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Membership Roll for the Cazenovia Artillery
Daniel H. Weiskotten
Notes Last Updated 2/10/2002

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Cazenovia Artillery, Organized 1815***
[probabloy made between 1832 and 1843]

Samuel Sizer, Captain
William Johnson, First Lieutenant
Jonathan D. Ledyard, Second Lieutenant

Adapted from a list made by Christine Atwell
in DAR Records, Cazenovia Town records, Film #0860301
(I have not seen this manuscript and cannot vouch for the accuracy of this transcription)

***The list is obviously made much later than 1815 = Alanson Annas was only 10 years old in 1815, Loren D. Coburn was only 11 years old in 1815, Hiram Keeler wasn't even born until 1818 and Ledyard Lincklaen until 1820 (he didn't even reverse his name from Lincklaen Ledyard to Ledyard Lincklaen until 1844 but this may be one of Atwell's modifications)  One correspondent, a descendant of the Keelers listed, tells me that "Hiram Keeler was born in 1818 and that if he served in [the Blackhawk Wars of 1832] he would have been only 14 (possible, but unlikely).  He was in Indiana by 1843, so I would guess the roster is dated sometime in the decade between 1832 and 1843."

Unknown names not included in the alphabetical list:
        Cyrene, Isaac

Ackley, Thomas
Adams, Moses M.
Aldrich, Lyman A.
Alger, Josiah
Allen, Caleb
Allen, Mason
Allen, Nelson
Allen, Rufus
Allis, Jere
Ames, Rufus
Amsden, Isaac
Andrus, William G.
Annas, Alanson
Anthony, Joseph
Austin, Luman
Ayers, Anson A.
Babcock, Stephen
Badger, Elam
Ballard, Welcome
Ballou, Jefferson
Barber, Darling
Barrett, Joseph
Barrett, Lurenus
Beadle, Miles
Beebe, Horace
Benedict, George
Bentley, Robert
Billings, Anson
Billings, Eastman
Billings, Fletcher
Blanchard, Moses
Bond, Dexter
Bradley, Collins H.
Bryant, Roswell
Bumpus, Seth
Burden, Oliver
Butin, Anthony H.
Card, Chester P.
Card, Clark
Card, Elisha
Card, Oliver
Carpenter, George
Cartwright, Daniel
Caswell, Daniel E.
Chandler, Charles
Chapman, William
Chase, Alonzo W.
Clark, Edwin
Clarke, Benjamin T.
Coats, Orrin
Cobb, Sylvanus
Cobb, Whitman
Coburn, Lewis
Coburn, Loren D.
Coleman, William
Comstock, Anson R.
Comstock, Zepheniah
Connor, Hiram
Connor, James
Corbin, Silas
Crandall, William L.
Cunningham, L.L.
Cutting, Zachariah
Daniels, James B.
Davidson, Robert F.
Davidson, William M.
Dewey, Marcus
Dewey, Pleiades
Dodge, David
Dodge, Isaac
Dodge, Moses
Doty, Philander
Doty, Southard
Doty, Stephen
Drake, Chester P.
Dunbar, Austin
Dunbar, Cyrus
Durfee, Asa
Durfee, Charles F.
Durfee, Nelson
Durfee, Vernon
Estes, Joseph
Farnham, David
Farnham, Leroy
Faulkner, Arnold
Fay, Alvin
Fay, Perrin
Fay, William
Fish, Laweriston
Fisher, Andrew B.
Freidenbury, Cornelius
Frink, Loren
Gardner, Isaac
Gleason, Artemus
Goodell, Nathan P.
Goodell, Washington
Gray, John B.
Greggs, Hiram
Griffin, Orlando
Grover, Abel
Grover, George
Hackett, John
Hackett, William
Haight, David B.
Haight, Seth
Haight, William
Hamblin, John W.
Hamblin, Josiah
Hearsey, John
Holmes, Benjamin
Holmes, David
Holmes, Henry
Holmes, James
Humphrey, Edon
Humphrey, Philemon
Hunt, John
Irish, George C.
Irish, Joseph C.
Jeffries, Julius
Jenkins, Robert R.
Jenks, Calvin S.
Johnson, Nathaniel
Johnson, William
Jones, James
Keeler, George
Keeler, Hiram
Keeler, Joel
Keeler, Joel E.
Kellogg, Richard
King, Charles
Knowlton, James W.
Knox, James
Land, Jonathan
Leach, William
Ledyard, Jonathan D.
Leroy, Carlos
Lewis, Murray
Lincklaen, Ledyard
Lipe, Joseph
Locke, John
Lord, Elijah
Mann, Darwin H.
Marsh, Hollister F.
Matteson, Dyer
Matteson, Freeman
Matteson, Harley
Matteson, Ira
Matteson, Wanton
May, Horace H.
May, William
Merchant, John
Munger, Curtis
Munger, Erastus
Munger, Lorenzo
Munger, Oliver
Munger, Orrin
Murdock, Martin
Myers, Brazilla
Myers, David H.
Negus, William
Newton, Stephen
Nickerson, James
Norman, William
Nourse, Joel
Nourse, Solomon
Pangborn, Albert
Parker, Edward
Parker, Solomon
Parker, William
Parmalee, Amos
Parsons, Erastus L.
Partello, Asahel
Partello, Stephen
Peek/Peck, William
Perkins, Manley Y.
Perkins, Urbane
Post, Tunis
Prentis, John
Prentis, Nelson
Prentis, Simeon L.
Putman, William
Quinn, James
Rathbun, Amos
Reed, John
Reed, Otis
Reed, Thomas
Richardson, Barzilla
Richardson, Benjamin
Richardson, David
Richardson, Eli
Richardson, Eri
Richardson, Nelson
Roberts, Simon B.
Rogers, James
Rouse, Perry
Rowe, Ransom
Salisbury, John
Savage, Seth
Scouton, Moses
Seaman, Isaac M.
Service, John Jr.
Shattuck, Smith
Sherman, William
Shoultus, Henry
Sims, William
Sinclair, John
Sizer, Samuel
Skinner, Ira
Slocum, Joseph
Smith, Andrew
Smith, Elijah
Smith, Samuel
Smith, Spencer
Snell, William
Snow, Harvey
Soul, Gilbert L.
Spear, Albert
Spear, Thomas
Stanley, Charles
Stanley, Joseph H.
Stanley, Lewis
Stedman, Philander
Stephens, Orin
Stiles, Joseph D.
Stiles, Luman
Stone, Daniel
Sutherland, Jacob
Swan, Horace D.
Sweetland, Isaac
Sweetland, Joseph H.
Sweetland, Lyman
Sweetland, Seth S.
Swift, Amasa
Swift, Elisha
Sylvester, Joseph
Taft, Truman
Taylor, David
Thomas, Edward W.
Thomas, Horace
Thurber, Samuel
Tibbitts, Thomas
Tobin, Ethan
Torpy, Joel
Torpy, John F.
Town, Wyman
Turner, Robert R.
Turner, Thomas
Turner, William W.
Tuttle, Henry
Twogood, Joseph H.
Twogood, Richard
Van Driesen, John
Walters, Simon P.
Ward, Spencer B.
Webber, Arcenal
Webber, Rinaldo
Webber, Seth
Webster, John M.
White, Eli
White, Joel
White, Joseph
Williams, Anson
Williams, Elihu
Williams, Elijah
Williams, Horace
Williams, Lansing
Williams, Mordecai
Wilson, John
Winne, James
Woodworth, Herman
Young, Christian
Young, William