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Ellsworth and Richmond's 1901
New Woodstock and Vicinity, Past and Present

Listing of Photographs

Scanned and edited by
Daniel H. Weiskotten

This Electronic Version Copyright 2003 by Daniel H. Weiskotten
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Ellsworth, Anzolette D., and Mary E. Richmond, 1901, New Woodstock and Vicinity, Past & Present. J.A. Loyster, Cazenovia, NY

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This little book has over 150 wonderful photographs, ranging from portraits of prominent residents, landscapes, mills, houses, stores, shops, and even the cemetery.

Most are individual images, but some are a montage of similar subjects.  In this presentation I have broken them into individual images for better viewing and to keep the file size down.  Scanning of the images was done at 300 dpi, and then reduced to 200 or 150 dpi to create computer files that were not more than 200 kb.  In some photographs I kept the files large to retain the integrity and quality of the image.

I do intend to have links to each image each time the subject is mentioned in the text, but at this time I have not completed this part of the project.

The photographs appear near appropriate places in the text.  The pages they are on are of a different paper, heavier and glossier, than the text, and the sheets are not numbered.  In this version of the work I have named the files based on the publication, the number of the text page that they face and by a brief clip of the subject (thus the picture of the blacksmith shop facing page 19 is titled "NW_1901_019_Blacksmith_Shop.jpg").  In the case of images that are in a montage I have made no note of their position in the montage, but have noted the page number which will thence appear on each different image file for that page as in "... 019_Cardner_Mill.jpg" and "... 019_Blacksmith_Shop.jpg"

Captions and credit to photographers has been retained, and in cases of montage, the captions have been placed with the appropriate image.  I have made no changes to the images, except in editing out an occasional bare corner where images overlapped in a montage.  I can provide full scans of any image, so please don't hesitate to contact me and ask if you would like this for your own research (other uses fall under my copyright expressed above and on my front page).

Photographs in
Ellsworth and Richmond's 1901 New Woodstock and Vicinity ...