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Cazenovia, Fenner, and Nelson Businesses
from the Madison County Business Directory section of
The Farm Journal Illustrated Rural Directory of Madison County, New York, 1917-1922
pages 211-236
Published in 1917 by Wilmer Atkinson Company, Philadelphia, PA.
Daniel H. Weiskotten
Last Modified October 24, 2000
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This is a wonderful book which includes many names and advertisements for Madison County.  The complete resident listings are to be found on Mike Hollingsworth's pages.  What I include here is part of a Business Directory section that Mike does not have on his pages, and which I have pared down to only the Cazenovia, Fenner, and Nelson entries.

Besides this Business Directory I have also created another page with listing of over 1,800 Residents of Cazenovia, Fenner, and Nelson that appear in this wonderful book.

The first section is in Categories, while the second section is the same information arranged Alphabetically

Agricultural Implements
              H.K. Stoddard, New Woodstock
              I.V. Van Duzer, Cazenovia
              Frank O. Dwyer, Cazenovia
              M.H. Kiley, Cazenovia
              Chester C. Krut, Cazenovia
              Arthur W. Mawson, Cazenovia
Automobiles and Auto Suppliers
              W.H. Burton, Erieville
              L.D. Buckingham, New Woodstock
              Archie D. Greene, Cazenovia
              M. Henry (Mrs. F.L. Henry), New Woodstock
              Cazenovia Moriches Bank [this must be the Cazenovia National Bank]
              The Cazenovia National Bank
              Jacob Guidi, Cazenovia
              John McCabe, Cazenovia
              J.E. Seaver, Erieville
              Jonathan (Jon.) Coeg, New Woodstock
              Fred Daniels, New Woodstock
              Frank DePew, Perryville
Book and School Suppliers
              Maida M. Bowen, Cazenovia
Box Manufacturers
              The Diepress Company, Cazenovia
              W.N. Cardner, New Woodstock
              Cazenovia Canning Co.
Carpets and Rugs
              G.B. Freeborn, Cazenovia
Carriages and Wagons
              J.H. O'Neil, Cazenovia
Cattle and Horse Breeders
              R.D. Lee, Cazenovia
              Wardell Ensign, Rural Route No. 1 (R1), Erieville
              Damon Bros., New Woodstock
              J.A. Stanton & Son, New Woodstock
              Theodore (Theo.) F. Hyatt, Perryville
Cheese Manufacturers
              D.P. Maynard, Erieville
              Harry W. Rogers, Cazenovia
              L.A. Smith, Cazenovia
Cigar Manufacturers
              V.F. Golden, Cazenovia
              I.H. Brownstein, Cazenovia
              Burroughs & Roach, Cazenovia
              Arthur DeClercq (DeClerq), Cazenovia
              Howson & Davis, Cazenovia
              G.M. Thompson, New Woodstock
              Candy Kitchen, Cazenovia
              Mrs. Elizabeth Jenkins, Cazenovia
              Zourdas & Christakos, Cazenovia
              W.H. James, Nelson
Contractors and Builders
              H.H. Potter, Cazenovia
Creameries and Dairies
              Louis Edelstein, Cazenovia
              Samuel Fieldman, Cazenovia
              P.A. Flanagan, Cazenovia
              Ullman & Hauk, Cazenovia
              F.R. Stephens Co., New Woodstock
              G.B. Freeborn, Cazenovia
              H.J. Cull, Cazenovia
              F.A. Ford, Cazenovia
              Curtis Bros., Cazenovia
              W.W. Rice, Cazenovia
              D. Parker, New Woodstock
Dry Goods
              G.B. Freeborn, Cazenovia
Electrical Contractors and Electrical Supplies
              J.S. Bragunier, Cazenovia
Express and Hauling
              Will Evans, Cazenovia
              A.L. Magee, Cazenovia
              National Express Co., Cazenovia
              Frank Parisou, Cazenovia
              William (Wm.) Swind, Cazenovia
Flour and Feed
              George (Geo.) T. Atwell, Cazenovia
              E.F. Forsyth, Erieville
              Charles (Chas.) H. Boyd, New Woodstock
              L.H. Mallery, Perryville
Fruit and Produce
              W.F. Lucas, Cazenovia
              Perryville Dairy & Produce Co., Inc., Perryville
Fur Dealer
              Myron Joslyn, Nelson
              S.M. Barclay, Cazenovia [this must be a mistake, he is of the upper crust!]
              W.G. Chard, Cazenovia [this must be a mistake, he is of the upper crust!]
              D.D. Norton, Cazenovia
              F.A. Rose, Cazenovia
General Stores
              G.B. Freeborn, Cazenovia
              C.H. Rouse, Cazenovia
              E.S. Jillson & Son, Erieville
              C.L. Niles, Erieville
              W.R. Richards, Nelson
              G.E. Wakefield, Nelson
              E.M. Hunt, New Woodstock
              Milton Jeffry, New Woodstock
              New Woodstock Mercantile Co., New Woodstock
              F.G. Armstrong, Perryville
              Walter Brown, Cazenovia
              P.H. Donnelly & Son, Cazenovia
              E.C. Fuller, Cazenovia
              Harlem Feed & Grocery Co., Inc., Cazenovia
              Frank E. Richardson, Cazenovia
              Frank P. Shute, Cazenovia
              E.N. Bixby, Fenner
              E.P. Lee, New Woodstock
              Hamilton Thompson, New Woodstock
              William (Wm.) O. Aikman, Cazenovia
              F.F. Marshall, Cazenovia
              W.S. Huntley, New Woodstock
              A.W. Jenkins, New Woodstock
              E.A. Blair, Cazenovia
              D.S. Reidy, Cazenovia
              H.B. Thomas, Cazenovia
              Frank E. Blair, Erieville
              E.A. (Mrs. G.E.) Dougherty, Cazenovia
              Eagle Hotel, Cazenovia
              E.J. Hanlon, Cazenovia
              Arthur M. Sherwood, Cazenovia
              Hotel Erieville, Erieville
              E.S. Merrill, New Woodstock
              Peoples Ice Co., Cazenovia
              Dan Sullivan, Cazenovia
              George (Geo.) W. Salisbury, Cazenovia
              Don J. Conklin, Cazenovia
              Lansing & Son, Cazenovia
Light and Power
              Cazenovia Electric Co., Cazenovia
              Blodgett Bros., Cazenovia
              J.D. Niver, Cazenovia
              Charles (Chas.) Shaver, Cazenovia
              F.L. Hunt, New Woodstock
              W.M. Davis Lumber Co., Cazenovia
              T.W. Thayer Co., Cazenovia
              James A. Loyster, Cazenovia
Marble and Granite
              William (Wm.) T. Donovan, Cazenovia
              A.E. Turner, Cazenovia
              David E. Williams, Erieville
Mens Clothing
              Randall & Magee, Cazenovia
              Luella M. Tyler, Cazenovia
              M. (Mrs. H.D.) Palmer, New Woodstock
              Cazenovia Republican, Cazenovia
Paint and Painters
              C. Wood, Cazenovia
              C.D. Woodworth, Cazenovia
              E.C. Covell, Cazenovia
              Lena Jepson, Cazenovia
              M.R. Joy, Cazenovia
              F.D. Kepple, Cazenovia
              J.E. Salisbury, Cazenovia
              F.C. Watson, Cazenovia
              Donald Parker, New Woodstock
              James Rathbun (Jas. Rathburn), New Woodstock
Pianos and Musical Instruments
              Holdridge & DeClercq (DeClerq), Cazenovia
Plumbing and Heating
              Boland & Butler, Cazenovia
              Evans & Britt, Cazenovia
              Everett Marshall, Cazenovia
Poultry and Eggs
              Kent Poultry Farm, Cazenovia
              Parker Poultry Park, New Woodstock
Printers and Publishers
              Charles (Chas.) T. Greenland, Cazenovia
              E.A. & J.C. Peck, Cazenovia
              The Specialty Printing Co., Cazenovia
Real Estate
              Clements & Carpenter, Cazenovia
Sporting Goods
              Will H. Cruttenden, Cazenovia
              M.J. Byrnes, Cazenovia
              Frank & Goldberg, Cazenovia
Tinners and Roofers
              J.W. Green, Cazenovia
              Daley & Evans, Cazenovia
              Maynard & Gaige, Erieville
              George (Geo.) D. Burton, Cazenovia
              W.J. Doyle, Cazenovia
Womens Furnishings
              M.E. (Mrs. A.B.) Dunlap, Cazenovia



Aikman, William (Wm.) O., Hardware, Cazenovia
Armstrong, F.G., General Store, Perryville
Atwell, George (Geo.) T., Flour and Feed, Cazenovia
Barclay, S.M., Garage, Cazenovia [this must be a mistake, he is of the upper crust!]
Bixby, E.N., Grocer, Fenner
Blair, E.A., Harnesses, Cazenovia
Blair, Frank E., Harnesses, Erieville
Blodgett Bros., Livery, Cazenovia
Boland & Butler, Plumbing and Heating, Cazenovia
Bowen, Maida M., Books and School Supplies, Cazenovia
Boyd, Charles (Chas.) H., Flour and Feed, New Woodstock
Bragunier, J.S., Electrical Contractor and Electrical Supplies, Cazenovia
Britt [see Evans & Britt]
Brown, Walter, Grocer, Cazenovia
Brownstein, I.H., Clothing, Cazenovia
Buckingham, L.D., Automobiles and Auto Supplies, New Woodstock
Burroughs & Roach, Coal, Cazenovia
Burton, George (Geo.) D., Veterinarian, Cazenovia
Burton, W.H., Automobiles and Auto Supplies, Erieville
Butler [see Boland & Butler]
Byrnes, M.J., Tailor, Cazenovia
Candy Kitchen, Confectionary, Cazenovia
Cardner, W.N., Box Manufacturer, New Woodstock
Carpenter [see Clements and Carpenter]
Cazenovia Canning Co., Canners, Cazenovia
Cazenovia Electric Co., Light and Power, Cazenovia
Cazenovia Moriches Bank, Bank, Cazenovia [this must be the Cazenovia National Bank]
Cazenovia National Bank, Bank, Cazenovia
Cazenovia Republican, Newspaper, Cazenovia
Chard, W.G., Garage, Cazenovia [this must be a mistake, he is of the "upper crust"!]
Christakos [see Zourdas & Christakos]
Clements and Carpenter, Real Estate, Cazenovia
Coeg, Jonathan (Jno.), Blacksmith, New Woodstock
Conklin, Don J., Jewelry, Cazenovia
Covell, E.C., Photographer, Cazenovia
Cruttenden, Will H., Sporting Goods, Cazenovia
Cull, H.J., Dentist, Cazenovia
Curtis Bros., Drugs, Cazenovia
Daley & Evans, Undertakers, Cazenovia
Damon Bros., Cattle and Horse Breeders, New Woodstock
Davis [see Howson & Davis]
Davis, W.M., Lumber Co., Lumber, Cazenovia
DeClercq (DeClerq) [see Holdridge & deClercq]
DeClercq (DeClerq), Arthur, Coal, Cazenovia
Depew, Frank, Blacksmith, Perryville
Diepress Co., The, Box Manufacturer, Cazenovia
Donnelly, P.H., & Son, Grocers, Cazenovia
Donovan, William (Wm.) T., Marble and Granite, Cazenovia
Dougherty, E.A. (Mrs. G.E.), Hotel, Cazenovia
Doyle, W.J., Veterinarian, Cazenovia
Dunlap, M.E., (Mrs. A.B.), Womens Furnishing, Cazenovia
Dwyer, Frank T., Attorney, Cazenovia
Eagle Hotel, Hotel, Cazenovia
Edelstein, Louis, Creamery and Dairy, Cazenovia
Ensign, Wardell, Cattle and Horse Breeder, Rural Route No. 1 (R1), Erieville
Evans [see Daley & Evans]
Evans & Britt, Plumbing and Heating, Cazenovia
Evans, Will, Express & Hauling, Cazenovia
Fieldman, Samuel, Creamery and Dairy, Cazenovia
Flanagan, P.A., Creamery and Dairy, Cazenovia
Ford, F.A., Dentist, Cazenovia
Forsyth, E.F., Flour and Feed, Erieville
Frank & Goldberg, Tailors, Cazenovia
Freeborn, G.B., Carpets and Rugs, Crockery, Dry Goods, General Store, Cazenovia
Fuller, E.C., Grocers, Cazenovia
Gaige [see Maynard & Gaige]
Goldberg [See Frank & Goldberg]
Golden, V.F., Cigar Manufacturer, Cazenovia
Green, J.W., Tinner and Roofer, Cazenovia
Greene, Archie D., Baker, Cazenovia
Greenland, Charles (Chas.) T., Printer and Publisher, Cazenovia
Guidi, Jacob, Billiards, Cazenovia
Hanlon, E.J., Hotel, Cazenovia
Harlem Feed & Grocery Co., Inc., Grocers, Cazenovia
Hauk, [see Ullman & Hauk]
Henry, M. (Mrs. F.L.), Baker, New Woodstock
Holdridge & DeClercq (DeClerq), Pianos and Musical Instruments, Cazenovia
Hotel Erieville, Hotel, Erieville
Howson & Davis, Coal, Cazenovia
Hunt, E.M., General Store, New Woodstock
Hunt, F.L., Livery, New Woodstock
Huntley, W.S., Hardware, New Woodstock
Hyatt, Theodore (Theo.) F., Cattle and Horse Breeder, Perryville
James, W.H., Confectionary, Nelson
Jeffry, Milton, General Store, New Woodstock
Jenkins, A.W., Hardware, New Woodstock
Jenkins, Elizabeth, Mrs., Confectionary, Cazenovia
Jepson, Lena, Photographer, Cazenovia
Jillson, E.S., & Son, General Store, Erieville
Joslin, Myron, Fur Dealer, Nelson
Joy, M.R., Physician, Cazenovia
Kent Poultry Farm, Poultry and Eggs, Cazenovia
Kepple, F.D., Physician, Cazenovia
Kiley, M.H., Attorney, Cazenovia
Krut, Chester C., Attorney, Cazenovia
Lansing & Son, Laundry, Cazenovia
Lee, E.P., Grocer, New Woodstock
Lee, R.D., Cattle and Horse Breeder, Cazenovia
Loyster, J.A., Machinery, Cazenovia
Lucas, W.F., Fruit and Produce, Cazenovia
Magee [see Randall & Magee]
Magee, A.L., Express and Hauling, Cazenovia
Mallery, L.H., Flour and Feed, Perryville
Marshall, Everett, Plumbing and Heating, Cazenovia
Marshall, F.F., Hardware, Cazenovia
Mawson, Arthur W., Attorney, Cazenovia
Maynard & Gaige, Undertakers, Erieville
Maynard, D.P., Cheese Manufacturer, Erieville
McCabe, John, Blacksmith, Cazenovia
Merrill, E.S., Hotel, New Woodstock
National Express Co., Express and Hauling, Cazenovia
New Woodstock Mercantile Co., New Woodstock
Niles, C.L., General Store, Erieville
Niver, J.D., Livery, Cazenovia
Norton, D.D., Garage, Cazenovia
O'Neil, J.H., Carriages and Wagons, Cazenovia
Palmer, M., (Mrs. H.D.), Millinery, New Woodstock
Parisou, Frank, Express and Hauling, Cazenovia
Parker Poultry Park, Poultry and Eggs, New Woodstock
Parker, D., Drugs, New Woodstock [see also Donald Parker]
Parker, Donald, Physician, New Woodstock [see also D. Parker]
Peck, E.A. & J.C., Printers and Publishers, Cazenovia
Peck, J.C. [see E.A. & J.C. Peck]
Peoples Ice Co., Ice, Cazenovia
Perryville Dairy & Produce Co., Inc., Fruit and Produce, Perryville
Potter, H.H., Contractor and Builder, Cazenovia
Randall & Magee, Mens Clothing, Cazenovia
Rathbun, James (Jas. Rathburn), Physician, New Woodstock
Reidy, D.S., Harnesses, Cazenovia
Rice, W.W., Drugs, Cazenovia
Richards, W.R., General Store, Nelson
Richardson, F.E., Grocer, Cazenovia
Roach [see Burroughs & Roach]
Rogers, Harry W., Cigars, Cazenovia
Rose, F.A., Garage, Cazenovia
Rouse, C.H., General Store, Cazenovia
Salisbury, George (Geo.) W., Insurance, Cazenovia
Salisbury, J.E., Physician, Cazenovia
Seaver, J.E., Blacksmith, Erieville
Shaver, Charles (Chas.), Livery, Cazenovia
Sherwood, Arthur M., Hotel, Cazenovia
Shute, Frank P., Grocer, Cazenovia
Smith, L.A., Cigars, Cazenovia
Specialty Printing Co., The, Printers and Publishers, Cazenovia
Stanton, J.A. & Son, Cattle and Horse Breeders, New Woodstock
Stevens, F.R., & Co., Creamery and Dairy, New Woodstock
Stoddard, H.K., Agricultural Implements, New Woodstock
Sullivan, Dan, Ice, Cazenovia
Swind, William (Wm.), Florist, Cazenovia
Thayer, T.W., Co., Lumber, Cazenovia
Thomas, H.B., Harnesses, Cazenovia
Thompson, G.M., Coal, New Woodstock
Thompson, Hamilton, Grocer, New Woodstock
Turner, A.E., Meats, Cazenovia
Tyler, Luella M., Millinery, Cazenovia
Ullman & Hauk, Creamery and Dairy, Cazenovia
Van Duser, I.V., Architect, Cazenovia
Wakefield, G.E., General Store, Nelson
Watson, F.C., Physician, Cazenovia
Williams, David E., Meats, Erieville
Wood, C., Paints and Painter, Cazenovia
Woodworth, C.D., Paints and Painter, Cazenovia
Zourdas & Christakos, Confectionary, Cazenovia