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Ellsworth and Richmond's 1901
New Woodstock and Vicinity, Past and Present

"New Woodstock Academy and Other Schools"
pages 42 to 45

Scanned and edited by
Daniel H. Weiskotten

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Ellsworth, Anzolette D., and Mary E. Richmond, 1901, New Woodstock and Vicinity, Past & Present. J.A. Loyster, Cazenovia, NY

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New Woodstock Academy and Other Schools.

A select school was incorporated by legislature as New Woodstock Academy, May 2, 1834.  The following are extracts from a prospectus and catalogue of this "Academical and Manual Labor Institution, for the session ending March 10, 1837."


This institution is situated in the retired but pleasant, healthful and flourishing village of New Woodstock, in the town of Cazenovia, county of Madison, state of New York; six miles south of Cazenovia village, on the main stage route from Ithaca to Utica; about forty miles west of the latter city; sixteen miles west of Hamilton, twenty-four miles east of Homer.  The institution is surrounded by a dense and wealthy population, under the influence of a well organized moral and religious society.


Common English branches, per quarter, $3.00
Natural Sciences, &c. 4.00
Mathematics, Languages, &c., 5.00
Musick, Drawing, and Painting, extra.


Rev. John F. Bishop, superintendent and lecturer on Moral Science, and Civil Polity.  Joel Whiting, A.B., Professor of Mathematicks, Languages and Rhetorick.  David Pease, Professor of Natural Phylosophy, Chemistry, Vocal and Instrumental Musick.  Bradley Camp, Assistant and Teacher.  Julius W. Hatch, Lecturer on Astronomy.  William W. Kinne, M.D., Lecturer on Natural History, and Human Physiology.  Miss H.M. Rice, Preceptress and Teacher of Drawing and Painting.  Miss A. Kinne, Teacher of Musick and Ornamental Penmanship.  Miss S. Crandall, Assistant Teacher.


S.P. Collins, President; R.R. Jenkins, Treasurer; John Morse, John Fisk, Isaac Morse, William Coley, William Savage, Samuel Walker, Harvey Morris, Seth Savage, David Smith, C. Coats, J. Smith, Secretary.

A list of twenty-one names composing an Advisory and Visiting Committee, follows: The towns of Cazenovia, Fabius, Manlius, Syracuse, Fenner, Eaton, Hamilton, Peterboro, Smithville, LeRoy Henderson, Adams, Watertown, Pulaski, and Cortland are represented, Gerrit Smith, Esq., Rev. O. Montague, Prof. Eaton and Prof. Taylor, Hon B. Beckwith, and Hon. J. Pettit, being among the number.

Some of the text books in use were: Greek, Fiske's Grammar, Greek Exercises, Jacob's Reader, and New Testament; French, Levizac's Grammar, Boyer's Dictionary, LeBrun's Telemaque, Tradacteur Francois, Bolomar's Phrases; Latin, Latin Lessons, the Reader; Virgil, Exercises, Ciceto's Orations, and Adams' Roman Antiquities; Mathematicks, Grund's Day's, and Smyth's Algebra, Geometry, Sperical Trigonometry, Davies' Legendre, Gibson's and Davies' Surveying; Arithmetick, Smith's, Adams' and Emerson's North American; English Grammar, Smith's Geography, Smith's and Malte Brun's; Botany, Mrs. Lincoln's ; Philosophy, Grund's, Olmsted's and Comstock's ; Chemistry, Comstock's History, Robin's Outlines; Rhetoric, Newman's ;Logic, Whateley's; Civil Polity, Say's ; Moral Science, Wayland's.

A stringent code of laws were under the following heads:  I. Relating to membership.  II. Relating to decorum.  III. Special requirements.  IV. Relating to Prohibitions.

The following is the list of students with their residences:


J. Bishop, Cazenovia.
G.E. Beckwith, Cazenovia.
A. Backus, Cazenovia.
A. Blakeslee, Fenner.
R.C. Beckwith, Cazenovia.
A. Barnes, Nelson.
R. Bramer, Cazenovia.
J. Bodle, Mecklenburg.
A. Burges, Cazenovia.
B.G. Collins, Cazenovia.
G.N. Collins, Cazenovia.
E. Cleaveland, Cazenovia.
W. Cole, Henderson.
W. Corbin, Cazenovia.
W. Cotes, Cazenovia.
Z. Cadogan, Cazenovia.
C. Curtis, Cazenovia.
Lewis Dodge, Vernon.
J.C. Dean, Cazenovia.
J. Dryer. Cazenovia.
L. Damon Cazenovia.
D.J. Downer, Peterboro.
Z.Y. Ensign, Nelson.
C.D. Ensign, Nelson
C. Frizell, Cazenovia.
N. Graves, Nelson.
A.H. Gifford, Cazenovia.
S. Greenman, Cazenovia.
G. Greenman, Cazenovia.
D. Greenman, Cazenovia.
G. Jenkins, Cazenovia.
C.J. Johnson, Cazenovia.
O. Jaycox. Mecklenburg.
M.J. Jaycox, Mecklenburg.
H. Kinne,
S. Lindley,
P.H. Lansing, Fenner.
T. Morris, Cazenovia.
N. Maddock, Peterboro.
A. Messinger, Lincklaen.
B.W. Miller, New Haven.
E. Matthewsoo, Peterboro.
B.W. Mory, Cazenovia.
Osgood, Adams.
F.C. Overton, Henderson.
G. Pool, Nelson.
J Philips, Fenner.
S. Reeve, Cazenovia.
Joseph Rice,
J. Reeve, Cazenovia.
Rhodes, Madison.
S. Smith, Cazenovia.
A. Smith, Cazenovia.
J. Smith, Fenner.
L. Savage, Cazenovia.
Charles Sanderson, Westmoreland.
W. Savage, Cazenovia.
G. Scott, Cazenovia.
E.A. Simmons, Cazenovia.
E. Simmons, Cazenovia.
J.C. Stowell, Cazenovia.
L.E. Swan, Cazenovia.
M. Tucke, Fenner.
J. Van Horn, Peterboro.
A.R. Washburn, Peterboro.
J. Warren. Cazenovia.
W.S. Wright, Peterboro.
D. Walker, Cazenovia.
G. Webber, Cazenovia.
Peter Voris, Lysander.
B. Virgil, Cazenovia.
Jane Bentley. Cazenovia.
L. Benedict, New Woodstock.
Sarah Barnard, Cazenovia.
Ruby Ann Cotes, Cazenovia.
Minerva S. Cotes, Cazenovia.
Abigail B. Cotes, New Woodstock.
Martha Cole, Henderson.
Angeline A. Ceaveland, New Woodstock.
Ellen Coley, New Woodstock.
Cornelia Curtis, Cazenovia.
Cornelia Clark, New Woodstock.
Amy Downer, Peterboro.
Sarah M. Dexter, Erieville.
Charlotte Jenkins, Cazenovia.
Mary Jenkins, Cazenovia.
Harriet LaSure, DeRuyter.
Sophia Lathrop, Cazenovia.
Helen Lathrop, New Woodstock.
Margaret Morris, New Woodstock.
Elizabeth Nickerson, Cazenovia.
Harriet Newton, Cazenovia.
Lucy P. Overton, Henderson.
Harriet E. Pettit, Fabius.
Mary A. Pettit, Fabius.
Abigail A. Roice, New Woodstock.
Lucinda M, Reed, New Woodstock. <:45>
Lucinda Everts, Erieville.
Sally Ann Ensign, Nelson.
Diana Ferry, New Woodstock
Mary Ann Fisk, Cazenovia.
H. Maria Griggs, Cazenovia.
Julia Gage, Cazenovia.
Polly Gage, Cazenovia.
Charlotte Goodell, Cazenovia.
Julia Greenman, New Woodstock
Malvina A. Greenman, New Woodstock.
Julia Hendee, Cazenovia.
Harriet Hendee, Cazenovia.
Elizabeth Hendee, Cazenovia.
Harriet N. Reed, Cazenovia.
Mary A. Rice, Cazenovia.
Lucretia S. Rice, Cazenovia.
Catharine Stevens, New Woodstock.
Olive Stowell, New Woodstock.
Jane Savage, Cazenovia.
Delany Savage, Cazenovia.
Elizabeth Savage, Cazenovia.
Almy Taylor, Cazenovia.
Caroline Thrasher, Cazenovia.
Charlotte Ann Wright, Peterboro.
Phebe A. Warren, DeRuyter.
Clarissa Walker, New Woodstock.

        Males, -- 72
        Females, -- 52
        Total, -- 124

The teachers in later years were Truman Crandall, Newton Mann, Albert Kenyon, Francis M. Jones, Carrie Savage, Hattie Bell, Dwight Moffett, Emma Burdick, Addie Tillotson, Elizabeth Atkinson, Mary Coin, Allen H. Forte, Rev. and Mrs. I.K. Brownson, and Mrs. Humphrey, Mr. Montague, Mr. Pease, now a celebrated physician, Joel Whiting.  Miss Mary Gibbs, and Mrs. Dr. Bly were early teachers. D.D. Chase, L.L. Ainsworth, Minerva Rockwell, Alice Gardner and James Fenner were also teachers at different periods.  Amos Dodge was a teacher in 1808-1809 [this must be in error].

The school at West Woodstock, years ago, had an attendance of more than one hundred pupils at a time.  Elisha Abbott and Philetus Peck were among the teachers.

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