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Local Veterans Buried in National Cemeteries

Daniel H. Weiskotten
Created 3/22/2000
Last Modified 8/8/2003

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This page is for listing the many Cazenovia, Fenner and Nelson Veterans that are buried in our designated Veterans Cemeteries.

So far I have info on a few Civil War veterans in southern cemeteries, but I would very much like to obtain other info on all wars and all cemeteries.

If you have information on the burial place of veterans from Cazenovia, Fenner and Nelson who are buried in our National Cemeteries, please let me know


Links to many Civil War National Cemeteries

            I have not checked these lists for known dead from the area.

Andersonville Prison National Cemetery, Andresonville, GA
            I have checked these against the 1865 Census Records and Sue Greenhagen's List of Madison County Soldiers

Chalmette National Cemetery
, New Orleans, LA
        (statistical data from Cemetery records not retreived)
Cyprus Grove National Cemetery
, New Orleans, LA
Florence Stockade, Florence
, South Carolina

Gettysburg National Cemetery
, Gettysburg, PA

Loudon Park National Cemetery
, Baltimore, MD