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Advertisers and Businesses Mentioned in
Cazenovia Invites You (about 1933)
 Compiled by Daniel H. Weiskotten
Posted 3/28/2000
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        These advertisers and mentions of local businesses are scattered throughout this little booklet and I have rearranged them into a format that is more conducive to finding them.  Spelling corrections were not necessary but I did expand upon abbreviations.

Subject headings used here:
Miscellaneous / Unidentified, Ambulance Service, Attorneys, Automobiles, Service, and Gas Stations, Bank, Banquet Facilities and Catering, Barber, Book Store, Clothing, Dairies, Druggist, Electrician, Farm Equipment and Feed Mill, Funeral and Undertaking, Golf Course, Greenhouse, Groceries and Meats, Home Furnishings and Dry Goods, Insurance and Real Estate, Jeweler, Laundry and Dry Cleaning, Lodging, Hotels, and Boarding and Tourist Houses, Lumber, Hardware, and Fuel, Livery, Delivery, and Storage, Manufacturing, Picnic Grounds and Park, Photographers, Physicians, Surgeons, Dentists, and Optometrists, Railroads and Bus Service, Restaurants, Schools and Library, Utility Companies, and Veterinarians.

Miscellaneous / Unidentified

Ambulance Service Attorneys Automobiles, Service, and Gas Stations Bank Banquet Facilities and Catering Barber Book Store Clothing Dairies Druggists Electrician Farm Equipment and Feed Mill Funeral and Undertaking Golf Course Greenhouse Groceries and Meats Home Furnishings and Dry Goods Insurance and Real Estate Jeweler Laundry and Dry Cleaning Lodging, Hotels, and Boarding and Tourist Houses Lumber, Hardware, and Fuel Livery, Delivery, and Storage Manufacturing Picnic Grounds and Park Photographers Physicians, Surgeons, Dentists, and Optometrists Railroads and Bus Service Restaurants Schools and Library Utility Companies Veterinarians


END of Advertisers and Business in Cazenovia Invites You (c.1933)