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Former Businesses of the Village of Cazenovia
c. 1920 to 1990
As recalled by a number of older residents

Daniel H. Weiskotten
Last Modified November 13, 2000

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This listing, in the form of a Directory of Local Businesses, is simply a list of businesses that were in the Village of Cazenovia during the lifetime of several older residents.  All of the contributors wished to remain anonymous and some of them are now deceased.  I made some minor supplements to names and proprietors, but the list is essentially as created by one of the older residents with a number of additions by several other residents.  The businesses and people listed here were not in business in any particular time except within the memory of the compilers (c.1920 to c. 1990).  Few of them were active in the span of my memory (c.1965+) and several have direct descendants that are still in business, but all are familiar to me in some way through my research and talking with older generations.  Since the records of the 20th century seem harder to come by than those of the 19th century, I felt it fitting to include this listing here, for posterity, nostalgia, and for the record.  It is by no means complete and surely detailed stories may be compiled for each and every one of them, but this list is just a start.

Attorneys & Lawyers
         Dan Flanagan, Attorney
         Walter Morgan, Attorney

Automotive Sales and Service:
         Dowd Ford Sales and Service
         Bill Evans, Garage
         Blodgett & Campbell, Garage and Repairs
         Esso Gas Station
         Lee English's Mobile Service Station
         Ed Fonda
         Freeborn's Gulf Station
         G.D. Hermann, Sunoco Station (Walt Freeborn)
         Del Howard, Service Station
         Kelley's Car Sales
         Harry Lawrence Car Sales and Service
         Rick Morris, Car Sales
         Art Morse, Car Repair Service
         Donald Dudley Norton, Ford Cars
         J.P. Ryan & Sons, Chevrolet
         Sayles' Chevrolet Sales
         Ed Stanton, Service Station
         Western Auto (Ray Bartlett)
         Wilbur Brothers', (Vann & Harold), Buick Sales and Service
         Young's Shell Station
         Zuel & Jones, Garage

         McNulty's Bakery
         Shetron's Bakery

         Cazenovia National Bank

         Bill Blodgett, Barber
         Mike Burns, Barber
         Hurst & White, Barbers
         Jim Ryan, Barber

Blacksmiths Shops, Horse Equipment:
         McCabe Brothers, Blacksmith Shop
         Ed Riley, Blacksmith Shop
         Jim Smith, Blacksmith Shop
         Birney Thomas, Harness Repair
         Milo Wheeler, Livery Stable

Book Stores:
         Burke & Gaughn, Book Store
         Grimes' Book Store
         The Little Book Store (Punch Phelps)

Clothing, Tailors, Dry Goods, Laundry:
         Cazenovia Dry Cleaners, James Dirksen
         I.H. Brounstein's Clothing
         G.B. Freeborn, Dry Goods
         Dorothy Hunter, Knittery Shop
         Linn's Dress Shop
         Adoph Lohmar, Tailor
         F.H. Mclaughlin, Clothing (David McLaughlin)
         The Men's Shop (Harlan Marshall & ______ Waters)
         P.E. Mulligan, Dry Goods

Dairy Products:
         Brown's Dairy
         Cazenovia Dairy
         Dairymen's League Milk Plant
         Turvery Dairy
         White's Creamery
         McCormick's, Burr Street (Barn Burned 1920s or 1930s)

         Dr. Hershell Cull, DDS
         Dr. William Hibbard, DDS
         Dr. Frank Litrento, DDS
         Dr. Warren Seamon, DDS
         Dr. Richard Turner, DDS

Doctors, Physicians, Health Care:
         Dr. Philip Besancon, MD
         Dr. Blumrich, Chiropractor
         Dr. Edward Cannon, MD, Mill Street
         Dr. Gates, MD
         Dr. Hart, Chiropractor
         Dr. Milton Joy, MD
         Dr. Norman Lipton, MD
         Dr. Paul McCleod, MD, Mm Street
         Dr. Alvia Royce ("Deke") Morrow, MD, Albany & Hurd Streets.
         Dr. Joel Potash, MD
         Dr. Samuel Raymond, MD
         Dr. Robert Schramm, MD
         Dr. Donald Tulloch, MD, Mill Street
         Dr. Watson, MD
         "Mrs. White's Cottage Hospital" (Mill Street)

Drug Stores:
         Curtis & Burton Drugs (Lincklaen Street across from Theater)
         Dwyer's Drugs
         Mathers' Drugs (Bill O'Brien, Pharmacist, destroyed by fire 1937)
         L.L. Reed, Rexall Drugs
         Theobald & Hole Drugs

         Googin's Radio Store (on Albany Street, later Talbot's)

         Tom Callahan, Boat Rental and Service
         Cazenovia "Town Theatre" (Nick Googin, Movies)
         Herbie Douglas' Pool Hall
         Charlie Elmer's Pool Hall
         Gage's Bowling Alley
         Ken Boat Company
         Roberta Lester, Dance Studio

Funeral Services, Monuments:
         Campell & Dean Funeral Home
         Daley & Evans, Funeral Home
         Donovan's Monument Works
         Howard Hayes Monument Works
         Bing Kohler, Funeral Home
         Ryan Funeral Home
         Ed Walsh, Funeral Home

         Pangborn's Greenhouse
         Swin's Greenhouse

Groceries and Food:
         A & P Grocery (Walter Parsons)
         Worth Allen Delicatessen
         Alletzhauser Meat Market
         Donnelly's Grocery Store (Walt Donnelly)
         Gaylord's Bakery
         Harlem Feed & Grocery (Gage)
         Eleanor Hay's Delicatessen
         George Harris' Grocery
         Hitchcock's Meat Market
         IGA Grocery, (Don Callahan, Bob Ledyard)
         Market Basket Store (Bill Morgan)
         Peay Brothers' Meat Market
         Richardson's Grocery
         Stoecker's Meat Market
         Tessier's Grocery
         Turner's Meat Market
         Fred Turner's Grocery Store, Frozen Food Lockers
         Victory Chain, Groceries (George Evans)

Hardware, Coal, Lumber, and Oil
         Aikman, Hardware
         Cazenovia Gas & Oil, Drake Mills, Lou Colucci
         Ed Clarke Fuel Oil
         William M. Davis Lumber Company
         Harmon & Roach, Coal Yard
         O'Hara Coal Yard
         Marshall's Hardware

House Furnishings:
         Walter's Furniture
         Lew Ashby & Vaughn, Paint and Wall Paper

         Bill Gardner, Arctic Ice Delivery
         Dan Sullivan, Ice Harvesting

Ice Cream Parlors:
         Clemens' Ice Cream Parlor
         Pop Dean's Ice Cream Parlor
         Weaver's Ice Cream Shop

         Blakeslee Insurance
         Carroll's Insurance
         W.D. Collins, Insurance
         C.B. Hugg, Life Insurance
         R.T. Kennedy, Insurance and Real Estate
         Ward's Insurance

Jewelry Store:
         Donald J. Conklin, Jewelry and Watch Repair

Manufacturers, Milling:
         George T. Atwell, Feed Mill
         Cazenovia Canning Factory
         Cazenovia GLF (Grange League Federation), (Stanley Bittner)
         J.A. Loyster, Machine Shop, Diepress Co.
         Waterbury & Coe, Agway Feed

Mechanics, Plumbers, Electricians:
         Ayers' Plumbing Repair and Supply Shop
         Bradley Metal Smith Shop (Elisha & George Bradley)
         Bragunier's Electric Shop
         Britt & Carr, Tinsmiths
         Don Goodfellow, Lawn Mower Repair
         Harris Green Plumbing Shop
         William Jones, Mason Contractor

         E.C. Covell, Photography Studio

Public Utilities:
         Cazenovia Telephone Company
         Cazenovia Electric Company

Rail Roads:
         Lehigh Valley Rail
         Road West Shore Rail Road

Real Estate:
         R.T. Kennedy, Insurance and Real Estate
         Murray's Realty (Everett Murray)

Restaurants, Bars, Inns:
         Cazenovia House, Hotel, Restaurant, and Bar (Harry Williamson, Walter White)
         Chocolate Shop (Christakos, Louis Bronson)
         Colony Restaurant (Harry Zeno, Leo Collis)
         Eagle's Restaurant
         Golden Pheasant Restaurant
         Lakeland Tea Rooms
         Leo's Lunchette
         Lyke's Restaurant (Harry Lyke)
         Lynch's Restaurant and Bar (Ed Lynch)
         Dan Marr Restaurant & Dairy Bar
         Pete's Restaurant (Peter Collis)
         Red Lantern Inn (Coopy Marshall)
         Harry Rogers, Smoke Shop, Pool Hall, Restaurant
         Shore Acres Inn (Bob Casey)
         Len Smith, Smoke Shop
         Williams' Inn

Shoe Stores, Shoe Repairs:
         Frank Barilla, Shoe Repairs
         Murray's Shoe Store
         H.V. Randall, Shoes
         Earl Smith, Shoe Repairs

Tourist Homes:
         Freeborn's, Albany Street
         Chaphee's, Albany Street
         Donnelly's, Albany Street
         Mansfield's, Forman Street
         Wheeler's, Forman Street
         Munger's Nelson Street
         Bailey's Nelson Street

Trucking & Shipping
         Bartlett Express (Art Bartlett)
         Tremain & Clarke, Trucking

Variety Shops:
         Ben Franklin 5 & 10 Variety Store

         Dr. Loope, DVM
         Dr. Richard Sears, DVM
         Dr. Wright Newton, DVM