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Names in the Ledger of the Store of
P.H. Donnelly & Son, 61 Albany Street, Cazenovia, NY, 1913-1920
In the collection of
 the Cazenovia Public Library
 Compiled by Daniel H. Weiskotten
Posted 3/22/2000
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        This is a listing of the names that appear in a ledger for the store of P.H. Donnelly & Son, of Cazenovia, NY, and which covers the period 1913-1920.  The usefulness of this particular listing is simply as an indicator of what names appear in the ledger.  There are no page references, there is no cross index.  For further information contact the Cazenovia Public Library at the address given below.
        This ledger covers 1913-1920 in the segment that remains.  The first twelve (12) pages are missing and what remains is dated from November 1, 1913 to the end of 1920.  Some of these accounts are clearly carried from previous pages, and thus some names may date from before then but that information is now lost.  the vast majority of the accounts were active in 1913, and a few were added or renewed in the years of 1914-1920.  A few are carried from forward from some of the missing pages in the front of the book and thus date earlier than their first appearance.


For more information on this document, contact the Cazenovia Public Library
100 Albany Street, Cazenovia, NY 13035       (315) 655-9322  (e-mail)
"Ledger of the Store of P.H. Donnelly & Son"
61 Albany Street, Cazenovia, NY  1913-1920

Cazenovia Club
Citizens Club
Meadowwood Farm
Owahgena Tea Room
People's Ice Company
Railroad Men (see Ed Hanlon)
Solvay Process Co., (see B.S. Burlingame)
Union School
Village of Cazenovia

Aikman, W.O.
Allen, George
Allen, Henry
Annas, George
Atwell, G.T.
Bache, ______, Mrs.
Bailey, G.D., Prof.
Bailey, Harry
Barclay, S.M.
Baxter, ______
Beaty, ______, Mrs.
Blow, ______, Miss
Bragg, ______, Miss
Bragg, Daisy
Brewster, ______, Mrs. B.
Briggs, B.S
Brooks, ______, Mrs. J. Arthur
Brooks, J. Arthur
Burden, Henry
Burden, O.D.
Burlingame, B.S. c/o Solvay Process Co.
Burlingame, G.G.
Burlingame, Roderick
Burlingame, W.A.
Burns, ______, Mrs. Mike
Burr, Jake
Burr, Margaret, Miss, carried from W. Burr
Burr, W., (see Miss Margaret Burr)
Button, Herbert
Byrd, ______, Mrs. G.H.
Carpenter, ______, Mrs. J.F., (see also Mrs. Anna V. Rogers)
Carpenter, A.B.
Carroll, ______, Mrs. Patrick H.
Chaphe, James
Chard, W.G.
Cighton (?), W.C.
Cleveland, Tom
Collins, ______, Mrs. Con.
Colwell, J.M.
Conklin, Donald J.
Connors, John
Conroy, M.J.
Curtis Brothers
Cutler, ______, Mr.
Daley, Peter
Dell, B.N.
Dent, ______
Donnelly, John
Doran, Mike
Dowd, Kate
Driscoll, C.J.
Driscoll, John
Driscoll, Mike
Dugan, ______, Mrs. Henry
Edgar, ______, Mrs.
Evans, George
Evans, Will
Fairchild, Charles
Farnham, Ja.p (sic)
Fisher, Minnie
Fitch, A.E.
Fitch, D.H.
Flanagan, Joe
Flanagan, Patrick
Ford, Bertha
Ford, F.A., Dr.
Ford, Willis E., Dr.
Foster, Rich
Fox, ______, Mrs. Charles
Gee, ______, Mrs. H.
Gibson, W., Dr.
Goodyear, Fanny, Miss
Googin, N.L.
Guibault, Ruth
Halleck or Hallers, ______, Mrs.
Hamilton, ______, Mrs. J.L.
Hamilton, J.L.
Handy, H.N.S.
Hanlon, Ed and the Railroad Men
Hart, D.N.
Harter, Henry
Havens, Ed
Hayes, George
Heffernan, Patrick
Hoffman, ______, Mrs. C.F.
Holmes, Mary
Houson, John
Hubbard, Robert
Jackson, John
Jackson, Steele
Jackson, T.G., Rev.
Jenkins, ______, Mrs. Homer
Jenny, A.J.
Jones, John D.
Jones, Will
Joy, M.R., Dr.
Kane, Lewis
Keating, Patrick
Kennard, A.W.
Kennedy, John
Kenseys, Walter
Kent, C.C.
Kent, S.W.
Kiley, M.H., Judge
King, ______, Miss
King, C.H.
Krumbhaar, Louis
Krumbhaar, Nina
Ledyard, Murray
Litchfield, E.H.
Loyster, J.A.
Lund, William
Marshall, Floyd
Martin, ______, Mrs. J.W.
Martin, Henry
McCarthy, Dennis
McDonald, James
McDonald, John
McGrath, Bessie
McNair, ______, Mrs.
Merrideth, E.
Miller, George
Minot, S.
Morehuoff, ______, Madame
Morgan, ______, Miss
Morse, James
Morse, james
Moseley, ______, Mr.
Mulligan, Patrick
Murphy, ______, Father
Needham, John
Norton, Dud
Norton, F.L.
Oakley, ______, Mrs.
O'Brien, Tim
O'Neil, John
Pangburn, Nel
Perkins, E.J.
Persons, S.E., Rev.
Porter, Will
Reidy, Dave
Remington, Eliphalet
Remson, Phoenix
Rice, Eill
Rogers, ______, Mrs. K.E.
Rogers, Anna V., carried from Mrs. J.F. Carpenter
Rogers, Harry
Rogers, Henry
Rose, John T., Rev.
Rowan, M.J.
Rugg, Charles
Ryan, Anthony
Salisbury, George
Salisbury, George W.
Shaffer, L.A.
Sheperdson, Herman
Shepherd, A.L.
Sherwin, A.M.
Skellie, J.C.
Smith, James
Smith, R.A.
Smith, Ward
Stapleton, James
Stebbins, ______, and ______, Misses
Stevens, F.H.
Thompson, ______, Mrs. W.P.
Thompson, W.P.
Tierney, Dennis
Tillotson, L.B.
Tobin, John
Tooley, John
Tormey, Mike
Van Duzer, I.V.
Verbeck, ______, Mrs. Guido
Walsh, ______, Mrs. John
Walsh, Edward
Walters, Alfred
Ward, ______, Mrs. G.C.
Watkins, William
Watson, F.C., Dr.
Wendell, Burr
Wendell, Rush
White, James
White, W.
Wilson, John
Woodworth, C.D.
Woodworth, N.B.
Wright, A.J.