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United States Daughters of 1812

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Welcome to the New York City Chapter of the United States Daughters of 1812.  Our Chapter was chartered in May 2006, and we have sixteen members.

Our Purpose

We are dedicated to the National Society’s purposes to:

· Promote patriotism,

· Preserve and increase knowledge of history of the American people, by the preservation of documents and relics, the marking of historic spots, the recording of family histories and traditions, the celebration of patriotic anniversaries, teaching and emphasizing the heroic deeds of the civil, military, and naval life of those who molded this Government between the close of the American Revolution and the close of the War of 1812,

· Urge Congress to compile and publish authentic records of men in civil, military and naval service from 1784 to 1815, inclusive, and

· Maintain at National Headquarters a museum and library of memorabilia of the 1784-1815 period.

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Pictured Above - Chapter members at the grave of NYS Governor Daniel D. Tompkins:  (l-r) Karla Miller, Debbie Kopinski, Carmen Coe, Susan Hopkins, Anne Farley, New York State Society President Mary Raye Casper, Shirley Dixon-Miller, Leigh Harman, Chapter President Emily Malloy, Jane Stuart, Gabrielle Bielenstein, and Gail Warner.  Daniel D. Tompkins was Governor of the State of New York during the War of 1812 and became the sixth Vice President of the United States.  To read about our work on the Tompkins gravesite at St. Mark’s Church in-the-Bowery, click here.