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Cazenovia Advertising Cards, c. 1880

In the collection of
 the Cazenovia Public Library
 Compiled by Daniel H. Weiskotten

Posted 8/10/2002

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        These advertising cards are usually lithographed with pleasant or amusing scenes or something indicative of the trade being advertised.  Cards were bought in bulk and the store or merchant stamped their name, address, and sometimes a description of their services or wares on to a blank spot of the card.  None of the Cazenovia cards appear to be custom made for Cazenovia Merchants (all are stamped) and some reflect the store's inventory such as a tea cup for a china store, or tools for a hardware store.  The cards all seem to date to the early 1880s and some patent dates of cards are seen.  In this collectiont here may be several cards for one merchant and the information from all the cards may be compiled here under one entry of the merchant's name.  This collection also contains many other advertising cards for merchants outside of Cazenovia, but these were not recorded.

The street addresses given are as shown on the cards.  They were changed slightly about 1900 and these numbers are, in most cases, now a few doors from the sites occupied by these merchants.  If you have any questions about locations, or other information about these merchants, please e-mail me.

For more information on this document, contact the Cazenovia Public Library
100 Albany Street, Cazenovia, NY 13035       (315) 655-9322  (e-mail)

Cazenovia Advertising Cards
 In the collection of the Cazenovia Public Library
 Loose cards and those in a scrapbook made by Jennie A. Hughes in 1883

Atwell, G.H. & Son: Deering mowers.
Behm, Charles L.: 47 Albany Street, opposite the Stanton House, shaving and hair dressing parlor.
Bowen, L.B.: 3 Lincklaen Street, manufacturer of fine cigars.
(Brounstein, I.H.: clothing merchant - tailoring house, 13+15 North Salina Street North Syracuse.)
Colbrook, George E.: 17 Lincklaen Street, manufacturer of tin, copper and sheet iron ware, job work and tin roofing a specialty, also dealer in stoves, furnaces, and ranges, (1883).
Colton & Webber: 51 Albany Street, stoves and ranges, furnaces, tin, copper and sheet-iron ware, job work.
Cruttenden, Will H.: jeweler (same card as used by E.B. Knowlton).
Davis, Seymour H.: (stamped on page of scrapbook).
deClercq, I.L.:  61 Albany Street, grocer, (188_).
Doremus, W.L.: (sewing machines).
Dorion, Sévère: 11 Lincklaen Street, druggist.
Emerick & Co.: dealers in fine boots and shoes, rubbers.
Faulkner: (see Hallenbeck & Faulkner).
Hall, Jesse W.: 3 Lincklaen Street, jeweler, crockery, glassware, plated ware, cutlery, etc., watches, jewelery, china, season of 1883-4.
Hallenbeck & Faulkner: 49 Albany Street, millinery and fancy goods.
Hobbie & Rouse: carpets, paper hangings, house furnishing goods, (1883).
Knowlton, E.B.: 89 Albany Street, jeweler, established 1846, repairing and engraving by C.M. Knowlton, (1881), (same card as used by Will H. Cruttenden).
Law: (see Peet & Law).
Morse, Geo.: (druggist).
Peet & Law: 17 Lincklaen Street, groceries, teas, coffees, spices, fishing tackle, powder, shot, caps, etc., (1881).
Pulford: insurance agent.
Rice & Co.: 5 Lincklaen Street, druggists.
Rouse: (see Hobbie & Rouse).
Stanley, C.M.: 43 Albany Street, fancy holiday goods, toys, stationary, etc., (1882).
Watkins: book store, notepaper, magazines, books, bookseller, stationer.
Webber: (see Colton & Webber).

END of Cazenovia Advertising Cards, c. 1880