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Research Notes from THE PILOT
Published in Cazenovia, NY

compiled by
Daniel H. Weiskotten
Last Modified February 7, 2004

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(so far I only have 1808, 1809 and 1810)

1809   1810

(1811-1823 are very incomplete and very embarrassing, but I posted them anyway!)

 1811 to 1823

Notes are paraphrased except where indicated by "quotes"
The first date given is that of the issue in which the item appears
The date at the end in parentheses is the internal date of the advertisement

TERMS of the PILOT.  Price to village fubfcribers, Two Dollars, payable quarterly, or One Dollar and Seventy-five Cents, if paid in advance.  Subfcribers who receive their papers by mail, Two Dollars, payable in advance.  Subfcribers in the adjacent towns, who receive their papers in companies, at the office, One Dollar and Fifty Cents, payable half yearly.  Poft-riders will be supplied at a liberal deduction from the laft mentioned price.  Advertisements inferted upon reafonable terms.”

“The publication of the PILOT has been delayed for a number of weeks by the illness and death of Mr. Rust, one of the proposed publishers.  In consequence of this dispensation of Providence, the proprietor has formed a connection with Mr. Newton: – The business of the establishment will be conducted under the firm of Baker & Newton.”  (A death notice in another section states that Normand Rust died at Onondaga on July 1, 1808.)

“Wanted Immediately, TWO or Three active Post Riders, to perform on eligible routes, to whom good encouragement will be given.” (8/10/1808)

“Diffolution of Partnership.  NOTICE is hereby given that the Co-partnership of JOSIAH MASTERS AND JABISH N.M. HURD under the firm of Masters and Hurd, was, bu mutual confent diffolved on the 11th day of July inftant (7/11/1809).  All perfons who are indebted to the firm, are requefted without further notice to make immediate payment to JABISH N.M. HURD, who continues bufinefs at his STORE in Cazenovia, where he juft received a frefh fupply of GOODS.  JOSIAH MASTYERS, J.N.M. HURD.” (7/25/1808)

Samuel Dutton, Auctioneer, will sell the Full Blooded Horse, OLD PAY MASTER, at Public Auction, 8/13/1808. (8/10/1808)

"Journeymen Joiners.  TWO or three JOURNEYMAN JOINERS will find conftent employment and the highest wage, by applying to OTIS ORMSBEE." (8/16/1808)

Estate of Doctor Zachariah Cuttin, late of Cazenovia, Joanna Cuttin and Joseph W. Wadsworth, administrators. (8/17/1808)

Sheriff’s sale of the property of Bannister Williams, being the east part of Lot 13 in the 4th Allotment New Petersburg, now occupied by Thomas Williams, to be sold at public vendue at the house of Capt. Lemuel Kingsbury, 10/5/1808. (8/15/1808)

Mortgage sale, by default of mortgage executed by Joel Corson to William Eddy, dated February 29, 1808, Lots F1, K1 and L1 in the 4th Allotment New Petersburg.  Lot F1 contains 20 3/4 acres, Lots K1 and L1 contain each 21 acres (total of 62 3/4 acres), to be sold at public vendue at the house of Lemuel Kingsbury, Inn holder, 2/23/1809. (8/16/1808)

“On Monday last (8/22/1808) Capt. E.S. Jackson’s independent company of Cavalry assembled in this village for company parade.” ...  (Note that the Embargo was recently declared) ... “A band of music, commanded by Mr. Cushing, who belonged to this regiment, attended and performed in a masterly manner a number of military and patriotic airs, which gave a zest top the different evolutions performed by the cavalry.”

Clothiers Business.  SELAH MUNSON refpectfully informs the public that he has erected his Clothiers Works at Fay’s Mills, in the village of Cazenovia, where he expects to carry on the Fulling and Dreffing of Cloth in its various branches - having put his works in the beft order, and from his long experience in the profeffion, he hopes to be able to give general fatisfaction to his cuftomers.” (9/7/1808)

Commissions received at the Clerk’s Office of Madison County:
Thomas Greenley, Brigade Commander
Elisha Farnham, Brigade Quarter Master
Cavalry, 3rd Squad, 5th Division
Jabez Crocker, 1st Lieutenant
Joseph Sims, 2nd Lieutenant
Eli F. Hill, Colonel
Frederick Morgan, Colonel
Cleveland’s Regiment
John Herrington, Lieutenant
Samuel Stawer, Ensign
Daniel Warren, Ensign
Ashbel Hosmer, Captain
Hurd’s Regiment
Ebenezer Wales, Captain
Aaron Putney, Lieutenant
David Fosket, Ensign
Haskell’s Regiment
Joy Handy, Chaplain
Douglass’ Regiment
Samuel Gregory, Lieutenant
Benoah Moss, Ensign

Sheriff’s sale of the property of Josiah D. Sabin, being the south 1/2 of the north 100 acres of Lot 17 in the 4th Allotment New Petersburg, now occupied by Sabin, to be sold at public vendue at the house of said Sabin on the premises, 10/15/1808. (9/6/1808)

Sheriff’s sale of the property of Jedediah T. Turner, being part of Lots 24 and 25 (in the Village Out Lots) south of the village and now occupied by Eliakim Davis, and pew 25 in the meeting house in the village of Cazenovia, to be sold at public vendue at the house of Jesse Kilborn, 10/29/1808. (9/12/1808).

For Sale or to be Let. – Pews Nos. One, Three, Five, Seven, Nine, Eleven and Sixty-eight, in the New Meeting Houfe, in the village of Cazenovia.  Enquire of J.N.M. HURD.” (9/19/1810) (continues unchanged past 12/26/1810)

“CLOTHIERS WORKS.  THE fubfcriber informs the public, that he has erected Clothing Works in the Village of Cazenovia, a little north of the turnpike road, where he intends to carry on the CLOTHING BUSINESS in its various branches.  All perfons defirous of favoring him with their cuftom, may depend on having their cloth dreffed in the beft manner, as he has procured an experienced workman, and that no pains fhall be wanting to render general fatisfaction.  Moft kinds of produce will be received in payment.  The fubfcriber alfo continues his Clothing Works at his old stand, one mile fouth of the village.  ELISHA STARR” (9/16/1808)

Sheriff’s sale of the property of William Herrington, being Lot 34 in the 3rd Allotment New Petersburg, now occupied by Herrington, to be sold at public vendue at the house of Jesse Kilborn, 10/29/1808. (9/19/1808)

“SAMUEL THOMAS, Saddler and Harness Maker, OFFERS for fale, at his SHOP nearly oppofite Mr. E.S. Jackson & Co’s Store, in the village of Cazenovia.  FORTY elegant Ladies’ and Gentleman’s SADDLES; the Materials and Workman-fhip which, are equalif not fuperior to any in the Weftern Diftrict.  They will be fold unufually low for ready pay.  N.B. Harnefs work repairing, &c. as ufual.” (9/24/1808)


Sheriff’s sale of the property of John Larraby, being part of Lot 27 in the Mile Strip, formerly occupied by Larraby, to be sold at public vendue at the house of Jesse Kilborn, 11/17/1808. (10/2/1808)

“NEW INVENTION.  Asa Frost of Cazenovia, has obtained letters patent under the seal of the United States, for a machine called a BRICK MACHINE. – The advantages to brickmakers to be derived from the use of this machine are numerous. – The operation of preparing the mortar is simple and expeditious – which is performed by draft with horses or oxen.  The brick-yard which has heretofore been exposed, and the newly stricken brick liable to be demolished by sudden rain storms, are now perfectly secured, by means of a covering which stands on trundles and can be thrown over or taken off a yard fifty five feet square in the space of two minutes.  The importance of this invention is acknowledged by the most eminent work-men, and by all others who have seen its operation.”

Asa Frost’s Brick Machine for preparing the mortar for brick, and securing the same from rain while out in the yard by means of a roof of cover which can be thrown over or removed off a yard fifty feet square in two minutes.  Those desiring to purchase a right to sell, or to inspect the machine, which is now in complete operation, may call him at his yard in the town of Cazenovia.  (8/19/1808 = error for 10/19/1808)

“LAUNCH.  Was launched from her stocks, in this village, on Friday last (10/21/1808), the beautiful, stanch, well built Pleasure Boat, CLARISSA  –  She descended her destined element, amidst the acclimations of a concourse of spectators, who had assembled on the beach to view the novel scene, thus being the first vessel with rigging that ever kissed the limpid waters of Cazenovia Lake.  Much credit is due to the master-builder, Capt. Daniel W. Crocker, of N. York, who came to this place on a visit among his friends, during the embargo. The CLARISSA is fitted up in a superior style, and ready to accommodate parties of ladies and gentlemen who wish to travers the handsome lake Cazenovia.”

Blacksmith Journeyman.  ONE who is a good workman is wanted immediately by the fubfcriber.  Alfo a fmart active likely BOY, about fixteen years of age, as apprentice to the Blackfmith bufinefs.  LUTHER BURNELL.” (10/25/1808)

Brigadier General Nathaniel King and Brigade Inspector Thomas Greenly, received and inspected Col. J.N.M. Hurd’s regiment of militia in the village on October 20, 1808.  The next day (October 21, 1808) they were escorted by military officers and civic gentlemen (from Cazenovia) as far as Boardman’s Tavern in Nelson where drinks were had and an address was made.

Almost 800 papers are issued weekly from the press of the PILOT.

Martin Gillet’s Cheap Cash Store, is now opened in Smithfield, near the residence of Daniel M. Gillet.  Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Crockery, Calicoes, Ginghams, Shawls, &c.  (11/7/1808) (NOTE = Daniel M. Gillett lived at Fenner Corners)

A mixed color Great Coat, half worn, was found by William Love on the road leading South from the village (Chenango Street) between the houses of J.T. Turner and Jabish Crocker. (11/9/1808)

“NOTICE.  THE Subfcriber having purchafed the route of diftributing Newfpapers of John Goodell, he will punctually fupply fubfrcibers on faid route – and by his ftrict attention in the arduous task, he jopes to a generous transfer of their cuftom.  He propofes foon extending the route, where he folicits a patronage.  Being duly authorifed to receive all debts due faid Goodell for papers, he requefts a fpeedy fettlement.  EDWARD DUNN.” (11/16/1808)

Sheriff’s sale of the property of John Mallory Jr., being part of Lot 132 in Nelson, containing 69 acres, to be sold at public vendue at the house of Jesse Kilborn, 1/7/1809. (11/23/1808)

Sheriff’s sale of the property of Lemuel Kingsbury, being Lots 18, 19 and 20 in the village of Cazenovia, containing 1 acre and 1 rood (1.01 acres), and Lot O1 in the 4th Allotment New Petersburg, containing about 21 acres, now occupied by Lemuel Kingsbury, and also his personal property, to be sold at public vendue at the house of Lemuel Kingsbury on 1/7/1809. (11/21/1808).

“Embargo Ahoi!  Fuller Healy is the fame perfon who thirteen weeks ago commenced the laborous and flavish bufinefs of diftributing Newspapers from the Pilot prefs in Cazenovia, through Nelfon, Eaton, Madifon, &c. &c. to Brookfield.  As this weeks tour makes one Quarter of a year and as the old faying is, ‘money makes the mare go,’ I don’t fee why it won’t make my old horfe go – and if it will, it has more virtue than whip and fpur in our bad roads.  He trufts his good cuftomers will ferioufly confider his cafe, and help him to a little Rhino.”  (11/30/1808) (NOTE = Rhino is a slang term for money or cash).

A red morocco purse was found in Jesse Kilborn’s Long-room.  (11/30/1808)

Sheriff’s sale of the property of Timothy Gillett Jr., being part of Lots 8 and 11 in the Road Township, now occupied by said Gillett Jr, to be sold at public vendue at the house of said Gillett Jr., 1/12/1809. (11/30/1808)

“JEHIEL CLARK, (CLOCK AND WATCH-MAKER) RESPECTFULLY informs his friends and the public in general, that he continued his bufinefs as ufual at his Old Stand in Pompey (Eaft-Hollow,) where he makes Clocks and Time Pieces of every description.  Clocks and watches will be cleaned and repaired on the fhorteft notice – umbrellas, brafs and copper Kettles mended with difpatch.  He has eftablifhed as a rule of his Shop, that no work will be fuffered to remain unfinifhed over twelve days.  All thofe who may from time to time have Watches and other kinds of work left for repair, are defired to call within that time, and do their friend a kindnefs.  All kinds of produce will be received in payment for Clocks, at a liberal price.  The higheft price in cafh paid for old Copper, Brafs and Pewter, at his shop.” (Dated at Pompey East-Hollow, 12/7/1808)

“COOPERS!  WANTED immediately, two journeymen COOPERS. – To Thofe who are good woorkmen, the higheft wages and conftant employment will be given.  ALSO – One or two active boys, as apprentices to the above bufinefs WILLIAM WELLS” (12/7/1808)

Sheriff’s sale of the property of Jacob Crapsy, being Lots D and L of the 2nd Allotment New Petersburg, to be sold at public vendue at the house of said Crapsy, 2/2/1809. (12/20/1808)

Sheriff’s sale of the property of Daniel Page, being Lot 54 in Tromp Township, Town of DeRuyter, and also his personal property, to be sold at public vendue at the house of said Page, 2/1/1809. (12/20/1808)

Sheriff’s sale of the property of Robert Fisher, being part of Lot 67 in the Road Township, now occupied by said Fisher, to be sold at public vendue at the premises, 1/26/1809. (12/13/1808)

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