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Palmer Cemetery, Town of Lenox, Madison County, New York, 1808 - 1913
124 names, 1 visible unmarked grave
(aka Nichols, Chaffee, Ingalls Road, Mitchell)

Field check by Daniel H. Weiskotten, October 3, 1994
posted 3/13/2004
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        The cemetery is located on the west side of an abandoned road that runs between Whitman and Ingalls Corners Roads.  The cemetery surrounded by a well built and substantial stone wall which contains an eight foot wide entrance with an iron gate in the southeast corner and a set of steps climbs over the fence near the gate.  A wider opening, at the northeast corner, was broken through the old stone wall at a later date.
        This is a very interesting cemetery.  Its unusual location and indicates that, although not a crossroads community, this area was at one time a very much different place than suggested by its present "no-where-ville" appearance.  Of interest in the cemetery population is that of the 145 known names there are only 23 surnames present.
        It is well kept and mowed regularly except that a thick border of brambles, brush, and weeds is slowly encroaching from all sides into the open grounds.  Several stones are nearly lost in the tall growth, many stones are fallen, some are nearly or completely buried, and it seems that vandals have had their share of fun in this remote spot.
        After visiting this cemetery, I am a firm believer that these stones want to be found and recorded!  Just as I was preparing to leave after completing the survey the light shadowing across the top of some stones caught my attention.  As I went in for a closer look my feet scuffed up some loose soil which was obscuring a stone that I had marked in my notes as "missing."  After changing my records I again attempted to leave, but had only made it a few feet when, stepping to the side to scatter the organic remains of my half-eaten lunch, I stumbled across another missing stone!  I have had other similar "spiritually assisted" finds at many of the other cemeteries int he study area.
        The old list is not too bad, but many middle initials had been left off and there are some serious mix-ups with the surnames, but it was still one of the better lists to work with.  Only two stones from the old list were not found in 1994: Lucy Ann Chapman, Mary Ann Smith.  Six additional stones were found in 1994: Asa O. Gallup, Flora E. Hess, William F. Kasson, Cynthia E. Kinne, Florence L. Kinne, infant Randall.  An unmarked fieldstone was found between Aaron and Anna Crary.

        The cemetery, measures 175 feet north to south and 135 feet east to west within the wall, for a total area of 23,625 square feet.  The graves are in rows from 10 to 14 (most often 12) feet apart with usually 3 feet allotted for each grave, but in some instances there is an average of 3.3 feet (8 graves in 24 feet = 3' and 19 graves in 63 feet = 3.3').  The stones mostly face west with the head to the west.

Those buried in the Palmer Cemetery include:

Allen, Arvilla, wife of George Allen, died October 25, 1884, age 79 years 3 months 21 days.
Allen, Earl G., son of George and Fanny Allen, died May 21, 1844, age 17 years 1 month 21 days.
Allen, Fanny P., daughter of George and Fanny Allen, died September 18, 1850, age 22 years 2 months 9 days.
Allen, George, died November 6, 1851, age 50 years.
Allen, George E., died November 28, 1879, age 19 years.
Allen, J. Milton, died March 29, 1866, age 26 years.
Allen, John H., son of George and Arvilla Allen, died April 9, 1835, age 21 days.
Allen (?), Mary, no data, (only a small grave marker with "Mary" at the edge of the Allen lot).

Button, Chancy
, died April 19, 1839, age 56 years.
Button, Charlotte, died July 1, 1831, age 24 years.
Button, Laura, died January 13, 1842, age 18 years 2 months.
Button, Maria, died April 1, 1866, age 62 years.
Button, Mary Ann, died July 1, 1835, age 24 years.
Button, Polly, wife of Chancy Button, died November 3, 1865, age 84 years.

Case, (maiden name), see Clarissa Case Freeman.
Case, Ansel L., died November 12, 1839, age 18 years, (Ancil Case, 1821-1839 on monument).
Case, Elma, daughter of Philemon N. and Melvina Case, born 1853, died 1854, age not given.
Case, Emily, daughter of Horris and Sally Case, born 1803, died 1866, age not given.
Case, Horris, born 1776, died 1858, age not given.
Case, Laura, daughter of Horris and Sally Case, born 1804, died 1812, age not given.
Case, Malvina, wife of Philemon N. Case, born 1824, died 1892, age not given, (on monument twice).
Case, Philemon N., born 1816, died 1852, age not given.
Case, Philo, son of H.H. and Sally Case, died March 29, 1840, age 26 years.
Case, Sally (1), wife of Horris Case, born 1785, died 1872, age not given.
Case, Sally (2), born 1809, died 1832, age not given.
Case, William, born 1812, died 1855, age not given.

Chapman, Eliza P.
, daughter of Nathan and Hannah Chapman, died March 11, 1834, age 23 years.
Chapman, James Edwin, son of Sanford and Julia M. Chapman, age died March 2, 1848, age 1 year.
Chapman, Lucy Ann, wife of Gideon Chapman, died October 11, 1855, age 16 years, (stone not found in 1994).

Cramer, Charlie
, son of A.E. and C. Cramer, died May 2, 1863, age 10 years 6 months 15 days.

Crary, Aaron
, died (September?) 11, 1810, age (25?) years, (stone severely eroded).
Crary, Anna, 2nd wife of Robert Crary, died October 5, 1854, age 87 years 4 months.
Crary, Margaret, wife of Robert Crary, died June 26, 1808, age 46 years.
Crary, Robert, died August 29, 1828, age 70 years.

Freeman, Celestia P., daughter of Rufus and Clarrisa Freeman, born 1828, died 1852, age not given.
Freeman, Clarrisa Case, wife of Rufus Freeman, born 1808, died 1844, age not given, (on monument twice).
Freeman, Horace C., son of Rufus and Clarrisa Freeman, born 1829, died 1849, age not given.
Freeman, Marshall J., son of Rufus and Clarrisa Freeman, born 1832, died 1835, age not given.
Freeman, Rufus, born 1806, died 1836, age not given.
Freeman, Rufus F., son of Rufus and Clarrisa Freeman, born 1834, died 1835, age not given.

Frink, Meriba, died September __, 1818, age 89 years, (day not given).

Gallup, __________, infant, daughter of Asa O. and W.P.Gallup, died March 27, 1853, age not given.
Gallup, Asa O., died at Alexandria, VA, November 12, 1865, age 46 years 9 months 12 days.
Gallup, Huldah, wife of Lyman Gallup, died November 27, 1822, age (32 and 33) years, (on two stones, age differs, Gallop on one).
Gallup, Lyman, died February 22, 1856, age 65 years, (on two stones).

Gray, Fannie Kinney, daughter of B.G.Kinney, wife of Lieut. C.P.Gray, died March 8, 1867, age 21 years.

Hess, Flora E., daughter of R.W. and C.H.Hess, died November 28, 1842, age 8 months.

Kasson, Mary S., daughter of Capt. William and (Renei ?) Kasson, late of Bethlehem CT, died July (27, 1841, age 32 years,) (bottom of stone not found in 1994).
Kasson, Polly, late of Bethlehem CT., died September 24, 1838, age 57 years.
Kasson, William, Capt., died August 4, 1844, age 65 years 8 months 18 days.
Kasson, William F., son of William and Ren__ Kasson, late of CT, died June 2, 1842, age 28 years.

Kinne, (maiden name), see Fannie Kinney Gray.
Kinne, Cynthia E., wife of Benjamin G. Kinne, died March 20, 1856, age 36 years.
Kinne, Florence L., daughter of B.G. and M.E.Kinne, died January 4, 1867, age 1 year 23 days.

Lamb, Daniel P., died November 18, 1881, age 64 years.
Lamb, Lovisa D., wife of Nathan B. Lamb, died July 21, 1842, age 27 years.
Lamb, Martin E., son of Nathan B. and Lovicy D. Lamb, died May 8, 1852, age 13 years 8 months.
Lamb, Nathan B., died July 1, 1852, age 42 years 8 months.
Lamb, Amelia T.P., wife of Daniel P. Lamb, died October 27, 1853, age 24 years 2 months 14 days.

Maine, Asenath, wife of Elder Paul Maine, died January 25, 1844, age 74 years 19 days.
Maine, Betsey, wife of Stephen Maine Jr., died April 1, 1833, age 48 years.
Main(e), Palmer G., died October 17, 1834, age 36 years.
Main(e), Paul, Elder, died March 15, 1813, age 45 years.
Maine, Paul P., died January 4, 1845, age 28 years 11 months 13 days.
Maine, Paul R., born at North Stonington, CT, August 29, 1791, died October 22, 1865, age 74 years.
Maine, Stephen Jr., died February 19, 1838, age 56 years.

McGregor, John, native of Perthshire, Scotland, died November 6, 1852, age 60 years 9 months.
McGregor, Rebecca B., wife of John McGregor, daughter of J. and Hannah Palmer, died June 5, 1824, age 27 years, (on two monuments).

Palmer, (maiden name), see Polly C. Palmer Watson.
Palmer, Alfred, died October 27, 1874, age 22 years.
Palmer, Angeline, daughter of Jesse and Olive Palmer, died August 17, 1828, age 1 year 5 months.
Palmer, Aurelia, wife of Ezra Palmer, died December 15, 1886, age 88 years.
Palmer, Benjamin, son of Elijah and Lucretia Palmer, died August 26, 1811, age 19 years.
Palmer, Elijah, died July 8, 1836, age 86 years.
Palmer, Elisha, died September 1, 1867, age 81 years, (stone now face down but I pried it up to read it).
Palmer, Esther, wife of J.G.Palmer, daughter of Peleg and Hannah Randall, died June 15, 1849, age 52 years 8 months.
Palmer, Ezra, died January 13, 1877, age 78 years.
Palmer, Hannah (1), daughter of J. and Hannah Palmer, died March 20, 1824, age 16 years.
Palmer, Hannah (2), wife of Joseph Palmer (1), died February 27, 1839, age 69 years.
Palmer, Joseph (1), died April 13, 1824, age 57 years.
Palmer, Joseph (2), died January 5, 1852, age 68 years.
Palmer, Joseph S., died June 6, 1849, age 56 years.
Palmer, Lamont, died 1860, age not given.
Palmer, Laury, daughter of Capt. Joseph and Lucy Palmer, died September 18, 1820, age 1 year 2 months 1 day.
Palmer, Lovicy, wife of Elisha Palmer, died October 30, 1857, age 66 years 4 months.
Palmer, Lucinda M., wife of William H. Palmer, died March 10, 1861, age 42 years.
Palmer, Lucretia, wife of Elijah Palmer, died October 11, 1822, age 69 years.
Palmer, Lucy (1), wife of Joseph Palmer (2), died March 7, 1862, age 82 years.
Palmer, Lucy (2), wife (2) of Elisha Palmer, died February 2, 1874, age 91 years 2 months 12 days.
Palmer, Lydia, daughter of J. and Hannah Palmer, died March 20, 1824, age 24 years.
Palmer, Olive, wife of Elder Jesse Palmer, died September 24, 1840, age 44 years.
Palmer, Phebe, died February 19, 1864, age 51 years.
Palmer, Uri C., son of Jesse and Olive Palmer, died July 23, 1824, age 3 years 9 months 6 days.
Palmer, William H., died August 19, 1863, age 48 years.

Randall, (maiden name), see Esther Palmer.
Randall, __________, infant, son of Asa and Charlotte Randall, born February __, 1814, died February __, 1814, age not given, ("born and died February 1814").
Randall, Amy, wife of Isaac Randall, died December 29, 1827, age 68 years 2 months.
Randall, Asa, son of Isaac and E. Randall, died September 10, 1813, age 20 years 3 months.
Randal, Asa, Capt., of Lenox, died April 15, 1820, age 41 years.
Randall, Asa L., son of Isaac Jr. and Betsey Randall, died September 28, 1840, age 22 years.
Randall, Betsey, wife of Isaac Randall Jr, died September 21, 1840, age 51 years.
Randall, Cynthia B., wife of Rufus Randall, died March 12, 1860, age 63 years.
Randall, Elizabeth, wife of Isaac Randall, died June 14, 1817, age 44 years.
Randal, Hannah, consort of Elder Peleg Randal, died September 3, 1837, age 83 years.
Randall, Isaac, died October 30, 1846, age 83 years 7 months.
Randall, Mercy L.
, daughter of Rufus and Cynthia Randall, died March 31, 1837, age 11 years 5 months
Randal, Norton, son of Joseph and Lydia Randal, died November 21, 1829, age 2 years 3 months, (stone fragmented, only date and age found in 1994).
Randal, Peleg, Elder, died January 1, 1831, age 82 years, in the 42 year of his ministry.
Randal, Polly P., daughter of Joseph and Lydia Randal, died October 2, 1820, age 13 months.
Randall, Ruth, died April 23, 1862, age 41 years.

Reynolds, Anna R., wife of James Reynolds, born 1799, died 1888, age not given
Reynolds, Argyle D., son of James and Ann Reynolds, died October 11, 1815, age 18 years 6 months.
Reynolds, Charles, born 1820, died 1904, age not given, (monument fallen in 1994).
Reynolds, Ephriam R., died November 26, 1841, age 24 years 4 months.
Reynolds, James, born 1794, died 1880, age not given.
Reynolds, Marvin, born 1848, died 1865, age not given, (monument fallen in 1994).
Reynolds, Mary, born 1850, died 1864, age not given, (monument fallen in 1994).
Reynolds, Nettie, born 1852, died  1866, age not given, (monument fallen in 1994).
Reynolds, Sarah, wife of Charles Reynolds, born 1822, died 1913, age not given, (monument fallen in 1994).

Smith, Mary Ann, wife of Hugh Smith, died March 20, 1839, age 21 years (stone not found in 1994).

Watson, Polly C. Palmer, daughter of J.G. and Esther Palmer, wife of Justus Watson, died June 8, 1846, age 25 years 21 days.

Whitman, Barbary, wife of Valentine Whitman, died January 20, 1832, (age broken off and missing).
Whitman, Henry H., son of John and Mary Whitman, died January 9, 1832, age 17 years.
Whitman, Mary, wife of John Whitman, died September 29, 1853, age 72 years 5 months 16 days.
Whitman, Sophronia, daughter of John and Mary Whitman, died February 11, 1832, age 31 years.
Whitman, John, died January 28, 1862, age 82 years.
Whitman, Valentine, died July 12, 1824, age 77 years.
Whitman, Zulma, daughter of John and Mary Whitman, died September 5, 1839, age 27 years.


END of the Palmer Cemetery Transcript by Daniel H. Weiskotten