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Roll of Honor, World War II soldiers from
Cazenovia, Fenner, and Nelson
Daniel H. Weiskotten
October 29, 2000
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Roll of Honor
"Reprinted from the Cazenovia Republican of November 22, 1945, with corrections and additions"
"Men and Women from Cazenovia, Fenner, Nelson Three-Townships Community Who Served in
the United States Armed Forces in World War II (December 8, 1941 - September 1, 1945)"
"This is as complete a list as The Republican has been able to compile.  It contains 628 names including 19 young men who died."

This list is taken from a reprint of a listing of all local service men and women, which appeared in the Cazenovia Republican of November 22, 1945.  I do not know when it was reprinted, but it has some modifications from the original and was reprinted as a single sheet insert.  There are 628 names on this list, 19 of whom died in service, and at least 14 of whom are women.  I believe that this list was used to create the wonderful "Roll of Honor" mural painted by Robert B. Stanley in the front entry of the Cazenovia High School.

The copy from which this page is created comes from the collection of the Cazenovia Public Library.

This list is only for men who enlisted from Cazenovia, Fenner, or Nelson.
It does not include the many veterans who moved to the area after the war and are buried in our local cemeteries.
World War II Roll of Honor of Soldiers from the Towns of Cazenovia, Fenner, and Nelson

Aikman, Walter O.
Aldrich, Donald, Died in Service
Allen, David R.
Allen, Frederick S.
Amman, Edward A.
Amo, Stanley J.
Anderson, Carl
Anderson, Lester
Anderson, Raymond
Andrews, Charles
Andrews, Ward E.
Armbrust, Curtis K.
Ashton, John E.
Austin, LaVerne, Died in Service
Ayer, Bruce R.
Ayer, Ray Buckley
Ayers, James W.
Bacon, Francis
Bacon, Howard L.
Bacon, Wesley E.
Baitsholts, George F.
Baitsholts, John C., Died in Service
Baker, Carl J.
Baker, Charles H.
Baker, Edward L.
Baker, James J.
Baker, Robert W.
Balch, Donald E.
Barbano, Floyd H.
Barber, Elmer N.
Barilla, Carl A.
Barilla, Frank D.
Barilla, James
Barilla, John C.
Barilla, Joseph P.
Bastian, Donald
Baum, Ronald E.
Baumbach, William R.
Beauchat, Augustus McGrath
Beauchat, Herman R.
Beauchat, John F.
Beauchat, Richard J.
Bell, Herman G.C.
Bender, James
Bendfeldt, Harvey G.
Benedict, Robert E.
Bennett, John H.
Bergman, Robert G.
Bettinger, Elmo C.
Billings, Claude L.
Blair, Edward C.
Bligh, David
Blodgett, Dixon
Bobbette, Otwell A.
Bodley, Charles
Bodley, Durwood
Bodley, Frankwayne
Boland, Carl D.
Boland, John E.
Bolster, Oran A.
Bond, George H.
Bowers, Gordon A.
Boyd, James A.
Brigham, Morison
Bronson, DeForest
Brookins, Burton H.
Brooks, A. Oakley
Brooks, John W.
Brown, Bernard T., Jr.
Brown, Earl F.
Brown, Harold F.
Brown, Maurice D.
Brown, Morris E.
Brown, Raymond W.
Buckingham, Louis, Died in Service
Burke, Edmund, Died in Service
Burke, Lawrence P.
Burns, Robert T.
Butler, LaVerne L.
Callahan, Don R.
Campbell, Arthur D., Jr.
Campbell, Arthur D., Sr.
Candee, Robert S.
Carey, Gregory
Carey, Thomas M.
Carney, Donald
Carney, Edward A.
Carr, George D.
Carr, Richard L.
Cary, Harold C.
Case, Clifford
Cass, Gerald M.
Castellano, Gerald
Chaires, Charles Edward
Chaires, Harlan W.
Chaphe, Carroll G.
Chaphe, Francis Lyle
Chard, Chester S.
Church, Malcolm J.
Clark, Clifford J.
Clark, Herbert
Clarke, Edward R.
Clements, J. Wellington
Coe, Burton E.
Colligan, Robert J.
Collis, Leo
Colvin, Albert J.
Colvin, Frank J.
Conklin, Donald R..
Conklin, Howard E.
Conklin, William A.
Conway, Edward W.
Cook, Eugene K., Died in Service
Cook, James R.
Cornish, George H.
Cossitt, Bernard R.
Costello, Joseph L.
Costello, Paul W.
Coulter, LeRoy Edward
Cramer, Kenneth A.
Cull, Gaylord
Culver, Irving
Dady, John D.
Daley, Edmund F.
Daley, John C.
Daley, Joseph E.
Damon, Walter
Davis, Charles L.
Davis, Donald J.
Davis, Donald M., Died in Service
Davis, William M., Jr.
Dawley, Carleton
Day, Dorothy
Dean, Bertram W.
Deraway, Calvin C.
Deraway, Raymond
Devall, Melvin E.
DeVore, Donald L.
Dewan, Kenneth James
Dewey, Irving D.
Dewey, Melvin C.
Dewey, Robert W.
Dick, Leslie R.
Dimon, Gurnesy
Dirksen, Charles L.
Dittmer, Barbara Peck
Dobie, Joseph C.
Dolan, Faith
Domauski, Francis Dury
Dorman, K. Barbara
Dougherty, Paul
Dougherty, Thomas
Douglass, Ten Eyck
Dowd, Herbert
Doyle, Donald V.
Dryer, Wilford
Durfee, Franklin E.
DuVall, Robert H.
Dwelly, Enoch L.
Dwelly, Jonathan G.
Dwyer, James D.
Dwyer, Richard J.
Edgar, Campbell D.
Edwards, Oliver M., III
Egenberg, Clarence M.
Eldridge, Thomas F.
Elliott, Howard F.
Emhoff, Ellsworth E.
Emory, George B.
English, Clifford C.
Eno, Thomas M.
Espanas, Arthur D.
Espanas, Paul W.
Evans, Everett
Evans, John J.
Evans, Mary E.
Evans, William Owen
Everts, Paul Jay
Felt, Lawrence E.
Fiedler, Harold A.
Filosi, Ernest
Filosi, Harry
Filosi, William
Finke, Elizabeth M.
Fisher, Tracy V.
Flemming, George W.
Flickinger, Bruce E.
Flickinger, Glen W.
Flickinger, James E.
Foley, Joseph G.
Forster, Paul R.
Fowler, Albert L.
Fowler, Francis E.
Fowler, Kenneth L.
Fox, Edward B.
Fox, Edward G.B.
Francis, Earl John
Freeborn, Gurdin W., Jr.
Frink, Louis R.
Froelick, Samuel H.
Fuller, Harold W.
Fuller, Richard J.
Furman, Walter A.
Gage, Claude E.
Gardner, Warner F.
Glave, John R.
Goff, William J.
Golden, Charles H.
Goodfellow, Adelbert C.
Goodwin, Leland C.
Grace, Charles A.
Graves, Charles A.
Graves, Eugene E.
Graves, Horace L.
Greene, Donald B.
Greene, Harvey M.
Greenwald, Miles B.
Gregg, Charles W.
Gregg, Edward J.
Gregg, Robert W.
Hackney, Ernest
Hackney, Howard
Hackney, Ivan
Hackney, Warren G.
Haines, Linford A.
Haines, William G., Jr., Died in Service
Hall, Stanley H.
Hamer, Glenn W.
Hamman, George W.
Hamman, Robert K.
Hancock, John S.
Hancock, Stewart F.
Hankin, Thomas M.
Hannah, Hugh, Jr.
Harrington, Burritt C., Jr.
Harrington, James P.
Hart, Herbert S.
Hart, Walter T.
Hartt, Dudley
Hartt, Dudley N., Jr.
Hayes, Herbert J.
Hayes, Marion
Hayes, Paul G.
Haynes, Donald
Haynes, Earl
Haynes, Edward
Hayward, Warren E., Died in Service
Heffernan, Walter E.
Heffernan, William J.
Hibbard, William J.
Hill, Elwood S.
Hill, George J.
Hitchcock, Everett E.
Hitchcock, Willard J.
Holmes, Charles E.
Holmes, John
Holmes, John Hearsey
Holmes, Robert E.
Holt, Bernard S.
Hopkins, Peter J.
Horning, Vernon
Hudson, Norman E.
Hughes, Duane F.
Hughes, Gordon V.
Hughes, Robert R.
Hull, Leonard C.
Hull, Stanley H.
Hunt, Renel
Hunter, Harold E.
Hurlbut, John F.
Hutchins, Dean C.
Hyatt, Bernard F.
Hyatt, Donald B.
Hyatt, Earl Francis
Hyatt, John C.
Hynes, Donald B.
Hynes, William
Ingalls, Bernard J.
Ingalls, Herbert C.
Ingram, Ronald Douglas
Isbell, Ronald J.
Jackson, John R., Jr.
Jackson, Thomas J.
Jenkins, Bruce, Died in Service
Jenkins, Harold J.
Jenny, Alexander
Jillson, Donald
Jillson, Wilbur
Johnson, Carl E.
Johnson, David L.
Johnson, William
Jones, Claude C.
Jones, E. Raymond
Jonsharky, John, Jr.
Judd, Harlan D.
Judd, James E.
Juice, Sam
Keating, Anne A.
Keating, James M.
Keating, Joseph T.
Keen, Janeth F.
Keiber, Henry
Kelly, Morgan B.
Kelner, Howard A.
Kendrick, Joseph F.
Kendrick, Lawrence D.
Kendrick, Robert D.
Kennedy, Donald J.
Kennedy, Edwin P.
Kennedy, John C.
Kennedy, Joseph E.
Kennedy, Robert T.
Kennedy, Thomas W.
Kent, Raymond E.
Kindt, Albert J.
Kindt, Henry R.
Kindt, Robert J.
King, Carl L.
King, Chester, Jr.
King, Earl L.
King, Graham
Knapp, Peter H.
Knox, Carlton D.
Kohl, Hans F.
Kramer, Kenneth
Kramer, Oliver
Lamar, Joseph R.
Lamb, Edward S.
Lamb, Wilbur R.
Lambert, Donald
Langley, Elden D.
Lanham, Samuel W.S.
Lansing, Malcolm E.
Lawrence, Harry E., Jr.
Lawrence, Richard C.
Ledyard, John P.
Ledyard, Richard F., Jr.
Lee, George R.
Leete, Jerry
Lewis, James R.
Lieurance, Howard R., Died in Service
Livingston, Daniel W.
Lombard, Ernest A.
Loomis, Adrian D.
Loope, Clarence L., Jr.
Lowe, George E.
Lux, Edward
Lyga, Clifford J.
Lyga, Donald G.
Lyga, Helena O.
Lyga, Jerome C.
Lyga, Thomas L.
Lyon, Douglas M.
Macaulay, Andrew
Macaulay, William J.
MacKenzie, Alexander R.
Magee, Richard
Maltby, Robert L.
Mann, Walter F.
Mansfield, Robert S.
Markowski, Stanley
Marland, James H.
Marris, Floyd A.
Marris, George E.
Marris, Lloyd A.
Marris, Raymond E.
Marris, Robert D.
Marris, Robert W.
Marris, Sherrill F.
Marsh, David E.
Marshall, Fenton E.
Marshall, Harlan J.
Marshall, Kenneth N.
Martin, Byron J.
Martin, Carl F.
Martin, John L.
Martin, Thomas J.
Mason, Henry E.
Mathews, Lowell J.
Matteson, Lucius S.
Maurice, Carl C.
Maxwell, Robert D.
McCarthy, Daniel A.
McCullough, John F.
McLaughlin, George A.
McNulty, Francis
McNulty, Thomas
Means, Willis E.
Mechant, Selah W.
Medbury, Alton D.
Medbury, Vincent S.
Meigs, Warren H.
Merriam, Daniel
Miller, Edward O., Died in Service
Miller, George W., Jr.
Miller, John J.
Miller, Robert O.
Mitchell, Louis
Moore, Walter S., Jr.
Moorman, Louis L., Jr.
Morgan, William G.
Morris, Charles
Morris, Robert
Morrow, Alvia R.
Morse, Robert A.
Mosher, Dudley
Moyer, Richard A.
Munger, Donald
Munger, Herman C.
Murdock, Walter Lynn, Jr.
Murphy, Edward
Murphy, Raymond D.
Murphy, Robert D.
Murphy, William A.
Murray, Carroll
Myers, Richard D.
Naistadt, Gerald A.
Naistadt, Philip
Nearing, John
Newton, Lewis J.
Niles, Robert A.
Niles, Russell W.
Nostrant, Richard J.
Nourse, Floyd
Nourse, Harold A.
Nye, Donald
O'Brien, J. Lawrence
O'Brien, Leslie L.
O'Brien, William E.
O'Connor, Maurice J.
Odell, Arnold R.
Odell, Ivan E.
Odell, Norman G.
Omans, Charles
Omans, William S.
Osborne, James P.
Owens, Kenneth H.
Palmer, Kenneth
Pangborn, Ann E.
Pangborn, John
Parker, Wells Z.
Parr, DePuyster
Partridge, Lloyd D.
Pasho, Harold
Perry, Archie E.
Pitts, Lloyd D.
Planck, Floyd
Planck, George E.
Popek, Thomas
Potter, Glen D.
Preston, Francis J.
Preston, Howard E.
Preston, Wendell L.
Pugh, Donald S.
Pullmain, Joe
Pullmain, Michael
Pullmain, Paul
Purcell, Frank P.
Putney, Walter H.
Pyne, Charles C.
Pyne, Charles Schuyler
Pyne, Frederick C.
Pyne, Frederick G.
Pyne, Frederick Wallace
Pyne, Schuyler N.
Race, Francis P.
Rainbow, Alton D.
Raines, George H.
Ransom, Harvey R.
Ransom, James R.
Ransom, Morris E.
Ransom, William C.
Redmore, Morgan W.
Reed, Malden C.
Revoir, Bernard C.
Richards, Bernard
Richards, Everett Benjamin
Richards, William
Riedl, Earl A.
Riedl, Harry T.
Riedl, Robert J.
Riley, John J.
Rivenburg, James D.
Roberts, Elmer G.
Roberts, James W.
Roberts, John H.
Roberts, Morris
Roberts, Preston J.
Robertson, Charles W.
Robinson, Wilfred M.
Roehr, Henry J.
Rowan, James J.
Ryan, John F.
Ryan, Patrick H.
Ryan, Thomas F.
Ryan, William H.
Ryan, William J.
Sanford, Donald B.
Scaff, Grant, Died in Service
Scaff, James G.
Schantz, Robert E., Died in Service
Schelah, Walter
Schmidka, Jacob E.
Schmidka, LeGrand
Schmidka, Nelson
Seitz, Henry, Died in Service
Shanahan, Edward J.
Shattuck, Frank G.
Shaver, Burr
Shortsleeve, Melvin S.
Shove, John D., Jr.
Shu, Walter N.
Sidway, Franklin
Slocum, Clarence D.
Slocum, Harriet M.
Slocum, Ivan G.
Slocum, Robert
Smith, Fred E.
Smith, Gardner
Smith, Harold O.
Smith, James A.
Smith, Kenneth C.
Smith, Leo I.
Smith, Louis V.
Smith, Walter H., Jr.
Snyder, E. Clayton
Snyder, Perry S.
Snyder, Robert E.
Spicer, William H.
Squires, Harry A.
Stahl, Lloyd
Stanley, Robert B.
Stannard, Carl D.
Stauring, Edward
Steele, Glenn R.
Steele, Russell H.
Stefanac, Anthony
Stewart, Carroll R.
Stewart, Robert H.
Stoddard, Henry K.
Stoecker, Francis J.
Straub, Carlton M.
Strong, Leland
Styron, James S.
Suhey, Stephen
Sullivan, Joseph D.
Talbot, Edward R.
Taylor, Donald C.
Taylor, Malcolm S., Died in Service
Thomas, Philip
Thurston, Ralph J.
Tierney, Philip D.
Tierney, William F.
Tobin, Thomas W.
Trammell, H. Eric, Died in Service
Tremain, William T.
Trowbridge, Robert P.
Truesdell, Robert F.
Tucker, Stanley E.
Turner, Leslie
Umpleby, Janis B.
Van Brocklin, Clarence
Van Buskirk, Elbert R.
Van de Bogart, Edward L.
Van Epps, Milton C.
Vedder, Bernard F.
Verbeck, Guido F.
Virgo, Glenn D.
Virgo, Roderick W.
von Schraeder, Arteus
Wadhan, Harvey N.
Wafer, Donald
Wafer, George S.
Waffner, Fred L., Died in Service
Waffner, Paul
Wager, Donald J.
Waggoner, Albert J.
Wagner, George
Wagner, Theodore F.
Waite, Ernest W.
Waite, Francis A.
Waite, Fred L.
Waite, George R.
Waite, Homer B.
Waite, Robert
Walburgh, Clarence E.
Walsh, Mary B.
Walters, Kenneth C.
Ward, Ruby L.
Ward, Russell B.
Warner, Noel W.
Washbon, Donald F.
Way, Donald C.
Way, Kenneth P.
Webster, Gifford M.
Webster, James M.
Wescott, Stewart
Westbay, J. Herbert
Westfall, DeAlton B.
Westfall, Edward
Wheeler, Ernest S.
White, Charles H.
White, George F.
White, Harold A.
White, Roy R.
White, William J.
Widger, Paul E.
Wilcox, Earl A.
Williams, Lloyd E.
Williams, Norman
Williams, Raymond
Williams, Willard O.
Wilson, Arthur B., Jr.
Wilson, John W.
Wilson, Malcolm L.
Wilson, Theodore W.
Winans, Clifford A.
Winch, James F., Jr.
Winch, William H.
Woodard, Ivan
Woodcock, Harrison
Woodworth, Newell
Woodworth, Rodger
Works, Bernard J., Died in Service
Yohnell, Elizabeth M.
Young, Howard W.
Zinsmeister, Walter K.
Zupan, Michael J.

END of World War II Roll of Honor for Cazenovia, Fenner, and Nelson