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Jonathan Gillette's 1859 Map of Madison County
Town of Nelson
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Last Modified January 26, 2002
by Daniel H. Weiskotten
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        This is one of the more common of the historic maps of Madison County - one or more being found in any good local history collection.  This wall map, a portion of which is presented here, it is wonderfully detailed, showing land divisions (tracts and lots), houses, mills, cemeteries, roads, and a great variety of geographical features. Because of its incredible detail there are many minor errors.

        Tracts shown on this map include: Township No. One of the Governor's Twenty Townships, 186 lots total

        Because of the difficulty of copying and scanning this fragile map I have had to make a few clarifications of names that appear.  Nothing has been changed, only made clearer.

 An INDEX of Names and Businesses is available for this portion of the 1859 map
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