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Cazenovia, Fenner and Nelson
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Annas, Austin, Babcock, Beeman, Beekman, Blakeslee, Burton, Campbell, Chappell, Cook, Fosdick, Goodwin, Gray, Haight, Haight, Haight, Howard, Knickerbocker, Lowe, Lower, Messenger, Monroe, Norton, Paddock, Phinney, Slater, Smith, Warren, White.

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Annas(Chappell, Haight, Norton)
I am searching for info on Alanson Annas (1805 to 1898) and family who lived in Nelson until 1813 and then North Cazenovia, 1813 to 1930s.  Father Uriah Annas (? to 1821), Mother Lucy Norton Annas (? to 1866), brother Abijah Annas (1810 to 1889) of DeRuyter, wife Miranda Chappell (1816 to 1892), children Emily Annas (1837 to 1916), George Annas (1847 to 1928), Jane Annas (1846 to 1920), and John Annas (1836 to 1908).  Need earlier and later generations.  Have searched cemeteries, deeds, census, newspapers.   Lucy, Abijah, and sisters Lydia and Angeline went to Watervliet and became Shakers (Abijah and Lucy left and moved to DeRuyter)
Dan Weiskotten, Richmond, VA (7/30/1999).

I am searching for info on Caleb Austin (born Feb. 9, 1764 in Canterbury, Windham, CT; died Sept. 24, 1830 in Georgetown, Madison, NY; buried in Crumb Hill Cemetery, DeRuyter, Madison Co., NY).  Married Anna MessengerCaleb Austin was a shoemaker in Cazenovia Village 1798 -1803.  According to the obituary for his son James Austin: Caleb Austin bought 20 acres of land in Cazenovia.  I have found a record of him purchasing all 11 acres of of Lot #25 Cazenovia Village Outlots for $34.20 from John Lincklean on May 1, 1798 with Helen Lincklean witness (Chenango County Deed B:18).  Moved from Cazenovia before September 1803, and is found on Lot 64 Tromp Township, called Crumb Hill, in the Town of DeRuyter, in 1806.  The obituary for James Austin states that Caleb Austin exchanged the Cazenovia land for one hundred and sixty acres situated in the eastern part of the town of DeRuyter (Lot 64 Tromp Township, this was Crumb Hill where James Austin died in 1880). Caleb Austin and Anna Austin had eleven children. I have a copy of the obituary for son James Austin (1800-1880); the Federal Census reports for 1850 and 1860 for Georgetown, Madison, NY.  Any information on Caleb Austin and his family would be appreciated and I will gladly share what I have.
Joyce (8/8/1999)

Campbell (Phinney, Monroe)
I am looking for any information at all on Elson Monroe Campbell (also spelled Alanson) born January 5, 1810 in Cazenovia, NY, died August 3, 1895 in Delta Mills, MI.  Married in 1831 (in Cazenovia) to Huldah Phinney, born May 2, 1814 in Cazenovia, NY, died December 19, 1894 in Delta Mills, MI.  Will be happy to share what I have.
Michael Havens (11/9/1999)

Cook (Cook, Goodwin, Gray)
I am interested in the descendants of Jesse Cook (born 1739 CT, died 1824 and is buried in Cazenovia).  Jesse Cook married Amanda ____, the mother of his three children: Serad Cook, Daniel Cook, and Asenath Cook (?).  Serad Cook (born 1762, died 1842 Cazenovia) married Patty GoodwinSerad Cook and Patty Goodwin Cook had a number of children, including George Goodwin CookGeorge G. Cook (born 1796 possibly near Gt. Barrington, MA, died 1884 Syracuse) married Sarah Gray of Cazenovia in 1826.  Does anyone know Sarah Gray Cook's parents/ancestory?
Sarah (7/31/1999)

Need to know a little information on a James Haight born 1776, in Dutchess Co. NY, moved to Madison Co. NY about 1803 (Town of Cazenovia), later lived near Bingley in Town of Fenner.  The Haights bought an existing farm and settled down, on what was later known as the Bacon farm (see Haight Cemetery).  Wife's name is Rebecca Slater.  Childern are Sylvester, Catherine, Emeline (Emily), Seth A. (born 1802), John A. (born 1802), William Henry (born August 8, 1807), Amana Marie (born March 6, 1812), and Amos (born 1816).
Lloyd Haight (3/12/2000)

Knickerbocker(Blakselee, Howard, Smith)
I am looking for the ancestors and descendants of Robert and Rachel (Howard) Knickerbocker. Robert was born circa 1800 in VT?  Rachel Howard was born circa 1810 in either Cortland Co., NY or MA.  They married on 22 Aug. 1830 in Town of Nelson by Rev. (Elder) Blakeslee.  This is recorded in the Morrisville Observer and Recorder Newspaper on 24 August 1830.  I have not been able to find the marriage record from the Church.  Two of their children were born in Nelson, I would like to find further proof of this too.  Minor Knickerbocker born 31 Aug. 1831 Town of Nelson, Madison Co. is my great grandfather. He married Florence Matilda Smith (in the Town of Lenox, Madison Co.) Jerome Knickerbocker born circa 1833 probably in Town of Nelson.  By 1840 they are living in Town of Verona, Oneida Co. and 1850 in Caughdenoy, Town of Hastings, Oswego Co. from there I lose all trace of them.  There are 8 known children born to Robert and Rachel Knickerbocker.  I have searched census, church, newspapers and land records for them.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I have extensive information on two of the children, Minor Knickerbocker and Jane Knickerbocker.
Kathleen Teague, Oneida, NY (9/13/2000)

Lowe (Burton)
We are searching for any information on the Lowe family of Madison county in the late 19th-early 20th century.  My great grandfather was William E. Lowe (1862-1949) and lived in Cazenovia in the early 1880's-as late as 1884.  He married Emma Burton (1849-1927) of Erieville and they are buried in Erieville Cemetery.  They had at least two children: Irving Lowe (1889-1972), and Bernice Lowe (1893-1981).  At one time, William E. Lowe "ran" a bicycle shop in Munnsville. I am trying to find out who William E. Lowe's parents are. If anyone has any info, it would be greatly appreciated!
Robert & Valerie Lowe (8/1999)

Lower (Beekman, Beeman)
I am searching for any information about George Lower found on the 1820 census in the town of Nelson.    George is thought to be one of the sons of Conrad Lower found on the same census in the town of Sullivan.  George Lower probably married ____ Beaman/Beeman about 1815, although it seems possible that the name may be Beeckman or some variation. George Lower is thought to be the father of Nelson Lower, born 1821 or 1822, probably in the town of Nelson and named for it.    Hope to make contact with anyone researching Lower, Beeman, or Beeckman.  Have searched censuses, deeds, and those cemeteries found on-line.
Graham Louer, Dallas TX (7/31/1999)

Warren(Babcock, Fosdick)
I am searching for any information about Harrison Warren Sr.  He was born in 1797 in NY (all we have).  Between 1821 and 1822 he married Charlotte
Fosdick, who was born January 6, 1801 in Cazenovia, Madison County, NY.  Their son, Harrison "Hat" Warren was born August 18, 1823 in Cazenovia.  In 1824 Charlotte married Joseph Babcock which leads us to believe that Harrison Sr. died sometime between 1822 and 1823.  We cannot find any information on Harrison Sr. though and seem to be brickwalled in Cazenovia.
Bonnie Warren (3/10/2000)

White (Haight, Paddock)
I am searching for information on Ebenezer White, Methodist circuit minister based in Cazenovia, 1803.  Wife Clarissa White.  Children married into Haight family.  Lived in Cazenovia with his family but died while preaching on the circuit in Otsego County in 1813 - I know little else.  See Nathan Paddock Biography on Onondaga County RootsWeb page.
Dan Weiskotten, Richmond, VA (7/30/1999).