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Jonathan Gillette's 1859 Map of Madison County
Village of Cazenovia
INDEX of Names and Businesses
Last Modified September 10, 2000
by Daniel H. Weiskotten
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        This map is an inset on the border of the large Madison County Wall map of 1859.  It is a small map but it is highly detailed and thus it has been necessary to break it into four easily viewable sections, with a fifth section of higher resolution showing just the village's central business district.

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Index of Names

(Index # 17, no name given), on Albany St.
(Index #101, no name given), on Lincklaen St.
(Index #21, no name given), on Albany St.

Abbott, Mrs., on Albany St. (Index # 22)
Ainsworth, Mrs., on Lincklaen St.
Alden, F.H., on Chenango St.
Alden, Mrs., on Sullivan St.
Anderson, Y., on Nickerson St. (Index # 69)
Arnold, T., on Farnham St.
Babcock, D., Estate, on Allen St. (Index # 63) (Est.)
Babcock, D., Estate, on Fenner St. (Est.)
Ballard, A., on Burton St. (Bdllard)
Barber, J., on Lincklaen St.
Barnes, J.A., on Sweetland St.
Barrows, Mrs., on Union St.
Bates, I.W., on Albany St. (Index # 25)
Becker, Mrs., on Lincklaen St.
Beckley, Mrs., on Center St. (Index # 27)
Benedict, J., on Sweetland St.
Berthrong, L.W., on Albany St. (Index # 72)
Berthrong, L.W., on Burton St.
Bishop, T.P., on Sullivan St.
Blair, O.W., on Lincklaen St. (Index # 7)
Blair, P.E., on Albany St.
Blake, F., on Burton St.
Boice, Mrs., on Albany St.
Borden, J., on Albany St.
Bordwell, J., on Nelson St. (Bardwell)
Bordwell, M., on Nelson St. (Bardwell)
Bordwell, P., on Fenner St. (Boardwell)
Brewster, W.H., on Sweetland St.
Brightman, H., on Lincklaen St. (twice on this map)
Bromley, Mrs., on Nelson St.
Brown, C., on Lincklaen St.
Brown, G.C., on Lincklaen St.
Buell, W.B., on Allen St. (Index # 61)
Bulger, J., on Nelson St.
Burns, M., on Farnham St. (Index # 74)
Burr, J., Mrs., on Albany St.
Burr, W.G., on Fenner St.
Burr, W.G., on Nelson St.
Burr, W.M., on Albany St. (Index # 23)
Burr, W.M., on Albany St.
Burr, W.M., on Center St. (Index # 29)
Canfield, Mrs., on Lincklaen St.
Case, Mrs., on Lincklaen St.
Caswell, D., on Fenner St.
Caswell, S.S., on Nelson St.
Caswell, W.C., on Nelson St.
Chamberlayne, J.F., on Lincklaen St.
Chandler, B.F., on Albany St.
Chandler, O., on Lincklaen St.
Chaphe, S.F., on Chenango St.
Chappell, C.L., on Sullivan St. (Chappel)
Childs, T., on Nickerson St. (Index # 87)
Chubbock, J., on Mill St.
Clark, B., on Liberty St. (Index # 86)
Clark, J., on Fenner St.
Clarke, B.T., on Center St. (Index # 10) (twice on this map) (Clark)
Clarke, B.T., on Farnham St. (Index # 10) (Clark)
Clarke, B.T., on Lincklaen St. (Index # 10) (Clark)
Clarke & Hobbie, on Albany St. (Index # 51) (Clark)
Clarke & Hobbie, on Mill St. (Index # 51) (Clark)
Clough, W., on Lincklaen St. (index # 12)
Coburn, L.D., on Sullivan St.
Coin, S., on Chenango St.
Coman, L.D., on Chenango St.
Congden, J., on Burr St. (Conglen)
Cook, M., on Lincklaen St. (Index # 2)
Coolidge, H., on Lincklaen St.
Coon, G., on Fenner St.
Cranson, on Burton St.
Craton, J., on Farnham St.
Crittenden, Mrs., on Seminary St. (Index # 95)
Crocker, G.W., on Farnham St.
Cross, A.T., on Albany St. (Index # 75)
Crowley, Mrs., on Albany St. (Index # 20) (Crawley)
Curtis, P., on Union St.
Cushing, E., on Center St. (Index # 26)
Darcey, P., on Fenner St.
Dardis, A., on Forman St.
Darling, Mrs., on Nelson St.
Dean, W.B., on Farnham St.
Dewey, J.R., on Burton St.
Dewey, R., on Lincklaen St.
Dewey, R., on Lincklaen St. (Dewly)
Dobbin, A., on Center St. (Index # 30)
Dodge, A., on Sullivan St. (Index # 80) (twice on this map)
Dodge, J., on Lyman St.
Dows, J., Mrs., on Mill St. (Index # 53)
Driscoll, J., on William St. (Discoll)
Durkin, J., on Sims Lane (Durken)
Dwinelle, W.H., on Mill St. (Index # 52)
Eddy, J., on Albany St.
Eddy, J., on Emory Ave. (twice on this map)
Eddy, L.A., on Sullivan St.
Edgerton, Mrs., on Seminary St. (Index # 97)
Fairchild, J., on Hurd St.
Fairchild, L., on Albany St.
Fairchild, S.T., on Forman St.
Fairchild, S.T. (land), on Forman St.
Fairchild, S.T., Office, on Forman St.
Fairchild, S.T., Residence, on Forman St. (Firechild) (Res.)
Fay, J., on Farnham St.
Fay, W., on Lincklaen St.
Foord, A., on Albany St.
Forbes, A., on Chenango St. (Forbs)
Garratt, G.H., on Nickerson St. (Index # 78)
Gillson, B., on Farnham St.
Goodell, Mrs., on Farnham St. (Index # 34)
Goodrich, H.E., on Albany St.
Greenland, S.L., on Lincklaen St. (Index # 9) (Grinman)
Greenland, W., on Lincklaen St. (Index # 5)
Groff, H., on Lincklaen St.
Guitteau, K.N., on Mill St. (Index # 57)
Hackley, G., on Center St. (Index # 28)
Hackley, M., on Nelson St.
Haight, W., on Lincklaen St.
Haight, W., Mrs., on Lincklaen St.
Hart, M., on Farnham St. (Index # 41)
Hatch, Mrs., on Farnham St. (Index # 40)
Hawley, F., on Nelson St.
Hayes, N., on Sullivan St.
Hearsey, Mrs., on Nelson St.
Heffron, J., on Farnham St. (Index # 49)
Hesler, A., on Liberty St. (Index # 85)
Hill, M.C., on Albany St. (twice on this map)
Hitchcock, Mrs., on Sullivan St. (Index # 79)
Hitchcock, G., on Corwin St. (Factory St.)
Hobbie (Clarke & Hobbie), on Mill St. (Index # 51) (Clark)
Hobbie (Clarke & Hobbie), on Albany St. (Index # 51) (Clark)
Holmes, E.M., on Albany St. (Index # 24)
Holmes, E.M., on Nelson St.
Holmes, E.M., Rectifier, on Nelson St.
Howard, Mrs., on Lincklaen St.
Hunt, J., on Sullivan St. (Index # 83)
Hunt, J., on Union St. (Index # 83)
Hutchinson, Mrs., on Fenner St.
Hyde, A.J., on Sullivan St.
Ingersoll, A., on Corwin St. (Factory St.)
Irons, Mrs., on Lincklaen St.
Irons, V., on Fenner St.
Ives, S., on Lincklaen St.
Johnson, H.A., on Lincklaen St.
Jones, S.B., on Fenner St. (twice on this map)
Jones, T., on Center St. (Index # 32)
Kearn, J., on Burton St. (twice on this map) (Curn)
Keeler, D.G., on Albany St. (Index # 16)
King, C., on Albany St.
Knapp, A.H., on Liberty St.
Knowlton, E., on Fenner St. (twice on this map)
Knowlton, E., on Sims Lane (twice on this map)
Lathrop, D., Estate, on Seminary St. (Index # 96) (Est.)
Ledyard, J.D., on Albany St. (Index # 18)
Ledyard, J.D., on Farnham St. (Index # 18)
Ledyard, J.D., on Forman St. (twice on this map)
Ledyard, J.D., on Ledyard Ave.
Ledyard, J.D., Residence, on Rippleton Rd (Res.)
Ledyard, Lincklaen, Residence, on Ledyard Ave. (Res.)
Leonard, Mrs., on Lincklaen St. (Index # 4)
Litchfield, E., on Albany St.
Litchfield, E.C., on Albany St.
Lobdell, H., on Lincklaen St. (Index # 6)
Long, A.H., on Forman St.
Long, A.H., on Hurd St.
Long, E., on Emory Ave.
Loomis, E.D., on Fenner St.
Madge, J., on Emory Ave.
Manchester, Mrs., on Sullivan St. (Index # 99)
Marshall, J.W., on Farnham St.
Marshall, T., on Farnham St.
Martin, E.T.T., on Allen St. (Index # 60)
Martin, T.T., on Albany St. (Index # 60)
Mathews, P., on William St. (Index # 44)
McCabe, J., on Albany St.
McCabe, J., Blacksmith Shop, on Albany St. (B.S.)
Montague, L., on Nickerson St. (Index # 90)
Montou, P., on Sullivan St.
Moore, J., on Albany St. (More)
Moore, J., on Sullivan St.
Morris, A.H., on Lincklaen St. (Moris)
Morse, G.W., on Lincklaen St.
Munger, Mrs., on Fenner St.
Munson, S., on Chenango St.
Murdock, J., on Albany St.
Murphy, D., on Nickerson St. (Index # 77) (Murphey)
Nash, S., on Lincklaen St.
Needham, Mrs., on Fenner St.
Newton, C., on Lincklaen St.
Nichols, Mrs., on Corwin St. (Factory St.)
Nichols, C., on Allen St. (Index # 64)
Nichols, J., on Lincklaen St.
Nichols, M.S., on Albany St.
Nickerson, J., Estate, on William St. (Index # 45) (Est.)
Nickerson, J., Mrs., on Lincklaen St.
Norton, Mrs., on Nelson St.
O'Connor, J., on Sullivan St. (twice on this map)
Ormsbee, Mrs., on Lincklaen St.
Osborn, Mrs., on Farnham St. (Index # 33)
Parker, K., on Lincklaen St. (twice on this map)
Parmelee, D.T., on Farnham St.
Parmelee, M., on Lincklaen St.
Parmelee, N., on Farnham St.
Parmelee, N.G., on William St.
Parmelee, T., on Lincklaen St.
Parmelee, T., on Nelson St.
Parsons, C., on Nelson St. (twice on this map)
Parsons, E., on Nelson St.
Parsons, F., on Lincklaen St.
Parsons, R., on Lincklaen St.
Parsons, R., on Mill St. (Index # 54) (twice on this map)
Peale, Mrs., on Lincklaen St.
Peet, E., on Nelson St.
Perkins, Polly, on Sullivan St. (index #100)
Perkins, S.W., on Fenner St.
Phillips, Mrs., on Lincklaen St.
Phillips, Mrs., on Sweetland St.
Phinney, G., on Nelson St.
Porter, E., on Farnham St.
Potter, S.M., Dr., on Nelson St.
Prentice, E., Mrs., on William St. (Index # 47)
Pulford, D.M., on Mill St.
Remson, Mrs., on Albany St.
Reynor, L., on Chenango St.
Rice, F., on Nickerson St. (Index # 76)
Rice, J.W.T., on Sullivan St.
Roberts, S., on Sullivan St.
Roberts, Sally, on Sullivan St. (Index # 82)
Rouse, A.H., on Lincklaen St.
Rouse, J., on Sullivan St. (Index # 91)
Ryan, J.C., on Lincklaen St. (Index # 8)
Sage, O.W., on Lincklaen St.
Salisbury, O.H.P., on Farnham St.
Santee, J., on Burr St. (north of street)
Santee, J., on Fenner St. (Index # 71)
Severance, Mrs., on Hurd St.
Severance, Mrs., on Sullivan St.
Severance, A., on Farnham St.
Severance, A., on Nelson St.
Sherwood, S.A., on Lincklaen St. (Index # 1)
Smith, E., on Burr St.
Soult, N., on Albany St. (Soul)
Spear, M., on Sullivan St.
Spencer, Mrs., on Lincklaen St. (Index # 13)
Springstead, J., on Sullivan St.
Springstead, J., Shop, on Sullivan St.
Squires, Mrs., on William St. (Index # 46) (Squares)
Stanley, J., on Seminary St. (M.E. Ch.)
Stapleton, P., on Farnham St. (Index # 37)
Steadman, G., on Farnham St. (Index # 50)
Stebbins, C., on Lincklaen St. (twice on this map)
Stebbins, C. (land), on Sullivan St.
Stebbins, C., Jr., on Allen St. (Index # 62)
Stiles, J., Mrs., on Lyman St.
Stone, Mrs., on Seminary St. (Index # 92)
Stone, J.J., on Lincklaen St.
Stone, L.B., on Nelson St.
Stork, on Center St. (Index # 31) (Starks)
Sutherland, Mrs., on Fenner St.
Sweetand, W.H., on Lincklaen St.
Sweetland, W., on Burton St. (twice on this map)
Sweetland, Z., Estate, on Lincklaen St. (Est.)
Sweetland Brothers, on Sweetland St. (Bros.)
Ten Eyck, H., on Sullivan St. (three times on this map)
Ten Eyck, H., Res., on Forman St. (Res.)
Terry, F.H., on Chenango St.
Thomas, S., on Mill St. (Index # 58)
Thomas, S., on Seminary St. (Index # 98)
Thompson, Mrs., on Myrtle St.
Tibbetts, P., on Burton St.
Tillotson, E., on William St. (Index # 43)
Tillotson, J.C., on Lincklaen St.
Tilson, Mrs., on Lyman St.
Tooke, Rev., on Liberty St. (Index # 84) (Tuke)
Tousaint, P., on Farnham St. (Index # 73)
Trowbridge, M.J., on Nickerson St. (Index # 88)
Twist, S., on Albany St.
Twist, S., Brewery, on Albany St.
Van Riper, A., on Albany St. (twice on this map)
Van Riper, A., on Lincklaen St. (Vanriper)
Warner, W.H., on Farnham St.
Weaver, Mrs., on Sullivan St. (Index # 93)
Weaver, C., on Center St.
Weaver, C., on Lincklaen St.
Webber, Mrs., on Corwin St. (Factory St.)
Webber, Mrs., on Nelson St.
Webber, C.C., on Corwin St. (Factory St.)
Webber, E., on Fenner St.
Webber, N.G., on Nickerson St. (Index # 68) (twice on this map)
Webber, R., on Nelson St.
Weed, H.J., on Seminary St. (Index # 94)
Wells, L.G., on Albany St. (Index # 15)
Wendell, B.R., on Albany St.
White, Mrs., on Nickerson St. (Index # 89)
White, Mrs., on Sullivan St. (Index # 81)
White, A., on Lincklaen St.
White, L., on Lyman St.
Whitmore, Mrs., on Mill St. (Index # 55)
Wilcox, S., on Burton St.
Williams, H.D., on Mill St. (Index # 59)
Williams, J.G., on Nelson St.
Williams, W., on Albany St. (Index # 19)
Woodward, J., on Lincklaen St. (Index # 3)
Worlock, A., on Sullivan St.

Index of Businesses, Shops, Churches, &c.
(more are listed in the Business Directory)

Blacksmith Shop, on Albany St. (B.S.)
Blacksmith Shop, on Farnham St.
Blacksmith Shop, on Fenner St. (B.S.)
Blacksmith Shop, on Nelson St. (B.S.)
Blacksmith Shop, J. McCabe, on Albany St. (B.S.)
Brewery, S. Twist, on Albany St.
Candle Factory, on Fenner St.
Church Parsonage, on Forman St. (Parsonage)
Church Parsonage, on Lincklaen St. (Parsonage)
Church Parsonage, Methodist, on Nickerson St. (Index # 70) (Meth. Parsonage)
Church, Baptist, on Seminary St. (B. Ch.)
Church, Episcopal, on Mill St. (Index # 56)
Church, Free, on Lincklaen St. (Free Ch.)
Church, Methodist Episcopal, on Seminary St.
Church, Presbyterian, on Albany St. (P. Ch.)
Church, Universalist, on Farnham St. (Index # 42)
Furnace, on Mill St.
Grist Mill, on Mill St. (G.M.)
Hotel & Post Office, on Albany St. (PO)
Lincklaen House, on Albany St. (Index # 14)
Machine Shop, on Albany St. (twice on this map)
Machine Shop, on Mill St. (Sh.)
Office, on Lincklaen St.
Office, S.T. Fairchild, on Forman St.
Paper Mill, on Sweetland St.
Park House, on Nelson St.
Post Office (Hotel & Post Office), on Albany St. (PO)
Rectifier, E.M. Holmes, on Nelson St.
Saw Mill, on Chenango St. (S.M.)
Saw Mill, on Clark St. (S.M.)
School House, on Nelson St. (S.H.)
School House #1, on Sullivan St. (S.H. No. 1)
School House #10, on Farnham St. (S.H. No. 10)
Seminary, on Seminary St.
Shop, J. Eddy, on Emory Ave.
Shop, J. Springstead, on Sullivan St.
Tannery, on Dean Lane
Turning Shop, on Clark St.
Wagon Shop, on Albany St. (W.S.)
Wagon Shop, on Nelson St. (W.S.)