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Gurdon Evans' 1853 Map of Madison County
Village of Cazenovia
INDEX of Names and Businesses
Last Modified September 11, 2000
by Daniel H. Weiskotten
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        This map is an inset on the border of the large Madison County Wall map of 1853.  It is a small map but it is highly detailed and thus it has been necessary to break it into four easily viewable sections, with a fifth section of higher resolution showing just the village's central business district.

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Key to Numbers on the Map
(corrected and abbreviations expanded)

  1  Cazenovia House
  2  W.M. Burr
  3  Madison County Bank
  4  J. Ten Eyck
  5  Sweetland
  6  Fairchild
  7  J. Nickerson
  8  J. Ryan
  9  W.J. Hough
10  Congregational Church
11  Lincklaen Hotel
12  K.N. Guiteau
13  S. Thomas
14  L.G. Wells
15  H. Benson
16  D.G. Keeler
17  C. Weaver
18  O.A. Hawley
19  District School House
20  Mrs. Baker
21  Mrs. Baker
22  William Law
23  B.T. Clarke
24  P.E. Blair
25  S.H. Henry
26  J. Williams
27  L. Berthrong
28  H. Ten Eyck
29  Brown & Perkins
30  William M. Burr
31  D. Babcock
32  R. Allen
33  L.D. Coburn
34  T. Bishop
35  W.M. Burr
36  Coburn
37  J. Williams
38  J. Williams Office
39  S. Thomas
40  K.N. Guiteau
41  Episcopal Church
42  Hobbie & Clarke
43  Saw Mill
44  Parson & Chaphe's Grist Mill
45  William Burton
46  R. Allen
47  Hobbie & Clarke
48  P.E. Blair
49  S. Henry
50  J. Williams
51  L.W. Berthrong
52  W.M. Burr
53  Mrs. Abbott
54  Hackley & Davis
55  E. Peet
56  Eagle Foundry


Index of Names

Abbott, Mrs., on Albany St. (Index #53)
Adams, E.M., Dr., on Sullivan St.
Allen, R., on Albany St. (Index #32)
Allen, R., on Mill St. (Index #46, plus two houses)
Babcock, D., on Albany St. (Index #31)
Babcock, on Fenner St.
Baker, Mrs., on Albany St. (Index #20)
Baker, Mrs., on Albany St. (Index #21)
Bannister, H., on Lincklaen St. (Banister)
Barber, on Lincklaen St.
Barnes, W.B., on Lincklaen St.
Benson, H., on Albany St. (Index #15)
Berthrong, L., on Albany St. (Index #27)
Berthrong, L.W., on Albany St. (Index #51)
Bishop, T., on Albany St. (Index #34)
Bishop, T.P., on Sullivan St. (T.B. Bishop)
Bissell, J., on Nelson St.
Blair, P.E., on Albany St. (Index #24)
Blair, P.E., on Albany St. (Index #48) (P.F.)
Borden, on Lincklaen St.
Borden, on Lincklaen St. (Bordan)
Bordwell, J., on Nelson St.
Bordwell, M., on Nelson St.
Bordwell, P., on Fenner St.
Boyce, Mrs., on Albany St.
Brightman, H., on Lincklaen St.
Bromley, Mrs., on Nelson St.
Brown, C., on Lincklaen St.
Brown & Perkins, on Albany St. (Index #29)
Brown (Spencer & Brown), on Lincklaen St. (S & B)
Bump, B., on Nelson St.
Burhans, B., on Lincklaen St.
Burr, W.G., on Nelson St.
Burr, W.M., on Albany St.
Burr, W.M., on Albany St. (Index # 2)
Burr, W.M., on Albany St. (Index #35)
Burr, W.M., on Albany St. (Index #52) (Burt)
Burr, W.M., on Lincklaen St.
Burr, William M., on Albany St. (Index #30) (Wm)
Burton, W., on Mill St. (Index #45)
Canfield, Widow, on Lincklaen St. (Wd)
Card, A., on Lincklaen St.
Caswell, S., on William St.
Chamberlain, J.K., on Lincklaen St.
Chandler, on Lincklaen St.
Chaphe, S.F., on Chenango St.
Chaphe (Parsons & Chaphe's Grist Mill), on Mill St. (Index #44)
Chappell, C.L., on Sullivan St. (Chappel)
Childs, W., on Fenner St.
Clarke, B.T., on Albany St. (Index #23) (Clark)
Clarke, B.T., on Lincklaen St. (Clark)
Clarke (Hobbie & Clarke), on Albany St. (Index #47) (Clark)
Clarke (Hobbie & Clarke), on Mill St. (Index #42) (Clark)
Clough, W., on Lincklaen St.
Coburn, L., on Lincklaen St.
Coburn, L.D., on Albany St. (Index #33)
Coburn, L.D., on Sullivan St.
Coburn, L.D., on Sullivan St. (J.D. Coburn)
Coburn, on Albany St. (Index #36)
Coin, S., on Chenango St. (G. Coin)
Combs, C., on William St.
Combs & Cross, on Albany St.
Coolidge, H., on Lincklaen St.
Cross (Combs & Cross), on Albany St.
Curtis, P., on Union St.
Darling, E., on Nelson St. (Parling)
Darling, J., on Nelson St.
Davis (Hackley & Davis), on Albany St. (Index #54)
Dewey, R., on Lincklaen St.
Dodge, A., on Sullivan St.
Dorman, on Nelson St.
Dwinelle, W., on Mill St.
Eddy, L.A., on Sullivan St.
Fairchild, J.F., on Hurd St.
Fairchild, L., on Albany St.
Fairchild, L., on Sullivan St.
Fairchild, S., on Lincklaen St.
Fairchild, S.T., on Forman St.
Fairchild, on Albany St. (Index # 6)
Foord, A., on Albany St.
Fosdick, T., on William St.
Garratt, on Farnham St. (Garritt ?)
Gillson, on Farnham St.
Greenland, J., on Nickerson St.
Greenland, W., on Lincklaen St.
Groff, H., on Lincklaen St.
Guiteau, K.N., on Albany St. (Index #12)
Guiteau, K.N., on Mill St. (Index #40)
Hackley, on Nelson St.
Hackley & Davis, on Albany St. (Index #54)
Ham, W., on Chenango St.
Hatch, H., on Farnham St.
Hawley, O.A., on Center St. (Index #18)
Hearsey, J., on Nelson St.
Henry, S., on Albany St. (Index #49)
Henry, S.H., on Albany St. (Index #25)
Henry, S.H., on Nelson St. (twice on this street)
Hill, M.C., on Albany St.
Hitchcock, S.C., on Chenango St.
Hitchcock, S.C., on Lincklaen St.
Hitchcock, on Corwin St. (Factory St.)
Hobbie & Clarke, on Albany St. (Index #47) (Clark)
Hobbie & Clarke, on Mill St. (Index #42) (Clark)
Hough, W.J., on Albany St.
Hough, W.J., on Albany St.
Hough, W.J., on Albany St. (Index # 9)
Howard, Widow, on Lincklaen St. (Wd)
Hunt, J., on Sullivan St.
Hutchins, on Nelson St.
Hyde, A.B., on Sullivan St.
Irons, J.F., on Lincklaen St.
Ives, S., on Lincklaen St.
Johnson, on Lincklaen St.
Jones, on Fenner St. (twice on this street)
Keeler, D.G., on Albany St. (Index #16)
Knickerbocker, J., on Fenner St.
Knowlton, E., on Fenner St.
Law, C., on Nelson St. (C. Laws)
Law, William, on Albany St. (Index #22) (Wm)
Ledyard, J.D., on Forman St.
Ledyard, J.D., on Rippleton Rd.
Leonard, L., on Lincklaen St.
Lincklaen, Ledyard, on Ledyard Ave.
Litchfield, E.C., on Albany St.
Litchfield, on Albany St.
Lobdell, on Lincklaen St.
Lockman, J., on Nelson St.
Loomis, on Chenango St. (twice on this street)
Marshall, on Lincklaen St.
Mitchell, Dr., on Chenango St.
Montague, on Chenango St.
More, J., on Albany St. (J. Mason?)
Morse, G., on Lincklaen St.
Morse, G., on Lincklaen St.
Munson, on Chenango St.
Nash, S., on Lincklaen St.
Needham, J., on Fenner St.
Newton, on Lincklaen St. (twice on this street)
Nickerson, J., on Albany St. (Index # 7)
Nickerson, J., on Farnham St.
Nickerson, J., on Lincklaen St.
Norton, J., on Nelson St. (two houses)
Parker, on Lincklaen St. (two houses)
Parmalee, M., on Lincklaen St. (Pamerlee)
Parmelee, M., on William St. (Pamelee)
Parmelee, T., on Lincklaen St. (Pamerlee)
Parmelee, William, on Nelson St. (Wm)
Parsons, C., on Nelson St.
Parsons, F., on Nelson St.
Parsons, R., on Lincklaen St.
Parsons, R., on Mill St.
Parsons & Chaphe's Grist Mill, on Mill St. (Index #44)
Peet, E., on Albany St. (Index #55)
Perkins, S.H., on Fenner St.
Perkins (Brown & Perkins), on Albany St. (Index #29)
Phinney, on Fenner St.
Prentis, on Lincklaen St.
Pyne, J., on Sullivan St.
Redfield, S.D., on Lincklaen St.
Remsen, J.S., on Albany St.
Rice, J.W.T., on Sullivan St. (J.T.W.)
Roberts, Miss, on Sullivan St.
Roberts, S., on Sullivan St.
Rouse, on Nelson St.
Ryan, J., on Albany St. (Index # 8)
Ryan, J., on Lincklaen St.
Salisbury, Widow, on Lincklaen St. (Wd)
Santee, J., on Fenner St. (Santy)
Severance, on Nelson St.
Sheldon, on Fenner St.
Shute, N.T., on Lincklaen St.
Spear, M., on Sullivan St.
Spencer, A.W., on Lincklaen St.
Spencer & Brown, on Lincklaen St. (S & B)
Stebbins, C., on Lincklaen St.
Stone, S., on Lincklaen St.
Stuart, on Fenner St. (Stewart)
Sutherland, Mrs., on Fenner St.
Sweetland, Deacon, on Lincklaen St.
Sweetland, on Albany St. (Index # 5)
Ten Eyck, H., on Albany St.
Ten Eyck, H., on Albany St. (Index #28)
Ten Eyck, J., on Albany St. (Index # 4)
Ten Eyck, J., on Forman St.
Ten Eyck, J., on Sullivan St.
Thomas, S., on Albany St. (Index #13)
Thomas, S., on Mill St. (Index #39)
Waters, Dr., on Nelson St.
Weaver, C., on Center St. (Index #17)
Webber, on Corwin St. (Factory St.) (Weber)
Webber, on Fenner St.
Wells, L.G., on Albany St. (Index #14)
Wells, L.G., on Lincklaen St.
Williams, J., on Albany St.
Williams, J., on Albany St. (Index #26)
Williams, J., on Albany St. (Index #37)
Williams, J., on Albany St. (Index #50)
Williams, J., Office, on Mill St. (Index #38) (Off.)
Williams, N.T., on Fenner St.
Wilson, Mrs., on Sullivan St.
Woodward, J., on Lincklaen St.


Index of Businesses, Shops, Churches, &c.
Blacksmith Shop, on Fenner St. (B.S.S.)
Blacksmith Shop, on Nelson St. (B.S.S.)
Cazenovia House, on Albany St. (Index # 1) (C. House)
Church Parsonage, on Lincklaen St. (Parsonage)
Church Parsonage, Presbyterian, on Forman St. (Pres. Pars.)
Church, Congregational, on Lincklaen St. (Index #10) (Cong. Church)
Church, Episcopal, on Mill St. (Index #41) (Episc. Church)
Church, Methodist Episcopal, on Seminary St. (M.E. Church)
Church, Presbyterian, on Albany St. (Presbyt. Ch.)
Church, Roman Catholic, on Green St. (R.C. Church)
Eagle Foundry, on Albany St. (Index #56)
Grist Mill, Parsons & Chaphe's, on Mill St. (Index #44)
Lincklaen Hotel, on Albany St. (Index #11) (Lincklaen Hot.)
Madison County Bank, on Albany St. (Index # 3)
Office, on Lincklaen St.
Office, J. Williams, on Mill St.
Paper Mill, on Sweetland St.
Saw Mill, on Chenango St. (Index #43)
Saw Mill, on Clark St.
School House, District, on Center St. (Index #19) (D.S.H.)
Seminary, on Seminary St.
Tannery, on Dean Lane