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Click on the picture to see a large view.
This picture is from a 3"x5" post card.
Rev. Wright was pastor about 1911-1915
Since this picture seems to have a basement,
perhaps it was taken soon after that 1912 addition.

History: From the Memorial Program, Sunday, April 13, 1947
     Prior to 1880, Sunday School and occasional preaching services were held in the old
schoolhouse, now the Village Hall.  Silver Springs, then known as East Gainesville, was a
hamlet of less than 300 people.
     In that year, however, preachers from nearby churches of several denominations began
to hold services alternately each Sunday at 3 P.M.  But, the need for closer spiritual supervision
was evident, and in 1881 the Methodist Conference created a new charge by taking North
Gainesville from Gainesville and joining it with East Gainesville.  The Reverend J. S. Wildridge
became the first pastor.
     In 1882 the society was incorporated and funds were collected for a new building.  A lot
was purchased from John Lowing for $125 and he donated the adjoining lot.  The corner-
stone  of the present church was laid that fall, and the structure was dedicated on June 6, 1883.
Its cost was about $3000.
     In 1888, and extensive revival added many members, and a young people's group was
organized, which later became the Epworth League.  The church bell, costing $200, was
installed in 1889, and a parsonage was built at South Main and Whiton Avenue in 1890.
    In 1892 the first annex was built, and the pipe organ was purchased from the Warsaw
Congregational Church in 1894.
    Joseph M. Duncan, who had established a salt plant here, became an outstanding leader
in church affairs.  Two successful revivals took place, and the Silver Springs church began
to be known as a "missionary" congregation.  This interest has never waned.
     The kitchen and dining-room were added in 1912, and the men's classroom in 1935.  The
original parsonage was sold in 1922, and the present one on Church Street purchased.  The
memorial window for Mrs. Eliza Washburn, long a faithful worker for the Master, was dedicated
in 1925.
     Many other men and women have rendered splendid service to our Lord in this church
through the years.  It would be impossible to list them all, but a few representative names would
include Mr. and Mrs. C.R. Mason, Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Luce, Mrs. Pearl Dixon, J.G. Kershaw,
A.L. Remington and John McBride, Jr.
     Our pastors have been sincere men of god, all of them unswerving in their devotion to His
work, and fearless in preaching the gospel of His Son, the crucified and risen Christ.
     Early in 1946, funds were raised for a new Hammond electric organ, in memory of those who
served in the Second World War.  The old pipe organ was sold and removed.  The trustees then
ventured to redecorate the sanctuary with insulating wallboard, and a new gas-burner was
installed in the furnace.
     Funds were promptly subscribed to cover these improvements, and numerous other memorial
gifts were provided, the total amounting to nearly $6,500.  Our Day of Dedication is the
culmination of these efforts.
     We have a noble heritage.  As we worship together in the beauty of our new sanctuary, let us
pray that we may be led to extend the work so well begun - that in the years to come many other
hungry souls may find salvation here by God's grace, through faith in Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Baptisms 1893-1920

Date          Baptisms
Year Month&Day Name of Subject                          Name of Parents/RemarPlace of Baptism  Minister
1893  12-Feb  Lila Luella Mason            Infant       Charles R. & Lila MasSilver Springs    pg 292
1893  12-Feb  Marrion Mason                Infant       " "                  " "               " "
1893  27-Aug  Willard Beardsley            Adult                             Silver Springs    " "
1893  27-Aug  Maud Lamberson               Adult                             " "               " "
1893  27-Aug  Jennie Taber                 Adult                             " "               " "
1893  27-Aug  Frane (sp?) Taber            Adult                             " "               " "
1893  27-Aug  Ettie Washburn               Adult                             " "               " "
1893  27-Aug  Susie Dixon                  Adult                             " "               " "
1894   2-Sep  Mr. Newburn H. Lewis         Adult                             " "               " "
1894   2-Sep  Mrs. Henry L. Keith          Adult                             " "               " "
1894   2-Sep  Lina Dorsy                   Adult                             " "               " "
1894   2-Sep  Augustus Taber               Adult                             " "               " "
1894   2-Sep  Sarah Taber                  Adult                             " "               " "
1894   2-Sep  Fred M. Danforth             Adult                             " "               " "
1894   2-Sep  May Quick                    Adult                             " "               " "
1894   2-Sep  Rollin L. Tallman            Adult                             " "               " "
1894   2-Sep  Mrs. Clara Tallman           Adult                             " "               " "
1894   2-Sep  Andrew Fullington            Adult                             " "               " "
1894   2-Sep  William H. Washburn          Adult                             " "               " "
1894   2-Sep  Rosa J. Akin                 Adult                             " "               " "
1894   2-Sep  Julia Doty                   Adult                             " "               " "
1894   2-Sep  Emma J. Allen ?              Adult                             " "               " "
1894   2-Sep  Julia L. Wallrod             Adult                             " "               " "
1894  16-Aug  Mrs. Kernan                  Adult                             Rexville, NY      " "
1894  16-Dec  Frank M. Hoyt                Adult                 Sick in Bed Silver Springs    " "
1894  16-Dec  Violet E. Hoyt               Adult                             " "               " "
1894  16-Dec  Charles H. Taber             Adult                             " "               " "
1895  24-Feb  Peter Fillian                Adult                Sick at Home " "               " "
1895  24-Feb  Mrs. Peter Fillian           Adult                             " "               " "
1895  24-Feb  Amanda Fillian               Adult                             " "               " "
1895  24-Feb  Alzin Fillian                Adult                                               pg 284
1895  24-Feb  William Ranf                 Adult
1895  24-Feb  Mrs. William Ranf            Adult
1895  16-Jun  Frank Morgan                 Adult
1895  16-Jun  Emma Morgan                  Adult
1895  16-Jun  May Washburn                 Adult
1895  16-Jun  George Fullington            Adult
1895  16-Jun  Ira Judson Kemp              Adult
1895  16-Jun  Ina Kemp                     Adult
1895  16-Jun  Alta Kemp                    Adult
1895  16-Jun  Dora Taber                   Adult        Augustus & Sarah Taber
1895  16-Jun  Albert Hoyt                  Infant       Franklyn &
1895  16-Jun  Jonathan Ivson Hall          Infant       Charles & Lizzy
1895  16-Jun  Flossie E. Randall           Infant
1895  16-Jun  Lois May Washburn            Infant       Arthur & May
1895  16-Jun  Louise Hoyt                  Infant       Charles & Fannie
1895  16-Jun  Loyde Charles Hoyt           Infant       Charles & Fannie
1895  16-Jun  Earl Morgan                  Infant       Frank & Emma
1895  29-Sep  Clara L. Foster              Infant
1895          Clara Fitch                  Adult
1897  25-Dec  Olive Osean Ranf             Infant       William & Alzere
1897          Elizabeth Addi Lewis         Infant       Newburn & Mary
1897  31-Dec  Hellen Mable Danforth        Infant       Lowie & Sarah
1897          Fred St.Clair Danforth       Infant       Lowie & Sarah
1897  12-Sep  Osean Ranf                   Adult
1898   2-Oct  Louie Danforth               Adult
1898   2-Oct  Arthur Scott                 Adult
1898   2-Oct  Walter Scott                 Adult
1898   2-Oct  Delbert Foster               Adult                             pg 286
1898   2-Oct  Millie Foster                Adult
1898   2-Oct  Cora Foster                  Adult
1898   2-Oct  Ethel Danforth               Adult
1898   2-Oct  Elsie Danforth               Adult
1898   2-Oct    Paul (no first name?)      Infant       E.S. Paul
1898   2-Oct    Paul (no first name?)      Infant       Emily Paul
1899   7-Sep  Lyle Joseph Pierce           Infant       William K? Pierce & Jessie
1899   7-Sep  Lila Adeline Pierce          Infant
1899  31-Dec  Emory Newton Cavill          Infant       Charles Thomas Cavill & Elizabeth Jane Cavill
1900  22-Jul  Fanny J. Sherman             Adult
1900  22-Jul  Cora B. Gardner              Adult
1900  22-Jul  Hellen E. Loomis             Adult
1900   2-Sep  Florence Bostwick            Adult
1901   9-Jun  Doris Bell Dewey             Infant       May Bell Dewey & DeLancy Harry Dewey
1901   9-Jun  Walter Kenneth Breen         Infant       Walter James & Grace May
1901  17-Jun  Elsie Pearl Fontain          Adult
1901  20-May  Mary S. Aikins               Adult
1901  20-May  Lee C. Aikins                Adult
1901   7-Jul  Authur Charles Babcock       Infant       Charles Stowell & Alice Agnew Babcock
1901   7-Jul  Samuel Thomas Babcock        Infant       " "
1901   7-Jul  Minerva Grace Christ         Infant       William H. & Minnie C. Christ
1901   7-Jul  Lyman Oscar Ranf             Infant       Oscar e. & Amanda M.
1903  19-Jul  Ona Wiseman                  Adult        William G. Wiseman & (Different Book, pg 282)
      19-Jul  Lydia Mead                   Adult        Frank & Mary Mead
1904  25-Sep  Jay C. Welton                Adult
1905   7-Oct  Angie Wiseman                Adult        Mrs. & Mrs. Hatch
1906   5-Aug  Florence Aline (Furman)      Infant       C.H. & Ethel Furman
1906   5-Aug  Nellie Ethel (Furman)        Infant       C.H. & Ethel Furman
1906   5-Aug  Bulah L. (Russell)           Infant       W.D. & Jennie Russell
1906   5-Aug  Claude Henry (Case)          Infant       H.L. & H.N. Case
1906   5-Aug  Lillian B. McCall            Adult        Archie & Belle McCall
1906   5-Aug  Ruby F. Mead                 Adult        H.A. & Alberta Mead
1906   5-Aug  Kittie B. Phillipps          Adult        W.J. & Kate Phillipps
1906   5-Aug  Arther VanDawalker           Adult        ?
1906   5-Aug  Mabel B. " (VanDawalker)     Adult        ?
1906   5-Aug  Clara D. Duggan              Adult        L.S. & Cora Duggan
1906   5-Aug  Helen A. Mead                Adult        A.F. & Mary Mead
1906   5-Aug  Merritt E. Allen             Adult        ?
1906   5-Aug  Hattie E. Allen              Adult        ?
1906  16-Sep  Floyd (No last name)         Adult
1906  16-Sep  Harry A. Beaumont            Adult
1906  16-Sep  Edna M. Cotton               Adult
1906  16-Sep  Albert Grasby                Adult
1906  16-Sep  William E. Griffith          Adult
1906  16-Sep  Millard J. French            Adult
1906  16-Sep  Edna M. Stebbins             Adult
1906  16-Sep  Lillian E. Stebbins          Adult
1906  16-Sep  Lester Wilson                Adult
1906  16-Sep  Maude G. Hale.               Adult
1906   5-Oct  Frank L. Freeman             Adult                             (pg 284)
1906   5-Oct  Ruth L. Duggan               Adult
1906   5-Oct  Mildred J. Wiseman           Adult
1909   7-Feb  Marjorie Fancher             Adult
1909  11-Apr  Bessie Faith Russell         Adult
1909  11-Apr  Mary Rebecca Freeman         Adult
1909  25-Jul  George Earl Todd             Infant       George Todd & Clara Todd
1911  26-Feb  Luise Ahl                    Adult
1911  20-Aug  David Wyman Todd             Infant       George Todd & Clara Todd
1916   2-Jan  Hazel Watson                 Adult        J.P. & Lyda R. Watson
1916   2-Jan  Mrs. Maggie Gell             Adult
1916   2-Jan  Gladus Gell                  Adult
1916   2-Jan  Ruby Gell                    Adult
1916   2-Jan  Willie Gell                  Adult
1916   2-Jan  Florence Lathrop             Adult
1916   2-Jan  Loyd Tuller                  Adult
1916   2-Jan  Alton York                   Adult
1916   2-Jan  Alice M. Evins (Evans?)      Adult
1916   2-Jan  Florence Evins (Evans?)      Adult
1916   2-Jan  Etta L. Stubbins             Adult
1916   2-Jan  Bertha Bray                  Adult
1916   2-Jan  Harry Bray                   Adult
1917  17-Jun  Donald G. Wilson             Infant       Lester J. Wilson & Florence D. Wilson
              Ruth Evelyn Shumaker         Infant       Roy G. & Florence M.
1918  15-Dec  Howard Duwan Tunme           (Tunmen?) I  Reuben & Elstella E.
1921   3-Jul  Ross Jay Wilson              Infant       Lester J. & Florence Wilson
1921   3-Jul  James Brainard Evans         Infant       Joseph & Ona Evans
1921   3-Jul  Grant Duane Gross            Infant       Wilhelm & Lottie Gross
1902  22-Jun  Clara Austin                 Infant       Frank Austin         pg 288 (first book)
1902  22-Jun  Bertha Austin                Infant       Anna Austin
1902  29-Jun  Adaline Elizabeth Pharris    Infant       Mae H. Pharris & Herbert P. Pharris
1902  29-Jun  Stewart Hollisley Pharris    Infant       " "
1902  27-Jul  Joseph Duncan Lewis          Infant       Newben H. Lewis & Mayme C. Lewis
1902  Nov. 21 George Francis Hume          Infant       Thomas & Maggie Hume
1903  14-Jun  Lester Bert Gardner          Infant       Henry & ___ Gardner
1903  14-Jun  Jennette Martha Gardner      Infant
1903  14-Jun  Miles Charles Gardner        Infant
1903  14-Jun  Christine Angerria Dewey     Infant       Delancy Harry Dewey & May Belle
1903  14-Jun  Mary Francis Humphrey        Infant       L.H. & Martha B. Humphrey
1904  17-Sep  Charles Harold Cavil                      Charles T. & Elizabeth Cavil
1904  17-Sep  Thelma Elizabeth Cavil                    " "
1904  20-Oct  F.J. Tyler                   Adult
1904  20-Oct  Mrs. C. Denton               Adult
1904  20-Oct  Nellie Denton                Adult
1905  11-Jun  Aletta Estelle Christ        Infant       Charles & Lucia Christ
1905  11-Jun  Francis Laverne Kershaw      Infant       John G. & Mary E. Kershaw
1905  11-Jun  Marian Adelia Gardner                     Charles & Synthia Gardner
1905  11-Jun  Charles Stewart Gardner      Infant       " "
1904    ?t    Lloyd Jacob Duschen          Infant       Lewis & Kittie Duschen
1905   2-Jul  Roy Quick                    Adult
1905  25-Jun  Charles Luce                 Adult
1905  25-Jun  Olin Hotchkiss               Adult
1905   3-Sep  Annabelle Keeney             Infant       Elmer & Carrie B. Keepg 290
1905   3-Sep  Isabel Keeney                Infant       " "
1905   3-Sep  Mildred Jos. Hotchkiss       Infant       H.N. & Carrie Hotchkiss
1905   3-Sep  Charles Biggart              Infant       David
1905   3-Sep  John Biggart                 Infant       "
1905  10-Sep  William Nubum Lewis          Infant       Nubem & Mary Lewis
1905  23-Sep  Bessie Loletta Bray          Infant       Yawger & Charlotte Bray
1905   3-Dec  Irena Bloss                  Adult
1905   3-Dec  Flora Hunter                 Adult
1905   3-Dec  John Lyon Hunter             Adult
1905   3-Dec  Robert Lyon Hunter           Adult
1906   4-Mar  Ivan O. Quick                Adult        Oscar G. Quick
1906   4-Mar  Harry w. Madison             Adult
1906   4-Mar  Mabel Madison                Adult
1906   4-Mar  Flora Bonnelyn Lamberson     Adult
1906   4-Mar  Harry Handyside              Adult
1906   4-Jun  Mrs. John Deuschen           Adult
1906   1-Jul  Alfred Henry Anderson        Infant       Charles & Mary
1906   1-Jul  Galloway (no first name)     Infant
1906  22-Jul  Clarence D. Tallman          Adult
1906  22-Jul  Ina May Tallman              Adult
1906  22-Jul  Clara Calon                  Adult
1906  22-Jul  Grace Tallman                Adult
1906   2-Sep  Mrs. Clinton Piper           Adult
1906   2-Sep  Marion Edith Law             Adult        Emmet
1906   2-Sep  Law (no first name)          Infant        "
1906   2-Dec  Mrs. E.E. Law                Adult
1906   2-Dec  Emma L. Jenkins              Adult                             pg 292
1907   3-Mar  James Chauncy Keeney         Adult
1907  28-Aug  Myrtle F. Bowen              Adult
1909  15-Aug  Marie Lulla Eddy             Infant       Leon & Margaret Eddy
1910    may   Hency (no first name)        Infant       Mr. & Mrs. John Hency
1910    May   Lars Tyler                   Infant       Mr. & Mrs. F.J. Tyler
1911   2-Apr  Sarah Ann Carrol Quick       Adult        E.F. Quick
1911   June   McBride                      Infant       Mr. & Mrs. John McBride
1912   7-Jan  Sarah Jane Dixon            Adult        Henry Dixon
1913   June   Robert Habersaat             Infant       Mr. & Mrs. William E. Habersaat
1913   June   Maggie Elizabeth Preston     Infant       Mr. & Mrs. M. Preston
1913   June   Martha Howard                Infant       Mr. & Mrs. Frank Howard
1913   June   Goodbody (no first name)     Infant       Alfred Goodbody
1913   June   Goodbody (no first name)     Infant        "
1914  14-Apr  Mrs. Lula Eddy Smith         Adult        Byron & Elizabeth
1914  14-Apr  Naomi Davis                  Adult
1915  11-Apr  Norman Tallman               Adult
1915  11-Apr  Arthur Dorey                 Adult
1915  11-Apr  Vera Muns                    Adult
1915  11-Apr  Ester Bray                   Adult
1915  13-Jun  Marian Francis Nugent        Infant       Mrs. & Mrs. William Nugent
1915  13-Jun  Marian Elizabeth McBride     Infant       Mr. & Mrs. Daniel McBride Jr.
1915  13-Jun  Leslie Lavern Morgan         Infant       Mr. & Mrs. L. Morgan
1915  13-Jun  Frederick William Biggert    Infant       Mr. & Mrs. D. Biggert
1915  13-Jun  Margaret Marie Sherwood      Infant       Mr. & Mrs. Frank Sherwood
1915  13-Jun  Norma Preston                Infant       Mr. & Mrs. N. Preston
1915  13-Jun  Densil Raymond Furnal        Infant       Mr. & Mrs. William Fernal
1915   4-Jul  June Hunter Wright           Infant       Mr. & Mrs. L.M. Wright
1916  26-Sep  William Edward Aikin         Young Child  Verne C. Aikin & Violpg 294
1916  26-Sep  Robert Frederick Aikin       Young Child  " "
1916  26-Sep  Lucy D. Brayman              Adult
1916  26-Sep  Kramer (no first name)       Infant
1917  10-Jan  Leon O. Eddy                 Adult
1917   Feb.   Bently Baby                  Infant
1917   4-Mar  George Bowers                Adult
1917   4-Mar  Martha Dunn                  Adult
1917   4-Mar  Blanche Bray                 Adult        William & Margaret Burhart
1917   4-Mar  Susie Barber                 Adult
1917   4-Mar  Margaret Bauer               Adult
1917   4-Mar  Maxin Inglby                 Adult
     Easter, AS. Elmer Carney              Adult
1917  Easter  Mrs. Elmer Carney            Adult
1917  Easter  Earl Carney                  Adult
1917  Easter  Lester Morgan                Adult
1917  Easter  Lynn Inglby                  Adult
1917  Easter  Lloyd Dumbleton              Adult
1917  Easter  Elizabeth Eddy               Adult
1917  Easter  Bertice Eddy                 Adult
1917  Easter  John C. Blake                Adult
1917  Easter  Mrs. Murphy                  Adult
1917  Easter  Merrill Richards             Adult
1917  Easter  Edison Barber                Adult
1917  15-Apr  Murlin James Streamer        Infant       Irene & R. Streamer        pg 296
1917  15-Apr  Dorthy May Streamer          Infant       " "
1917  10-Jun  Donald Elmer Carney          Infant       Earl & Marena E. Carney
1917  10-Jun  Ethyl Harriet Chasey         Infant       Floyde J. Allie M. Chasey
1917  10-Jun  Christinia L. Thorson        Infant       Thor & Eva Thorson
1917  10-Jun  Anna Margret Barr            Infant       James & Ruth Barr
1917  10-Jun  Emma Louise Mullen           Infant       Benjamin & Helen Mullen
1917  10-Jun  Harrison James Mullen        Infant       " "
1917  10-Jun  Lena Garnetta Mullen         Infant       " "
1917   1-Jul  Hiram Mullen                 Adult
1917   1-Jul  Ralph Mullen                 Adult
1917   1-Jul  Ruth Barr                    Adult
1917   1-Jul  Minnie A. Reese              Adult
1917   1-Jul  Walter Carney                Adult
1917   1-Jul  Galdys Mullen                Adult
1917   Sept.  Aurthur Truman Hawk          Infant       Conley & Lois Hawk
1917  31-Dec  George Frederick Kramer      Infant       Mr. & Mrs. E. A. Kramer
1917 Jun Ch's Gordon D. McBride            Infant       Mr. & Mrs. D.E. McBride
1919  28-Jul  Doris Grace Bush             Infant       Harry & May Elizabeth Bush
1919  28-Jul  Harold Lewis Bush            Infant
1919  28-Jul  Marion Addie Bush            Infant
1919  28-Jul  Genevieve Addell Bush        Infant
1919  28-Jul  Avis Anna Bush               Infant
1919  28-Jul  Ailleen May Bush             Infant
1919  23-Jul  Mary Ida Todd                Infant       George & Sarah Todd
1919  25-Oct  Edwin Peter Dunker           Adult
1919  23-Nov  Pearl Travis                 Adult                                   pg 298
1919  23-Nov  Violet Travis                Adult
1919  23-Nov  Sarah Dixon                  Adult
1919  23-Nov  Loretta Tallman              Adult
1919   7-Dec  Arthur C. Simmons            Adult
1919   7-Dec  Theodore Robson              Adult
1920   4-Apr  Laura E. Quick               Adult
1920   4-Apr  Belle M. Clark               Adult
1920   4-Apr  Grace J. Chidsey             Adult
1920   4-Apr  Lloyd G. Krause              Adult
1920   6-Jun  Elizabeth L. Reese           Infant       Harold & Alice H., Alfred & Elizabeth Hamilton Gre
1920   5-Sep  Winifred Tallman             Adult
1920  26-Sep  Ethel Utter                  Adult
Stop after 1920 for confidentiality

Marriages 1893-1941

                                                                                    Age of  Age of  Residence of      Residence of          Officiating
 Year    Month & Day   Name of Man                  Name of Woman                      Man   Woman  the Man           the Woman               Minister     Remarks or Names of Witnesses
 1893     March 13     Gilbert Worden               Jennie Pratt                        22     18   Buffalo           SS                     J.R. Wells
 1893     April 23     George E. Piper              Ella R. Beardsley                   27     25   Castile           SS                     J.R. Wells
 1893      June 24     Ervin Allard                 Elvira Evans                        25     20   Caledonia         Avoca                  J.R. Wells
 1893      July 5      Frank R. Westbrook           Lucy V. Prince                      42     48   Caneadea          Portville              J.R. Wells
 1893      July 8      Thomas J. Worden             Blanche Cooper                      24     21   Hornellsville     Hornellsville          J.R. Wells
 1893     August 9     Earl Rickard                 Marguerite Warner                   23     20   Pendleton         Potter Center?         J.R. Wells
 1893    November 19   Volney Holmes                Erma Dunshie                        52     28   SS                SS                     J.R. Wells
 1894    January 27    John G. Johnson              Mary Alice Irison                   25     18   SS                SS                     J.R. Wells
 1894    February 28   Clark M. Cilley              Amy A. Mack                         39     32   Woodhull          Woodhull               J.R. Wells
 1894     March 26     William H. Ranf              Alzere E. Filion                    20     26   SS                SS                     J.R. Wells
 1894     March 27     Newburn H. Lewis             Mary S. Carman                      27     27   Pike              SS                     J.R. Wells
 1894      May 26      Merton F. Struler            Mary L. Pratt                       24     22   Perry             Alabama, NY            J.R. Wells
 1894    September 5   Victor Pluse                 ?May Moulins                        24     20   Dansville         Lima                   J.R. Wells
 1894    November 7    John Burns                   Ida Beattie                         42     32   Fremont           SS                     J.R. Wells
 1894    November 28   Walter H Fluker              Rachel A. Piatt                     28     19   Warsaw            Howard                 J.R. Wells
 1894    December 25   Richard J. McLean            Jennie M. Warner                    30     18   Gainesville       SS                     J.R. Wells
 1895    January 16    Marshall Barnard             Roseltha Williamson                 22     22   Jasper            Jasper                 J.R. Wells
 1895    December 30   Edward D. Whillain           Louise Madson                       36     35   Warsaw            Warsaw                 J.R. Wells
 1895      May 12      Fred Wehr                    Minnie E. Fluker                    21     20   Buffalo           SS                     J.R. Wells
 1895        Oct       Daniel Westlake              Marrie H. Forester                  27     41   Newburg           Warsaw                 J.R. Wells
 1895    December 25   Grant R. Hurlbert            Myrti? A. Foster                    24     20   Perry             SS                     J.R. Wells
 1896        Apr       Eddy L. Madison              Ella M. Cavill                      27     28   Warsaw            Gainesville            J.R. Wells
 1897      May 19      John M. Westfield            Lena Tallman                        28     22   SS                SS                     W.R. Pierce
 1898     March 31     Harry d. Hathaway            Rosamond E. Kerns                   36     37   SS                Portageville           W.R. Pierce
 1898   September 14   Herman Swanson               Sarah E. Jerson                     23     21   SS                Leroy                  W.R. Pierce
 1898   September 14   Edward C. Handwerk           Iva Grace Cummings                  22     20   Buffalo           SS                     W.R. Pierce
 1898    December 21   Marvin F? Barber             Susie May Dixon                     23     23   SS                SS                     W.R. Pierce
 1899    February 5    Marion Wm. Odell             Nellie May Freer                    21     15   Holland           Hermitage              W.R. Pierce
 1899      March 8     Arthur R. Herman             Fannie Megus?                       40     31   Pavilion                                 W.R. Pierce
 1899     March 15     Chas. Anderson               Mary A. B. Hamilton                 32     20   SS                SS                     W.R. Pierce
 1899     March 28     Wm. Henry Christ             Minnie C. Natzke                    34     28   SS                SS                     W.R. Pierce
 1899      April 5     Chas. F. Datzaw (Leatzew)    Grace A. Scott                      28     25   SS                SS                     W.R. Pierce
 1899      July 3      C. Bernard Youngs            Katie Stuebler ?                    25     19   Grove             Johnsonstrys?, PA      W.R. Pierce
 1899      June 28     Earnest Hureliard?           Emily Jane Eustace                  25     23   Warsaw            SS                     W.R. Pierce
1900-1905              No Records?!                                                                 No Records?!                            Joseph Marrow
 1905    November 11   Samuel E. Kelley             Clara Sattler                       25     19   LaGrange          Perry                  L.L. Rogers   Pastor's Family
 1905    December 31   Moses C. Hickey              Helen Louise Stratford              25     27   Perry             Silver Lake            L.L. Rogers   Pastor's Family
 1906  2/21/03, 2:30PM Chas. Ray Thomson            Elsie Marie Danforth                21     19   Dale              SS                     L.L. Rogers   Brides Family
 1906    2/21/03 8PM   Leslie Clive Morgan          Margaret A. Redmond                 24     23   SS                SS                     L.L. Rogers   Many Friends
 1906     April 15     Adam S. Klidarline           Gladys L. Cumming                   23     18   Castile           SS                     L.L. Rogers   Members of both families
 1906      June 23     Albert B. Vallance           Myra Desire Kellogg                 28     24   Honeoye           S. Livonia             L.L. Rogers   Members of both families
 1906      sep 20?     Frank James Mullin           Nellie E. Nugent                    21     20   SS                Warsaw                 L.L. Rogers   Members for both families
 1906    December 12   Almond Ray Yager             Mildred Edna Judd                   26     23   Hume              SS                     L.L. Rogers   Members of both families
 1907      March 7     Geo. Thompson Monroe         Addie Pharis Duncan                 43     47   Warsaw            SS                     L.L. Rogers   N.H. Lewis & wife, Rev. Burgess & wife
 1907     March 24     Michele Mirco                Anna McGinly                        22     22   Castile           Castile                L.L. Rogers   Pastor's Family
 1907    December 4    Wm. Freeman Baker            Cora Bell Gardner                   23     22   Gainesville       Gainesville            L.L. Rogers   Both Families
 1907    December 30   Claude C. Hale               Grace L. Pratt                      18     18   Castile           Castile                L.L. Rogers   Mr&Mrs Best Ralpy..
 1907    December 31   Sheldon S. Rauf              Dolly A. Frazier                    20     18   SS                SS                     L.L. Rogers   Both Families
 1909    November 24   Riley J. Stamp               Minnie A. Coax (Coux)               24     21   Buffalo           Castile                L.A. Wright   Mabell Coax & Thom. Gree
 1911     August 16    wm. H. Furnal                Vera M. Albie                                   SS                SS                     L.A. Wright   Florence Gallorigy, Hur..
 1911    October 25    John Henry Kershaw           Lena Lenora Shearing                            SS                Rock Glen              L.A. Wright   Both families
 1911      nov. 8      William Nugent               Francis Adel Gardner                            SS                SS                     L.A. Wright   Mrs. L.W.Wright
 1911    December 6    John Smith                   Bertha Harrison                                 Farmersville      Farmersville           L.A. Wright   P.P. Sowers
 1911    December 25   Arthur B. Houck              Anna McBride                                    SS                SS                     L.A. Wright   Daniel E. McBirde, Eliz M…
 1911    December 25   Wm. James Preston            Bertha Isabelle Thurston                        SS                SS                     L.A. Wright   N.E. Thurston, Mrs. J. Pre
 1912      26-Jun      John J. Smith                Lulu Mae Eddy                       32     22   SS                SS                     L.A. Wright   Sarah Hume, Archie Eddy
 1912      17-Jul      Guy L. Harder                Ruth Quick                          24     29   Elmira            SS                     L.A. Wright   Arthur Harder, S. Carol Quick
 1912      11-Sep      Claude M. Shattuck           Mary L. Kershaw                     32     24   Pike              SS                     L.A. Wright   Mrs. Ellsworth Ley?, John H. Kersha…
 1912      24-Dec      Daniel McBride Jr.           Florence Galloway                   22     19   SS                SS                     L.A. Wright   Elizabeth McBirde, Joseph Little
 1913      15-Jan      Earl Mullin                  Floye Race                          20     19   SS                SS                     L.A. Wright   Myrtle Goodbody, Harry Mullin
 1913      11-Mar      Joseph Swatzenberg           Ruth E. Bills                       26     21   Silver Lake       Perry                  L.A. Wright   Eva B. Wright, Elvian? B. Wright
 1914       1-Jan      Joe Kelly                    Mabel Mattison                      23     19   LaSalle, Ill      SS                     L.A. Wright   Harry Mattison, Agnes Bowles
 1914      19-Feb      Chester Walter Luce          Ruhama Pearl Denton                 26     25   Streeter, Ill     SS                     L.A. Wright   Lenton Lucy, Lois D. Denton
 1914      30-Jun      Lewis Merril Wright          Florence Ada Hunter                 29     21   SS                SS                     L.A. Wright   John L. Hunter, Ethel Hunter
 1914       1-Jul      Harry Matteson               Erthie Rebecca Chimburg             21     20   SS                SS                     L.A. Wright   Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence P. …
 1914      29-Aug      Danniel Albert Mathers       Laura Ett Cornwell                  34     41   Conifer           Olean                  L.A. Wright   Mrs. Mawger? Bray, Elinor B. Wright
 1914      18-Oct      Charles W. Erin?             Agatha Faulkner                     26     24   Brooklyn          Anigada, Brit. Virgin Is             Mrs. Linda Lowe, Bertha Robson
 1915      16-Jan      Frank Herbert Kimmens        Caroline Pharis Duncan              25     22   Appleton, Maine   SS                     L.A. Wright   Mrs. A. Monroe, Mrs. L.A. Humphery
 1915      25-Jan      Fernando E. Weed             Delia M. Gilbert                    23     22   Nunda             Grove                  L.A. Wright   Mrs. J.A. Wright, Mrs. L.A, Wright
 1915      28-Mar      George Holland               Anna Geneveive Warner               27     18   Baltimore, MD     Perry                  L.A. Wright   Mrs. J.A. Wright, Mrs. L.A, Wright
 1915      30-Jun      Olin H. Hotchkiss            Martha B. Brandt                    27     28   Kenmore           Castile                L.A. Wright   Ivan O. Quick, Elizabeth Brandt M…
 1915      11-Aug      Chas. R. Mason               Julia Smith Boyer                   50     29   SS                Warsaw                 L.A. Wright   Fred Nom's?, Julie P. Nom's?
 1915      17-Aug      Lewis Fred Relyea            Elizabeth McBride                   29     21   Warsaw            SS                     L.A. Wright   Anne W. Robaoss?, John McBride
 1915      31-Oct      Thos. I. Thorsen             Eva M. Wellvarus (Weller,,,)        23     19   Brooklyn          SS                    F.A. Johnson   Cloud? H. Strickland, Missie A. Mullen
 1915      23-Nov      Chas. H. Coxe                Margaret Hume                       21     21   Rochester Junct   SS                    F.A. Johnson   Samuel Hume, Bertha Robson
 1916       1-Jan      Carl A. Jackson              Lena E. Enil..?                     40     28   SS                SS                    F.A. Johnson   F. Euster, Jane E. Euster?
 1916      20-Jun      James L. Douglas             Elizabeth E. Hume                   21     18   Akron, OH         SS                    F.A. Johnson
 1917       3-Feb      Lewis K. Donaldson           Ethel M. Hotchkiss               No ages        Buffalo           SS                     S.W. Eaton    Bride's House
 1917      22-Feb      Samuel Hume                  Anna Belle Damon                    21     21   SS                Castile                S.W. Eaton    Luios? C. Damon, Mary Hume
 1917       7-Mar      Claude D. Strickland         Ruth Anne Shears                    22     21   SS                Syracuse               S.W. Eaton
 1917      17-Jul      Antioneo Bandette            Lottie L. Long                      21     23   Buffalo           SS                     S.W. Eaton
 1917       1-Sep      Albert Bonsor                Doris Mae Crossley                  21     18   Perry             Perry                  S.W. Eaton
 1917       9-Sep      Earl Lutheran Kelly          Ella Dean Norton                    20     19   Hornell           Hornell                S.W. Eaton
 1917      20-Oct      Geo. A. Bauer                Helen E. Bowen                                  Perry             Pike                   S.W. Eaton    at home of bride
 1917      15-Nov      John C. Blake                Gertrude A. Chasey (Chcey)                      SS                SS                     S.W. Eaton    at Parsonage
 1917      23-Dec      Harry E. Handyside           Ruby E. Krompart                                Rochester         Irondequoit            S.W. Eaton     "  "
 1918      28-Jul      Geo. Fitzsimmons             Ruth Irene Wheaton                              York              Warsaw                 S.W. Eaton    Oatka Bp Church
 1919      18-May      Bertice E. Eddy              Margorie W. Fullington              18     17   SS                Warsaw               E. Jones Burton At home of groom
 1919      28-May      Daniel Harold McBride        Clara Jane Austin                   21     26   SS                SS                   E. Jones Burton At home of bride
 1919      28-Jun      John Enoch Solan             Mae Peters                          38     41   Hornell           Hornell              E. Jones Burton at Parsonage
 1919      22-Jul      Oscar Norris Smith           Mildred C. Fowsley                  25     20   Hornell           Hornell              E. Jones Burton  "  "
 1919      17-Sep      Sherman Millen               Myrtie Yosmen (Yamen?)              38     33   Clarence          Williamsville, NY                    at home of bride
 1919      22-Sep      Herbert F. Waterbury         Mary Duncan Folts                   26     27   Flint, MI         SS                   E. Jones Burton  "  "
 1919      25-Dec      Claude Bailey                Gladys Marie Matteson               22     18   Gainesville       SS                    F. P. Simmons  Witnesses Mrs. A. Matteson
 1920      17-Jun      Lloyd Dumbleton              Elizabeth Chasey                    21     18   SS                SS                    F. P. Simmons  can't read
 1920       1-Aug      Richard I. Keller            Norma Conet                         32     21   Warsaw            Warsaw                F. P. Simmons  can't read
 1920      29-Sep      Ray Furnall                  Olive Bray                          24     17   SS                SS                    F. P. Simmons  can't read
 1920       6-Oct      Lynn Ingleby                 Pearl Travis                        22     21   SS                SS                    F. P. Simmons  can't read
 1920      18-Nov      Harry C. Gardner             Jennie O. Conrad                    22     23   Wethersfield      Wethersfield          F. P. Simmons  can't read
 1920      28-Nov      Authur R, VanGunden          Martha R. Dunn                      24     19   Castile           Castile               F. P. Simmons  can't read
 1920      20-Dec      Erie Prentice                Leona Bray                          17     15   SS                SS                    F. P. Simmons  can't read
 1921      30-Jun      John S. Aitcheson            S. Carol Quick                      31     28   Salam, MA         SS                    F. P. Simmons  can't read
 1921       2-Jul      Forrest Peterson             Bessie Bray                         22     19   Atlanta, NY       SS                    F. P. Simmons  can't read
 1921      25-Jul      Wilber Agard                 Eva Warren                          23     18   Perry             Perry                 F. P. Simmons  can't read
 1921       8-Sep      Floyd Gardner                Clara D. Barber                     43     38   SS                SS                    F. P. Simmons  can't read
 1921      29-Nov      Authur Loyd Metcalf          Minia May Lee                       25     20   SS                Portage             E. Washington HarRuth Metcalf
 1921       8-Dec      Anson H. Bigelow             Ethel Billings                      29     18   SS                Portage             E. Washington HarOmolee? Billings
      New Book
            Date       Groom                        Bride                               Age of Age of Residence of Residence of 
                                                                                          Man   Woman   the Man     the Woman
 1922      15-Dec      James Carter                 Dorothy H. Hale
 1923      29-Jan      Adolf Ranik                  Helen Paszkiewie
 1923       3-Feb      Philip G. Catchpole          M. Ethel Danforth
 1923       6-Nov      Merloin J. Morgan            Sauville Tallman                       21     18
 1923      21-Apr      Louis E Faucher              Mary A. Anderson                       47     45
 1924      18-Jun      Geo Hume                     Gertrude Gardner                       22     20
 1924      20-Jun      Henry Buchholy               Glady B.                               23
 1924       1-Oct      James Blake                  Susie Barber                           29     19
                       Ernist Clifford Handipide    Rose Seekens
                       Wm. Edward Hume              Anna Kasper                            23     18  SS                Perry
 1926      31-Aug      Walter Ludenthal             Charlotte Kershaw
 1926       1-Sep      William McClelland           Content Davis
 1926      21-Oct      August Hagar                 Katherine Hume                                                                                         (Katherine widow of James Hume)
 1927      17-Mar      Forrest Campbell             Fannie Folts                                     Cohocton          Cohocton
 1927      26-Dec      Herman J. Mullen             Evelyn J. Harris                                 SS                Perry
 1928      12-Jun      Carl J. Herbert              Marie F. Eddy
 1928      30-Jun      Allen James Wadsworth        Mary Frances Humphery                            NYC               SS
 1928       1-Sep      Kenneth F. Rice              Elota L. Crist                                   Warsaw            SS
 1928      15-Nov      DeForest Sherman             Bertha May Green                       27     18 SS                SS
 1929      25-Feb      Rufus Proper                 Dora Robson                            23     21 Bliss             SS
 1929      29-Jun      Kenneth Straight Walborn?    Louise ?loomster                                 Bradford, PA      Belfast
 1929      10-Aug      Edward R. Robson             Violet A. Travis                       29     28 SS
 1930       7-Jun      Earl Sprague                 Lillian May Lewis                      30     16 Batavia           SS
 1931       3-Jan      Eddie H. Nichols             Minnie Carney                          71     63 Shinglehouse, PA  SS
          New Book
 1931      14-Oct      Lester Tallman               Luella Morgan                          24     19 SS                SS                                   Donald Talman, Norma Preston
 1932      29-May      Kenneth Cornell              Juanita Baker                                                     SS
 1933       8-Aug      Jermen Butler                Thelma Schroeder                                 Castile           Castile                              Mr. ? Coffee
 1933      15-Sep      Gilbert LaVern Davis         Ruth Isabell Copeland                  25        Perry             Geneseo                              Mr. & Mrs. Wm McClelland
 1934      12-Apr      Thomas S. Torrens            Florence Marjorie Gassman              38        Castile           Wyoming                              Mr. & Mrs. John Torrins
 1934      26-May      Charles Pombert              Marjorie Luella Ford                   28        Perry             Eagle                                Relma Broderick, Noel R. Baker
 1934       8-Dec      Albert Coburn                Easter Green                                     Nunda                                                  Doris Covert, John Carney
 1935      18-Feb      Delbert J Rood               Lillian E. Gell                        23     19 Attica            SS                                   Wm McClelland, Murray Rood
 1935      15-Jun      Charles E. Miller            Nettie Woodard                         26     25 Cleveland         Cleveland                            R.L. Seaman, Helen R. Wal..?
 1935       7-Sep      Fred Biggart                 Marjorie Randall                                 SS                Castile                              Mr. & Mrs. Harry Randall
 1935       5-Dec      W. Kenneth Williams          Charry E. Woodard                                Wellsville        Bokiar?                              Twila Pendington, Margaret Will..?
 1935       1-Nov      Stephen Rease                Helen Bartochowski                               SS                Perry                                Matthew Bartakowski, Lucille, Ke…
 1935       1-Nov      W. Erwin Kemp                Ruth L. Johnson                                  SS                Perry                                Matthew Bartakowski, Lucille, Ke…
 1936      11-Jan      Donald L Tallman             Shirley O. Stephens                    24        SS                Castile                              Mr. & Mrs. Claud Stephens
 1936       1-Feb      Robert Jerome Brooks         Avis Anna Bush                         24     20 SS                SS                                   Donald Brooke, Marian G. Bush
 1936      28-Jun      George Nevinger              Viola Rose Carney                      65     36 Warsaw            Warsaw                               Mrs. Baker, Grace Baker
 1936       1-Aug      Charles Wagg                 Mrs. Lothe Biggast                                                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Bray
 1937      23-Mar      Clifford James Komahan?      Frances Elizabeth Hubbard              21     18 Portage           Portage                              Mrs. Edwin Kemp
 1937      15-May      Herbert E. Englert           Iris M. Kelly                          22     22 Avon              Warsaw                               Mrs. Dorothy Sorge, Hayward Mattes…
 1937      21-Sep      Milton W. Thomas             Ruth H. Clark                          21     22 Long Island       West Bloomfield                      Grace L Baker, Charlie DeZemble..
 1937       6-Nov      Harry Charlton               Wilma Preston                          25     21 Warsaw            SS                                   Shirley Tallman, Donald Tallman
 1937      31-Dec      Vernon Blowers               Dorothy Mae Baynes                     24     23 SS                SS                                   Mr. & Mrs. M. Blowers
 1938      20-Jan      Harold Myers                 Beatris M. Baynes                      23     29 Oswegatoline, NY  Oswegatoline, NY                     Mr. & Mrs. V. Blowers
 1938      25-Jun      Elmer Louis Baker, Jr.       Florence S. Reed                                 SS                Wethersfield                         Mr. & Mrs. James Mullen
 1938       6-Aug      Donald Carney                Genevieve Bush                                   SS                SS                                   Arlene Bush, George Kn…
 1938       3-Jul      Harold Seamen                Anna Ruth Burdett                                Hornell           Hornell
 1939      30-Mar      Charles Woodruff             Marion Glase                                     Arcade            Holland                              N. Kewick, Chas. Bakem…
 1939       8-Apr      Perry Milhollen              Virginia Hume                                    Perry             SS                                   Willard Hume, Helen Blower
 1939      30-Dec      Elmer E. Chapman             Jean Williams                                    Gainesville       Pearl Creek                          Elna Chapman, Vivian Sw…
 1939      31-Dec      Earl G. Francis              Charlotte M. Ely                                 Castile           Castile                              Mr. & Mrs. John Eddy
 1941      15-Nov      Joseph M. Lear               Ethel Cook                                       Bufalo            Buffalo                              Mr. & Mrs. Ralph White
 1941      15-Nov      George N. Bolster            Catherine Stoddard                               Rochester         SS                                   Jean Rodgers, Robert Rald?
 1941      19-Nov      Frank Mahan                  Mildred Dickerson                                Perry             SS

Deaths 1923-1974

Historical Record of Permanent Data
First Methodist Church, Silver Springs, NY - 1942

Record of Deaths        Age   Date       Cemetery            City, County, State
Randall, M.D.                  28-Oct-23 Silver Springs                            H.E.K.
Wilbur, Nathan              79  2-Apr-24 Gainesville                               (Rev. Harold Kenrick)
Hendershot, William         82 12-May-24 Perry                                     H.E.K.
Pratt, Ira Frank            80 14-Dec-37 Gainesville                               H.E.K.
Alwerdt, John               83 24-Dec-37 Attica                                    H.E.K.
Hotchkiss, H.N.             82 15-Apr-38 Silver Springs                            H.E.K.
Schaffuer, Charles          80  9-Feb-38                                           H.E.K.
Eustace, Mrs. Fred          70  7-May-38 Gainesville                               H.E.K.
Scheuler, Carol Viola   3 yrs  24-Jun-38 Warsaw                                    H.E.K.
Beaumont, John              84 25-Jun-38 Gainesville         Gainesville           H.E.K.
Brewison?, Elizabeth        82 11-Nov-38 Dansville, NY       SS                    H.E.K.
Tyler, Elizabeth                8-Dec-38 Houghton            SS                    H.E.K.
Lee, Grace                  61 16-Sep-38                     Hunt                  H.E.K.
Axtell, Mary                88 18-Dec-38                     SS                    H.E.K.
Danforth, Clair             42 17-Feb-39                     Lebanon Falls         H.E.K.
Shumaker, Laura Quick       51 29-Jun-39 SS                                        H.E.K.
VanCise, Emma J.                3-Jul-39                                           H.E.K.
Travis, Mrs. S. E.             14-Aug-39                     SS                    H.E.K.
Tyler, Frank J.                29-Sep-39 Houghton            SS                    H.E.K.
Robinson, Thomas R.            29-Nov-39                                           H.E.K.
Clark, Belle                   21-Dec-39 O.C.B. (Ministers Initials) w/ H.E.K.
Burne, George E.            74 22-Feb-40 Castile Vault                             H.E.K.
Goodale, Nancy H.               7-May-40 Castile             Castile               H.E.K.
Robson, Mrs. John              22-Jun-40                                           H.E.K.
McBride, Mrs. Dan              23-Jun-40                                           H.E.K.
Dixon, Mrs. Pearl               7-Dec-40                                           H.E.K.
Patridge, Mr. Deet             21-Sep-40                                           H.E.K.
Hume, David                    10-Dec-40                     Pike 5 corners        H.E.K.
Kelley, Mrs. E.                17-Dec-40                     Castile               H.E.K.
Gell, Mr. Thomas               18-Dec-40 SS                                        H.E.K.
Adams, Mrs. Amelia              7-Feb-41 Wellsville                                H.E.K.
Piper, Mrs. George          62  9-Feb-41 Geneseo?                                  H.E.K.
Quick, Mrs. Alice               8-May-41                                           H.E.K.
Barber, Mrs. M.J.              17-May-41 Gainesville                               H.E.K.
Corbett, Mr. J.A.              20-May-41 Canisteo            SS                    H.E.K.
Gardner, Mr H.W.               12-Dec-41 Gainesville                               A.M.B.
Atkin, Homer                   22-Jul-52                     (New Book)
Barratt, George                26-Mar-50 
Cossaboon, Nicholas Van         3-Jul-49 Former Minister
Clark, Anna                    16-Mar-51 Wife of Lewis Clark
Danforth, Margaret             26-May-45 
Dumbleton, Robert              27-Apr-05 Lost in the Pacific on a transport plane
Gardner, Henry W.              12-Dec-41 
Husted, Paul                    1-Jun-44 Made the Supreme Sacrifice in a plane ove Austria
Mrs. Hagel Litteer             28-Oct-50 
Long, Mrs. Dan                 26-Nov-50 
Metcalf, Arthur                25-Dec-49 
Morgan, Frank E                20-Mar-51 
Nichols, Mrs. Minnie           14-Jul-50 
Remington, A.L.                no date 
Remington, Mrs. Harriet         6-Apr-52 
Tallman, Mrs. Ina May          29-Apr-51 
Tallman, Clarence              23-Jul-58 
Whiting, Wm                    22-Sep-51 double funeral
Whiting, Mrs.                  22-Sep-51 double funeral
Washburn, Mrs. William         22-Mar-57 
McBride, Daniel Sr. 
Dumbleton, Mrs. Mary                     Gainesville
Emery, Harry
Washburn, Mrs. Katie           22-Aug-59 Gainesville
Edmunds, Mrs. Anna
Clark, Lewis M.
VanCise, Mrs. Sylvia
Smith, Mrs. Dora
Sargent, Arthur
Corbett, Jeanne                16-May-60 
Randall, Carl                   4-Aug-62 
Motts, Florence                11-Oct-63 
Calkins, Roy                    4-Nov-63 
Fagan, Robert                  30-Nov-63 
Relyea, Edith                  30-Nov-63 
Briar, Mae                      6-Jan-64 
Dimon, Mertie                  24-Jul-64 
Borwnell, Bertha               29-Aug-64 
Carney, Earl                    7-Sep-64 
Robinson, Mrs. Hodson           1-Jul-64 
Bush, Mrs. Mae                 27-Apr-65 
Duschen, Mrs. Margaret         31-Aug-65 
Smith, Mrs. Lulu               10-Jun-66 
Atherton, Mrs. Pearl           15-Nov-66 Elmwood
Archer, Mrs. Lydia                       Chicago
Rutherford, Mrs. John          21-Nov-66 
Berh, Mr. Elmer Sr.             9-Nov-66 Elmwood
Little, Mr. Joseph Little       8-Dec-66 
Mrs. Thomas Hume (Big T)       30-Jan-67 Elmwood
Clark, Miss Belle              16-Feb-67 Elmwood
Tallman, Mr. Lester            18-Apr-67 Elmwood
Kershaw, Mr. John G.           17-Aug-67 Elmwood
Kemp, Mr. Ira                  19-Jan-68 Warsaw
Morgan, Mrs. Anna              22-Jan-68 Elmwood
Robson, Grace                   2-Feb-68 
Francis, Mrs. Rena              1-Mar-68 Lived at Warsaw
Hume, Mrs. Abbie               24-Oct-68 Elmwood             Wife of Little Tom
Jones, Miss Edna               12-Nov-68 Elmwood
Timothy, Mrs. Ella              4-Apr-69 Elmwood
Weed, Charles                            Buffalo
Komp (?), Elizabeth            23-May-69                     Silver Springs
Baker, Agnes                    4-Mar-70 Elmwood             ? (Vault)
Dumbleton, Lloyd               28-Jul-70 Elmwood
Tallman, Norman                23-Sep-70 Elmwood
Litteer, Francis               20-Oct-70 Elmwood
Dimon, Clarence                17-Jan-71 South Wales
Akin, Mrs. Homer (Kitty)       17-Jan-71 Pike                Silver Springs
Metcalf, Mr. Mina              11-Mar-71 Elmwood
Cane, Mr. Arthur               17-Jul-71 Eagle               Eagle
Durfee, Mrs. Amie               9-Sep-71 Elmwood
McClelland, William            11-Aug-71 Elmwood
Bray, Mrs. Charlotte           23-Apr-72 Elmwood
Husted, Mr. Clayton            24-Aug-72 Elmwood
Brady, Mrs. Flora               9-Dec-72 Warsaw              Warsaw
Blake, Mrs. Susie              27-Feb-73 Gainesville Grove   Gainesville
Gardner, Mr. Elmer             10-Jul-73 Castile             Silver Springs
Frank, Mr. Arthur C.            6-Aug-73 Elmwood             Sanctuary at Silver Springs
Nugent, Mrs. Frances           26-Nov-73 Gainesville Grove   Gainesville
Robson, Mr. Arthur              2-Jun-74 Elmwood             Silver Springs
Calkins, Mrs. Jessie                 74 
Decker, Mrs. Mary                   72?

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