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Town of Cazenovia Directory, Businesses
from Hamilton Child's 1868-1869
Gazetteer and Business Directory of Madison Co., N.Y.
Printed in 1868 by the Journal Office, Syracuse, NY.
Daniel H. Weiskotten
posted 7/9/2000
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The 1868-1869 Directory listing for the Town of Cazenovia is long and complex and includes a mix of individuals and businesses.  In order to present the information from the 1868-1869 Directory in a more efficient manner I have separated the two categories.  I have retained pertinent information with each entry, but in some cases I make cross reference to names where other information might be found.
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I have made a few corrections to spelling.  In cases where no tract name (MS, NP, RT, RTR) is given in the original text I have used other sources such as maps, and census and land records to try to determine the tract in which these people were located.  Maps and descriptions of the various tracts of Cazenovia (excepting MS, Mile Strip) can be found in the Holland Land Company Records posted in these pages.

American Lock Co., Cazenovia PO, Philo S. Felter, Manager
Banking House of E.S. Card & Co., Cazenovia PO, Everett S. Card, Manager
Belmont Mills (see Ferrand G. Wallace)
Bingley Mills (see William Atkinson)
Blair & Watts, Cazenovia PO, Rollin H. Blair and John R. Watts, groceries
Blair, P.E. & Son, Cazenovia PO, Philo E. Blair and L. Perry Blair, merchant tailors
Blakeslee & Burden, New Woostock PO, John Q.A. Blakeslee and Abram Burden, proprietors New Woodstock Hotel
Bordwell, P. & Son, Cazenovia PO, Peter Bordwell & Charles Bordwell, blacksmiths
Brown, G.C. & Co., Cazenovia PO, Charles Brown and George C. Brown, stoves and tin ware
Cazenovia and Canastota Railroad (see Lewison Fairchild)
Cazenovia Cheese Factory (see John F. Kingsbury)
Cazenovia House, Cazenovia PO, Samuel H. Gillson, proprietor
Cazenovia Republican, Cazenovia PO, Forte Brothers, proprietors and editors
Chittenango Falls Cheese Factory (see George H. Ritter)
Chittenango Falls Hotel (see James Brown)
Chittenango, Cazenovia, and DeRuyter Stage Line (see Hubbard & Judd)
Church, Baptist (see Rev. William B. Downer, Baxter Newton)
Church, Baptist, New Woodstock (see Isaac K. Brownson, Rev. Butler Morley)
Church, Episcopal, Cazenovia (see Albert P. Smith)
Church, Methodist Episcopal (see Rev. Alanson Benjamin)
Church, Methodist Episcopal, Cazenovia (see John H. Hall, Luke C. Queal, O.H. Warren)
Church, Methodist Episcopal, New Woodstock, (see Rev. William C. McDonald)
Church, Presbyterian (see Nathan P. Canfield)
Combs, L.N. & Son, Chittenango Falls PO, Lyman N. Combs and Brazilla (Bararzillar) Combs, quarry, cut, and building stone, lime kiln
Commisioner of Highways (see Erastus Abbott, J. Harvey Nourse, William C. Sherman)
Constine Bridge Cheese Factory (see George H. Benjamin)
Cunningham & Son, New Woodstock PO, William L. Cunningham and Edwin R. Cunningham, RT Lot 41, farmers, own 100 acres
Curtis, J.A. & Co., druggists
DeClercq, A.H. & A.S., Cazenovia PO, Alex H. DeClercq and Austin S. DeClercq, RTR Lot 39, coopers
Eggleston Brothers, Cazenovia PO, Jerome Eggleston and Dwight W. Eggleston, groceries and eating saloon
Ferguson, Estes, & Co., New Woodstock PO, John Ferguson, Nelson Estes, and Albert C. Webber, meat market
Forte Brothers, Cazenovia PO, Irving C.Forte and Irwin A. Forte, editors and proprietors Cazenovia Republican
Gunn & Cook, New Woodstock PO, William E. Gunn and Chauncey J. Cook, proprietors of the New Woodstock Cheese Factory
Haskell, Groff, & Spear, Cazenovia PO, D.E. Haskell, Henry Groff, and George A. Spear, general merchants
Hobbie & Rouse, Cazenovia PO, John Hobbie and George L. Rouse, general merchants
Hubbard & Judd, Cazenovia PO, Horatio Hubbard and Edward A. Judd, proprietors Chittenango, Cazenovia, and DeRuyter Stage Line
Huntley, Theodore F. & Co., New Woodstock PO, RT Lot 67, general merchants
Internal Revenue (see Jabez C. Tillotson)
Judd, N. & A., New Woodstock PO, Norman C. Judd and Albert A. Judd, RT Lot 29, blacksmiths
Justice of the Peace, Cazenovia (see Hervey W. Kendall, Esli S. Perkins, Martin Spear)
Justice of the Peace, New Woodstock (see Daniel B. Frizell)
Lake House, Cazenovia PO, Ashley Pratt, proprietor
Lincklaen House, Cazenovia PO, Oliver Jewell proprietor
Lounsberry (Lownsberry), D.S. & C.M., Cazenovia PO, David S. Lounsberry  (Lownsberry) and Cassius M. Lounsberry (Lownsberry), livery stable
National Bank of Cazenovia, The, Cazenovia PO, capital $150,000, B.F. Jervis, president; E. Bowen Crandall, cashier
New Woodstock Cheese Factory (see Gunn & Cook)
New Woodstock Glove Co., New Woodstock PO, Erastus Abbott, Joseph L. Hatch, James L. Savage, Elijah B. Worlock (Warlock), and Thomas Worlock (Warlock), proprietors (see also Charles Abbott, Clark W. Hatch, William W. Hubbard, and John Patrick)
New Woodstock Hotel, New Woodstock PO, Blakeslee & Burden, John Q. A. Blakeslee and Abram Burden, proprietors
New Woodstock Mills (see Wallis & Corbin)
New York Conference Seminary (see Oneida Conference Seminary), Cazenovia PO, Principal Albert S. Graves; teachers Daniel M. Brumagin, William Soule, William C. Bowen, D. Clarence Scoville, E.G.W. Hall, J. Calvin Perry (see James Atkinson)
Niles, S.R, & R.O, Cazenovia PO, S. Russel Niles and R. Olmstead Niles, RTR Lot 36, farmers, own 111 acres
North Cazenovia Cheese Factory (see Emery B. Hesler, Job T. Reynolds, Levi Ritter, and Richard W. Tuttle)
Oneida Conference Seminary (see New York Conference Seminary, James Atkinson)
Overseer of the Poor (see also Poor Master) (see also James Sims)
Phinney & Son, Cazenovia PO, Gaylord Phinney and R. DeWitt Phinney, tanners
Poor Master (see Overseer of the Poor) (see also Joseph W. Slocum)
Porter & Son, Delphi PO, Onondaga Co., RT Lot 54, David Porter and Reynold Porter, turning and wagon shop, farmers, own 45 acres (one entry says 45 acres another says 85 acres)
Post Office, Chittenango Falls (see Lucian T. Nourse)
Post Office, New Woodstock (see Daniel B. Frizell, William T. Richmond)
Putnam Brothers, Chittenango Falls PO, Oscar F. Putnam and Aaron B. Putnam, NP4 Lot 21, farmers, own 110 acres
Sash, Door, and Blind Factory (see Charles Ames, Clesson Bliss, Patrick McCullough, Carlos W. Nichols, Orrin W. Sage)
School Commisioner 2d Assembly District (see Lewis S. Loomis)
Shattuck, N., H., & J., New Woodstock PO, Nathaniel Shattuck, Henry H. Shattuck, and Joseph C. Shattuck, RT Lot 28, farmers, own 100 acres
Shelter Valley Woolen Mills (see Williams, Ledyard, & Stebbins)
Sims & Co., Cazenovia PO, Artemus Sims and William Sims, butchers
Stanley, J.H. & W.F., Cazenovia PO, Joseph H. Stanley and Wilbur F. Stanley, NP4 Lot 24, farmers, own 100 acres
Sunderlin & Tucker, New Woodstock PO, RT Lot 68, Robert J. Sunderlin and Jared J. Tucker, hardware merchants
Syracuse and Cazenovia Express (see Bowman H. Stanley)
Thomas, S. & Son, Cazenovia PO, Samuel Thomas and H. Birney Thomas, harness makers
Tillotson & Co., Cazenovia PO, Leslie B. Tillotson and Ephraim B. Tillotson, general merchants
Wallis & Corbin, New Woodstock PO, Edward Wallis and Samuel C. Corbin, RT Lot 68, proprietors New Woodstock Mills
Weaver & Son, Cazenovia PO, Calvin Weaver and George M. Weaver, general merchants
Webber & Judson, Cazenovia PO, N. Lester Webber and Lucian P. Judson, NP4 Lot 43, farmers, own 100 acres
Weld, E.G. & Son, Cazenovia PO, Ezra G. Wells and Albert H. Wells, photographers
Wells & Young, New Woodstock PO, Orville C. Wells and James H. Young, RTR Lot 67, farmers, own 125 acres
Wells, O. & J., Cazenovia PO, Oscar A. Wells and John A. Wells, RT Lot 11, hop raisers and farmers, own 128 acres
Williams, Ledyard, & Stebbins, Cazenovia PO, Leonard Williams, George Ledyard, and John Stebbins, proprietors of Shelter Valley Woolen Mills