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Cazenovia, Fenner, and Nelson Business Directories for 1872
from Andrew Boyd's, 1872, Boyd's New York State Directory, 1872-1873-1874
Daniel H. Weiskotten
posted 3/24/2000
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Boyd, Andrew, 1872, Boyd's New York State Directory, 1872-1873-1874, Truair, Smith & Co. Syracuse, NY

Cazenovia, Madison Co. (Village, 1872)
(page 890)
  Adams, C.G., candle factory, Albany St.
Allen (see More & Allen).
American Lock Co., lock manufacturers, 115 Albany St.
(This advertisement from page 58)
(see another advertisement on page 890)
Arnold, A.A., billiards, Albany St.
Bass, E.C., physician, Lincklaen St.
Benjamin, W., meat market, Albany St.
Blair, P.E. & Son, tailors, Albany St.
Blair & Watts, grocers, Albany St.
Borden, S.E., grocer, Albany St.
Bowen, L.B., tobacco, Albany St.
Brown, Charles, hardware, Main St. [Albany St.]
Cameron, D.W., lawyer, Albany St.
Crandall, E.B., Cazenovia Republican, (weekly), Albany St.
Crad, E.S. & Co., banker, Albany St.
Central New York Conference Seminary, W.S. Smyth, principal (see advertisement on page 891).
Chaphe, S.F., saw mill, Mill St.
Cook, M.I., Mrs., milliner, Lincklaen St.
Cook, M.J., saloon, Albany St.
Cross, A.C., Jr., carriage manufacturer, Albany St.
Curtiss, J.A., druggist, Lincklaen St.
Cruttenden, D.W., jeweler, Albany St.
Dardis, A., boots and shoes, Albany St.
Darling, J.L., carriage factory, Albany St.
Dean Brothers, grocers, Albany St.
Deaver, I., barber, Albany St.
Dodge, James, foundry, Mill St.
Donnelly Brothers, grocers, Albany St.
Eggleston Brothers, grocers, Albany St.
Goff, I.N., Physician, Lincklaen St.
Greenland, John, jeweler, Lincklaen St.
Greenland, William, tailor, Lincklaen St.
Greisinger, J.M., saloon, Albany St.
Gross, H., dry goods, Albany St.
Haskell & Spear, dry goods, Albany St.
Henry, William E., harness maker, Albany St.
Hobbie & Rouse, dry goods, Albany St.
Hoffman, J.B., saloon, Lincklaen St.
Howson, J.W., postmaster, Albany St.
Howson, J.W., agent Western Union Telegraph Company, Albany St.
Hubbard & Hannum, hardware, Albany St.
Hull, W.H., confectioner, Albany St.
Jewell, O., Lincklaen House, Albany St.
Johnson, A.A., photographer, Albany St.
Jones, A.M., Miss, milliner, Albany St.
Kingsbury, J.F., cheese factory.
Knowlton, E.B., jeweler, Albany St.
Lake House, H. Barber proprietor, Albany St.
Lincklaen House, O. Jewell, corner Albany and Lincklaen Sts.
Marshall & Card, machinists and manufacturers of town clocks.
McCabe, John, blacksmith, Albany St.
Miller & Kingsbury, furniture, Albany St.
More & Allen, attorneys at law, Albany St.
Morse, George, druggist, Albany St.
Nichols & Covell, tailors, Albany St.
National Bank of Cazenovia, Albany St.
Parsons, R., miller, Mill St.
Peet, Eber, blacksmith.
Phelps, J.F., Dr., dentist, Mill St.
Phinney, B.F. & R.D., tanners.
Potter, C.M., grocer, Lincklaen St.
Pulford, D.N., dry goods, Albany St.
Smyth, W.S., principal Central New York Conference Seminary (see advertisement on page 891).
Smith, A.P., Rev., Episcopal Church.
Stanton, F.H., Rev., Methodist minister.
Stebbins, Charles Jr., attorney at law, Lincklaen St.
Stimson, W.G., hats and caps, Albany St.
Thomas, H.B., harness maker, Albany St.
Tillotson & Co., dry goods, Albany St.
Tillotson, A.W., & Co., boots and shoes, Albany St.
Torrey, D., Rev., Presbyterian minister.
Watkins, W.W., book store, 81 Albany St.
Williams & Stebbins, woolen factory.
York, G.R., boots and shoes, Albany St.
Fenner, Madison Co. (1872)
(page 966)

Lounsberry, William P., cheese factory.
Smith, Walter, grocer.

Chittenango Falls, Madison Co. (1872)
(page 899)

Blower, C.N., blacksmith.
Hodge, H.B., wagon maker.
Nourse, Lysander, wagon maker.
Ritter, George, cheese maker.
Winchell, B.F., grocer.

Perryville, Madison Co. (1872)
(page 1202)

Crosby, Edwin G., miller.
Cross, W.T., tavern.
Culver, Truman, blacksmith.
Ellison, B., shoemaker.
Keeler, H.L., country store.
Lewis, John, dry goods and clothing.
Lounsberry, W.P, cheese factory.
Picket, John, wagons.
Wells, David, wagon maker.

Nelson, Madison Co. (1872)
(page 1132)

Bates & Davis, wagon makers.
Blowers, Daniel, blacksmith.
Covell, C.W., tailor.
English, L.D., country store.
Gage, A.T., & Co., cheese factory.
Hutchinson, Myron, hotel.
James, J., & Co., country store.
Sturtevant, Denias, cooper.

Nelson Flats, Madison Co. (1872)
(page 1132)

Taylor, W. Otis, tinner.