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Inventories of Newspapers Published in Cazenovia, NY

Daniel H. Weiskotten
Created February 1, 2004

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In the late 1980s and early 1990s I conducted an extensive search for newspapers published in Cazenovia.  The intent of this was first to find out what papers there were, then also to find out which still existed and where they were located.  I found that most of them were already microfilmed, and then worked to get the remainder filmed and inventory what repositories had sets of films.  Throughout the process my main attention was to the preservation of the original issues, and I heartily advocated then, as I do now, use of the microfilms instead of the originals.  To this end I worked to complete the set of films in the Cazenovia Public Library, Cazenovia Central Schools, and at Lorenzo State Historic Site.

I have a complete inventory (as of 1994) for the local repositories, and will be posting the information for each newspaper as I complete the html formatting.

Inventory of THE PILOT, 1808-1823