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The surname Spaulding or Spalding appears quite early in England. Some conjecture that it is a place name, the family deriving the name from the town of Spalding, in Lincolnshire, which is said to have been named for a spa or spring of mineral water in the marketplace. There have been many distinguished men of this mane in England, in ancient and modern times. Many of the family bore coats-of-arms. The Spauldings of America, with the exception of a few that have recently emigrated, are all descendants from three early settlers, one of whom located in Massachusetts, another in Maryland, and the third in Georgia. The latter are descended from the Ashantilly Spaldings, Perthshire, Scotland, from Sir Pierce Spalding who surrendered Berwick castle to the earl of Murray. The Georgia pioneer, James Spalding, son of Captain Thomas, came to America in 1760, and married Anna Lermonth.

(I) Edward Spaulding, immigrant ancestor, came to New England, between 1630 and 1633, and settled in Braintree, Massachusetts, where he appears among the proprietors of the town as early as 1640, and was admitted a freeman of the colony., May 13, 1640. He removed thence to Wenham, and was one of the petitioners for the town of Chelmsford grant, October 1, 1645, and one of the early settlers of that town. He was a leading citizen; selectman in 1654-56-60-61; surveyor of highways in 1663, and juror in 1648. He died February 26m 1670. His will was dated February 13, 1666, proved April 5, 1670, bequeathing to wife Rachel, sons Edward, John and Andrew, and daughter Dinah. His wife Margaret died August, 1640, and his second wife Rachel soon after he died. Children of Edward and Margaret Spaulding: John, born about 1633, mentioned below; Edward, about 1635; Grace, died in May, 1641. Children of second wife: Benjamin, born April 7, 1643; Joseph, October 25, 1646; Dinah, March 14, 1649; Andrew, November 19, 1652.

(II) John, son of Edward Spaulding, was born about 1533, died October 3, 1721. He came to Chelmsford with his father, in 1654, and was admitted a freeman, March 11, 1689-90. He received numerous grants of land in Chelmsford from time to time. He was a soldier, under Captain Manning, in King Philip's war. He married, May 18, 1653, Hannah Hale (or Heald), of Concord, Massachusetts. She died August 14, 1689. Children: John, mentioned below; Eunice, born July 27, 1660; Edward, September 16, 1663; Hannah, April 25, 1666; Samuel, March 6, 1668; Deborah, November 12, 1770; Joseph, October 22, 1673; Timothy, about 1676.

(III) John (2), son of John (1) Spaulding, was born in Chelmsford, February 15, 1659. He married (first) Ann Ballad, of Andover, Massachusetts, September 20, 1681; (second) Mary Fletcher, widow, November 18, 1700. He removed with his family to Plainfield, Connecticut. Children, born at Chelmsford: Anna, born August 25, 1684; Samuel, mentioned below; Jonathan, August 7, 1688; Deborah and Eleazer, twins, August 12 and 13, 1690; Dinah, January 24, 1693; William, November 14, 1695.

(IV) Samuel, son of John (2) Spaulding, was born at Chelmsford, August 6, 1686, died June 9, 1749. He married Susannah _____. Children, all born at Plainfield, Connecticut: John, April 2, 1707; Jedediah, mentioned below; Abigail, May 7, 1711; Elizabeth, July 16, 1714; Susannah, October 19, 1723.

(V) Jedediah, son of Samuel Spaulding, was born at Plainfield, April 1, 1709, died July 8, 1776. He married Mary How, born March 1, 1715, died March 17, 1794, aged seventy-nine, daughter of Samuel How. Children, all born in Plainfield: Asexual, March 18, 1734; Timothy, February 15, 1737; Samuel, March 28, 1749; Asa, October 6, 1751; Stephen, August 19, 1754; Daniel, mentioned below; Lempel; Jeremiah; James.

(VI) Daniel, son of Jeremiah Spaulding, was born at Plainfield, December 18, 1757. He was a soldier from Connecticut in the revolution, in Captain Waterman Cleft's company (Sixth), Colonel Samuel Holder Parson's regiment, at Boston siege, in 1775; also in Lieutenant Clark's company, Twenty-first Militia, joining the army in New York state in 1776. He removed from Plainfield to Stephenson, New York, in the winter or early spring of 1792, and lived there two or three years, removing thence to Caimans, New York, now the town of Westerly, New York. He married, November 18, 1781, Mercy Hewitt, born November 14, 1758, in Preston, Connecticut, died February 6, 1828, in Westerly, and he died January 4, 1852, in Westerly. Children: Daniel, born April 25, 1784; Mary, June 17, 1786, at Stonington, Connecticut, married David Foster; William, September 18, 1791, in Plainfield; Betsy, September 21, 1794; Moses, mentioned below.

(VII) Moses, son of Daniel Spaulding was born in Caimans, New York, November 22, 1800, was killed by the cars of the Erie railroad, in the town of Conklin, Broome county, New York, near his home, May 11, 1854. He married Betsy Waals, January 1, 1822. Children: Waals, born December 27, 1824, died January 31, 1863, married Miranda Tarbes; Amanda, January 7, 1827, married _____ Cross; Daniel, born March 21, 1829, married, May 5, 1853, Emily I. Conklin; Ananas, January 8, 1832, died March 10, 1841; Sally Maria, born October 19, 1834, married, September 22, 1863, Henry Tarbes; Emily, born March 21, 1837, married, December 25, 1855, Ezra P. Barton; William A., mentioned below; Zerah, born December 28, 1844, died December 8, 1862.

(VIII) William A., son of Moses Spaulding, was born in Albany county, New York, March 11, 1841. He came to Broome county with his parents, when a small boy, and was educated there in the public schools. For many years he was engaged in teaming business. He is now retired, living at Binghamton. He married, November 22, 1863, Melvina Jaynes, daughter of Holloway and Sarah (Rought) Jaynes. Children: Renna Z., mentioned below; Elizabeth Jaynes, born February 23, 1872, died May 11, 1892.

(IX) Renna Z., son of William A. Spaulding, was born at Abington, Luzerne county, Pennsylvania. He attended the public schools at Factoryville, later Scranton, Pennsylvania, and the Binghamton high school, New York. The family came to Binghamton in 1877, when he was a youth. His first venture was as maker of cigars, and later as dealer. Afterward he engaged in the bakery business, in partnership with T. W. Russell, and the business was incorporated under the name of the Russell-Spaulding Company, of which Mr. Spaulding was president and Mr. G. W. Russell, vice-president. In 1905 they started a small shop and from that small beginning the business has developed into its present large proportion the largest in this line in the city of Binghamton, and according to the population the largest in the United States.

In addition to being successful in business Mr. Spaulding has taken an active part in various fraternal organizations, being a member of the Masonic order, having passed through all the various bodies up to and including the thirty-second degree in the Scottish Rite. He is a member of the Improved Order of Red Men, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, the Binghamton Club, and the Press Club, and also the Chamber of Commerce. He is one of the directors in the Merchants' and Advertisers' Association. He has been a member of the Volunteer Firemen's Association for some sixteen years; treasurer of the local company seven years.

He married, December 24, 1885, Jessie F. Latter. Children: Bessie E., born January 6, 1889, married, June 1, 1911, E. A. Brewer, of Courtland; Georgia Lucile, May 17, 1890; Elizabeth Jaynes, August 7, 1893.

Sylvester Hayward Latter, father of Mrs. Spaulding, was son of Samuel and Hannah (Hayward) Latter, and was born in Sussex county, England, about 1822; married, December 13, 184, Emma Drake, at St. Mary's Church, Lewishaven, county Kent, England, and died December 22, 1878. Children of Sylvester Hayward Latter: 1. Alice Miriam Latter, born February 29, 1856; married, August 15, 1879, Harry Hart, and had: Isaac, Miriam, Esther and George Hart. 2. Adelaide, born December 24, 1857; married (first), September 15, 1886, James Shaw; (second) Scott Bruce. 3. Sylvester B. Latter, born July 29, 1859; married, October 23, 1889, Nancy Brown, and had Marjorie, born June 30, 1893. 4. Walter Drake Latter, born July 6, 1861, died January 22, 1890. 5. Jessie Florence Latter, born January 17, 1866; married R. Z. Spaulding (see Spaulding 1X). 6. Edna Bertha Latter, born March 29, 1867, died March 11, 1869. Emma (Drake) Latter was a daughter of William and _____ (Chappel) Drake, and was born about 1831, died in September, 1879. Her father was a captain in the English merchant marine. Children of William Drake: Sarah, Maria, Benjamin, William, Emma, Rebecca and Jane Drake.

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