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Cazenovia, Fenner and Nelson Family Links
Provided by Daniel H. Weiskotten
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Last modified January 6, 2005

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There are hundreds and hundreds of family pages that share the common denominator of the towns of Cazenovia, Fenner and Nelson, in Madison County, New York, I'd like to provide a place to gather links to the wonderful pages that researchers world-wide have been busy creating.

Please e-mail the caretaker links to family pages or family GenForums that you know about and I will add them as soon as I can.

I take no responsibility for the quality or accuracy of the the works on these other pages.

The Allen & Roberts families can be found on The Debra Bailey Trail Family Tree Page

The Annis (Annas) Family, by Michael James Annis

The Aylesworth Family in America

Lots of Bumpuses!

The Breese Family Monograph from a site by John McKenzie

Reuben & Dorcas Smith Bryan (Bryant) , by Jim & Pam Norvall

Clay Family, by Paul Clay

Cobb and Cobbs families

Cowles Family Genealogy Page, by Louise Hastings

DeClercq family GenForum

Dewey Family, (by F. Fothergill?)

Fay Family web pages, by Linda Fay Kaufman

The Haight Family pages, by unknown (very slow loading because of images = stop the loading after a while to read the good text & info.)

Inman Family Compendium, by Jim Williams

Oliver Jewell family, by unknown

James Jones, builder of the Welsh Church in Nelson, by John Weston

The Knox Family Genealogy Page, by Gregory Charles Knox

The Lee Family Tree, by Patricia Easton

Descendants of Seba Loomis , by Barbara Farnham

The Merchant Family, by Ann Oelheim

Descendancy from Samuel Morris, by Terry and Teri Cleveland

Morris Family Association Resources, by Addie Morrissey

The Phillips family, by Wayne Bracken

The Benjamin Potter Family, by Diane Bender

The Roberts & Allen families can be found on The Debra Bailey Trail Family Tree Page

Josiah Sabins family, on a web page by Hugh Zorger

More Sabins Family genealogy, by Gordon Alan Morris

St. John Genealogy, (by Betty Matteson?)

Stanton Surname Page, by Denise Frederick

More Stanton material, by Roderic A. Davis

More Stanton material, by unknown

Strawbridge Family History, (with lots of Ledyards, Lincklaen, etc.) by Alexander Strawbridge White

The Tillotson Project, by unknown - required unknown userid and password to view

The Weld Family , Ezra Greenleaf  Weld & brother Theodore Dwight Weld, by Steve Condarcure

Wiser Family Research Pages by Ron Wiser

Some Descendants of James York Sr., prepared by NancyAnn Norman