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Cazenovia Village Register for 1827
Republican Monitor (newspaper), Cazenovia, NY, August 1, 1827
Daniel H. Weiskotten
posted 8/8/1999
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        The Cazenovia Village Register is the earliest listing of business that I have found.  It was published in the Republican Monitor, the village newspaper of the day, and it appears to be a quite complete compilation of all the merchants, officers, professionals, manufacturers, and artisans and tradesmen in the community.  The original list presents only the first initial and last name of the individual but I have used various contemporary primary sources such as newspaper advertisements, village tax lists, census records, property records, etc., to identify the first names, corporate partners, and correct spellings.  The information within square brackets [ ] is given to expand further upon the original entry.  I present an alphabetized list, with full cross-reference to secondary entries and junior partners, and the original format is given in the second part of this page.
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Alden, Samuel; House Joiner
Aldrich, Uriah; Blacksmith
Allen, John B.; Blacksmith
Allen, R. & R.G. [Rufus & Russel G. Allen]; Tanners and Leather Dealers, Shoe Store, Ashery
Allen, Rufus, (see Allen, R. & R.G.)
Allen, Russel, (see Allen, R. & R.G.)
Allis, Elisha; Blacksmith
Avery, W.; Steam Engine Factory
Baker, Mary, Mrs.; Milliner
Baldwin, A.M., Miss; Assistant, Female Academy
Bass, Seth; Tavern Keeper [Park House?]
Berthrong, Abraham; Grocery
Berthrong, James; Mason
Boardman, Seth; Tailor, Grocery
Brevoort, John; Hatter
Briant, Miss, (see Hill & Briant, Misses)
Brigham, G.H. & Co. [George H. Brigham & ?]; Cabinet-makers and Warehouse
Brigham, George H., (see G.H. Brigham & Co.)
Bright, William; Butcher
Broughton, Jeremiah; Shoe Store
Brown, R. [Robert Brown?]; House Painter
Brown, Ezra; Wire Harness Factory
Brown, John; Minister of the Gospel [Presbyterian Church]
Burnell, Luther, Grist Mill, Saw Mill, Patent Shingle Factory, Blacksmith
Burr, W.M. & Co. [William M. Burr & ?]; Merchants
Burr, William M., (see Burr, W.M. & Co.)
Burton, William, (see Hearsey & Burton)
Chandler, Lura; Sign Painter
Chandler, M. & Son [Mathew & Oran Chandler]; Woolen Factory, Clothiers
Chandler, Mathew, (see Chandler, M. & Son)
Chandler, Oran, (see Chandler, M. & Son)
Chester, Walter, (see Ten Eyck & Chester)
Childs & Stebbins [Perry G. Childs & Charles Stebbins]; Attorneys
Childs, Perry G., (see Childs & Stebbins)
Clarke, Benjamin T.; Cabinet-makers and Warehouse
Cleaveland, Giles; Mason
Cleaveland, Salter; Mason
Cobb, Whitman; Blacksmith
Crocker, Jabez; House Joiner
Crocker, Viber; House Joiner
Dearborn, David; Attorney
Dempster, ______; Minister of the Gospel
Dodge, Isaac; Constable
Dows, James; Tin Plate Worker
Dwinelle, Justin; First Judge of the County Courts, Attorney
Fairchild, John F.; Deputy Sheriff, Printer
Farnham, Elisha; Justice of the Common Peace and Commissioner
Gary, George; Minister of the Gospel [Methodist Church]
Gillett, Joab; Gold Smith and Jeweler
Hastings, George; Assistant, Seminary of the Genesee Conference
Hearsey & Burton [John Hearsey & William Burton]; Distillery, Grist Mill
Hearsey, John, (see Hearsey & Burton)
Hicks, John F.; Constable
Hill & Briant, Misses [C.E. Hill & Sarah? Briant]; Milliners
Hill, C.E., Mrs., (see Hill & Briant)
Hill, Eli F.; House Joiner
Hitchcock, Samuel; Tavern Keeper [Cazenovia House]
Hough, William J.; Attorney
Jackson, E.S. & Son [Eliphalet S. & Rensselear Jackson]; Merchants
Jackson, Rensselear, (see Jackson, E.S. & Son)
Johnson, D. [David Johnson?]; Cooper
Johnson, David B.; District Attorney
Jones, Miss; Milliner
Kilborn, Jesse; Post Master
Knowlton, Ebenezer; Oil Mill, Chair Factory
Lang, John S.; Merchant
Ledyard, Jonathan D.; Attorney, Land Office
Leonard, Lewis; Minister of the Gospel [Baptist Church]
Lockwood, John; Saddle, Harness, and Trunk Maker
Lyman, Isaac; Physician
Martindale, William F.; Tailor
Mather, C., Miss; Tailoress
Miles, Edmund & Manley; Blacksmiths
Miles, Manley, (see Miles, Edmund & Manley)
Mitchell, David; Physician
Morehouse, John L.; Grocery, House Joiner
Moschell, Henry; Tailor
Moss, L.; Grocery
Munson, Horace S.; Clothier
Murdock, John; Grocery
Murdock, John Jr.; House Joiner
Nickerson, James; Hatter, Hat Store
Nickerson, Priscilla, Miss; Tailoress
Nolton, Josiah [not Knowlton]; Physician
Phelps, S., Miss; Milliner
Rice, Isaac; Butcher
Sheldon, Luther; House Painter
Silsby, Jonathan; Physician
Smith, Augustus W.; Principal, Seminary of the Genesee Conference
Sprague & Wright [Ezra Sprague & Newell Wright]; Merchants, Paper Mill
Sprague, Ezra, (see Sprague & Wright)
Stebbins, Charles; Justice of the Common Peace and Commissioner, (see Childs & Stebbins)
Sweet, Rufus; Cooper
Ten Eyck & Chester, Merchants, Furnace [Jacob Ten Eyck & Walter Chester]
Ten Eyck, Jacob, (see Ten Eyck & Chester)
Thomas, Samuel; Saddle, Harness, and Trunk Maker
Ward, Spencer B.; Steam Engine Factory
White, Lemuel; Tavern Keeper [Madison County Hotel]
Williams, John; Merchant, Ashery
Wilson, Grace, Mrs.; Principal, Female Academy
Woodruff, G. & C.; Merchants
Woodruff, C., (see Woodruff, G. & C.)
Woodruff, G., (see Woodruff, G. & C.)
Wright, Newell; Physician, (see also Sprague & Wright)

Original Format and Order of the 1827 Cazenovia Village Register

First Judge of the County Courts
        Justin Dwinelle
Deputy Sheriff
        John F. Fairchild
Justices of the Common Peace and Commissioners
        Charles Stebbins
        Elisha Farnham
        David B. Johnson (District Attorney)
        Childs & Stebbins [Perry G. Childs & Charles Stebbins]
        Justin Dwinelle
        Jonathan D. Ledyard
        William J. Hough
        David Dearborn
        John F. Hicks
        Isaac Dodge
Post Master
        Jesse Kilborn
        E.S. Jackson & Son [Eliphalet S. & Rensselear Jackson]
        John Williams
        Ten Eyck & Chester [Jacob Ten Eyck & Walter Chester]
        G. & C. Woodruff
        Sprague & Wright [Ezra Sprague & Newell Wright]
        W.M. Burr & Co. [William M. Burr & ?]
        John S. Lang
Tavern Keepers
        Lemuel White [Madison County House]
        Samuel Hitchcock [Cazenovia House]
        Seth Bass [Park House?]
        Jonathan Silsby
        Isaac Lyman
        Josiah Nolton [not Knowlton]
        David Mitchell
        Newell Wright
Ministers of the Gospel
        John Brown [Presbyterian Church]
        Lewis Leonard [Baptist Church]
        George Gary [Methodist Church]
        __ Dempster
Seminary of the Genesee Conference
        Augustus W. Smith, Principal
        George Hastings, Assistant
Female Academy
        Mrs. Grace Wilson, Principal
        Miss A.M. Baldwin, Assistant
Four Common Schools
        [Seminary Street]
        [Between Nelson & Fenner streets]
        [upper Farnham Street]
        [Center Street]
Meeting Houses
        1 Presbyterian
        1 Baptist
        1 Methodist
        Abraham Berthrong
        John L. Morehouse
        L. Moss
        John Murdock
        Seth Boardman
Land Office
        Jonathan D. Ledyard
        John F. Fairchild
        James Nickerson
        John Brevoort
Hat Store
        James Nickerson
Gold Smith and Jeweler
        Joab Gillett
Cabinet-makers and Warehouses
        Benjamin T. Clarke
        G.H. Brigham & Co. [George H. Brigham & ?]
        Edmund & Manley Miles
        Elisha Allis
        Luther Burnell
        Whitman Cobb
        Uriah Aldrich
        John B. Allen
        Henry Moschell
        Seth Boardman
        William F. Martindale
        Miss C. Mather
        Miss Priscilla Nickerson
        Mrs. Mary Baker
        Miss Jones
        Miss S. Phelps
        Misses Hill & Briant [C.E. Hill & Sarah? Briant]
Saddle, Harness, and Trunk Makers
        Samuel Thomas
        John Lockwood
Tanners & Leather Dealers
        R. & R.G. Allen [Rufus & Russel G. Allen]
House Joiners
        Jabez Crocker
        Eli F. Hill
        Samuel Alden
        John L. Morehouse
        Viber Crocker
        John Murdock Jr.
Shoe Stores
        Jeremiah Broughton
        R. & R.G. Allen [Rufus & Russel G. Allen]
House Painters
        Luther Sheldon
        R. Brown [Robert Brown?]
Sign Painter
        Lura Chandler
Tin Plate Worker
        James Dows
        Rufus Sweet
        D. Johnson [David Johnson?]
        James Berthrong
        Giles Cleaveland
        Salter Cleaveland
Oil Mill
        Ebenezer Knowlton
        Ten Eyck & Chester [Jacob Ten Eyck & Walter Chester]
Paper Mill
        Sprague & Wright [Ezra Sprague & Newell Wright]
Wire Harness Factory
        Ezra Brown
Chair Factory
        Ebenezer Knowlton
Steam Engine Factory
        W. Avery
        Spencer B. Ward
        Hearsey & Burton [John Hearsey & William Burton]
        John Williams
        R. & R.G. Allen [Rufus & Russel G. Allen]
Grist Mills
        Luther Burnell
        Hearsey & Burton [John Hearsey & William Burton]
Saw Mill
        Luther Burnell
Woolen Factory
        M. Chandler & Son [Mathew & Oran Chandler]
Patent Shingle Factory
        Luther Burnell
        Horace S. Munson
        M. Chandler & Son [Mathew & Oran Chandler]
        William Bright
        Isaac Rice
        Eastern and western mail stages, daily
        Northern and southern, three times weekly