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Historical Papers by Jabez W. Abell Jr.
from the Cazenovia Republican, 1925-1942
Daniel H. Weiskotten
updated 7/11/2000
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Bibliography of Historical Papers
by Jabez W. Abell in the Cazenovia Republican
Compiled by Daniel H. Weiskotten
January 1994
Only those that are highlighted are available.  This is a monumental task and I will plug away at it when I can.

The date is the date that it appears in the Cazenovia Republican, the "inches" given is the length of the column as it apepared, the pages references [:21-22] are where they can be found in the scrap book in the Cazenovia Public Library.


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"1816, `The Year Without a Summer'" 3/9/1939

"Amos Rathbone" 3/26/1942

"Anvil Serenade of 1856 Broke Windows but Election Celebrants Paid All Damage" 8/3/1939

"At One Time 101 Students Attended No. 9 School" 7/16/1942

"Attended School Only One Term But Attained Eminence in Education Field" 8/24/1939

"Bear Hunting Party Here 131 Years Ago" 3/2/1939

"Bear Skins Wanted" 6/25/1942

"Boat Race, The" 12/11/1941

"Bridge Over Cazenovia Lake Outlet at One Time a Single Log" 9/14/1939

"John Buck" 2/11/1926, (see "Former Cazenovian Acquitted of Murder Charge Confessed on Deathbed" 9/7/1939)

"Cazenovia and Erieville Hunting Party Fifty Years Ago in Nelson Swamp" 11/9/1939

"Cazenovia Boy Who Faced the Music More Than 100 Years Ago, A" 8/6/1942

"Cazenovia Business Section 100 Years Ago - Many Changes Since" two instalments, 9/21/1939, 9/28/1939

"Cazenovia Children Sold as Slaves in the Early 1800's" 3/30/1939

"Cazenovia Debtors Put on Limits' or Sent to Jail in Early 1800's" 4/20/1939

"Cazenovia One Time Town Clock Manufacturing Center" 9/12/1940

"Cazenovia Private School Where Scholars Didn't Have to Study" 3/5/1942

"Cazenovia Road Township in Early Days" 3/27/1941

"Cazenovia Schools, Public and Private, in the Early Days" 2/5/1942

"Cazenovia: Some Historical Facts and History as Related by Henry Severance, Dunkirk, NY, August 1884" (compiled by J.W.Abell) in two installments 7/29/1926, 8/5/1926

"Cazenovia Weather" 8/27/1942

"Cazenovian Relates a Story of Civil War Days, A" 2/27/1941

"Cazenovia's Public Square" 6/11/1942

"Cherry Valley Road, The" 4/10/1941

"Cherry Valley Turnpike Built Before Syracuse was even a Village" 9/30/1926 (a)

"Cherry Valley Turnpike Built and Controlled by Cazenovia Men" 6/4/1925, reprinted 9/30/1926 (c)

"Childhood Memories of a Trip to the Blacksmith Shop" 9/24/1942

"`Cold Friday,' Jan. 17, 1810" 3/2/1939

"Cornelius Sylvester" 9/17/1942

"Country Store, The" 7/9/1942

"Court Martial Held at Cazenovia 124 Years Ago Convicted Sixty-four" 5/18/1939

"`Crazy Luce' Wandered Hereabouts 140 Years Ago Jilted by Her Lover" 8/10/1939

"Daniel Constine" 5/20/1926 (reprinted 3/12/1942 as "The Man After Whom Constine Bridge was Named")

"Deacon Selah Munson" 10/8/1942

"Deacon Trades Horses, The" 2/20/1941, (the Deacon is Seba Loomis not Seva Loorice)

"Distillery and Cattle Pens on Albany Street 100 Years Ago" 6/29/1939

"District No. 9's Factories of Former Years" chapters I-IV, 1/12/1939 to 2/2/1939

"Dog Tax, The" 7/30/1942

"Early Local History" chapters I-IV, 1/19/1928 to 2/19/1928, (chapters I & II = "The Land Looker" III = "The Settler" IV = "The Home Maker")

"Early Local History, Roads" 6/4/1925, (reprinted in two chapters, 2/21/1929 to 2/28/1929)

"Early Military Training in Cazenovia" 11/12/1942

"Early Physicians in Cazenovia and Nelson Townships" 3/13/1941, 11/20/1941 (with no name); "..., Dr. John Heffron Jr." 9/11/1941; "..., Dr. Edgar C. Bass" 9/18/1941; "..., Dr. Isaac Newton Goff" 9/25/1941; "..., Dr. Milton R. Joy" 10/2/1941; "..., Dr. Julius Eugene Salisbury" 10/9/1941; "..., Dr. Alonzo D. Smith" 10/16/1941; "..., Dr. Frederick C. Watson" 10/23/1941; "..., Dr. Frederick D. Keppel" 10/30/1941; "..., Dr. Bernard T. Brown" 11/6/1941; "..., Dr. Donald Parker" 11/13/1941

"Early Physicians in Towns of Cazenovia and Nelson" parts I-IV, 10/10/1940 to 10/31/1940

"Early Religion in and About Cazenovia" chapters I-XII, 3/10/1932 to 5/26/1932, (chapter XI titled: "Early Religion in Town of Cazenovia Told by Records")

"Early Religions in Cazenovia Township" 9/10/1942

"Early School Teachers in District Number 9" 8/13/1942

"Early Settlers of This Section Depended on Game for Much of Food Supply" 11/2/1939

"Early Town Libraries" 5/21/1942

"Early Town Meetings at Cazenovia" 11/26/1942

"Electric Storm of August 14, 1825, The" 7/23/1942

"Eli Forbes Hill" 4/23/1942

"Elija Risley" 12/10/1942, (should be Elijah)

"Erie Canal, The" 10/1/1942, (originally by Henry Severance)

"First Holstein Cattle Brought to Cazenovia 146 Years Ago" 5/1/1941

"First Sail Boat with Rigging on Cazenovia Lake 131 Years Ago" 10/26/1939

"Former Cazenovian Acquitted of Murder Charge Confessed on Deathbed" 9/7/1939

"Four Epochs of the Town of Cazenovia, The" 8/20/1942

"Fragmentary History of the Town and Village of Cazenovia" chapters I-__, 2/16/1939 to (2/23/1939), (says at the end of chapter II "to be continued" but it is not)

"Free Church of Cazenovia, The" 1/8/1942

"Freshet of March 1865 -- Not a Bridge Left Between Cazenovia and Chittenango, The" 4/27/1939

"General Julius White" 5/14/1942

"`General Training' During Early Days at Cazenovia" chapters I-IV, 6/30/1927 to 7/21/1927, (reprinted in ten chapters titled "`General Training' on the Green at Cazenovia 140 Years Ago" - chapter IX is "Gridley and Jenks War in Cazenovia in the Early 1800's" 12/14/1939 to 2/25/1940)

"Historical Sketch" 11/5/1942, (delivered by John F. Fairchild in 1838)

"History of South Cemetery" 1/14/1926, (probably written by Abell who was a cemetery trustee)

"Indian John Morgan Well Known Character in Fenner 70 Years Ago" 8/31/1939, (corrected to Eli Morgan in scrapbook)

"Jabez Colt, One of Cazenovia's Earliest Settlers" 3/19/1942

"Jilted by His Girl John Lowery Tramped the Hills and Fields Here Until His Death" two instalments, 10/5/1939, 10/12/1939

"Joe Road, The" 4/3/1941

"Katy Peek" 1/1/1942

"Lake View Steamboat, The" 12/18/1941

"Lemuel White" 5/7/1942

"Log Schoolhouse of District No. 9, The" 7/2/1942

"Man After Whom Constine Bridge was Named, The" 3/12/1942 (reprinted from "Daniel Constine" of 5/20/1926)

"Moved to Sullivan Street Reconstructed into 2 Houses Still Occupied as Residences" 12/12/1940

"`The Mystery' of 80 Years Ago that Ultimately Proved No Mystery at All" 10/3/1940

"Nathan Smith" 4/9/1942

"New England Tin Peddler, The" 3/6/1941

"'News' Printed in `The Pilot' 130 Years Ago" parts I-III, 12/12/1940 to 12/26/1940

"Old Battle Field 9 Miles From Cazenovia" chapters I-II, 4/26/1928 to 5/3/1928

"Old Brewery Did Thriving Local Business Here 100 Years and Less Ago" 7/20/1939

"Old Picture Recalls Mother's Consternation on Learning Her Son was Leaving for War" 8/17/1939

"Old Turnpike Routes" 9/30/1929 (c)

"One of Cazenovia's Leading Factories of 124 Years Ago Now a Filling Station" 6/22/1939

"Origin of Pickerel in Cazenovia Lake" 3/2/1939

"Owahgena" 12/4/1941

"Private Schools 100 and More Years Ago" 2/26/1942

"Prominent Citizens Invoked `Moral Law' Here 125 Years Ago But it Didn't Help Much" 11/7/1940

"Postal Facilities in the Early Days of Cazenovia" parts I and II, 1/6/1941, 1/13/1941

"Pound, The" 12/3/1942

"Poverty of Cazenovia's Early Settlers" 11/19/1942

"Rev. Joshua Leonard" 4/2/1942

"Sad Drowning Accident at Cazenovia Sixty-eight Years Ago" 12/25/1941, (response from George Atwell in 1/15/1942)

"School District No. 9" 6/18/1942

"School Teacher Supreme" 1/22/1942

"Serad Cook" 4/30/1942

"Silk Raising and Manufacturing at Cazenovia 100 Years Ago" 10/19/1939

"Six in One Family Die from Mysterious Cause Century Ago at Cazenovia" 4/16/1942

"Some Thought Turnpikes Would Ruin Country" 9/30/1926 (b)

"Squirrel Hunts 125 Years Ago" 10/22/1942

"Stage Drivers of Cherry Valley Turnpike" parts I and II, 4/17/1941, 4/24/1941

"Story of Long Ago, A" 11/27/1941

"Suckers from Cazenovia Lake a Staple Food" 3/20/1941, (alternate title = "In Early Days Suckers from Cazenovia Lake a Staple Food")

"Sylvester Coin" 3/25/1926 (reprinted 2/19/1942)

"Tallon's Ball the Social Register of Seventy Years Ago" 1/29/1942

"Teacher's Lot Most Difficult in Early Days of Cazenovia" 2/12/1942

"Temperance and Intemperance at Cazenovia 140 Years Ago" parts I-IV, 11/4/1940 to 12/5/1940

"Those Historic Old Taverns Along the Route of the Cherry Valley Turnpike" 6/1/1939

"Town of Cazenovia Raised Only $610 in Taxes 126 Years Ago" 5/11/1939

"Trade and Financial Conditions in Cazenovia in the Early Days" 6/4/1942

"Transportation Problems in the Early Days of Cazenovia" 10/29/1942

"Travel by Erie Canal" 10/15/1942

"Two Peculiar Deaths by Hanging in Town of Cazenovia 116 Years Ago" 6/8/1939

"Vandemus Sturdevant" 9/3/1942

"'Vision of Owahgena, The,' Preliminary to Starting Publication of" (a vision by "an unknown writer" about 70 years ago) 1/2/1941

"Vision of Owahgena, The" parts I-IV, 1/9/1941 to 1/30/1941

"What has Become of Cazenovia's Old Cannon of 1812?" 5/28/1942

"Wolf and Bear Hunts to Kill Marauders Held at Number 9 150 Years Ago" 7/27/1939