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Jacob McKinney, of Scotch ancestry, was born April 30, 1771, in Pennsylvania, and died February 4, 1848. He lived in Simsbury, Pennsylvania, and removed thence to Northumberland, New York, and finally to Binghamton, New York. He was a man of the highest character, and universally respected by the people of the community in which he lived. He had much to do with the early history of Binghamton, and was widely known by his title of "Judge" McKinney. In 1808 he was sheriff of the county, and, in 1809, county clerk. For a time he was partner of General Joshua Whitney in the business of general merchants. He married, August 8, 1805, Eliza Sabin, born November 28, 1780, died May 7, 1844, daughter of Walter Sabin, mentioned elsewhere in this work, a surveyor by profession, who came from Norwich, Connecticut, to Harpersville, Delaware county, New York, prior to 1788, and then removed to Broome county, New York, returning eventually to Connecticut, where he died, leaving a widow, five daughters and one son. Children: 1. Edward, mentioned below. 2. Ann Eliza, born June 17, 1808, died September 2, 1862. 3. Charles, born June 17, 1810, died June 8, 1884; married, May 27, 1839, Catherine B. Ely. 4. Samuel Sweetland, born April 1, 1813, died June 25, 1837. 5. Sabin, born March 7, 1816; married, January 27, 1847, Elizabeth Sheldon Corliss. 6. Silas, born November 2, 1818, died April 21, 1888; married (first), February 24, 1847, Fannie M. Nelson; (second), 1865, Mary C. Burt. 7. Amelia, born May 4, 1823, died October 25, 1823.

(II) Edward, son of Jacob McKinney, was born August 18, 1806, in Binghamton, New York, and died May 24, 1849. He married, April 21, 1832, Marcia Maria, daughter of John and Mehitable (May) Phillips, of Cooperstown, New York. Children: Frank, died young; E. Paschal, mentioned below; William, married Mary Eliza Niven.

(III) Major E. Paschal McKinney, son of Edward McKinney, was born at Phoenix, near Cooperstown, New York, February 23, 1838; married, June 18, 1868, Fanny Lee Fish (see Fish). Major McKinney was graduated from Yale University in the class of 1861. He immediately enlisted in the Union army, and was commissioned second lieutenant of Company G, Sixth New York Cavalry, October 17, 1861, and continued in service until the end of the civil war; he was commissioned first lieutenant, Company C, January 20, 1863; captain and commissary of subsistence, United States Volunteers, May 18, 1864; brevet major, July 7, 1865, "for efficient and meritorious service.: Major McKinney passed through the following battles and operations: Siege of Yorktown, Virginia; battles of Williamsburg and Fair Oaks; the Peninsular Campaign; was escort to General Keys, commanding Fourth Corps, Army of the Potomac, in battle of Chancellorsville; brigade commissary on staff of General Thomas C. Devi; acting adjutant of regiment, battle of Deep Bottom, Trevelyan Station and the Wilderness, Cavalry Corps, Army of the Potomac; battle of Cedar Creek, Virginia, commissary Second Brigade, First Division, Cavalry Corps, Army of the Potomac, and Sheridan’s Cavalry Corps. He was wounded, August 13, 1864, at Berryville, Virginia, in an attack by General Mosby’s troops, while serving in the Commissary Department, under General Phil Sheridan. At the close of the war he returned to Binghamton, and engaged in the wholesale grocery business, in partnership with his uncle, Sabin McKinney, and this still continues. He is a member of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion, and of Watrous Post, Grand Army of the Republic, of Binghamton. Children, born at Binghamton: 1. Edward, born September 26, 1869; married Frances Nora Sexton; children: Frances Ruth, March 8, 1900; Edward Phillips, May 24, 1902; Elizabeth, died in infancy; Marcia May, October 31, 1908, and Georgia Christiane. 2. Marcia May, born December 27, 1871; marred George Buell Hollister; died February 12, 1909. 3. Fanny Lee, born November 7, 1876. 4. Carlos Tucker, born January 20, 1882, died in infancy.


(1) Nathaniel Fish, the immigrant ancestor, was born in England, and settled in Sandwich, Massachusetts, before 1640, when he was one of the proprietors of that town. His brother John was of Lynn and Sandwich, and his brother Jonathan of Lynn, Sandwich, and finally of Newton, Long Island, was ancestor of the famous New York family to which Governor Hamilton Fish belonged. Nathaniel married Lydia, daughter of Rev. John Miller, and from her come the names Miller in later generations. The widow Lydia and her brother, John Miller, of Yarmouth, Massachusetts, administered the estate of Nathaniel Fish, who engaged before marriage to pay her as much as he had with her, f66. The inventory was dated March 14, 1693-94. Children: Nathaniel, born November 27, 1648; John, April 13, 1651; Thomas, mentioned below; Samuel, August 10, 1668, died and bequeathed f8 to his aged father, February 2, 1691-92.

(II) Thomas, son of Nathaniel Fish, was born about 1665. He settled at Duxbury, Massachusetts. Children, born at Duxbury: 1. Thomas, May 22, 1700. 2. Ebenezer, December 13, 1703, died March 2, 1791. 3. Rev. Joseph, January 28, 1705-06; graduate of Harvard, 1728; married Rebecca Pabodie (Peabody), great-granddaughter of John Alden, December 6, 1732; he died May 26, 1781 And she died at Fairfield, October 27, 1783. 4. Lydia, born March 24, 1708; married Eliakim Willis. 5. Samuel, October 1, 1710; married Elizabeth Randall. 6. Nathaniel, mentioned below.

(III) Nathaniel, son of Thomas Fish, was born April 11, 1713, at Duxbury, Massachusetts. With his brother, Rev. Joseph Fish, he settled at Stonington, Connecticut, afterward North Stonington. He married Mary Pabodie, a descendant of John Alden (see Peabody), and sister of his brother Joseph’s wife. Children of Nathaniel and Mary, born at Stonington: Miller, mentioned below; William, April 26, 1738; Eliakim, February 2, 1741; Joseph, March 21, 1744; Lydia, March 1, 1746.

(IV) Miller, son of Nathaniel Fish, was born in Stonington, October 9, 1737. He settled in Hartford, and, in 1790, had, according to the first federal census, five males over sixteen, one under that age, and three females in his family. His brother Eliakim had two females and no sons in his family at that time.

(V) Miller (2), son of Miller (1) Fish, was born about 1765, probably in New London county, Connecticut. He married, July, 1786, in Hartford, Connecticut, Huldah Corning, who died January 15, 1806. He died September 16, 1816. He appears to have lived with his father until about 1790. Children, born at Hartford: Henry, mentioned below; Rebecca, September 28, 1790; John, January 15, 1792, died May 23, 1807; Mary, December 26, 1795' Frederick, August 3, 1798; Edward, February 11, 1800; George H., September 5, 1803; Huldah C., January 5, 1806, died September, 1853, unmarried.

(VI) Dr. Henry Fish, son of Miller (2) Fish, was born October 15, 1788, died December 29, 1850; married Rebecca Birch. He graduated from Yale College in 1806, and studied medicine at Dartmouth Medical School, from which he received the degrees of M. A. and M. B. in 1810. In 1826 he received the degree of M. D. from Yale College. He had what was then called a country practice in New York City, with an office in Beekman street. He removed later in life to Salisbury, Connecticut, where he resided and practiced his profession to the time of his death. Children: 1. Henry F., born October 29, 1813; married, February 21, 1850, Lucy Wilcox. 2. Myron II., mentioned below. 3. John C., January 16, 1822; married, October 3, 1843, Lydia Kilburn; removed to California, and died there, November 24, 1850. 4. William Tully, born January 13, 1825; married (first), December 6, 1849. 5. Mary Elizabeth, born June 13, 1826, died unmarried.

(VII) Myron Holley, son of Dr. Henry Fish, was born at Salisbury, Connecticut, September 21, 1820. He was educated in the public schools. In 1854 he went to Illinois and engaged in business as a merchant and banker, at Rock Island, and died there, December 3, 1860. One of the last acts of his life was to vote for Abraham Lincoln for President. He married, August 25, 1845, Fanny Scoville Lee, born August 11, 1823, daughter of Elisha and Almira (Scoville) Lee. Children: Fanny Lee, married Major Edward P. McKinney; Elizabeth Julia, born April 26, 1850, died young; Mary, March 24, 1853, died in infancy; Myra Ruth, born September 30, 1856.


(1) Samuel corning, the immigrant, was born in England, and came to Salem, Massachusetts, as early as 1638, and was admitted a freeman June 2, 1641. An acre of land was granted him, in 1641, for sowing hemp. He removed to Wenham, Massachusetts. His wife was admitted to the church April 5, 1640. He was afterward prominent in Beverly. He was on the committee, May 15, 1665, equivalent to the first board of selectmen, though the town was not incorporated until 1668. He was selectman in 1670-74-75-77, and perhaps in other years; collector of taxes in 1676, ensign in 1667 and afterward; on a committee to settle the boundary with Wenham in 1682; licensed to keep an ordinary in 1670; assistant of the colony in 1670; on various committees to lay out land for the town. He had many grants in 1671 and afterward. His widow Elizabeth survived him. His estate was divided among his children Samuel, Elizabeth and Remember, and his widow March__, 1694-95. Children: Remember, baptized May 3, 1640; Samuel, mentioned below; Eliza, or Elizabeth, June 4, 1643.

(II) Samuel (2), son of Samuel (1) Corning, was baptized March 14, 1640-41, and died May 11, 1714, aged seventy-three years. He married Hannah Ratchelder, who died February 17, 1718, aged seventy-two years, daughter of John Ratchelder. Children, born at Beverly: Samuel, June 1, 1670; John, 1676; Joseph, mentioned below; Daniel, September 17, 1686.

(III) Joseph, son of Samuel (2) Corning, was born in Beverly, November 19, 1679, and died in 1718. He removed from Beverly to Norwich, connecticut, and settled in the Preston Society. He married, January 17, 1702-03, Rebecca Woodbury. Children: Hannah, born October 6, 1703; Joseph, May 22, 1707; Josiah, mentioned below; Nehemiah, April 25, 1717.

(IV) Josiah, son of Joseph Corning, was born in 1709, and died February 27, 1760. He married, January 10, 1733, Jane Andrews, of Norwich, who died March 21, 1803, aged eighty-eight years. Children, born in Preston: Sarah, October 13, 1734; Ezra, mentioned below; Daniel, July 18, 1739; Lydia, October 4, 1741; Elisha, July 25, 1745; John, November 23, 1746; Ephraim, died at sea; Polly, or Mary, May 22, 1749; Ann, April 22, 1751; Asa, December 3, 1753, resided at Hartford; Ephraim, 1755.

(V) Ezra, son of Josiah Corning, was born at Preston, April 10, 1737. He was the first of the family to come from Preston to Hartford. He was a shoemaker by trade, and kept a grocery at Hartford. He lived near the site of the Governor Toucey house. He married (first) Mary, daughter of Captain Thomas Hopkins; (second) Catherine Hall; (third) Hannah Benton. Children: Mary, died young; Huldah, married 1786, Miller Fish, of Hartford (see Fish); Daniel, married _____ Vibert; Ezra Jr. Children of second wife: George, Charles, Catherine, William; Henry, died young; Henry, resided at Hartford.


The surname Peabody is of ancient English origin. The generally accepted explanation of the origin of this name is given by the English Heraldry office as from a leader of one of the tribes, a man of wealth and influence named Peabodie, who by his prowess and exertions in the battle on the river Douglass aided in expelling the northern Saxon invaders, and, having in his possession, the trophy taken by his ancestors from a Roman officer at the time Queen Boadicea, of Briton, was subdued by Emperor Nero, the coat-of-arms was confirmed with additions by King Arthur. This ancient Roman coat-of-arms is described; Paty per fesse nebule, gules, azure, two suns proper with a gate. Crest: A scroll. The family motto is Murus aeneus conscientia sana. Boadie, who led the Britons in the battle with the Romans. Escaped to the mountains of Wales. The word Pea, meaning a hill or mountain, was added to the name, and by it the tribe was known for centuries. The tribe maintained a separate existence for five hundred years. Upon the helmet and armor of the Roman officer was a Roman badge of honor and distinction, consisting of two suns proper in bordure. There was also a miniature likeness of the Empress Poppaea, wife of Nero. The spelling Paybody, Paybodie, Pabodie and various other forms are found.

(I) John Peabody, the American immigrant, came to this country from England, about 1636, and settled in the Plymouth colony, New England. His name appears on the list of freeman March 7, 1636-37. He had grants of land at Duxbury. His will was dated July, 1640, and was proved April 27, 1667. He married Isabel _____. Children: 1. Thomas, mentioned in the will. 2. Francis, came, in 1635, in the ship "Planter"’ ancestor of most of the Essex county families. 3. William, mentioned below. 4. Annis, married, 1639, John Rowe (or Rouse).

(II) William Peabodie, or Pabodie, son of John, was born in England, in 1620, and died December 13, 1707, at Little Compton, Rhode Island. He married at Plymouth, December 26, 1644, Elizabeth, daughter of John and Priscilla (Mullins) Alden. She was born in Plymouth, and died at Little Compton, Rhode Island, May 31, 1717. As her parents came in the "Mayflower," her descendants are eligible to the Society of Mayflower Descendants. William Peabody spent his youth in Duxbury. In various documents he is called yeoman, boatman, planter, and, in 1681, wheelwright. He was also a land surveyor. He bought land of John Holland and Hopestill Foster, of Dorchester, November 1 1648, and other lands at Mattapoisett and Sepecan. He removed to Little Compton, Rhode Island, about 1684. He was deputy to the general court, from Duxbury, in 1654-63-68-71 to 1682. He was admitted a freeman June 5, 1651. His will was dated May 13, 1797. Children: John, born October 4, 1645; Elizabeth, April 2, 1647; Mary, August 7, 1648; Mercy and Martha, January 2, 1649; Priscilla, January 15, 1653; Sarah, August 7, 1656; Ruth, June 19, 1658; Rebecca, October 15, 1660; Hannah, October 15, 1662; William, November 24, 1664; Lydia, April 3, 1667.

(III) William (2), son of William (1) Peabody, was born at Duxbury, November 24, 1664. He removed with his father to Little Compton, and spent the rest of his days there. He was a farmer. He was admitted a freeman, May 1, 1722, in Massachusetts. He died September 17, 1744. His will is dated August 7, 1743. He married (first) Judith _____, born 1669, died July 26, 1714; (second) Elizabeth _____; (third) Mary (Morgan) Starr. Children, born at Little Compton: Elizabeth, April 10, 1698; John, February 9, 1700; William, February 21, 1702; Rebecca, February 29, 1704; Priscilla, March 4, 1706; Judith, January 23, 1708; Joseph, July 26, 1710; Mary, April 4, 1712, married, November 26, 1736, Nathaniel Fish (see Fish); Benjamin, November 25, 1717.

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