A. Hill, Webster C. Hill, Julian M. Jenson, William M. Kennedy, Marcus L. Keys, Garret Lansing, Cynthia L. Mason, Ida Ford Mickley, Orville Moochler, Mary Youmans Nostrant, Frank Randall, Emma M. Ransom, Ada Raymond, Chester Raymond, Fred Raymond, Belle Robie, Annie J. Slentz, Edna M. Slentz, Edna N. Slentz, Oliver B. Slentz, Arlene A. Snyder, Thomas Snyder, Louise D. Stafford, Robert S. Stafford, Jenette H. Hatch Sunderlin, Robert J. Sunderlin, Jennie E. Myer Taylor, James G. Wells, and Merwin B. Woodworth.  The reason for some of these individuals being left off the old list is that they had not yet had markers erected or their stones were not fully engraved with date of death.
        Stones bearing the names of 36 individuals which are recorded on the old list were not found in 1995.  Because a number of these are husband and wife pairs or of the same surname it is likely that they were upon monuments or multi-named markers which have since been removed or lost.  Those include the surnames of Babcock, Burroughs, Custerson, Geberry, Leason, Marshall, Page, Pratt, Raymond, and Smith.  It is possible that the compiler of the old list, Clezzie Gallup, a Perryville resident, recorded data that was not on stones but which she personally knew.  Some genealogical data, such as birth dates, spouses, and maiden names was also found on the old list which did not appear on the stones indicating that she supplemented the tombstone information.  Some may have had only a temporary marker and others may not have been missed, despite a systematic search, when I made the field examination in 1995.
        It appears that a number of people with stones in the older portions of the cemetery are not buried here or else the family could not afford to have the date of death cut into the stone.  They could also be for people who have moved out of the area and taken their stone with them or who married or remarried and who are buried elsewhere.  Many names in the newer parts appear on mulit-name monuments and may represent people still living such as spouses or children.
        The stones of Jane M. Keeler and John S. Keeler indicate that they are buried in the Wilson Cemetery, Fenner.
        Several names on the old lists are misreadings of stones with wrong names being recorded.  Jenette H. Hatch and Robert Hatch on the old list were found to actually be Jenette Hatch Sunderlin and Robert Sunderlin.  Hannah Buck and Hannah Britt are actually the same person, Hannah Breck.  Best of all from the old list is the entry for a man supposed to be named "Wagoner Sply", who died in World War I, and which is actually the duty title of Merton G. Duffy, who served with the Wagoner Supply of the 348th Infantry and who was the first local man to died in France in 1917!  The old list also states that Capt. William Nichols, is buried here but that his "grave has flag but no other marker" - without mention as to how it is known this is his grave!
        Because of the great number of monuments with many names on each it is sure that many consanguineous connections have not been retained in this alphabetical list.  Many relationships (spouses, children, parents, etc.) are clear, but when the relationship can only be inferred from proximity of stones or names and relative birth dates of individuals upon a monument, then the probable relationship is noted in parentheses.  Because of a great number of later monuments, which tend to contain sparse information, many individuals have only the year of birth and year of death listed, without any specifics.  In several cases the individual had a headstone with full data as well as a simple entry on a monument, and in several cases the headstone and monument were on either sides of the cemetery!  In cases such as the Armstrong - Maine monument, it is unclear which surname goes with which person and they have been cross- referenced under both.  Perplexing are the monuments such as the Cypher-Burton-Murdick- Perry monument which gives the names of eight individuals of four surnames - the determination and cross-referencing of who is related to whom (children of, spouse of, sibling of, grandparent of, &c.) has proved to be too complex for this study.
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Those buried in the Perryville Cemetery include:

______, ______, died December 21, 1827, age 4 years 8 months, (fragment of stone found along fence at northwest corner near entrance.)
______, Robert C., son of ______, (bottom part of stone buried and unreadable).
Agnew, (maiden name), see Mary E. Agnew Feidt.
Agnew, Hugh P., born 1852, died 1834, (age not given).
Agnew, Rena Marshall, (wife of Hugh P. Agnew), born 1866, (no other data given).
Allen, (maiden name), see Lauretta Allen Keeler.
Allen, Betsey May, wife of John M. Allen, died May 19, 1875, age 78 years.
Allen, John M., died May 26, 1892, age 93 years.
Andrews, Emma B. (Bishop), daughter of Arnold A. and Elvista Bishop, wife of Rev. S.W. Andrews, born 1883, died 1960, (age not given).
Andrews, Laura V. (Van Epps), born 1905, died 1991, (age not given), (with Van Epps family).
Andrus, (maiden name), see Cornelia Murphy.
Andrus, Hattie E., daughter of I.G. and W.G. Andrus, died January 19, 1874, age 19 years 6 months.
Andrus, Oscar E., died March 23, 1850, age 26 years.
Andrus, Sarah, wife of Elisha Andrus, died May 13, 1853, age 56 years.
Annas, (maiden name), see Isyphene Annas Hill.
Armstrong, see L. Ethelyn Maine/Armstrong.
Armstrong, see Frank G. Maine/Armstrong.
Armstrong, Albert A., born 1881, died 1963, (age not given).
Armstrong, Helen A., (wife of Albert A. Armstrong?), born 1878, died 1979, (age not given).
Armstrong, Jennie, wife of John A. Armstrong, born 1846, died 1921, (age not given).
Armstrong, John A., born 1848, died 1909, (age not given).
Austin, (middle name), see Francis Austin Hyatt.
Austin, Almedia, wife of William Austin, died March 4, 1903, age 54 years.
Austin, Jennie L., (wife of Lyle W. Austin), born 1912, (no other data given, still living in 1995?).
Austin, Lyle W., born 1914, died 1977, (age not given).
Austin, William, died November 5, 1906, age 79 years, Co. H., 10th Reg., NY Cav.
Avery, (maiden name), see Helen Avery Ford.
Avery, (maiden name), see Carrie Avery Keeler.
Avery, Abigail Stoddard, wife of Oren S. Avery, born March 11, 1798, died March 8, 1873, (age not given).
Avery, Augusta M. Lansing, wife of Robert B. Avery, born August 23, 1826, died May 23, 1894, (age not given).
Avery, Charles H., MD, born June 11, 1854, died October 7, 1883, (age not given).
Avery, Clarissa Farnam, wife of Clark Avery, born, July 24, 1800, died January 29, 1886, (age not given), married November 14, 1820.
Avery, Clark, died July 13, 1859, age 67 years, (married to Clarissa Farnam Avery, November 14, 1820).
Avery, Genevieve L. Keeler, wife of Wendell Avery, born 1853, died 1945, (age not given).
Avery, Helen M., daughter of Clark and Clarissa Avery, died January 5, 1866, age 38 years.
Avery, Lee, son of Wendell L. and Genevieve L. Keeler, born 1876, died 1898, (age not given).
Avery, Marian E., (wife of Charles H. Avery, MD?), born October 26, 1852, died April 26, 1868, (age not given).
Avery, Oren S., born September 11, 1794, died August 3, 1836.
Avery, Robert B., born January 1, 1824, died May 10, 1907, (age not given).
Avery, Wendell, born 1851, died 1922, (age not given).
Avery, William W., son of Oren S. and Abigail Avery, born January 1, 1827, died December 31, 1869, (age not given).
Ayers, Charles (1), died January 14, 1847, age 71 years, (stone not found in 1995).
Ayers, Charles (2), born October 3, 1815, died August 10, 1886, (age not given), (stone not found in 1995).
Ayers, Eunice Leason, wife of Charles Ayers (2), died April 29, 1881, age 53 years.
Babbitt, Edith, (wife of Milton Babbitt), born 1921, (no other data, still living in 1995?).
Babbitt, Grace I., born 1907, died 1973, (age not given).
Babbitt, Milton, born 1911, died 1987, (age not given).
Babcock, Clarissa, daughter of Samuel and Huldah Babcock, died June 1, 184_, age 2 years 4 months, (stone very eroded, old list has year as 1841).
Bacon, (maiden name), see Leta L. Bacon Weisbrod.
Bailey, Herbert S., born 1914, (no other data given, still living in 1995?).
Bailey, Inez Wells, (wife of Herbert S. Bailey), born 1914, died 1994, (age not given).
Baldwin, see Birdie Munger.
Baldwin, (maiden name), see Sallie M. Baldwin Munger.
Baldwin, ______, infant, son of Asa and Louisa C. Baldwin, died June 8, 1848, age 6 weeks 4 days.
Baldwin, DeForest E., born 1903, (no other data given, still living in 1995?).
Baldwin, Eden D., born 1881, (no other data given).
Baldwin, Hannah B. Ehle, wife of E.A. Baldwin, died August 28, 1881, age 42 years.
Baldwin, Hazel G., (wife of DeForest E. Baldwin?), born 1902, died 1985, (age not given).
Baldwin, John, born 1844, died 1915, (age not given).
Baldwin, Leverett, died June 10, 1830, age 61 years.
Baldwin, Libbie B., wife of Eden Baldwin, born 1879, died 1913, (age not given).
Baldwin, Lottie Stewart, wife of John Baldwin, born 1859, (no other data given).
Baldwin, Nancy A., daughter of Asa and Louisa C. Baldwin, died October 26, 1851, age 7 years 7 months 12 days.
Baldwin, Nita L., (daughter of DeForest E. and Hazel G. Baldwin?), born 1928, died 1935, (age not given).
Ball, Arlene E., (wife of D. Perry Ball), born 1924, (no other data given, still living in 1995?).
Ball, D. Perry, born 1923, died 1985, (age not given).
Ball, Ronald J., son of D. Perry and Arlene E. Ball, born 1946, died 1957, (age not given).
Barnes, Mary E., wife of William Barnes, born 1840, died 11909, (age not given).
Barnes, William, born 1827, died 1899, (age not given).
Baum, (maiden name), see Lucretia Baum Near.
Benedict, (maiden name), see Elizabeth Benedict Hyatt.
Benn, (maiden name), see Eliza Benn Raymond.
Bennett, Leta A., (wife of William H. Bennett), born 1907, died 1967, (age not given).
Bennett, William H., born 1906, died 1985, (age not given).
Bishop, (maiden name), see Emma B. Andrews.
Bishop, Arnold A., born 1850, died 1908, (age not given).
Bishop, Elvesta, wife of Arnold A. Bishop, born 1859, died 1950, (age not given).
Bishop, Mabel E., daughter of Arnold A. and Elvista Bishop, born 1887, died 1981, (age not given).
Blaisdell, Dorothy, born 1912, died 1994, (age not given).
Blaisdell, Russell, born 1910, (no other data given, still living in 1995?).
Blakesley, (maiden name), see Amelia Blakesley Hubbard.
Blakesley, (maiden name), see Cornelia Blakeslee Nichols.
Blakeslee, (maiden name), see Amy Blakeslee Smith.
Blakesley, (maiden name), see Helen C. Blakesley Woodworth.
Blakeslee, (maiden name), see Ida Blakeslee Mead.
Blakeslee, Anna M. Safford, wife (2) of Marvin Philander Blakeslee, born 1848, died 1930, (age not given).
Blakesley, Annis, wife (1) of Asa Blakesley, died July 29, 1818, age 33 years.
Blakesley, Asa, died March 8, 1860, age 77 years.
Blakesley, Charles, Rev., died August 20, 1875, age 66 years.
Blakeslee, Charlotte, (wife of Garrett Blakeslee), born 1821, died 1904, (age not given).
Blakeslee, Delia A. Safford, wife (1) of Marvin Philander Blakeslee, born 1839, died 1872, (age not given).
Blakesley, Electa, born 1824, died 1902, (age not given).
Blakeslee, Frances Marion, daughter of Eli and Emily Blakeslee, died August 10, 1834, age 16 weeks.
Blakeslee, Frank Gerritt, born 1856, died 1905, (age not given).
Blakeselee, Gerrett, born 1818, died 1890, (age not given).
Blakeslee, Gertrude Stanton, (wife of Frank Gerritt Blakeslee?), born 1860, died 1934, (age not given).
Blakesley, Hannah (1), wife of Noah Blakesley, died August 5, 1845, age 65 years.
Blakesley, Hannah (2), daughter of Noah and Hannah Blakesley, died February 17, 1828, age 17 years.
Blakesley, Harriet, wife (2) of Asa, died November 30, 1853, age 63 years, (stone almost unreadable in 1995).
Blakeslee, Ine Bell, daughter of Marvin Philander and Delia A. Safford Blakeslee, born 1865, died 1885, (age not given).
Blakeslee, Lora H., daughter of M.A. and A.J. Blakeslee, died June 27, 1873, age 1 month, (stone almost unreadable in 1995).
Blakeslee, Louise B., (wife of Warren Blakeslee), born 1881, died 1976, (age not given).
Blakesley, Lyman, died October 20, 1826, age 38 years.
Blakesley, Mary,  daughter of Joseph G. and Ruby Blakesley, died May 29, 1838, age 2 years 5 months 9 days.
Blakeslee, Marvin Philander, born 1840, died 1907, (age not given).
Blakeslee, Mildred C., born 1892, died 1959, (age not given).
Blakeslee, (Noah), died October 27, 1845, age 65 years, (stone broken and set in concrete obscuring first name in 1995).
Blakeslee, Phidelia S., adopted daughter of Daniel and Ursula Hill, died September 22, 1854, age 15 years.
Blakeslee, Philander C., born January 28, 1820, died February 6, 1899, (age not given), "upon the farm from which this stone was taken".
Blakeslee, Sylvia, wife of Asa Blakesley, Jr., died February 15, 1841, (age 19 years), (base of stone set in concrete obscuring age in 1995).
Blakeslee, Warren, born 1882, died 1973, (age not given).
Bliss, Nancy B., daughter of J. and E. Bliss, died July 24, 1843, age 1 year 3 months 19 days.
Bodley, Betty M., (wife of Durwood I. Bodley), born 1930, died 1975, (age not given).
Bodley, Durwood I., born 1926, (no other data given, still living in 1995?).
Booth, Polly, died November 23, 1860, age 81 years.
Brainard, Alexander, son of Buckley and (Mela) Brainard, (died September 6,) 1825, age 10 years 9 months, (ogee topped limestone very eroded and very difficult to read in 1995).
Brainard, ______, an infant daughter of Buckley and Mela Brainard, died (November 24,) 1820, age __, (scroll topped limestone very eroded and very difficult to read in 1995).
Brainard, Grace, wife of Othniel Brainard, died April 7, 1831, age 68 years.
Brainard, Othniel, died May 27, 1832, age 76 years, (in 77th year), (Revolutionary War Veteran on old list).
Breck, Hannah, Mrs., died September 17, 1832, age 72 years.
Britt, Alpheus, died September 23, 1844, age 66 years.
Britt, Benjamine, born 1805, died 1893, (age not given).
(Britt), Catherine Farnam, (wife of Benjamine Britt), born 1809, died 1885, (age not given).
Britt, Charles F., son of Benjamin and Catherine Britt, died March 31, 1838, age 2 weeks.
(Britt), Elizabeth Harter, (wife of George B. Britt), born 1852, died 1928, (age not given).
Britt, Emily, died March 27, 1849, age 26 years.
Britt, Frank J., born 1866, died 1931, (age not given).
Britt, George B., born 1845, died 1920, (age not given).
Britt, Mary E., born 1867, died 1942, (age not given).
Britt, Nancy, wife of Alpheus Britt, died September 2, 1864, age 81 years.
Britt, Oran F., born 1843, died 1918, (age not given).
Britt, Rosa E. Hill, wife of Oran F. Britt, born 1845, died April 7, 1879, age 34 years.
Brown, Alvin H., born 1878, died 1949, (age not given).
Brown, Charles C., son of Charles and Mary Ann Brown, died April 5, 1858, age 10 years.
Brown, Deborah R., (daughter of Kathleen B. Brown?), born 1953, died 1983, (age not given), (temporary marker in 1995).
Brown, George F., born June 26, 1927, died February 24, 1977, (age not given), PFC, US Army, WWII.
Brown, Kathleen B., born 1929, died 1980, (age not given).
Brown, Sarah O., (wife of Alvin H. Brown?), born 1839, died 1982, (age not given).
Brown, Walter, died December 1, 1849, age 42 years 4 months.
Burroughs, Adelaid V. Ransom, wife of Alvin Burroughs, born December 23, 1853, died March 3, 1903, (age not given), (stone not found in 1995).
Burroughs, Alanson, born November 5, 1804, died September 7, 1878, (age not given).
Burroughs, Alvin, born July 6, 1849, (no other data given), (stone not found in 1995).
Burroughs, Charles Floyd, MD, son of A.A. and A.V. Burroughs, born February 25, 1876, (no other data given), (stone not found in 1995).
Burroughs, Henry D., born November 16, 1830, died September 20, 1900, (age not given).
Burdick, Jennie E., born 1895, died 1970, (age not given).
Burleson, David S. "Punch," born September 22, 1963, died January 25, 1969, (age not given).
Burroughs, Mary Devendorf, wife of Henry D. Burroughs, born July 7, 1802, died November 16, 1887, (age not given).
Burton, Myrna, born 1885, died 1949, (age not given).
Button, Blanche A., wife of Bryce Button, born 1924, (no other data given, still living in 1995?).
Button, Bryce, born 1918, died 1993, (age not given).
Campbell (?), see Francis C. Coon.
Campbell, Daniel B., born 1876, died 1923, (age not given).
Campbell, Daniel F., born May 29, 1919, died February 12, 1993, (age not given), Sgt, US Army, WWII.
Card, (maiden name), see Phebe Card Howard.
Cary, (maiden name), see Elizabeth Cary Harrison.
Case, (maiden name), see Atalanta Case Robie.
Case, Marian W., born 1846, died 1894, (age not given).
Chapman, Eliza M., daughter of Zenas and Abigail Chapman, died April 11, 1838, age 8 months.
Chapman, Gideon, born May 8, 1809, died May 31, 1883, (age not given), "Father".
Chapman, Irene, daughter of Orlando H. and Harriet Chapman, died September 2, 1864, age 2 years.
Chapman, Lewis F., son of Zenas and Abigail Chapman, died May 21, 1836, age 2 years.
Christenson, Arthur P., son of James and Nellie Christenson, born 1893, died 1923, (age not given), Co. L., 305 Inf., 77 Div.
(Christenson), Christine, 1940 only (with James and Nellie Christenson).
Christenson, Edna M., (wife of Walter M. Christenson), born 1914, (no other data given, still living in 1995?).
Christenson, James, born 1853, died 1925, (age not given).
Christenson, Nellie, wife of James Christenson, born 1865, died 1930, (age not given).
Christenson, Walter M., born 1896, died 1964, (age not given).
Christman, Irvine L., born 1897, died 1944, (age not given).
Christman, Pearl M., (wife of Irvine L. Christman?), born May 24, 1909, died February 25, 1944, (age not given).
Clock, (maiden name), see Harriet E. Clock Nash.
Cloyes, (maiden name), see Eudora L. Cloyes Cooper.
Cloyes, Ziba, born March 24, 1812, died August 27, 1880, (age not given), Co. G., 157 Reg., NY Vol.
Coates, Charles A., born 1913, died 1979, (age not given).
Coates, Shirley F., (wife of Charles A. Coates), born 1924, (no other data given, still living in 1995?).
Colegrove, (maiden name), see Julia Colegrove Judge.
Colegrove, (maiden name), see Velnette Colegrove Lansing.
Colgrove, (maiden name), see Tryphena Colgrove Van Vleck
Colgrove, Flavilla Tucker, wife of Harry C. Colegrove, born October 8, 1808, died March 16, 1889, (age not given).
Colgrove, Harry C., born August 7, 1808, died April 5, 1885, (age not given).
Colgrove, Margaret, wife of Uri Colgrove, born 1776, died 1852, (age not given).
Colgrove, Uri, born 1772, died 1842.
Colyer, (maiden name), see Stella Colyer Turvery.
Colyer, Abram, born 1830, died 1915, (age not given).
Colyer, Alinda E. Smith, wife of Abram Colyer, born 1837, died 1927, (age not given).
Colyer, Caroline, born 1911, (no other data given, still living in 1995?).
Colyer, John, died August 14, 1907, age 78 years, Pvt., Co. G., 12 Reg., NY Vol. Inf.
Colyer, Laura A. Ritter, wife of William A. Colyer, born 1867, died 1935, (age not given).
Colyer, Lucille, born 1907, died 1914, (age not given).
Colyer, Mildred, born 1905, died 1906, (age not given).
Colyer, Smith W., son of Abram and Alinda Colyer, died January 31, 1862, age 1 year 7 months 17 days.
Colyer, William A., son of Abram and Alinda E. Smith Colyer, born 1865, died  1952, (age not given).
Cook, (maiden name), see Lydia Cook Ray.
Cook, (maiden name), see Philanda Cook Streeter.
Cook, (maiden name), see Rosilla Cook McWane (Mane?).
Cook, (maiden name), see Mary A. Cook Gallup.
Coon, David, died February 24, 1845, age 48 years, (old list says that he was "killed by a horse").
Coon, David H., born 1845, died 1916, (age not given), Corp., Co. K., 37 Reg., NY Vol. Inf, (stone not found in 1995).
Coon, Francis C. (Campbell?), born 1894, died 1959, (age not given).
Coon, Mary, wife of David Coon, died March 18, 1870, age 57 years.
Cooper, Anna, born December 25, 1818, died May 26, 1877, (age not given).
Cooper, Charles H., born September 26, 1844, died February 4, 1914, (age not given).
Cooper, Earl H., born September 12, 1880, died December 20, 1880, (age not given).
Cooper, Eudora L. Cloyes, wife of James F. Cooper, born June 24, 1854, died December 27, 1884, (age not given).
Cooper, Frank, born February 9, 1849, died May 12, 1912, (age not given).
Cooper, Hattie P., born February 10, 1854, died August 10. 1944, (age not given).
Cooper, James P., born December 29, 1847, (no other data given).
Cooper, Nancy L., May 3, 1844, died April 11, 1916, (age not given).
Cox, Asa, born 1865, died 1940, (age not given).
Cox, Dorothy A., (wife of Kenneth A. Cox), born 1919, (no other data given, still living in 1995?).
Cox, Kenneth A., born 1910, (no other data given, still living in 1995?).
Cox, Minnie B., (wife of Asa Cox), born 1910, (no other data given, still living in 1995?).
Cox, James A., born 1854, died 1932, (age not given).
Cox, Nellie Hill, (wife of James A. Cox?), born 1859, died 1928, (age not given).
Crosby, (maiden name), see Nancy S. Crosby Near.
Crosby, Frank L., son of Lemuel and Isabelle Crosby, died March 13, 1879, age 27 years 3 months.
Crosby, Henry J., died May 18, 1862, age 23 years 7 days.
Crosby, Isabel, wife (1) of Lemuel Crosby, died July 6, 1853, age 41 years 11 months 16 days.
Crosby, Jane S., wife (2) of Lemuel Crosby, died March 10, 1884, age 74 years 8 months.
Crosby, Lemuel, died November 6, 1855, age 49 years 11 months 20 days.
Crosby, Libbie M., daughter of Lemuel and Isabell Crosby, died August 23, 1864, age 21 years 4 months.
Cross, Mary Jane, wife of William Cross, (died March 13, 1861, age 31 years 6 months), (stone broken and set in concrete, partially buried, obscuring date of eath and age in 1995).
Cruttenden, Hopestill, died May 3, 1839, age 64 years 3 months.
Culver, (maiden name), see Luanna Culver Gallup.
Custerson, Charles, born 1867, (no other data given), (stone not found in 1995).
Custerson, Emily, born 1826, died 1906, (age not given).
Custerson, William, born 1819, died 1899, (age not given), (stone not found in 1995).
Cypher, Frank, born 1859, died 1927, (age not given).
Cypher, J.D., born 1887, (no other data given).
Cypher, Mildred, born 1899, died 1941, (age not given).
D'Andrea, ______, born 1881, died 1968, (age not given).
Davis, (maiden name), see Elvira Davis Goff.
D'Ette, (maiden name), see Mary D'Ette Hamblin.
Devendorf, (maiden name), see Mary Devendorf Burroughs.
Devendorff, Irving B., son of L. and N. Devendorff, died March 10, 1853, age 5 months.
Devendorff, Nancy, wife of Lewis Devendorff, died March 12, 1853, age 41 years 3 months.
Dewing, Eliza Jane, daughter of William H,. and Polly E. Dewing, died July 12, 1848, age 1 year (9 months 16 days), (base of stone set in concrete obscuring part of age in 1995).
Dewing, Henry B., son of William H,. and Polly E. Dewing, died November 17, 1860, age 16 years 11 months 22 days.
Dewing, Polly, wife of William H. Dewing, died May 16, 1856, age 36 years.
Dewing, William H., died December 29, 1856, age 43 years.
Dibble, Charles G., died April 17, 1850, age 73 years 9 months.
Dickinson, Cynthia, wife of Thomas Dickinson, died May 18, 1860, age 47 years.
Dikeman, Czar, died February 2, 1841, age 54 years 9 months.
Dixon, (maiden name), see Helen A. Dixon Robinson.
Doolittle, William, died April 20, 1854, age 57 years.
Doolittle, William H., (son of William and O.A. Doolittle), died October 5, 1839, age 6 months 26 days (base of stone set in concrete obscuring parentage in 1995).
Doolittle, Charles, (son of William and O.A. Doolittle), died March 6, 1825, age 1 year 4 months 13 days (base of stone set in concrete obscuring parentage in 1995).
Dorman, Alice K. Hatch, wife of Josiah F. Dorman, born 1850, died 1918, (age not given).
Dorman, Josiah F., born 1850, died 1919, (age not given).
Douglass, Flora Hubbard Smith, wife of John Alanson Douglass, (no other data given).
Drury, Adelia, wife of Harvy Drury, died October 12, 1838, age 22.
Duell, Catherine E., daughter of Jacob B. and Norma S. Duell, born September 25, 1917, died July 18, 1983, (age not given).
Duell, Jacob B., born November 16, 1887, died May 31, 1950, (age not given), 1st Lieut., Med. Corps, WWI.
Duell, Norma S., wife of Jacob B. Duell, born January 22, 1889, died February 9, 1981, (age not given).
Duffy, Carrie, wife of Gaynor P. Duffy, born 1866, died 1935, (age not given).
Duffy, Gaynor P., born 1890, died 1913, (age not given).
Duffy, Merton G., born November 25, 1891, died in France October 27, 1918, (age not given), Wagoner Supply Co. 348th Inf. (WWI).
Dunbar, (maiden name) see Naomi Dunbar Gallup.
Ehle, (maiden name), see Hannah B. Ehle Baldwin.
Ehle, Eunice, wife of Archibald C. Ehle, died February 1, 1836, age 27 years.
Ehle, Hannah, wife of Peter P. Ehle, died January 28, 1852, age 68 years.
Ehle, Hiram, died December 13, 1842, age 29 years 7 months.
Ehle, Jane M., wife of Archibald Ehle, died December 11, 1850, age 36 years.
Ehle, Peter P., died September 16, 1847, age 68 years.
Englehart, George W., born April 15, 1850, died July 16, 1929, (age not given).
Englehart, M. Alice Hodge, wife of George W. Englehart, born January 5, 1851, died May 15, 1929, (age not given).
Ennis, Daniel, died May __, 1874, age 30 years., U.S.Navy, (day of death not given).
Esselstyn, Moria, died September 8, 1821, age 23 years 1 month 18 days.
Evetts, (maiden name), see Susan M. Evetts Nichols.
Everett, Emily C., wife of William W. Everett, born 1845, died 1920, (age not given).
Everett, William W., born 1841, died 1925, (age not given), Co. C, N.Y. Vol., 1861-1863, Sgt, Co. K., 2nd Reg., NY H. Art., 1864-1865.
Fargo, (maiden name), see Electa Fargo Marshall.
Fargo, (maiden name), see Electa Fargo Parisou.
Farley, (maiden name), see Nancy Farley Wells.
Farnum, (maiden name), see Catherine Farnum Britt.
Farnam, (maiden name), see Clarissa Farnam Avery.
Farnam, Althea Richardson, wife of William Farnam, born 1838, died 1914, (age not given).
Farnam, Edward S., born 1875, died 1957, (age not given).
Farnam, William, born 1838, died 1900, (age not given).
Feidt, Franklin J., born 1892, died 1957, (age not given)
Feidt, Mary E. Agnew, (wife of Franklin J. Feidt), born 1898, died  1929, (age not given).
Fenner, Brenda Lynn, (born and died?) August 7, 1963, (age not given).
Ford, (maiden name), see Ida Ford Mickley.
Ford, Adam, born 1800, died 1889, (age not given).
Ford, Bernice A., born 1897, died 1987, (age not given).
Ford, Charles S., born 1872, died 1957, (age not given).
Ford, Helen Avery, born 1870, died 1958, (age not given).
Ford, John Worden, born 1832, died 1915, (age not given).
Ford, Mary Frances Wells, (wife of John Worden Ford), born 1842, died 1896, (age not given).
Fosdick, Edward, died October 10, 1852, age 73 years (stone not found in 1995).
Fosdick, Hannah, wife of Edward Fosdick, died December 6, 1839, age 60 years 7 months 6 days.
Fosdick, Walter R., son of Alvin and Jane Ann Fosdick, died November 28, 1840, age 1 year 8 months 21 days.
Freeman, Mary, daughter of Bradford and Adelia Freeman, died September 28, 1856, (age 5 months), (base of stone set in concrete obscuring age in 1995).
Fremont, see Theodore Fremont Hyatt.
French, Barry L., born 1942, died 1961, (age not given).
French, George K., July 25, 1915, died January 29, 1976, Priv., US Army, WWII.
Gallup, (maiden name), see Electra S. Gallup Taylor.
Gallup, (maiden name), see Fannie E. Gallup Mead.
Gallup, C. Milton, born 1824, died 1906, (age not given).
Gallup, Clezzie M., born 1879, died 1972, (age not given)
Gallup, Cortland K., born December 9, 1819, died January 30, 1889, (age not given).
Gallup, Ella B., born March 11, 1868, died May 6, 1933, (age not given).
Gallup, Luana Culver, wife of C. Milton Gallup, born 1830, died 1883, (age not given).
Gallup, Mandana D., born November 11, 1861, died November 25, 1882, (age not given).
Gallup, Marshall D., born 1833, died 1911, (age not given).
Gallup, Mary A. Cook, wife of Marshall D. Gallup, born 1843, died 1936, (age not given).
Gallup, Naomi Dunbar, born February 29, 1804, died October 12, 1876, (age not given).
Gallup, Samantha M., wife of Cortland K. Gallup, born October 30, 1823, died February 12, 1905, (age not given).
Gamlin, Howlett, born 1893, died 1981, (age not given).
Gamlin, Iva B., born 1889, died 1981, (age not given).
Gamlin, LaMoyne M., born 1926, died 1945, (age not given).
Gebbery, James, born 1833, died 1909, (age not given).
Gebbery, Matilda, wife of James Gebbery, born 1829, died 1901, (age not given).
Giles, Irma H., (wife of Leslie H. Giles?), born 1893, died 1990, (age not given).
Giles, Leslie H., born December 11, 1896, died July 2, 1968, (age not given), Chauffeur, 151 Aero Sq, NY, WWII.
Gillett, (maiden name), see Melissa H. Gillett Woodworth.
Gillett, Abbie, daughter of William R. and Diana Gillett, died August 11, 1844, age 11 months.
Gillett, Abigail Remington, wife of Jacob Gillette, died December 4, 1845, age 67 years.
Gillett, Carrie M., daughter of W.R. and Diana Gillett, died August 4, 1879, age 34 years.
Gillett, Elvira, daughter of Jacob and Abigail Gillett, died September 27, 1829, age 11 years.
Gillett, Jacob, died August 15, 1823, age 46 years 5 months 2 days (monument and stone).
Gillett, Mary D., born 1838, died 1911, (age not given), (stone not found in 1995).
Gillette, Olive, daughter of Jacob and Abigail Gillett, died September 13, 1854, age 50 years.
Gillett, William R., died March 20, 1846, age 37 years.
Ginney, Barbara K., (wife of Ford E. Ginney), born 1909, (no other data given, still living in 1995?).
Ginney, Daniel J., born 1875, died 1933, (age not given).
Ginney, Edna L., (wife of Daniel J. Ginney), born 1881, died 1964, (age not given).
Ginney, Ford E., born 1904, died 1968, (age not given).
Goff, Elvira Davis, wife of Oliver Goff, born October 18, 1799, died December 18, 1890, (age not given).
Goff, Guernsey, son of Oliver and Elvira Davis Goff, born 1839, died 1917, (age not given).
Goff, J. Wheaton, son of Oliver and Elvira Davis Goff, born 1828, died 1904, (age not given).
Goff, Oliver, born Rehobeth, MA, November 17, 1788, died October 4, 1873, (age not given).
Goss, Caroline Smith, daughter of William H. and Maria Hayden Smith, born 1873, (no other data given).
Graves, Benjamin, died November 12, 1836, age 82 years (in 83d year), Revolutionary War Veteran.
Gregg, Darwin L., born 1901, died 1966, (age not given).
Gregg, Nicholas A., born April 18, 1890, died November 1, 1918, (age not given), killed in action at Argonne, France.
Guernsey, see Guernsey C. Goff.
Guernsey, Delos D., son of Sylvanus and Sarah L. Guernsey, died December 14, 1828, age 2 years 3 months.
Guernsey, Helen E., daughter of Sylvanus and Sarah L. Guernsey, died September 20, 1829, age 1 year 2 months.
Guy, ______, baby, (born and died in 1931?).
Guy, Alice E., born 1906, died 1933, (age not given).
Guy, Helen, (wife of Thomas Guy), born 1872, died 1939, (age not given).
Guy, Thomas, born 1864, died 1920, (age not given).
Hakes, (maiden name), see Adah S. Hakes Raymond.
Hall, Betsey M., wife of Sergeant E. Hall, died August 5, 1850, age 19 years
Hamblin, see Lebius and Eunice Stanard.
Hamblin, (maiden name), see Emma Hamblin Ransom.
Hamblin, Amanda B., (wife of Ora B. Hamblin?), born November 15, 1815, died January 8, 1906, (age not given).
Hamblin, David, died October 17, 1880, age 79 years 10 months.
Hamblin, Edwin H., son of E.L. and H.B. Hamblin, died April __, 1872, age 1 year 1 month (day of death not given).
Hamblin, Edwin S., born 1836, died 1911, (age not given).
Hamblin, Elizabeth, wife of Joshua Hamblin, (died November 3, 1843, age 65 years), (base of stone set in concrete obscuring date of death and age in 1995).
Hamblin, Emily Keeler, wife of Lewis Hamblin (2), died February 3, 1890, age 72 years.
Hamblin, Eugene L., died October 23, 1872, age 27 years.
Hamblin, Harriet, born 1804, died 1897, (age not given).
Hamblin, Lewis (1), died November 10, 1852, age 87 years.
Hamblin, Lewis (2), died February 7, 1881, age 84 years.
Hamblin, Lewis W., (son of Solomon Hamblin?), born October 26, 1832, died December 16, 1849, (age not given), (see also Lebius and Eunice Stanard).
Hamblin, Louesa M., (daughter of Ora B. and Amanda B. Hamblin?), born July 29, 1842, died June 21, 1867, (age not given).
Hamblin, Lulu A., (daughter of Ora B. and Amanda B. Hamblin?), born May 8, 1855, died June 9, 1858, (age not given).
Hamblin, Mary D'Ette, (daughter of Ora B. and Amanda B. Hamlin?), born April 30, 1841, died July 6, 1860, (age not given).
Hamblin, Mary E., wife of Edwin S. Hamblin, born 1835, died 1909, (age not given).
Hamblin, Mercy, wife of Lewis Hamblin (1), died March 22, 1847, age 76 years.
Hamblin, Ora B., born April 27, 1819, died June 24, 1894, (age not given).
Hamblin, Phally, wife of William Hamblin, born November 24, 1805, died April 23, 1897, (age not given).
Hamblin, Solomon, (father of Lewis W. Hamblin?), born November 6, 1793, died August 1, 1839, (age not given), (see also Lebius and Eunice Stanard).
Hamblin, William, born March 6, 1803, died March 3, 1880, (age not given).
Harding, (maiden name), see Elizabeth Harding Raymond.
Harding, (maiden name) see Mattie A. Harding Price.
Harding, Anna Wilcox, wife of B.F. Harding, born 1863, died 1932, (age not given).
Harding, Benjamin F., born 1853, died 1933, (age not given).
Harding, Horace, born 1823, died 1905, (age not given).
Harding, Josephine C., daughter of H. and N. Harding, died January 29, 1862, age 5 years 2 months 11 days.
Harding, Nancy Quafee, wife of Horace Harding, born 1821, died 1893, (age not given).
Harter, (maiden name), see Elizabeth Harter Britt.
Hatch, (maiden name), see Alice K. Hatch Dorman.
Hatch, (maiden name), see Jenette H. Hatch Sunderlin.
Hatch, Elnathan, born 1806, died 1886, (age not given).
Hatch, Oliver W., (son of Elnathan and Sally Reeve Hatch), born 1846, died 1916, (age not given).
Hatch, Sally Reeve, wife of Elnathan Hatch, born 1813, died 1877, (age not given).
Hathaway, (maiden name), see Minerva Hathaway Munger.
Hayden, see Caroline Smith Goss.
Hayden, (maiden name), see Maria Hayden Smith.
Heath, Ardin, died October 19, 1849, age 44 years.
Heath, John, died August 14, 1844, age 61 years.
Heath, Polly, consort of John Heath, died August 27, 1842, age 54 years.
Henderson, Charles S., born 1865, died 1942, (age not given).
Hess, Jennie Wells, born 1889, died 1942, (age not given).
Hill, see Phidelia S. Blakeslee.
Hill, see Flora F. Morey Howard.
Hill, (maiden name), see Rosa E. Hill Britt.
Hill, (maiden name), see Nellie Hill Cox.
Hill, (maiden name), see Flavilla B. Hill Morey.
Hill, (maiden name), see Nancy A. Hill Morey.
Hill, (maiden name), see Carrie Hill Shaut.
Hill, Charles N., son of Daniel S. and Ursula Hill, died June 11, 1857, age 13 years 6 months.
Hill, Helen A., wife (2) of Webster C. Hill, born 1852, died 1921, (age not given).
Hill, Inez Hall, born 1866, died 1907, (age not given).
Hill, Isyphena Annas, wife of John Hill (1), died October 27, 1887, age 81 years.
Hill, Jesse R., born 1874, died 1946, (age not given).
Hill, John (1), died September 23, 1879, age 79 years.
Hill, John (2), born 1862, died 1945, (age not given).
Hill, Mary Keyes, wife of Norman B. Hill, born 1839, died 1927, (age not given).
Hill, Norman B., born 1839, died 1889, (age not given).
Hill, Ursula (1), wife of Daniel S. Hill, died October 19, 1845, age 31 years (2 months), (part of age illegible in 1995).
Hill, Ursula (2), wife (1) of W.C. Hill, died April 25, 1873, age 38 years.
Hill, Webster C., born 1835, died 1904, (age not given).
Hinkley, Hannah, wife of Jared Hinkley, died April 29, 1831, age 29 years (in 30th year).
Hodge, (maiden name), see M. Alice Hodge Englehart.
Hodge, (maiden name), see Nancy M. Hodge Vibbert.
Hodge, Addie D. Robie, wife of George R. Hodge, born 1861, died 1916, (age not given).
Hodge, Bertha, born 1889, died 1943, (age not given).
Hodge, Betsey L. Ransom, wife of Hiram B. Hodge, born October 23, 1824, died March 11, 1902, (age not given).
Hodge, Daniel, died February 27, 1860, age 50 years.
Hodge, David, born 1814, died 1901, (age not given).
Hodge, Elizabeth A. Cary, wife of Harrison H. Hodge, born 1844, (no other data given).
Hodge, Eveline, wife of David Hodge, born 1812, died April 1, 1873, age 61 years (monument and stone, stone in bushes near southeast corer).
Hodge, Fred W., born April 15, 1856, died December 4, 1896, (age not given).
Hodge, Guy, born 1886, died 1945, (age not given).
Hodge, George R., born 1861, died 1916, (age not given).
Hodge, Harrison H., born 1837, died 1914, (age bot given), Co. D, 50 Reg., NY Engineers.
Hodge, Hattie C. Stanley, wife of Fred W. Hodge, born November 22, 1856, died March 11, 1939, (age not given).
Hodge, Hiram B., born January 22, 1820, died April 3, 1891, (age not given).
Hollenbeck, Millard, born 1851, died 1925, (age not given).
Holmes, Polly, wife of Edward Holmes, died June 27, 1841, age 27 years 6 months 1 day.
Holmes, Seth B., son of Edward and Polly Holmes, died May 2, 1841, age 3 years 6 months.
Howard, (maiden name), see Evelyn M. Howard Zulauf.
Howard, Bethiah W., born 1854, (no other data given).
Howard, David C., born 1860, died 1937, (age not given).
Howard, David J., son of David C. and Flora F. Morey Howard, (no other data given).
Howard, Flora F. Morey, daughter of Capt. Charles P. and Flavilla Hill Morey, wife of David C. Howard, born 1862, died 1933, (age not given), (monument and stone).
Howard, Jefferson G., born 1849, died 1928, (age not given).
Howard, Phebe Card, wife of Nathan Howard, born 1817, died 1892, (age not given).
Howard, Nathan, born 1810, died 1899, (age not given).
Howard, Nellie C., born 1881, died 1899, (age not given).
Howe, Abel, died September 30, 1826, age 37 years (in 38th year).
Hoxie, Charles (2), born September 26, 1822, (no other data given).
Hoxie, Charles (1), born 1820, died 1898, (age not given), Pvt, Co. G., 54 Reg., NY Vol.
Hoxie, Susannah, wife of Charles Hoxie (1), born February 8, 1818, died October 3, 1892, (age not given).
Hoxie, Willie H., born June 8, 1863, (no other data given).
Hubbard, (maiden name), see Anna M. Hubbard McDuffee.
Hubbard, (maiden name), see Flora Hubbard Smith Douglas.
Hubbard, ______, (wife of John Hubbard), born 1838, (no other data given).
Hubbard, Amelia Blakeslee, wife of Horace Hubbard, born 1815, died 1871, (age not given).
Hubbard, Caroline, born July 28, 1834, died October 16, 1839, (age not given).
Hubbard, Desire, wife (2) of John W. Hubbard, died January 24, 1831, age 36 years (in 37th year).
Hubbard, Electa C., daughter of John W. and Susan Hubbard, died January 18, 1830, age 14 years (in 15th year).
Hubbard, Frances, daughter of Horace and Amelia Blakeslee Hubbard, born March 8, 1848, died October 15, 1848, (age not given).
(Hubbard), Gertrude, (daughter of John and ______ Hubbard?), born 1868, died 1908, (age not given).
Hubbard, Horace, born 1818, died 1896, (age not given).
Hubbard, John, born 1836, died 1919, (age not given), (grave marker only).
Hubbard, John W., died July 22, 1859, age 70 years, (stone almost illegible).
Hubbard, Smedley, son of John W. and Susannah Hubbard, died November 16, 1832, age 21 years (in 22nd year).
Hubbard, Susan, wife (1) of John W. Hubbard, died December 19, 1822, age 33 years (in 34th year).
Hughes, Doramae Robie, born 1924, died 1978, (age not given).
Hurd, Asa, (no other data given), Brig. Gen., War of 1812.
Hutchinson, (maiden name), see Polly Hutchinson Woodworth.
Huyck, (maiden name), see Libbie D. Huyck (Tooke).
Huyck, Cora Watkins, (no other data given), (stone not found in 1995).
Huyck, Kittie J. Lansing, wife of Willis P. Huyck, born August 30, 1859, died July 18, 1889, (age not given).
Huyck, Luella L., born July 23, 1864, died June 8, 1865, (age not given).
Huyck, Luzetta A. Robinson, wife of Philip J. Huyck, born December 16, 1831, died December 29, 1913, (age not given).
Huyck, Philip J., born October 21, 1825, died January 3, 1914, (age not given).
Huyck, Willis P., born June 6, 1860, died May 23, 1950, (age not given).
Hyatt, Aaron Sanford, MD, son of F.A. and E.M. Hyatt, born October 18, 1856, died March 20, 1899, (age not given).
Hyatt, Elizabeth Benedict, wife (2) of F.A. Hyatt, born August 31, 1840, died July 7, 1905, (age not given).
Hyatt, Elizabeth Martha Robinson, wife (1) of F.A. Hyatt, born December 29, 1828, died March 20, 1869, (age not given).
Hyatt, Francis Austin, born at Ridgefield CT, August 5, 1828, died February 13, 1904, (age not given).
Hyatt, Francis Henry, son of F.A. and E.M. Hyatt, born July 3, 1852, died December 31, 1913, (age not given).
Hyatt, Theodore Fremont, son of F.A. and E.M. Hyatt, born June 20, 1863, died May 21, 1931, (age not given).
James, Charles, born 1871, died 1939, (age not given).
James, Cora, (wife of Charles James?), born 1880, died 1923, (age not given).
Jenson, M. Julian, born 1911, died 1932, (age not given).
Jewell, Louise, born 1865, died 1944, (age not given).
Judd, Abigail, wife of Silas Judd, died March 13, 1860, age 82 years.
Judd, Cornelia B., daughter of I. and B. Judd, died May 10, 1834, age 10 months 19 (days), (base of stone set in concrete).
Judd, Isaac N., died January 31, 1837, age 21 months (1 year 9 months).
Judd, Silas, died February 6, 1862, age 86 years.
Judge, James, born 1835, died 1892, (age not given).
Judge, Julia Colegrove, wife of James Judge, born 1837, died 1924, (age not given).
Keeler, (maiden name), see Genevieve L. Keeler Avery.
Keeler, (maiden name), see Emily Keeler Hamblin.
Keeler, (maiden name), see Elmira Keeler Lansing.
Keeler, (maiden name), see Phebe Keeler Marshall.
Keeler, Carrie Avery, wife of C. Clayton Keeler, born 1859, died 1941 ((age not given)).
Keeler, C. Clayton, born 1856, died 1917, (age not given).
Keeler, Harvey, died April 9, 1882, age 58 years.
Keeler, Jane M., born 1832, died 1924, (age not given), stone says "buried in Wilson Cemetery Fenner" (no stone there in 1995).
Keeler, John S., born 1832, died 1909, (age not given), stone says "buried in Wilson Cemetery Fenner" (no stone there in 1995).
Keeler, Lauretta Allen, wife of Harvey Keeler, died September 22, 1901, age 75 years.
Keeler, Marian, daughter of C. Clayton and Carrie Avery Keeler, born 1889, died 1892, (age not given).
Kellogg, Hilda W., (wife of Norman P. Kellogg), born 1921, died 1984, (age not given).
Kellogg, Norman P., born 1909, died 1983, (age not given).
Kennedy, Mark, born 1892, died 1973, (age not given).
Kennedy, Mildred, (wife of Mark Kennedy), born 1903, died 1966, (age not given).
Kennedy, William M., born 1864, died 1907, (age not given).
Keyes, (maiden name), see Mary Keyes Hill.
Keyes, L. Smith, born 1818, died 1906, (age not given).
Keyes, Magdaline, (wife of L. Smith Keyes), born 1819, died 1906, (age not given).
Keys, Marcus L., (son of L. Smith and Magdalene Keys), born 1846, died 1877, (age not given).
Lamb, B. Franklin, died March 19, 1852, age 36 years 5 months 9 days (age partially buried in cement, what is visible agrees).
Lamb, Cora A., daughter of O.P. and M.W. Lamb, died November 21, 1881, age 27 years.
Lamb, Fannie M., wife of Martin Lamb, died July 14, 1860, age 76 years 7 months 22 days.
Lamb, Fedelia D., died September 21, 1882, age 59 years.
Lamb, Margaret W., wife of Oliver P. Lamb, died April 2, 1857, age 27 years 3 months 24 days.
Lamb, Martin, died May 25, 1846, age 65 years 5 months.
Lamphere, Charles M., born 1909, died 1983, (age not given).
Lamphere, Sylvia N., (wife of Charles M. Lamphere), born 1912, died 1986, (age not given).
Lansing, (maiden name), see Augusta M. Lansing Avery.
Lansing, (maiden name), see Kittie J. Lansing Huyck.
Lansing, ______, (stone next to Zilpha Lansing very rotted, buried, and illegible).
Lansing, Abraham W., died February 5, 1845, age 60 years (in 61st year).
Lansing, Abram G., (died April 1, 1847, age __ years), (base buried in concrete).
Lansing, Austin, born 1828, died 1903, (age not given), Co. G., 45 IL Reg., Vol. Inf.
Lansing, Carroll D., (son?) of Austin and Velnette Colegrove Lansing, (no other data given).
Lansing, Elmira Keeler, wife of Abram G. Keeler, died November 5, 1858, age 37 years 9 months.
(Lansing), Emeline, daughter of Abraham W. and Sarah (Lansing), died December 22, 1828, age 18 years (in 19th year), (no last name on stone).
Lansing, Garret, born July 8, 1745, died December 24, 1837, (age not given), Pvt, NY Militia, Revolutionary War (recent stone).
Lansing, Harry C., son of Austin and Velnette Colegrove Lansing, (no other data given).
Lansing, Kittie J., daughter of Austin and Velnette Colegrove Lansing, (no other data given).
Lansing, Peter, died May 6, 1824, age 57 years.
Lansing, Sarah, wife of Abraham W. Lansing, died September 5, 1855, age 67 years.
Lansing, Sarah M., daughter of H.P. and Lydia Ann Lansing, died May 23, 1844, age 2 months.
Lansing, Scott W., son of A.G. and Elvira Lansing, died August 14, 1847, age 2 years 8 months 7 days.
Lansing, Velnette Colegrove, wife of Austin Lansing, born 1831, died 1904, (age not given), (monument and stone).
Lansing, William E., son of Austin and Velnette Colegrove Lansing, (no other data given).
Lansing, Zilpha, wife of Peter Lansing, died August 5, 1832, age 50 years (in 51st year).
Leason, (maiden name), see Eunice Leason Ayers.
Leason, Abiah Shaw, wife of Jason Leason, died July 26, 1894, age 94 years (stone not found in 1995).
Leason, Amanda M., died July 16, 1878, age 64 years.
Leason, Jason, died July 30, 1871, age 88 years (stone not found in 1995).
Leason, Minnie, daughter of E. and E. Leason, died December 8, 1876, age 10 years 11 months 7 days.
Leebrick, (maiden name), see Cora L. Tayntor.
Leet, (maiden name), see Ruie A. Leet Mason.
Leonard, Katherine M., born 1889, died 1952, (age not given).
Leonard, Robert E. Sr., born June 4, 1908, died June 14, 1992, (age not given), TEC 5, US Army, WWII.
Leonard, Ruth D., born 1901, died 1992, (age not given), (temporary marker in 1995).
(Maine), ______, baby, born and died in 1873, (child of Paul S. and Florence K. Maine).
Maine, Angie C., wife of Elon G. Maine, born 1844, died 1928, (age not given).
Maine, Asa R., died February 1, 1863, age 42 years 8 months.
Maine, Elon G., born 1825, died 1913, (age not given).
Maine/Armstrong, L. Ethelyn, (daughter of Paul S. and Florence K. Maine?), born 1874, died 1961, (age not given), (not clear if her surname is Maine or Armstrong, see Frank G. Maine/Armstrong)
(Maine), Florence K., (wife of Paul S. Maine), born 1850, died died 1936, (age not given).
Maine/Armstrong, Frank G., (son of Paul S. and Florence K. Maine?), born 1875, died 1966, (not clear if surname is Armstrong or Maine, see L. Ethelyn Maine/Armstrong).
Maine, Lucy, wife of Asa R. Main, died February 21, 1878, age 49 years 7 months.
Maine, Lydia, wife of Paul R. Maine, died January 23, 1857, age 90 years.
Maine, Nellie Alice, died August 31, 1865, age 10 years 9 months.
Maine, Paul R., died October 22, 1865, age 74 years.
Maine, Paul S., born 1847, died 1921, (age not given).
Maine, Phebe M., died December 11, 1890, age 68 years.
Margrey, (maiden name), see Irene Margrey Pickard.
Margrey, Florence A., (wife of Van Ray Margret), born 1886, died 1974, (age not given).
Margrey, Iva Mae, born 1904, died 1977, (age not given).
Margrey, Van Ray, born 1884, died 1947, (age not given).
Marshall, (maiden name), see Rena Marshall Agnew.
Marshall, Alcha, wife of Caleb Marshall, died January 7, 1852, age 82 years.
Marshall, Caleb, died November 1, 1847, age 79 years.
Marshall, Carrie I., (wife of Stanton Marshall(, born 1876, died 1944, (age not given).
Marshall, Charles P., born June 13, 1839, died July 20, 1892, (age not given).
Marshall, Electa Fargo, (wife of Elmer Marshall?), born 1836, died 1894, (age not given).
Marshall, Ellen A., wife of John Marshall, born 1871, died died 1953, (age not given).
Marshall, Elmer, born 1819, died 1912, (age not given).
Marshall, Elvira, wife (2) of James Marshall, died October 31, 1890, age 74 years.
Marshall, Frank S., born 1898, (no other data given) (stone not found in 1995).
Marshall, Genevive R., born 1906, died 1906, (age not given) (stone not found in 1995).
Marshall, Hilon G., born 1863, (no other data given).
Marshall, Howard E., born 1870, died 1905, (age not given).
Marshall, James, died July 3, 1886, age 76 years.
Marshall, Jane, wife (1) of James Marshall, died July 6, 1848, age 37 years.
Marshall, John, born 1856, died 1939, (age not given).
Marshall, Linnie R. Taylor, wife of Hilon G. Marshall, born 1868, died 1928, (age not given).
Marshall, Martha E. Washburn, wife of Scoville E. Marshall, born 1848, died 1893, (age not given).
Marshall, Phebe Keeler, born 1790, died 1878, (new stone) (old stone not found in 1995 had wife of Thomas Marshall, died November 20, 1879, age 89 years).
Marshall, Phebe (2), wife of Charles P. Marshall, born October 13, 1840, died February 6, 1924, (age not given).
Marshall, Robert E., born 1861, died 1911, (age not given).
Marshall, Scoville E., born 1848, died 1906, (age not given).
Marshall, Stanton F., born 1875, died 1946, (age not given).
Marshall, Thomas, born 1793, died 1863, (old stone not found in 1995 had died April 24, 1863, age 89 years 10 months).
Marshall, Willie, born 1871, died 1895, (age not given).
Martin, (maiden name), see Jennie Martin Shaver.
Martin, George F., born 1819, died 1902, (age not given).
Martin, Hiram P., born 1868, died 1882, (age not given).
Martin, Sarah J. Raymond, wife of George F. Martin, born 1835, died 1921, (age not given).
Mason, Albert T., born 1861, died 1949, (age not given).
Mason, Cynthia, (wife of Albert T. Mason), born 1866, died 1912, (age not given).
Mason, Frederick J., born 1878, (no other data given).
Mason, Ruie A. Leet, wife of Frederick J. Mason, born 1875, died 1904, (age not given).
May, (maiden name?), see Betsey May Allen.
McDuffee, Anna M. Hubbard, wife of Cyrus T. McDuffee, born March 16, 1848, died April 2, 1889, (age not given).
McManus, Edwin J., born 1885, died 1944, (age not given).
McManus, Margaret B., (wife of Edwin J. McManus), born 1892, died 1971, (age not given).
McWane, John, born April 20, 1832, died May 6, 1912, (age not given).
McWane, Mary, born October 25, 1800, died January 3, 1891, (age not given), "Mother".
McWane, Rosilla Cook, wife of John McWane (Mane?), born October 29 or 30, 1826, died January 9, 1892, (age not given) (on two monuments, day of death illegible).
Mead, (maiden name), see Pearl Mead Merrit.
Mead, Benjamin Rush, Dr., born 1850, died 1882, (age not given).
Mead, Eugene L., born 1865, died 1930, (age not given)
Mead, Fannie E. Gallup, wife of Eugene L. Mead, born 1861, died 1937, (age not given).
Mead, Francis, born 1832, died 1912, (age not given).
Mead, Harriet L., wife of Dr. Theodore Mead, born January 24, 1826, died July 27, 1886, (age not given).
Mead, Hattie Bell, born 1862, died 1862, (age not given).
Mead, Ida Blakeslee, wife of Dr. Benjamin Rush Mead, born 1854, died 1916, (age not given).
Mead, Lula Bell, born 1864, died 1865, (age not given).
Mead, Mary Strong, wife of Francis Mead, born 1839, died 1911, (age not given).
Mead, Napoleon Bonepart, born 1852, died 1876, (age not given).
Mead, Theodore, Dr., born September 25, 1819, died December 11, 1886, (age not given).
Merritt, (maiden name), see Louisa Merritt Wells.
Merritt, Ceretia Smith, wife of Samuel E. Merritt, born 1833, died 1910, (age not given).
Merritt, Louisa, wife of Samuel Merritt, died October 3, 1866, age 66 years.
Merrit, Pearl Mead, wife of Whitfield A. Merrit, born 1875, died 1962, (age not given).
Merritt, Samuel, died September 27, 1858, age 58 years (in 59th year).
Merrit, Samuel E., born 1836, died 1911, (age not given).
Merritt, Whitfield A., born 1871, died 1945, (age not given).
Meyer, (maiden name), see Jennie E. Meyer Taylor.
Mickley, Ida Ford, born 1867, died 1891, (age not given).
Miller, Anna Richardson, wife of William Miller, born 1832, died 1917, (age not given).
Miller, William, born 1837, died 1912, (age not given).
Mills, Susan, died February 6, 1862, age 86 years (stone not found in 1995).
Mills, Susan, Miss, daughter of Joseph and Martha Mills, died April 26, 1843, age 60 years.
Mitchell, Anna, wife of Elijah Mitchell, died January 11, 1872, age 89 years 7 months 26 days.
Mitchell, Elijah, died November 18, 1865, age 86 years 10 months 10 days.
Moochler, Emma, born 1856, died 1934, (age not given).
Moochler, George E., born 1859, died 1934, (age not given).
Moochler, Orville, born 1848, died 1932, (age not given).
Morey, (maiden name), see Flora F. Morey Howard.
Morey, Alison H., (daughter of Capt. Charles P. and Flavilla B. Hill Morey), born May 6, 1860, died November 10, 1924, (age not given) (monument and stone).
Morey, Amanda, born November 13, 1812, died March 13, 1891, (age not given) (on Hubbard monument).
Morey, Benedict, born 1874, died 1951, (age not given).
Morey, Charles C., son of Capt. Charles P. and Flavilla B. Hill Morey, (no other data given).
Morey, Charles P., Capt., born North Adams, MA, October 28, 1830, died Buffalo, NY, February 20, 1881, (age not given).
Morey, Flavilla B. Hill, wife of Capt. Charles P. Morey, born Fenner, NY, December 14, 1829, died Buffalo, NY, October 2, 1910, (age not given).
Morey, Nancy A. Hill, wife of Henry G. Morey, died Buffalo, NY, April 4, 1874, age 38 years.
Munger, Birdie, child of William C. and Sally M. Baldwin Munger, (no other data).
Munger, Chancy, born July 11, 1802, died July 21, 1879, (age not given).
Munger, George B., MD, born October 13, 1835, died January 16, 1897, (age not given).
Munger, Ida Treat, wife (2) of George B. Munger MD, died August 3, 1884, age 33 years.
Munger, Jennie S. Ray, wife (1) of George B. Munger MD, born February 11, 1839, died April 12, 1879, (age not given).
Munger, Lillie A., daughter of William and Sallie M. Baldwin Munger, born 1864, died 1876, (old list says died March 12, 1876, age 11 years 11 months 8 days but not found in 1995).
Munger, Mary A., born February 2, 1833, died September 29, 1861, (age not given).
Munger, Minerva Hathaway, wife of Chancy Munger, born March 18, 1803, died May 27, 1868, (age not given).
Munger, Sallie M. Baldwin, wife of William C. Munger, born 1836, died 1878, (age not given).
Munger, Sarah E., born June 15, 1831, died July 31, 1855, (age not given).
Munger, Squire E., born July 31, 1829, died July 3, 1854, (age not given).
Munger, William C., born 1827, died 1916, (age not given).
Munger, Winfield Scott, son of William and Sallie M. Baldwin Munger, born 1867, died December 16, 1870, age 3 years 7 months 10 days.
Murdick, Daisey, born 1901, died 1955, (age not given).
Murdick, Raymond, born 1907, (no other data given, still living in 1995?).
Murphy, Cornelia, daughter of E. and S. Andrus, wife of Thomas S. Murphy, died October 31, 1854, age 17 years.
Murphy, James S., born 1908, died 1979, (age not given).
Murphy, Leona M., born 1912, died 1994, (age not given).
Murphy, Morris H., born 1906, died 1928, (age not given).
Murphy, Nora H., born 1873, died 1944, (age not given).
Murphy, Robert H., born September 5, 1900, died November 21, 1955, (age not given), Fireman 1, US Navy, WWI and WWII.
Nash, Harriet E. Clock, wife of Milton G. Nash, born 1855, died 1935, (age not given).
Nash, Milton G., born 1855, died 1882, (age not given), (old list has died September 9, 1882, age 27 years, not found in 1995).
Near, Goodwin, son of T.G. and L. Near, died November 13, 1872, age 17 years 11 months 16 days (monument and stone).
Near, Lucretia Baum, wife (1) of Timothy G. Near, died June 1, 1874, age 44 years 8 months 22 days.
Near, Nancy S. Crosby, wife (2) of Timothy G. Near, (no other data given).
Near, Timothy G., died December 29, 1890, age 62 years 7 months 20 days.
Near, Ceto B., son of T.G. and L. Near, died July 21, 1874, age 13 years 5 months 6 days.
Near, Zetto R., son of T.G. and L. Near, died December 20, 1856, age 6 years 8 days (monument and stone).
Nichols, Cornelia Blakeslee, wife of Ira Ross Nichols, born 1813, died 1892, (age not given).
Nichols, Frank C., son of Lyman and Susan M. Evetts Nichols, born June 14, 1856, died July 20, 1856, (age not given).
Nichols, Ira Ross, born 1808, died 1896, (age not given).
Nichols, Nancy, wife of Capt. William Nichols, died March 1, 1826, age 30 years.
Nichols, Susan M. Evetts, wife of Lyman Nichols, born September 1, 1832, died September 18, 1856, (age not given).
Nichols, William, Capt., (no other data given), (old list says "grave has flag but no other marker" - how do we know location? nothing found in 1995).
Nostrant, May Youmans, born 1875, died 1916, (age not given).
Otis, (maiden name), see Sylvia Otis Smith.
Paddock, Frank Henry, born 1872, died 1873, (age not given) (on Mead monument).
Paddock, Josephine H., born 1848, died 1927, (age not given) (on Mead monument).
Page, James, born 1841, died 1913, (age not given) (stone not found in 1995).
Page, Sarah, born 1838, died 1872, (age not given) (stone not found in 1995).
Page, Susan, born 1835, died 1905, (age not given) (stone not found in 1995).
Parisou, Electa Fargo, wife of Joseph H. Parisou, born 1853, died 1930, (age not given).
Parisou, Grace, daughter of J.H. and E.J.Parisou, died May 5, 1874, age 1 year 1 month 5 days.
Parisou, Joseph H., born 1851, died 1904, (age not given).
Parisou, Rush, son of J.H. and E.J.Parisou, died February 24, 1877, age 11 months 12 days.
Pennock, Almira, wife of Marshall Pennock, died March 31, 1823, age 24 years (in 25th year).
Perry, Adelbert, born 1887, died 1942, (age not given).
Perry, Carrie, born 1866, died 1957, (age not given).
Peterson, Julius, born 1878, died 1954, (age not given), (with Siebenbaum).
Phillips, Daniel R., son of R. and S. Phillips, died August 10, 1831, age 2 years.
Phillips, Martha M., daughter of Ralph and Susannah Phillips, (died September 14, 1850, age 14 years) (base buried in concrete in 1995).
Phillips, Mary J., daughter of Ralph and Susannah Phillips, died June 11, 1850, (age 16 years) (age buried in concrete in 1995).
Phillips, Ralph, died June 23, 1873, age 71 years (2 stones with same info.).
Phillips, Susannah, wife of Ralph Phillips, died March 2, 1866, age 63 years 9 months.
Pickard, (maiden name), see Nellie Pickard Seeber.
Pickard, Donald G., born 1905, died 1978, (age not given).
Pickard, Elva, (wife of John D. Pickard), born 1886, died 1977, (age not given).
Pickard, John D., born 1880, died 1849, (age not given).
Pickard, Irene Margrey, (wife of Donald G. Pickard), born 1912, (no other data given, still living in 1995?)
Pickett, Emily Treuman, wife of John Pickett, died November 30, 1857, age 47 years.
Pickett, John, died November 7, 1884, age 76 years.
Pomeroy, (maiden name), see Eliza E. Pomeroy Ransom.
Pomeroy, James, died November 6, 1869, age 79 years.
Pratt, Daniel, born 1779, died 1864, (age not given) (stone not found in 1995).
Pratt, Ezra, died September 23, 1862, age 53 years 11 months (stone not found in 1995).
Pratt, Francis S., son of Ezra and Elizabeth Pratt, died October 21, 1853, age 24 years 16 days.
Price, J.E., born 1865, died 1912, (age not given).
Price, Mattie E. Harding, wife of J.E. Price, born 1885, (no other data given).
Quafee, (maiden name), see Nancy Quafee Harding.
Ramseay, John H. Dr., died March 20, 1854, (age 60 years) (age buried in concrete in 1995).
Randall, Asa, born 1878, died 1960, (age not given).
Randall, Carl I., born December 23, 1907, died October 24, 1975, (age not given), Pvt, US Army, WWII.
Randall, Dorris M., (wife of Raymond A. Randall), born 1912, (no other data given, still living in 1995?)
Randall, Fidelia Snyder, wife of Isaac P. Randall, born 1842, died 1923, (age not given).
Randall, Frank, born 1877, died 1929, (age not given).
Randall, Frederick C., (son of Asa and Libbie Randall?), born 1913, died 1941, (age not given).
Randall, Harriett M., (wife of Carl I. Randall), born 1915, (no other data given, still living in 1995?)
Randall, Harvey, born 1882, died 1910, (age not given).
Randall, Isaac P. (also given as Prat P. Randall), born 1833, died June 1, 1887, age 54 years, Co. G., 157 Reg., NY Vol. (on two stones).
Randall, Jennie, born 1890, died 1968, (age not given).
Randall, Libbie, (wife of Asa Randall, born 1890, died 1958, (age not given).
Randall, Prat P., see Isaac P. Randall.
Randall, Raymond A., born 1909, (no other data given, still living in 1995?).
Ransom, (maiden name), see Adelaide V. Ransom Burroughs.
Ransom, (maiden name), see Betsey L. Ransom Hodge.
Ransom, ______, infant, son of O. and A. Ransom, died Februray 6, 1843, (age not given).
Ransom, ______, infant, daughter of Eli and Eliza R. Ransom, born 1851, died 1851, (age not given).
Ransom, Aurelia, wife of Orrin Ransom, born October 8, 1819, died July 2, 1896, (age not given).
Ransom, Charles H., born November 26, 1850, died 1924, (age not given) (monument and stone).
Ransom, Edwin D., born April 8, 1848, died June 6, 1939, (age not given).
Ransom, Eli N., died March 23, 1878, age 61 years 24 days.
Ransom, Eliza E. Pomeroy, wife of Eli N. Ransom, died January 10, 1899, age 74 years 2 days.
Ransom, Elizabeth, wife of Russel Ransom, died November 2, 1855, age 71 years 7 months.
Ransom, Emma Hamblin, wife of Edwin D. Ransom, born November 14, 1852, died June 13, 1940, (age not given).
Ransom, Emma M., wife of Charles H. Ransom, born 1855, died 1922, (age not given).
Ransom, Elthea, died September 9, 1836, age 91 years.
Ransom, Erastus, died May 6, 1874, age 60 years 1 month 11 days.
Ransom, Frankie D., son of Loran and Lydia Ransom, born September 7, 1857, died March 7, 1863, age 5 years 6 months, (on two stones).
Ransom, Henrietta, twin of Margareta Ransom, born April 26, 1855, (no other data given).
Ransom, Lovenia, died January 4, 1834, age 22 years.
Ransom, Loren, born June 3, 1822, died December 21, 1891, (age not given).
Ransom, Lydia A. Whipple, wife of Loren Whipple, born October 27, 1827, died March 12, 1903, (age not given).
Ransom, Margaretta, twin of Henrietta Ransom, born April 26, 1855, (no other data given).
Ransom, Matie E., (daughter of Eli N. and Eliza E. Pomeroy Ransom), died May 21, 1872, age 16 years 4 months 24 days.
Ransom, Orrin, born August 9, 1818, died April 13, 1887, (age not given).
Ransom, Robert, born August 13, 1788, died June 29, 1857, (age not given).
Ransom, Rufus S., born July 25, 1813, died February 5, 1858, (age not given).
Ransom, Russel, died June 4, 1861, age 81 years (bottom of stone found at northwest corner near entrance, top of stone missing in 1995).
Ray, (maiden name), see Jennie S. Ray Munger.
Ray, (maiden name), see Minnie Ray Scoville.
Ray, Betsey A., wife of Gershon Ray, died December 24, 1843, age 58 years (War of 1812 Veteran on old list).
Ray, Catharin, wife of Fenner B. Ray, born 1824, died 1903, (age not given).
Ray, Ella M., daughter of F.B. and C.M. Ray, died June 1, 1838, age 1 year 3 months (year illegible in 1995).
Ray, Fenner B., born 1824, died 1892, (age not given).
Ray, Flora A., wife of Frank J. Ray, born 1854, died 1910, (age not given).
Ray, Frank J., born 1852, died 1903, (age not given).
Ray, George G., son of Fenner B. and Catherine M. Ray, died February 15, 1848, age 2 years 8 months 4 days.
Ray, George T., son of Gershon and Betsey A. Ray, died October 12, 1836, age 29 years, (monument "erected by Lydia Cook, wife of Stephen P. Ray").
Ray, Gershon, died February 25, 1857, age 70 years.
Ray, Lydia Cook, wife of Stephen P. Ray, born Smithfield, NY, July 2, 1809, died May 12, 1893, (age not given).
Ray, Mary J., daughter of Fenner and Catherin Ray, died December 26, 1860, age 11 years 9 months 1 day.
Ray, Pardon J., son of William and L. Ray, died August 27, 1841, age 8 years 8 months 8 days.
Ray, Rexaville, daughter of Stephen P. and Lydia C. Ray, born November 23, 1842, died August 3, 1846, (age not given).
Ray, Sarah A., daughter of F.B. and C.M. Ray, died June 2, 1858, age 3 years 7 months.
Ray, Stephen P., born Stonington, CT, September 9, 1809, died April 2, 1871, (age not given).
Raymond, (maiden name), see Sarah J. Raymond Martin.
Raymond, (maiden name), see Gladys I. Raymond Sawyer.
Raymond, Ada, daughter of H. and E. Raymond, born 1880, died 1887, (age not given).
Raymond, Adah S. Hakes, wife of Peter Raymond (2), born 1870, died 1924, (age not given).
Raymond, Arthur L., born 1907, died 1983, (age not given).
Raymond, Chester, born 1902, died 1906, (age not given).
Raymond, Eliza Benn, wife of Ichabod Raymond, born 1808, died 1888, (age not given).
Raymond, Elizabeth Harding, wife of Peter Raymond (1), born 1849, died 1927, (age not given).
Raymond, Ella I., (wife of Fred Raymond), born 1881, died 1943, (age not given).
Raymond, Frances L., wife of George Raymond, born 1877, died 1966, (age not given).
Raymond, Fred, born 1875, died 1929, (age not given).
Raymond, George, born 1876, died 1968, (age not given).
Raymond, Grover, born 1891, died 1892, (age not given).
Raymond, Henry H., (son of Peter and Ada S. Hakes Raymond?), born 1910, (no other data given, still living in 1995?).
Raymond, Ichabod, born 1807, died 1887, (age not given).
Raymond, Margaret L., born 1920, died 1968, (age not given).
Raymond, Marvin, born 1886, died 1945, (age not given).
Raymond, Mary E., daughter of George and Frances L. Raymond, born 1905, died 1921, (age not given).
Raymond, Nellie M., (wife of Marvin Raymond), born 1884, died 1979, (age not given).
Raymond, Peter (1), born 1842, died 1915, (age not given).
Raymond, Peter (2), born 1875, died 1958, (age not given)
Raymond, Randall, born 1877, died 1929, (age not given) (stone not found in 1995).
Reiss, Rachel, 1991 only, (temporary marker in 1995)
Remington, (maiden name), see Abigail Remington Gillette.
Reeve, (maiden name), see Sally Reeve Hatch.
Richardson, (maiden name), see Althea Richardson Farnam.
Richmond, Frank I., born 1869, died 1936, (age not given).
Richmond, Georgia Sims, (wife of Frank I. Richmond), born 1877, died 1962, (age not given).
Richmond, Gladys H., (wife of Guy D. Richmond), born 1897, died 1987, (age not given).
Richmond, Guy D., born 1896, died 1970, (age not given).
Ritter, (maiden name), see Laura A. Ritter Colyer.
Robie, (maiden name), see Addie D. Robie Hodge.
Robie, (maiden name), see Doramae Robie Hughes.
Robie, Albert, born 1853, died 1941, (age not given).
Robie, Atalanta Case, wife of James G. Robie, born 1833, died 1905, (age not given).
Robie, Belle, (wife of Albert Robie?), born 1854, died 1923, (age not given).
Robie, George B., born 1864, died 1936, (age not given).
Robie, Harley J., born 1895, died 1961, (age not given).
Robie, James C., born 1815, died 1905, (age not given).
Robie, Stella G., (wife of Harley J. Robie), born 1896, died 1973, (age not given).
Robinson, (maiden name), see Elizabeth Martha Robinson Hyatt.
Robinson, (maiden name), see Luzetta A. Robinson Huyck.
Robinson, ______, infant son of Lyman and Lucy Robinson, born 1830, died (1830?), (age not given) (stone not found in 1995).
Robinson, Helen A. Dixon, wife of Smith L. Robinson, born April 5, 1835, died April 6, 1910, (age not given).
Robinson, Helen A., daughter of L. and L. Robinson, born March 15, 1849, died June 10, 1878, (age not given).
Robinson, James S., born September 21, 1833, died September 14, 1896, (age not given), Co. H., 2nd Reg., NY Vol. Cav.
Robinson, Lucy, wife of Lyman Robinson, born May 7, 1807, died January 2, 1888, (age not given).
Robinson, Lyman, born April 29, 1803, died June 14, 1884, (age not given).
Robinson, Maria G. Storms, wife of James S. Robinson, born July 17, 1836, died February 28, 1914, (age not given).
Robinson, Smith L., born September 19, 1835, died December 23, 1912, (age not given), Co. H., 14 reg., NY Vol.
Robinson, Theodore Van Ness (1), son of Lyman and Lucy Robinson, died April 20, 1840, age 8 months (stone not found in 1995).
Robinson, Theodore V. (2), son of Lyman and Lucy Robinson, died December 12, 1864, age 24 years, at Baltimore, MD, Sgt., 2nd Reg., NY Vol. Cav.
Roycroft, William E., Jr., Born September 7, 1960, died November 1, 1989, (age not given).
Safford, (maiden name), see Anna M. Safford Blakeslee.
Safford, (maiden name), see Delia A. Safford Blakeslee.
Sanford, see Aaron Sanford Hyatt.
Sawyer, Frederick D., born 1908, died 1972, (age not given).
Sawyer, Gladys I. Raymond, wife of Frederick D. Sawyer, born 1910, died 1975, (age not given).
Scoville, Minnie Ray, born 1874, died 1949, (age not given).
Seeber, Claude F., born August 16, 1898, died July 8, 1927, (age not given), Service Co., 5 Reg., U.S.M.C.
Seeber, Donald Edward, born November 28, 1907, died August 24, 1958, (age not given), PFC 311 Infantry, NY BSM-PH, WWII (on two stones).
Seeber, Nellie Pickard, (wife of Donald Edward Seeber), born 1907, died 1953, (age not given).
Seeley, Cora E., "Mother", born 1911, died 1979, (age not given).
Selleck, Caroline G., wife of William Selleck, died March 1, 1846, age 28 years 7 months 22 days.
Selleck, Drake, died April 25, 1862, age 73 years (has DAR marker - b.1789!).
Selleck, Ervin W., son of William H. and Caroline G. Selleck, age 1 year 2 months 1 day (date of death not given).
Selleck, Polly, wife of Drake Selleck, died August 26, 1830, age 46 years.
Selleck, Sophia, wife of William H. Selleck, born 1823, died 1902, (age not given) (stone not found in 1995).
Seymour, Merric J., son of L.B. and P.A. Seymour, died October 9, 1832, age 3 months.
Shaut, Carrie Hill, wife of Elmer E. Shaut, born 1864, died 1943, (age not given).
Shaut, Elmer E., born 1862, died 1889, (age not given).
Shaut, Norma H., daughter of Elmer E. and Carrie Hill Shaut, born 1889, died 1981, (age not given).
Shaver, Althea, daughter of Lester and Jennie Shaver, born 1892, died 1892, (age not given).
Shaver, George, son of Lester and Jennie Martin Shaver, born 1898, died 1899, (age not given).
Shaver, Jennie Martin, wife of Lester Shaver, born 1871, died 1943, (age not given).
Shaver, Lester, born 1863, died 1916, (age not given).
Shaw, (maiden name), see Abiah Shaw Leason.
Shoemaker, Jerry L., born 1944, died 1988, (age not given).
Siebenbaum, Christine, born 1902, died 1984, (age not given).
Siebenbaum, Henry, born 1903, died 1981, (age not given).
Sims, (maiden name), see Georgia Sims Richmond.
Slentz, Annie J., daughter of Oliver B. and Edna N. Slentz, born 1900, died 1929, (age not given).
Slentz, Edna N., (wife of Oliver B. Slentz), born 1876, died 1932, (age not given).
Slentz, Edna M., daughter of Oliver B. and Edna N. Slentz, born 1913, died 1921, (age not given).
Slentz, Olive W., daughter of Oliver B. and Edna N. Slentz, born 1905, died 1936, (age not given).
Slentz, Oliver B., born 1869, died 1922, (age not given).
Smith, (maiden name), see Alinda Smith Colyer.
Smith, (maiden name), see Caroline Smith Goss.
Smith, (maiden name), see Ceretia Smith Meritt.
Smith, (maiden name), see Flora Hubbard Smith Douglas.
Smith, ______, infant daughter of James F. and Lydia Ann Smith, died February 29, 1856, (age not given).
Smith, Amelia A., daughter of James F. and Lydia A. Smith, died August 4, 1847, age 6 years 3 months.
Smith, Amy Blakeslee, daughter of Warren and Louise B. Blakeslee?), born 1905, died 1988, (age not given).
Smith, Charles L., died April 6, 1884, age 32 years (on Cook monument).
Smith, David, born 1795, died 1875, (old list has died October 16, 1875, age 80 years but this data not found in 1995).
Smith, Elizabeth, wife of Reuben Smith, died May 2, 1862, age 83 years (stone not found in 1995).
Smith, Emila J., daughter of James F. and Lydia A. Smith, died August 8, 1847, age 4 years 1 month.
Smith, Ida E., daughter of James F. and Lydia Ann Smith, died January 27, 1862, age 4 years 5 months.
Smith, Inez Tayntor, born 1898, died 1987, (age not given).
Smith, James F. (1), born October 27, 1812, died May 3, 1887, (age not given).
Smith, James F. (2), son of James F. and Lydia A. Smith, died May 19, 1840, age 11 months 19 days (on same stone as James H. Smith, almost unreadable in 1995).
Smith, James H., son of James F. and Lydia A. Smith, died January 24, 1846, age 4 weeks 2 days (on same stone as James F. Smith (2), age not legible in 1995).
Smith, Jennie Mabel, daughter of Charles and Flora Smith, born 1882, died 1888, (age not given).
Smith, Lydia, wife of James F. Smith, born February 3, 1816, died September 19, 1892, (age not given).
Smith, Maria Hayden, wife of William H. Smith, born 1835, died 1912, (age not given).
Smith, Rachel, born 1821, died 1894, (age not given).
Smith, Reuben, died May 3, 1856, age 86 years (stone not found in 1995).
Smith, Sylvia Otis, wife of David Smith, born 1803, died 1881, (age not given).
Smith, William H., born 1840, died 1905, (age not given), Co. E., 4 Reg., MI Vol.
Snyder, (maiden name), see Fedelia Snyder Randall.
Snyder, Alberta O., born 1906, died 1974, (age not given).
Snyder, Alice E., (wife of Peter Snyder?), born 1868, died 1942, (age not given).
Snyder, Arlene A., born 1901, died 1926, (age not given).
(Snyder), Darryl F., born 1946, died 1953, (age not given).
Snyder, Floyd H., born 1899, died 1984, (age not given).
Snyder, Peter, born 1866, died 1946, (age not given).
Snyder, Thomas, born 1841, died 1915, (age not given).
Stafford, ______, baby, born 1906, died 1906, (age not given).
Stafford, Alice L., born 1853, died 1929, (age not given).
Stafford, Bessie P., born 1883, (no other data given).
Stafford, Daisy C., born 1881, died 1967, (age not given).
Stafford, Eddie E., son of H.M. and L.M. Stafford, born 1868, died September 25, 1869, age 1 year 6 months.
Stafford, Frank G., born 1882, died 1920, (age not given).
Stafford, Henry M., born 1838, died 1925, (age not given).
Stafford, Louise D., (wife of Smith H. Stafford?) born 1869, died 1913, (age not given).
Stafford, Louise M., born 1839, died 1877, (age not given) (monument and stone).
Stafford, Milton D., born 1889, (no other data given).
Stafford, Robert S., son of Louise D. (and Smith H.?) Stafford, born and died in 1913, (age not given)
Stafford, Smith H., born 1869, died 1936, (age not given).
Stafford, Willard, born 1908, died 1908, (age not given).
Stafford, William S., born 1880, died 1945, (age not given).
Stanard, Eunice, (wife of Lebius Stanard?), died December 1, 1831, age 71 years, "Grandmother" (of Solomon Hamblin?).
Stanard, Lebius, died September 5, 1846, age 89 years 9 months, Revolutionary War Soldier, "Grandfather" (of Solomon Hamblin?).
Stanley, (maiden name), see Hattie C. Stanley Hodge.
Stanton, (maiden name), see Gertrude Stanton Blakeslee.
Stewart, (maiden name), see Lottie Stewart Baldwin.
Stewart, Ruth C., born 1901, died 1986, (age not given), (temporary marker 1995).
Stoddard, (maiden name), see Abigail Stoddard Avery.
Stocking, John, died August 20, 1830, age 67 years (Revolutionary War Veteran on old list).
Storms, (maiden name), see Maria G. Storms Robinson.
Storms, George N., son of John and Maria Storms, died May 17, 1847, age 27 years.
Storms, John (1), died January 25, 1856, age 81 years.
Storms, John (2), born 1809, died 1890, (age not given).
Storms, Margaret, wife of John Storms (2), born 1810, died 1869, (age not given), "buried at Port Leyden".
Storms, Maria, wife of John Storms (1), died May 18, 1870, age 90 years.
Streeter, Chester P., died January 20, 1852, age 30 years.
Streeter, Philinda Cook, wife of Chester P. Streeter, died October 9, 1872, age 51 years.
Strong, (maiden name), see Mary Strong Mead.
Sunderlin, Jenette H. Hatch, wife of Robert J. Sunderlin, born 1839, died 1917, (age not given).
Sunderlin, Robert J., born 1836, died 1896, (age not given).
Swarts, Jennie E., daughter of C. and M.A. Swarts, died August 12, 1865, age 3 years 22 days (stone broken and found at northwest corner on fence line near entrance, top of stone with name missing).
Taylor, (maiden name), see Linnie R. Taylor Marshall.
Taylor, (maiden name), see Ethel F. Taylor Webster.
Taylor, E. Herbert, died May 6, 1935, age 88 years, 2nd Reg., NY Vol. Cav.
Taylor, Edwin W., died October 13, 1875, age 56 years.
Taylor, Electa S. Gallup, wife of Edwin W. Taylor, died August 9, 1884, age 68 years.
Taylor, Frances P., wife of Herbert Taylor, died July 9, 1905, age 56 years.
Taylor, Fred M., born 1875, died 1948, (age not given).
Taylor, Herman S., died October 23, 1894, age 41 years.
Taylor, Jennie E. Myer, born 1852, died 1920, (age not given).
Taylor, Josie M., (wife of Fred M. Taylor), born 1877, died 1964, (age not given).
Taylor, Louis R., died May 11, 1840, age 57 years.
Taylor, Raymond M., born September 21, 1907, (no other data given, still living in 1995?).
Taylor, Sophronia L., (wife of Raymond M. Taylor), born August 8, 1898, died April 19, 1984, (age not given).
Tayntor, (maiden name), see Inez Tayntor Smith.
Tayntor, (maiden name), see Marion T. Wicks.
Tayntor, Albert O., born 1862, died 1957, (age not given).
Tayntor, Cora L. (Leebrick?), born 1863, died 1950, (age not given).
Tayntor, Nina E., born 1893, died 1977, (age not given).
Thomas, J. Ernest, born 1908, died 1980, (age not given).
Thomas, Marjorie P., (wife of J. Ernest Thomas), born 1913, (no other data given, still living in 1995?).
Tillinghast, Delia, wife of Peter Tillinghast, died March 13, 1845, age __, (stone not found in 1995).
Tillapaugh, DeWitt C., son of Peter and Delia Tillspaugh, died March 13, 1845, age 2 years 6 months 19 days.
Tooke, Dempster P., born April 8, 1835, died December 18, 1919, (age not given).
(Tooke), Libbie D. Huyck, (wife of Dempster D. Tooke?), born May 22, 1854, died January 24, 1948, (age not given).
Toppin, Thomas, (no other data given).
Treat, (maiden name), see Ida Treat Munger.
Treuman, (maiden name), see Emily Treuman Pickett.
Trowbridge, Francis, born 1891, died 1929, (age not given).
Trowbridge, Rosa Adle, wife of Francis Trowbridge, born 1902, (no other data given).
Truman, (see Treuman)
Tucker, (maiden name), see Flavilla Tucker Colegrove.
Turvery, Stella Colyer, born April 27, 1903, died January 22, 1994.
Tuttle, Harriet, daughter of John and Roxa Irene Tuttle, died January 29, 1840, age 25 years.
Tuttle, Margaret Elizabeth, daughter of John and Roxa Irene Tuttle, died January 29, 1841, age 23 years.
Tuttle, Mercy Ann, daughter of John and Roxa Irene Tuttle, died March 17, 1842, age 17 years.
Tuttle, Pelatiah, died July 24, 1837, age 82 years (Revolutionary War Veteran on old list).
Tuttle, Sarah, died March 28, 1836, age 45 years.
Tuttle, Sarah Matilda, wife of Henry Tuttle, died June 28, 1840, age __ years (stone broken and rotten, age illegible).
Van Alstyne, Frank D., born 1875, died 1947, (age not given).
Van Alstyne, Frank R., born 1908, (no other data given, still living in 1995?).
Van Alstyne, Nellie E., (wife of Frank D. Van Alstyne), born 1880, died 1980, (age not given).
Van Alstyne, Olin D., born 1901, died 1972, (age not given).
Van Epps, (maiden name), see Laura V. Andrews.
Van Epps, Carrie, born 1873, died 1939, (age not given).
Van Epps, Charles, born 1899, died 1947, (age not given).
Van Epps, Earl L., born 1891, died 1962, (age not given).
Van Epps, Fred, born 1873, died 1939, (age not given).
Van Vleck, Harry, son of Peter and Tryphena Colgrove Van Vleck, born 1830, died 1839, (age not given).
Van Vleck, Peter, born 1804, died 1834, (age not given).
Van Vleck, Tryphena Colgrove, wife of Peter Van Vleck, born 1806, died 1836, (age not given).
Vibbert, Anna, wife of Stephen Vibbert, born 1809, died 1879, (age not given).
Vibert, Emma C., daughter of Eli and Armenia Vibert, died January 22, 1860, age 10 months 8 days.
Vibbert, Ephie C., son of E. and F. Vibbert, born and died in 1894 (?) (age not given).
Vibbert, Ephraim born 1840, died 1919, (age not given), Co. B, 157 Reg., NY Inf.
Vibbert, Nancy M. Hodge, wife of Ephraim Vibbert, born 1844, died 1893, (age not given).
Vibbert, Stephen R., born 1813, died 1873, (age not given).
Walters, Ada M., (wife of J. Wesley Walters?) born 1891, died 1963, (age not given).
Walters, Charles, born 1868, died 1926, (age not given).
Walters, J. Wesley, born 1901, died 1968, (age not given).
Walters, Miriam, (wife of Charles Walters?), born 1872, died 1933, (age not given).
Warner, Mildred M., born 1900, died 1990, (age not given).
Washburn, (maiden name), see Martha E. Washburn Marshall.
Watkins, (maiden name), see Cora Watkins Huyck.
Webster, Ethel F. Taylor, (wife of Fenton E. Webster), born 1889, died 1986, (age not given).
Webster, Fenton E., born 1884, died 1966, (age not given).
Weisbrod, George G., born 1888, died 1970, (age not given).
Weisbrod, Gerald, born 1921, (no other data given still living in 1995).
Weisbrod, Jennie R., (wife of George G. Weisbrod), born 1887, died 1964, (age not given).
Weisbrod, Leta L. Bacon, wife of Gerald Weisbrod, born 1925, (no other data given, still living in 1995?).
Wells, (maiden name), see Inez Wells Bailey.
Wells, (maiden name), see Mary Frances Wells Ford.
Wells, (maiden name), see Jennie Wells Hess.
Wells, David, born 1815, died 1894, (age not given).
Wells, Irvine S., born 1862, died 1942, (age not given).
Wells, James G., born 1850, died 1903, (age not given).
Wells, Louisa Merritt, wife (2) of David Wells, born 1829, died 1896, (age not given).
Wells, Mame, (wife of Irvine S. Wells), born 1861, died 1938, (age not given).
Wells, Mary A., wife of William B. Wells, born 1865, died 1940, (age not given).
Wells, Nancy Farley, wife (1) of David Wells, born 1820, died 1843, (age not given).
Wells, Llewellyn E., born 1892, died 1925, (age not given).
Wells, William B., born 1865, died 1939, (age not given).
Whipple, (maiden name), see Lydia A. Whipple Ransom.
Whiting, Harriet, wife of Thomas J. Whiting, died September 8, 1839, age 30 years.
Whiting, Thomas, died May 22, 1842, age 37 years (stone not found in 1995).
Wicks, Gilbert A., born 1895, died 1968, (age not given).
Wicks, Marion T. (Tayntor?), (wife of Gilbert A. Wicks?), born 1895, died 1964, (age not given).
Wilcox, (maiden name), see Anna Wilcox Harding.
Wilder, Ester L., (daughter of James and Nancy Wilder), born June 21, 1851, died June 14, 1872, (age not given).
Wilder, James, born March 11, 1819, died February 26, 1890, (age not given).
Wilder, Nancy A., wife of James Wilder, born September 22, 1814, died October 7, 1895, (age not given).
Wolf, Albert, born 1873, died 1938, (age not given).
Woodcock, Diana, wife of John Woodcock, died April 14, 1890, age 75 years.
Woodcock, John, died September 5, 1887, age 61 years.
Woodard, Arnold, son of A.B. and Hannah Woodward, died July 9, 1847, age 4 years 5 months.
Woodworth, Arthur J., born 1871, died 1927, (age not given).
Woodworth, Harriet, wife of O.J. Woodworth, died July 2, 1884, age 79 years.
Woodworth, Harriet Amanda, only daughter of Harry and Polly Woodworth, died May 24, 1855, age 23 years 11 months 12 days.
Woodworth, Harry, died February 22, 1876, age 71 years 2 months 18 days.
Woodworth, Helen C. Blakeslee, wife (1) of L.M. Woodworth, died September 20, 1866, age 23 years.
Woodworth, L.G., (son of O.J. and Harriet Woodworth?), died December 17, 1855, age 22 years.
Woodworth, M.R., (son of O.J. and Harriet Woodworth?), died November 2, 1853, age 21 years.
Woodworth, Melissa H. Gillett, wife (2) of L.M. Woodworth, died June 21, 1885, age 44 years.
Woodworth, Merwin B., died August 7, 1886, age 21 years.
Woodworth, O.J., died November 2, 1890, age 82 years.
Woodworth, Polly Hutchinson, wife of Harry Woodworth, born 1807, died 1882, (age not given).
Worden, see John Worden Ford.
Youmans, (maiden name), see May Youmans Nostrant.
Zulauf, Evelyn M. Howard, daughter of David C. and Flora L. Morey Howard, born 1888, died 1985, (age not given) (two stones).

END of Perryville Cemetery list by Daniel H. Weiskotten