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Cazenovia, Fenner, and Nelson Business Directories for 1859
Jonathan Gillette's Wall Map of Madison County
Daniel H. Weiskotten
updated 3/28/2000
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Village of Cazenovia 1859 (Town of Cazenovia)
        Image of Original Directory
        Original Order of the Directory
        Alphabetized List
New Woodstock 1859 (Town of Cazenovia)
Perryville 1859 (Town of Fenner)
Nelson Flats 1859 (Town of Nelson)
Erieville 1859 (Town of Nelson)

Village of Cazenovia 1859 Business Directory
Image of Original List
(cleaned up to remove parts of the map which are not essesnbtial to the list)
Village of Cazenovia 1859 Business Directory
Original Format

Charles Stebbins Jr.
D.W. Cameron

S.M. Potter
J.R. Chamberlain

O. Jewell, Proprietor of the Lincklaen House
C. Vincent, Proprietor of the Park House

W.J. Hough, Merchant
Henry Groff, Merchant
M.C. Hill, Grocer
L.A. Eggleston, Grocer
Thomas Carroll, Grocer
Charles Brown, Dealer in Stoves & Hardware
Blair & Nichols, Merchant Tailors
W. Greenland & Son, Merchant Tailors

Seneca Lake, Editor [Cazenovia Republican]
Cha's [Charles] Crandall, Publisher, Bookseller, and Stationer

B. Gillson
A. Dardis, Shoes & Findings
D.G. Keeler, Shoes & Findings

J. Greenland
L.E. Swan

W.H. Sweetland
B. Barber

E.M. Holmes, Rectifier
H. E. Goodrich, Rectifier
Twist & Parsons, Brewers

E.D. Loomis, Chandler
J. Service Jr., Chandler
W.C. Caswell, Butcher
S.S. Caswell, Butcher

C.E. Combs, Carriage Builder
A.T. Cross, Carriage Painter
S. Coin, Threshing Machine Manufacturer
A.W. Van Riper, Owner of Empire Works
J.W. Marshall, Clock Maker
J. Stone, Clock Maker
M.J. Trowbridge, Pattern Maker
M.S. Nichols, Mechanic & Pattern Maker
T.S. Marshall, Machinist
W.B. Fay, Builder
T. Childs, Builder
R. Hamblin, Builder
W.B. Dean, Builder
C.C. Webber, Cabinet Maker
T. Darling, Mill Wright
W.B. Taber, Mill Wright

J.W.T. Rice, Dentist
S. Thomas Jr., Saddler & Harness Maker
H. Hubbard, Stage Proprietor
J. Wormouth, Tanner
G. Phinney, Tanner
J. Chubbock, Founder
J. Dodge, Moulder
R. Parsons, Miller
O.A. Blair, Miller
S.F. Chaphe, Dealer in Lumber
G. Morse, Painter & Glazier
H. Brightman, Insurance Agent
S.A. Sherwood, Mason
J. Eddy, Mason
L.B. Stone, Justice of the Peace
J. McCabe, Blacksmith
E. Knowlton, Manufacturer of Linseed Oil
L. Loomis, Cooper
J. Madge, Landscape Gardener
D.E. Caswell, Farmer
J.R. Dewey, Farmer
L.W. Berthrong, Farmer
L. Sherman, Clover Seed Cleaner

Village of Cazenovia 1859 Business Directory
Alphabetical Order
Barber, B., Paper Manufacturer
Berthrong, L.W., Farmer
Blair & Nichols, Merchant Tailors
Blair, O., Miller
Brightman, H., Insurance Agent
Brown, Charles, Dealer in Stoves & Hardware
Cameron, D.W., Lawyer
Carroll, Thomas, Grocer
Caswell, D.E., Farmer
Caswell, S.S., Butcher
Caswell, W.C., Butcher
Chamberlain, J.R., Physician & Surgeon
Chaphe, S.F., Dealer in Lumber
Childs, T., Builder
Chubbock, J., Founder
Coin, S., Threshing Machine Manufacturer
Combs, C.E., Carriage Builder
Crandall, Cha's [Charles], Publisher, Bookseller, and Stationer
Cross, A.T., Carriage Painter
Dardis, A., Shoes & Findings
Darling, T., Mill Wright
Dean, W.B., Builder
Dewey, J.R., Farmer
Dodge, J., Moulder
Eddy, J., Mason
Eggleston, L.A., Grocer
Fay, W.B., Builder
Gillson, B., Boot & Shoe Dealer
Goodrich, H.E., Rectifier
Greenland, J., Jeweler
Greenland, W. & Son, Merchant Tailors
Groff, Henry, Merchant
Hamblin, R., Builder
Hill, M.C., Merchant
Holmes, E.M., Rectifier
Hough, W.J., Merchant
Hubbard, H., Stage Proprietor
Jewell, O., Proprietor of the Lincklaen House
Keeler, D.G., Shoes & Findings
Knowlton, E., Manufacturer of Linseed Oil
Lake, Seneca, Editor [Cazenovia Republican]
Loomis, E.D., Chandler
Loomis, L., Cooper
Madge, J., Landscape Gardener
Marshall, J.W., Clock Maker
Marshall, T.S., Machinist
McCabe, J., Blacksmith
Morse, G., Painter & Glazier
Nichols, see Blair & Nichols
Nichols, M.S., Mechanic & Pattern Maker
Parsons, see Twist & Parsons
Parsons, R., Miller
Phinney, G., Tanner
Potter, S.M., Physician & Surgeon
Rice, J.W.T., Dentist
Service, J. Jr., Chandler
Sherman, L., Clover Seed Cleaner
Sherwood, S., Mason
Stebbins, Charles Jr., Lawyer
Stone, J., Clock Maker
Stone, L.B., Justice of the Peace
Swan, L.E., Jeweler
Sweetland, W.H., Paper Manufacturer
Taber, W.B., Mill Wright
Thomas S. Jr., Saddler & Harness Maker
Trowbridge, M.J., Pattern Maker
Twist & Parsons, Brewers
Van Riper, A.W., Owner of Empire Works
Vincent, C., Proprietor of the Park House
Webber, C.C., Cabinet Maker
Wormouth, J., Tanner


New Woodstock 1859 Business Directory
alphabetized and arranged from the original order

Adams, C.W.; Physician & Surgeon
Bookhout, A.; Miller
Ellis, H.; Cooper
Ferguson, Compton; Blacksmith
Ferguson, J.; Blacksmith
Frizell, D.B.; Saleratus Manufacturer
Frizell, E.; Farmer
Fulton, J.; Clergyman
Garratt, A.A & Co.; Boot & Shoe Manufacturer
Gorton, H.S.; Carriage & Cutter Manufacturer
Hubbard, S.M.; Farmer
Knickerbocker, J.H.; Harness Maker
Lamphere, V.; Dealer in Dry Goods and Groceries
Larrabee, L.J.; Carriage Manufacturer
Morse, S.E.; Farmer & Carriage Maker
Pearce, W.S.; Miller
Richmond, R.M; Stock & Wool Dealer
Savage, J.L.; Farmer & Mechanic
Smith, J.; Peddler
Smith, O.A.; Proprietor of Hotel
Tucker, A.M.; Farmer
Tucker, G.W.; Farmer
Turner, B.; Farmer
Webber, G.W.; Farmer
Wightman, G.W.; Horse Rake & Cutter Manufacturer

Perryville 1859 Business Directory
alphabetized and arranged from the original order

Avery, C.; Farmer
Blakeslee, G.; Farmer
Burrows, A.; Boot & Shoe Manufacturer
Crosby, H.; Proprietor of the Perryville Flouring Mills
Cross, W.T.; Proprietor of the Perryville Hotel
Ham, L.; Farmer
Hill, D.S.; Blacksmith
Hill, J. & Son; Dealer in General Merchandise and Ashery
Mead, T.; Physician & Surgeon
Nichols, I.R.; Lumber Dealer

Nelson Flats 1859 Business Directory
alphabetized and arranged from the original order
See the original map with the Directory
Covell, C.W.; Dealer in General Merchandise
Donaldson, J.; Dealer in General Merchandise
Henderson, M.D.; Physician & Surgeon
Holdridge, D.D.; Farmer
Hughes, E.G.; Carpenter & Joiner
James, W.H.; Grocer
Lloyd, J.; Welch Minister
Mead, P.R.; Physician & Surgeon
Smith, W.L.; Farmer
Thorp, O.; Proprietor of Rays Hotel
Erieville 1859 Business Directory
alphabetized and arranged from the original order
See the original map of this hamlet with the Directory

Anderson, S.J.; Resident
Ayer, G.W.; Proprietor of the Erieville Hotel
Bond, E.; Farmer
Everts, O.L.; Painter & Farmer
Everts, W.A.; Painter & Farmer
Greenwood, L.P.; Physician
Heffron, J.; Physician & Surgeon
Jackson, A.; Dealer in Gentlemen's Merchandise
Jackson, L.L.; Resident
Jones, J.S.; Dealer in General Merchandise
Kelsey, H.H.; Hotel Keeper
Medbury, A.; Justice
Medbury, T.; Dealer in Gentlemen's Merchandise
Norton, J.A.; Farmer
Richardson, W.; Painter & Farmer
Salisbury, F.W.; Farmer
White, C.M.; Blacksmith
White, E.; Blacksmith