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Town of Nelson Personal Statistics, from James H. Smith, 1880
History of Chenango and Madison Counties, New York
Personal Statistics, page xxii
Published by D. Mason & Co., Syracuse, NY.
Daniel H. Weiskotten
Last Modified October 24, 2000
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        This is a list of local residents which is not really a "Directory" as are the other lists in this section, but rather, this appears to be a list of "Personal Statistics" which were presented by the author in exchange for support in financing the work.  It is very like the directories in that it gives a brief description of the individuals occupation and where he lives, and how much land he owns, but it also adds biographical and genealogical information.  it also includes a number of people who were long dead by the time this was published, but who are clearly important people in the history of the community.
        I have made various modifications to the format for spelling, grammatical clarifications, and alphabetical order; have expanded various abbreviations such as b (born), s (settled), and the months of the year, and have standardized the state designations (NY, CT, MA, ...).  Otherwise I have not changed the content of the entries.
        I electronically scanned the very fine print of the original text and have made every effort to find the errors which can occur with such process, but some may still be present.  If there are any questions or if you find an error, please contact me for a review of the original text.

For the location of the lots and names of land owners in 1875 view the 1875 Beers Atlas sheet for the Town of Nelson.



Bailey, Asa B., PO Morrisville, farmer and dairyman, 180 acres, born Nelson, January 22, 1826, assessor from 1815 to 1881; wife, Samantha M. Farnham, born Nelson, November 28,1829, married February 21, 1849, one child who died October 24, 1877.  Father, Anson Bailey.  Grandfather Enoch Bailey, who was one of the pioneers of Nelson and a revolutionary soldier.

Bassett, Sylvanus P., PO Erieville.

Beebe, E.S., PO Nelson.

Booth, E., PO Nelson.

Brown, Russell, PO Erieville.

Duffy, P.R., PO Erieville.

English, William E., PO Nelson.

Ensign, Thomas, PO Nelson.

Francis, Rowland C., PO Nelson farmer, 58 acres, born Llaiterfil, Montgomery County, North Wales, October 1, 1816; settled April 1, 1854; wife, Ruth Jones, born Glassglow, Flint Co., North Wales, March 8, 1815, married October 6, 1841, children, 8.

Greenwood, Levi P., PO Erieville.

Griffin, Henry, PO Erieville.

Hamilton, C.W., PO Nelson.

Hamilton, D.A., PO Nelson.

Matteson, O.V., PO Nelson.

Moore, F.W., PO Erieville.

Richards, William, PO Nelson, farmer and produce dealer, butter and cheese manufacturer, 750 acres, born Wales, January 21, 1819, settled 1840, has been assessor three terms; wife, Margaret Roberts, born Wales, May 12, 1828, married January 1852, children 10, living 8.

Richardson, Granville, PO Erieville.

Richardson, T.M., PO Erieville.

Shaffer, William S., PO Erieville,

Smith, H.K., PO Nelson.

Smith, Samuel Allen, PO Nelson Flats, farmer, 105 acres, born on farm now owned by him July 12, 1809, the land was taken up by his father, who came from MA; is a man noted for his piety and who has been for many years a prominent and active member of the Methodist Episcopal Church; wife, Mary Ann Hotchkiss, born Canandaigua, NY, married June 16, 1817; children, 5.

Smith, William A., PO Nelson.

Stanton, C.B., PO Cazenovia.

Wilson, William H., PO Erieville.