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Ellsworth and Richmond's 1901
New Woodstock and Vicinity, Past and Present

"Quaint Epitaphs From the Village Cemetery"
pages 33 to 36

Scanned and edited by
Daniel H. Weiskotten

This Electronic Version Copyright 2003 by Daniel H. Weiskotten
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Ellsworth, Anzolette D., and Mary E. Richmond, 1901, New Woodstock and Vicinity, Past & Present. J.A. Loyster, Cazenovia, NY

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Quaint Epitaphs from the Village Cemetery.

The village cemetery contains many of the graves of the pioneers. The first burials recorded were five in 1808.  The stones which mark their resting places are black with age and in some instances it is impossible to decipher the quaint epitaphs inscribed upon them long ago by mourning friends.  Omitting names, a few of these interesting inscriptions have been transcribed for these pages.  They are worthy of preservation and in a few more years, as is already the case in some instances, will be entirely effaced.  The stones themselves are rapidly crumbling away.  The spelling, punctuation and arrangement have been exactly copied as far as possible.

[The full format, showing carver's errors has not been retained here]

"Sleep fweet dust;
Wait the Almighty's will;
Rife with the just,
And be an angel ftill."

"Refrain my friends, dry tip your tears;
Here I must lie, till Christ appears;
When he appears then I shall rise
And meet my Saviour in the skies."

"Look O my friends and See,
the end of mortal blifs below,
thare nothing fure that will indure
Sens all to death must go."

"This grave contains a youthful bloom,
Blown out at morn, cut down at noon;
A brother, a son, my true-love has gone,
And left me in this world to mourn." <:34>
"He touch'd our hearts with groans and cries
Now in silent sleep Lies."

"The rofe is fragrant but it fades in time,
The voilet fweet but quickly paft its Prime
White lilies, hang their heads and soon decay
And whiter fnow in minuets, melt away.
Such, and fo withering is our blooming youth."

"Stop passenger awhile and see
Whose life is longest yours or mine
If death has snatched my soul today
To-morrow it may call for thyne.
The only differance then will be
That you have one more day than me."

"Farewell my gay companions all,
That view my shrowding sod,
Be ready for that solemn call
Prepare to meet your God.
Affection dedicates these lines"

"Off from my fide the deareft half is torn
The reft lives bleeding, and but lives to mourn."


"He rushed in to eternity,
A dreadful God to view,
He neither settled his affairs,
Nor bid his friends adieu."

"The opening heavens around me shine:
With beames of sacred blifs,
If, Jesus shows; his mercy mine;
And whispers I am his."

"Oh! much lamented friend that sleepeth here,
Torn from my bleeding heart in life's noon-day
Thy virtues fair demand affections tear
Thy once loved tender wife is doomed to pay.
But who with me shall hold thy former place
Thine image what new friendship can efface
May I not murmer but tho' left alone
Say, Father in Heaven thy will be done."

"Soon, and I call.
Sudden was my fate,
Prepare too meet your God!
Before it is too, late,"

"Diseases come and go at His bidding;
And that which did me arest;
It was a Cansor in my breast:
Amen, even so, come Lord Jesus."

"His mind was tranquil and serene,
No teror in his looks were seen
His Saviour, smild dispeld the gloom
And smooth'd his passage to the tomb."


"Oh my Jesus why was I made to hear they voice
And enter whilst there's room,
Since thousands make a retched choice,
And rather starve than come."

"Come all my friends as you pafs by,
View the ground where your mother duft doth lie,
She obtain'd a hope, quite from her youth,
And bles'd her God in the dark shades of death.

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