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Supplemental Lists of Early 19th Century Tombstone Carvers
In NY and other New England States
Provided by myself other researchers and from published and other sources
(more will be added as the information arrives)
Provided by Daniel H. Weiskotten
September 4, 1999
last updated 12/31/2001
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So far I have:

Carvers with stones in the Old North Burying Ground of Providence, RI
Carvers found in the Stephentown, Rensselaer Co., NY cemeteries

Carvers signatures found on stones in the Old North Burying Ground, Providence, RI
Compiled by Daniel H. Weiskotten
(a partial list only, of early 19th century slate, sandstone shale or schist stones - a large portion of the cemetery has not been investigated)

Most of these carvers, especially the several generations of Tingleys and Franklin Cooley, were located in Providence.  Thomas Tingley, the ancestor of the Tingley carvers listed here, worked at an earlier date in nearby Attleboro, MA.  J. French identified himself as being from "Paw." which indicates Pawtucket, RI, a few miles from Providence.  Others could not be placed as to location.

    "Bolles" 1813
    "Bolles, Sc." 1825

Franklin Cooley
    "Cooley & Fox" (in ornamental curved form) 1809
    "F. Cooley" 1816, 1818, 1826, 1827, 1832, 1846
    "F. C." 1826
    "[COOLEY]" 1833
    "Cooley" 1837

J.J. French
    "J. French, Paw." 1847  
Samuel, Silvanus (Sylvanus), Samel Jr. and Edmund W. Tingley
    "Tingley" 1808, 1829, 1831, 1833, 1838
    "S.T., Sc." 1811
    "TINGLEY" 1823, 1824, 1872*
    "TINGLEY, BRO'S." 1832/1840
    "S. Tingley & Sons" 1840, 1844
    "S. Tingley, Jr." 1842                     * = this stone, dated 1872 may have been carved at an early date but lettered later.

Other carvers signatures found in the Old North Cemetery, Providence, RI (carved in other materials)
    "A.T. Farnham" 1863 marble
    "[MUMFORD.]" 1854 marble
    "TINGLEY" 1836 marble
    "S. Tingley & Son" on several marbles of 1850s and 1860s (I did not take notes on these)
    "Toye & Holmes" 1883 Granite

Carvers found in the Stephentown, Rensselaer Co., NY cemeteries
abstracted from Elizabeth W. McClave's 1990 Epitaphs In The Only Stephentown on Earth. Stephentown Historical Society, Stephentown, NY

Cut by Adamson, Pittsfield (1808)
Roger Booth, Bennington VT. (1793)
A.E. Belden, Pittsfield (1841)
H. & S. Clark (1852)
Crippen, Lansboro (1840)
Gibson (1876)
Grethen Memorials of Lansingburgh (1979)
J.W. Leeson, Pittsfield (1845)
By W.D.B. Linn (1832)
D. Marble, Pittsfield (1840)
P.D. Scott, Lanesboro (1852)
T.F.P. & A.L. Scott, Lanesboro, Mass. (1850)
R. Smith (1823-1850)
R. Smith, New Lebanon (1813-1814)
E.M. Tudor, Fecit (1824)
Volk, Pittsfield (1842)
J.Volk (1852)
J.J. Young, Troy (1863)
J.J. Young, 5th Street, Troy (1864-1871)
J.J. Young, 198 5th Street, Troy (1870)
W.H. Young, Troy (1867-1868)
Young & Son, Troy (1878)