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New York State County Census Data
Agriculture, 1879-1945
(1945 Census Data, New York, by Counties)
Dept. of Ag Economics
Cornell University
assembled by M.C. Bond
Images of pages
Daniel H. Weiskotten
Posted 11/24/2001
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 This publication is a mimeograph copy of the original reports compiled by the Dept. of Ag Economics at Cornell University.  This comes from a  volume of County data kindly given me by Jack Eaton.  It is titled on the spine New York County Census Data, Vol. 1, Albany thru Nassau, A.E. 589 thru A.E. 615, 1879-1945, and on the Madison County page as Census Data - 1875 to 1945, Shows Some Changes in Madison County Agriculture and Land Use; prepared by M.C. Bond; Statistical Work by Kay Towner, Faith Snyder; Department of Agricultural Economics, New York State College of Agriculture, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York; A.E. 612; September 1947.

Other counties (Albany through Nassau) are available, but the paper and binding are very very fragile.  If you are a student or researcher and would like copies of data from other counites or the State Statistics for 1945 in the front of the volume, please feel free to contact me and I will help if I can.  I only have Volume I which has the counties from Albany to Nassau.  If anyone knows where I can obtain a copy of Volume II I would like to know more about that possibility.

I have not transcribed these pages and present only the images of each page.  I show only the parts of each page with contain any information or format.

The images are not reduced or enlarged and should be suitable for printing withouth difficulty.

    Cover Sheet
    Table of Contents
    Page 1:
            Text: Definition of Land Classes
            Table: Uses of Land in Each Class, Ten Counties, New York State
    Page 2
            Table: Acreage and Percentage of Land in Various Land Classes, Madison County, New York
            Table: Number of Farms by Township in Madison County
    Page 3
            Table: Land in Farms by Township in Madison County
            Table: Acres per Farm by Townships in Madison County
    Page 4
            Table: Trends of Various Crops, Madison County
    Page 5
            Table: Crop Yields per Acre, New York State
            Table: Crop Yields per Acre, Madison County
    Page 6
            Graph: Acres of Small Grains, Madison County, 1879-1939
    Page 7
            Table: Relative Importance of Various Small Grains, Madison County
    Page 8
            Graph: Acres of Oats, Barley and Wheat, Madison County
            Graph: Acres of All Small Grains, Madison County and New York State
    Page 9
            Graph: Acres of Potatoes, Madison County and New York State
    Page 10
            Table: Vegetables - Madison County
    Page 11
            Table: Number of Apple, Peach, and Pear Trees of Bearing Age, Madison County
    Page 12
            Table: Trends in Livestock, Madison County
    Page 13
            Graph: Number of Animal Units per farm, Madison County, 1880-1945
    Page 14
            Graph: Numbers of Livestock, Madison County
    Page 15
            Table: Number of Dairy Cows by Townships, Madison County
    Studies and Reports
            Economic Studies in or Near Madison County
            Mimeographed Reports of Vegetable Crops for Processing
            Economic Extension Bulletins of General Interest and Application