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  • This cemetery is located just at the entrance of Clymer from Panama, on Rte
    474 in fair condition, and is being burrowed by Woodchucks
    (There are 2 different readings with 2 different sets of information sorted as far as possible)
    *added data
    Use only as a guide there are a LOT of errors,

Name & Family                                        Dates, age
MEDEDIA dates 4/12/1872 aged 99 years

Adam 1849-1912
Wife Mary A died 4/22/1886 ae 41

Benjamin 1841-1911
(*Records show he was a Civil War Veteran from Ohio received a pension in
1888 in NY as an invalid)
**Enlist Date 18 August 1864 rank Private age 23
Served OhioEnlisted K Co. 180th Inf Reg. OH Mustered Out at Charlotte, NC on
12 July 1865
Application Date: 27 May 1887 (From NY)
Relationship: Self
Wife Alice 1844-1898

Leonard d 7/4/1871 ae 72-4-28
Wife Esther, d 4/24/1859 ae 59-9-26
Nancy AMIDON, wife of Thomas WILBER 4/25/1859 ae 76
Thomas WILBER 5/2/1859 ae 73

Lewis AMIDON 6/16/1825 d 4/27/1894 (*Or 3/1/1896) Civil War Veteran
Lewis Amidon
Enlist Date Enlist Place Enlist Rank Enlist Age
07 March 1864 rank Priv
Served Pennsylvania Enlisted F Co. 3rd HA Reg. PA Absent, sick
Pension Application Date: 28 February 1876
Relationship: Self
Number: 214992
Application Date: 26 March 1896
Relationship: Widow
Name: Martha M Amidon
Number: 360661
State: NY
Wife Martha M. HAGER 5/4/1829 d 12/29/1900
Son Benjamin AMIDON 2/7/1853 died 4/27/1894
Son Fred (*Z) Amidon 5/2/1870 d 3/8/1910

Clark L 1860-1925 (*son of George and Isabel Adams Amidon)
Lillie B SHERMERHORN 1868-1943

William E d 4/12/1825 ae 21-0-23
Son of Rev. J.S and D A Amidon
Frances W dau of J S and C I AMIDON d 2/8/1867 ae 4-7-16

George J 1831-1899
1st Wife Isabell ADAMS 1837-1872
2nd wife Rose A ROBERTS 1844-1910

Male, cannot read name d 1970
Blanche 1898-19xx

Nathaniel 1821-1888
Wife Melina T. 1818-19 died 1892
Adelia 1863 or 1883

Thomas Damon AYER 2/7/1836 d 1/24/1905
Loranna M. d 5/3/1868
Mary M AYRES 1784- d 3/13/1868 ae 83-0-26
(*dates for Mary were given as born 1884 died 1868, I assume she meant
1784 )

Alson Dana 1861-1909
Wife Helen A BROWN(dau of Jesse and Louisa BROWN)1857-1896

Elizabeth 1758 died 8/25/1845
Horace 1831-1920
Wife Amelia 1848-1915
Fred 1908-1958

John d 5/18/1894 ae 83-8-6
Wife Julia 1832-8/16/1885
John Jr 1860-1921

David BARTON 1838-1914
Clara BARTON 1855-1925

Titus BEACH b (*5/4/1776 died 9/23/1855 ae 79
Wife Eleanor or Ellen died Jan 14, 1874 ae 87-10-2
Son RJ1822-1905 Father (*Reuben J son of Titus BEACH)"Father"
Wife, "Mother" 1823-1905
Also may be here, is Lot owner
Elias V BEACH born Jan 17, 1832 no date of death (Son of Titus)
Wife Elizabeth DeCLOW dau of David (Early settler to Mina) no dates
Arnold, Son of Titus 1826-1850
Dau of Titus, Eleanor, 1814-1817
Dau Mary BEACH wife of David LATHROP b 1829
David LATHROP 1829-1856

James B BEACH 1819-1898
Wife Cordelia CLEVELAND 1823-1897
Arthur G. BEACH 5/19/1846 died 1/20/1882
Edgar BEACH 8/11/1848 died 10/5/1879
Forest J COLEROVE 1856-1917
Wife Mary L BEACH 1855-1930
"Our Baby" 1887
Also on the BEACH stone are children of James and Cordelia

Emmanuel 7/29/1805 d 10/19/1879
Wife Phebe 3/20/1802 died 3/3/1888
Son Wesley J. d 1/4/1863 ae 20-8-16
Dau Harriet 1831-1842

George W. BEEBE 1838-1904
Wife Alice AMIDON 1852-1920
(*Parents of the late Arthur BEEBE)

Thomas died 6/27/1868 ae 87-0-27
Wife Silence d 5/15/1862 ae 65-10-6
Dau Sarah, 7/9/1829 ae 8-5-6
Son William G 2/6/1832- age 1 yr?

David b 6/`12/1812 d 1839
Wife Electa BLISS died 1882
Dau Martha d 8/28/1851 ae 12-10-10

Elbert E 1849-1925
Edith M. 1856-1933

L. Rollin 1846-1928
Dora L. 1846-1899
Samuel 1873-1951 small metal marker
Fred 1886-1938

Fred 1899-1940
Clara No dates

William D 1837-1927
Ann Janette 1838-1927

Howard Beach BLODGETT (dated error in records) born 3/27/1794 died
(his wife was Mary Ann SLAYTON)
Ely BLODGETT no data
Lute no data

James 1890-1966
Lillian B ?

Clayton S 1876-1945
Mabel E. 1881-1926

Emma E. "Mother" 1828-1908
Clarence B "Brother" 1852-1931
Cora A "Sister" 1859-1892

Gideon d 6/15/1870 ae 86
Wife Nancy (*WILLIAMS) d 4/19/1855 ae 68
Daughter Redexalana BROCKWAY b (*7/21/1822 died 7/25/1842 ae 20)

Lavina, no data
* died June 1, 1817 ae 20 wife of Shaun ( seems to have 2 markers)

Eliza died 10/25/18 (1918or 18--) dau of William and Ellen BROWN

James 1879-1971
Jennie 1880-1954
William 1906-1916

Ross 1865-1935
wife May HOYT 1874-1926
Ada May Brown 1901
Cora D 1896-1905
Baryl A 1905-1918
Imogene R 7/17/1910 d 9/4/1911
Betsey BROWN wife of AMOS died 10/12/1851 ae 63

Martin 1831-1897 "Father"
Wife Cora ROSS 1836-1923 "Mother"
Dau Barbara B 1874-1876
Dau Eliza E 1860-1875

Ole 1879-1947
Elnora A 1871-1958
George L 1858-1933
Relf A. 1867-1929
Cora May 1877-1963

L. S. 9/29/1852 d 7/18/1929
Wife Anna VROOMAN 1228/1865 d 2/7/1916 ae 50-1-10
Wife Lena FINN 12/1/1851 d 6/20/1889 ae 44-6-16

Not shown in the file but known to be here is
William F.BROWN born ca 1791 died 3/8/1842(family dates)
Wife Roxy (*Cleveland) died 8/11/1845 ae 52- wife of Wm. F. Brown
Lyman BROWN 5/30/1801 died 3/30/1873
Wife Eliza 4/11/1803 died 9/30/1873
Jesse BROWN 1825-1909
Wife Louisa BLIGH 1832-1916

Joseph,( incorrect data recorded) *born April 6, 1761 died Clymer April 3,
Wife Unknown in records ae 81
* Wife Polly DRAPER born May 11, 1768 died Clymer, June 7, 1849

Lamora M CONNELLY 10/2/1825 died 6/6/1898 ae 72-6-24

Sarah wife of H.H. BUSHNELL 10/2/1826 died 2/23/1895
Erected by her daughter Mrs. J.A. MEAD
James A. 1851-1918
Sarah B must be BUSHNELL 1851-1932

In Memory of Alonzo P. BUTTON 2/22/1821 died 7/1/1898
Wife Phebe BUTTON b 10/1/1830 died 4/4/1892
Bought the lot Nov 18. 1887

Captain John CAMPBELL No dates ( from his wife's records probably born ca
1772) ae 89-7-0
Wife Abigail died 9/11/1847 aged 75
Vincent 5/5/1850 (unknown if birth or death date)

Harry Lyle 8/29/1927 d 6/29/1959 US Air Force, Veteran

Thomas CARD b 12/16/1819 d 8/12/1900
Wife Amanda S *(Sophia) CHURCH 12/27/1822 died 6/27/1889
Dau Celina born Sept. 13, 1849, d. Aug. 12, 1858
Son, Henry C. *7/21/ 1856-1917
Son Perry A,is Almond Perry CARD born 11/24/1846 died 2/9/1871

Cannot read

Joshua Jenett died 2/27 1877 ae 65
George son of Lee CARTER and Catherine d 1836 ae 9 yrs

Charles H 5/2/1960 8/12/1888
Wife Annie ARMSTRONG no dates

Hiram 1800 d 10/22/1871
Wife Rebecca 1805 d 12/26/1879

Vincent died March 5, 1850 ae 72

Charles 1860-1932
Wife Edith 1866-1935
Ora L 1885-1969
Bessie B 1893-1960

CLELAND ? (as spelled) is probably CLEVELAND as listed below
Gardner H 1827-1895
Wife Jane S 1828-xxxx

Gardner CLEVELAND SR., born Pomfret Conn, Sept. 25, 1763 settled in Clymer
in 1820 was a Soldier in the War of the Revolution
**CLEVELAND, GARDNER--Born at Pomfret, Conn., Sept. 25, 1763. Died April 22,
1851, aged 88 years. Grave in Cemetery at Clymer, Chautauqua County, N. Y.
He enlisted at Pomfret, Conn., Jan. 1, 1781, served as private in Capt.
Elisha Hopkins' Company, Col. Samuel Webb's Connecticut Reg't, was
transferred to Capt. Lemuel Cliff's Company, under Col. Alexander Hamilton,
was at the siege of Yorktown, after which he returned to Col. Swift's
Connecticut Reg't. Was discharged in October, 1783. Was granted a pension in
1832 while a resident of Clymer, and is mentioned in the Pension List of
1840. He, with his brother John, was one of the first settlers of the town
of Clymer, 1820, and the first town-meeting was held in his house in 1821.
His wife, Mary Holmes, died Feb. 8, 1830, in the 65th year of her age. They
had three children: John, born in 1788, married Eunice Fitch; Gardner, Jr.,
born 1790, married Lydia Parkhurst; Roxanna, born 1793, married William F.
Brown. On May 7, 1832, Gardner Cleveland married Huldah Deming at Portland,
N. Y. She was allowed pension after his death. In 1860 she was living in
Illinois. Grave of his wife Mary is by his side in Clymer Cemetery. (*DAR
Records 1925)
Wife Mary HOLMES died Feb. 8, 1830 ae 65

Gardner Cleveland JR born Aug 9, 1790 died Nov 18, 1874
Wife Lydia PARKHURST, 4/6/1792 died 5/19/1833

Erastus B 1825-1892( * is Erastus Brown CLEVELAND son of John Cleveland and
wife Eunice FITCH)
Wife Anna 1838-1891

Gardner H., 1827 1895 (Son of Gardner and Lydia Parkhurst CLEVELAND
Wife Jane b 1828 -xxxx

Sgt. John CLEVELAND born ** 9/22/1788 (no records found anywhere for death
Wife Eunice FITCH, no data, "A Pioneer Mother"
John Cleveland was a Soldier in the War of 1812 Tuttles NY Militia
they had 12 children , 11 surviving childhood

Irene 1897-1913

Harry 1888-1971
Minnie 1893-19xx
Harry 12/8/1912 d 5/6/1969
Ethel 10/1/1912 d 8/6/1960

Edward COE 1832-1912
Wife Abigail BEACH 1847-1916
Children of E.D and A.M COE
2/27/1888 and 12/16/1876 ae 2 mos

Vesper COLGROVE "Vep" 1859-1934
Wife Ella 1864-1938
Margaret THOMAS 1823-1920

Forest d 1871 son of Dewey and Laura

Henry Smith Connelly d 5/11/1875 ae 51-10-22
Lamora M BROWNELL 10/12/1825 died 5/6/1898

Kate J 1783 died 3/10/1800 ae 17 Dau of F.P and Mary COOK

A.W. (is Alva W. in census) 1816-1895 "Father"
Nancy E. 6/1or 14/1811 died4/18/1868 "Mother"
Son Silas d 3/9/1855 ae 2 mos
Aleah Rosa? died 9/3/1861 ae 16-1-18

James 1809-1896
Angeline, d 11/30/1878 ae 63-1-0
Charles Leslie can't read
Porter E DAMON 1839-1900
Porter E Damon
Enlist Date 05 September 1864 at Dunkirk, NY rank Private age 24 Served New
YorkEnlisted Batty F Co. 1st LA Reg. NY Mustered Out at Elmira, NY on 17
June 1865
Margaret 1854-1941
Clayton E 1879-1898 16th PA Inf
Roxanna 1889-1910

George P DAMON 1887- 1940
Ellen 1868-1913

Betsey , wife of James AYRES d 1861

Burt 7/8/1880 d 1/8/1956

Sanford 1842-1916
Eugenia 1859-1935

Charles H 1841-191
Victoria H 1849-1919

Herman E. 1866-1931
Minnie H 1867-1907
George C 1889-1953
Antoinette 1899-1974

Emma F. 9/14/1856 d 3/31/1878
Willis D. GALLUP 1826-1907
Wife Mary Ann (*GREEN)1829-1917
Son Laverne Edwin ae 2 yrs

Rebecca d 8/28/1856 ae 77

Silas died 11/3/1839 ae 62
Wife Sarah (*FRENCH) d 5/8/1836 ae 57
another unreadable stone

Samuel 1848-1916

Deacon L.B. 7/9/1814 d 11/29/1899
Wife Betsey 1/10/1821-xx
Son M.U.9/19/1843 died 4/30/1863 Killed at Yorktown VA co G 49th Reg NY
Civil War
Isaac 9/18/1815 died 2/13/1887
Wife Weltha 5/8/1819 d 1/15/1905

Lot owned by Fredus Franklin FRENCH1822-1900 wife Martha VROOMAN(*Fredus son
of Samuel French and Naomi ABBOTT)
Henry, son of Samuel and Naomi d age 4
Another FRENCH Unknown died 1830
Dau Emma born 11/15/1861 died age 2 months
William R FRENCH d 2/6/1888 ae 68

Warren 11/30/1828 died 8/19/1886
Wife 1 Emeline 2/10/1833 died 2/24/1852
Wife 2 Alvina 3/18/1831 d 12/28/1918

Laverne 1861-1905
Waitie died 1/29/1889 ae 27 yrs

James D 1855-xxxx
Wife ! Aggie C 1861-1900
Wife 2 May W 1868-1930
small marker no name also

Benjamin H. 1784-1863 A Soldier in the War of 1812
Orlando O. 1816-1899
Wife Sarah (*Maria MUNSON) b 1816-
Children's markers
Horace L 6/1/1868 ae 0-5-4
Willie O 9/1871 ae 2-0-22
Son of M.C and M L Gallup, 5/30/1884
Delando 10/18/1884 child
Mabel child 1854 ae 1 yr

2 small very old markers
James GIBSON d 1/2/1863 ae 77
Wife Waty d 3/2/1863
James W 10/27/1831 died 12/11/1891
Caroline E 5/14/1832 d 5/6/1916
Walker 9/1/1852 d 5/1/ 1893

Henry, "In Memory of Henry GLEASON Son of David .Lucas. and Caroline
(FRENCH) GLEASON died Dec 21, 1884 ae 38 buried in Lansing Michigan
(* added note, Caroline FRENCH was born Clymer, May 9, 1813 wife of David
Caroline FRENCH, died 1873 ae 60 (b 1813)
David Lucas GLEASON her husband died 1/28/1885 son of Ira GLEASON and
Esther FAY
Ira GLEASON, died 7/6/1839 ae 68? ( born 1771)
Wife Esther FAY, b 1806 died 1874
Records show h e also was married to Amy SAWYER
Ira Fay GLEASON b 1806 died 1874
Ira M GLEASON died 5/31/1914 aged 65
Wife Elmina CONNELLY d 10/1/1908 ae 60

Charles S (*Stockton) GLEASON b 1844 d 1910 Civil War Veteran
Enlist Date 05 September 1864 Clymer, NY Priv age 19
Served New YorkEnlisted Batty K Co. 1st LA Reg. NY Mustered Out at Elmira,
NY on 16 June 1865Transferred from Company K to Company E
Wife Mary E. (*TANNER) 1844-1919
Wife of William B GLEASON, Sarah d 2/16/1855 ae 21-11-24
Son William Fay Gleason no data

Esther J 1870-1933

Arthur A BUSH died 12/5/1873 aged 23-6-18 stone buried
Margaret GREELEY BUSH 1822-1906

Nathan Barnes GREELEY 6/12/1812 d 12/10/1894
Wife Rheumana 3/31/1836 d 12/22/1891
dau Mary A 7/22/1875 age 34-2-16
son D.W. died 2/21/1871 ae 22yrs

Florence (AMIDON) Green 1855-1910

Amos 1808-1876
Aurelia Green 1807-1883
"Our Mother" , Sabra, wife of Jebediah? WOODARD died 5/17/1872 ae 93 yrs

John died 2/6/1871 ae 77
Grotenhouse Children
Jane, John H Joanne, no dates
Broken stone by fence, Berdina wife of Jandark? or J D Grotinhouse

Dexter, 1828-1900
Wife Julia (*CORSE) 1827-1907
George 1858-1892
Near them is a marker, Noted by past reader has only name CLELLIE,
She thought to be THOMPSON because of nearness to HAPGOOD?
Son of Julia and Dexter, no name 1852-1892 (is George 18?? deid 1892)
2 markers Father Mother

An elaborate old stone gives this information;
Malvina B wife of William HAVEN b 4/5/1876 died age 48-4-13

Lyman A 1/25/1876 d 12/10/1880 "Jesus Loves Me"
J.W. 7/2/1878 d 12/16/1880 "Gone but not forgotten"
W.J. 1/9/1871 d 9/19/1872 "Our Darling"

Robert V. 1853-1943
Manuletta E 1863-1951

James 1826-1885
Aurelia S 1835-1915 ( May be dau of Amos GREEN buried close )
Clyde C 1865-1928

John 1837-1916
Catherine 1840-1910

Max 1956-1976

Tremen, 1919-1926
Marie G 1882-1962
Marlene 11/18/1942 ae 3 days

Robert P (*Proctor) 1824-1920
Wife Catherine d 10/18/1879 ae 51-10-11

James 1804-1875
Wife Jane 1817-1888

Daniel 1855-1927
Wife Melissa 1852-1941
W. Arthur 1890-1968
Wife Martha A 1883-xxxx

Children of Thomas and Charlotte HUNTER
Jane B 6/29/1849 ae 4
Esther B 1/28/1840 ae 2 months

Jennet Wife of James H died 8/26/1849 in the 11th year of her MARRIAGE

Judson 1805-1867
1st Wife Sally BUTTON Mar. 26, 1847(*dau of Zebulon BUTTON Olive CHENEY)
(family records say she died March 26, 1848)
2nd wife Lydia 1819-1888
Hiram d 12/10/1886 ae 20
(* Notes from the button Genealogy;
Sally, born Jan. 26, ca. 1807; died Mar. 26, 1847. According to
a letter from her sister Temperance in 1850, Sally died in Apr.
1847. She is buried in Clymer, Chautauqua Co., N. Y. on the
same lot with Judson and Jane Hurlburt, in the East Clymer, or
old, cemetery. Her stone says she died Mar. 26, 1848. She
married Judson Hurlburt, who married (2nd) Lydia Jane (???).
i Olive E. Hurlburt, born ca. 1832.
ii Laura M. Hurlburt, born ca. 1834.
iii Charles L. Hurlburt, born ca. 1837.
iv Sarah Jane Hurlburt, born ca. 1840.
v Byron Judson Hurlburt, born (?; may be the eldest).
vi Lucy Hurlburt, born ca. 1845.
Children of second marriage:
vii Eunice Hurlburt, born 1849.
viii Ida A. Hurlburt.
ix Jennie L. Hurlburt.
x Mary Hurlburt.

Peter JAQUINS, 6/25/1795 died 3/25/1877 Soldier War of 1812 [
See note1 below.]
Amy , (record stated born 1882 died 1878 she is the probable wife of Peter born 1782 [
See note1 below.]
Bruce JAQUINS, Civil War Veteran, ( records state died 1880 ae 21-4-20 Impossible) [
See note1 below.]
Bruce Jaquins
Enlist Date 28 August 1862 Clymer, NY rank Priv age 25
Served New York Enlisted H Co. 112th Inf Reg. NY Mustered Out at Raleigh, NC on 13 June 1865
Source: New York: Report of the Adjutant-General
If he indeed died 1880 his age is about 43 )

Florence, dau of Ed and Luella JAQUINS d 10/28/1890 ae 18 days
LeRoya French 5/26/1882 d 7/6/1883

J. Albert 1849-1927
Wife Clara Odelia RICKERSON 1853-1946

Albert 1907-1976
Alice 1910-xxxx

George 1865-1922 "Daddy"
Amanda 1883-1977 "Mother"
Albert L 1918-1935 "Buddy"
William M 1921-1922 Billy

Charles H. 1862-1954 (Son of Emeline MOSES and Horace KING)
Wife Ida M * SCHREUS 1865-1927(*Dau of Garrett and Fannie BELDEN SCHREUS in
Marks Corners cemetery)

Jane J 1833-1888 or 1898

Byron, 3/2/1887 no marker
Wife Ella 1858-5/1/1888
Son James 1876-1960

Martin, Fieldstone

Addison, d 1854 ae 20 months
Alton d 12/2/1840
James 7/7/1828 d 12/26/1879 ae 74

Alton,*no dates (* son of James and Angeline COLTON King born May 21 1862
is here)

Robert T KING d 4/15 /1856 ae 66-1-15
Wife Annis d 7/18/1848 ae 56-10-24
Ira W. no data

Frank 1841-1889
Wife Eliza 1839-no d/d

William died 11/15/1855 aged 42-5-11
Hannah M died 9/1/1848 age 20-7-5 Wife of O.B or O P KING

Marion A. Can't read dates also lists here Frank E KNOWLTON 1853-1890
and ? 1851-1915

William 1835-1911
Ellen 1842-1931
Eva B 1884-1962
Lucius 1878-1963

Merle I. 12/26/1874 d 5/17/1949 "Always Faithful"
Frank Harmon LAWSON 2/15/1877 d 8/10/1900 "At Rest"

Henry J 1865-1936
Wife Cena 1866-1903

Arthur G. 1889-1957

P.S. 1840-1929
Esther E 1846-1911

Burdette 1883-1947
Jennie 1882-1957?
Grandson, David DOUGHERTY b/d 1955
Claude H LICTUS 1907-1975
Vera M 1908-1989

Dewain F 1874-1947
Mary L 1875-1963

Roxy d 18/3/1845 ae 2 yrs
Roxy d 12/14/1862 ae 19-7-10 or 16
Henry, d 2/28/1855 ae 16 months

Justus b 10/12/1777 died 3/7/1873
Wife Polly 12/22/1780 died 11/4/1863

Susan 1884-1966

E.P. b 1832-d ??
Wife Natalia 1841-1864
Dau Jessie M 1861-1873
Dau Lelia 1863-1901

Andrew J died 12/19/1860 ae 32

Harley R. 1889-1969 WWII Veteran ? (or WWI)

Lawrence MARR 1875-1924
Wife Minnie 1877-1948
Dau Doris MARR GURNEY 1911-1950
Sally Jane GURNEY died 1935

Lot owned by John S MARSH
Selinda, wife of J A MARSH died 3/22/1888 aged 65 years
Amanda, wife of NATH or Jonathon MARSH died 6/21/1852 ae 26 yrs
Another MARSH died 4/12/1882 aged 67-10

ELiza 1828-1896
Etres ? MARSH 1858-1913
Clara L 1896-1901

Dr. Lorenzo P. 1851-1924
Ella ( JOHNSON) CASLER 1875-1959(dau of J. Albert Johnson)

See same info for BUSHNELL
James A 1851-1918
Sarah (*BUSHNELL) 1851-1932
Mead Baby marker may be Charles Morell MEAD died 1882 ae 8 months

There are MANY errors in this family's burial record;
here is all I have been able to find;
(*dates from his 12' monument which was not noticed by past readers)
Born 9/2/1798 died 10/28/1880
m. April 9, 1821, Betsey CAMPBELL, dau. of Capt. John CAMPBELL , soldier of
the Revolution; she d. March 30, 1877.
They removed from Ticonderoga to West Haven, Vt., in 1839; to French
Creek,N. Y., 1843; to Wayne, Pa., 1866; and to Clymer, N. Y., 1871; was a
deacon in the Congregational Church.
(Both are buried in East Clymer
"Heirs, According to the promise"
(beside the monument is an almost buried marker for Rufus, Father of Hiram
and other side is a marker, nearly buried for Hiram Edward Moses son of
Hiram and Betsey d 9/5/1852 age eroded)) (**See BIOS for more of this
family's info)
Augustus Franke MOSES born 1838 died 1911, Civil War Veteran;(son of
Hiram and Betsey)
Augustus F Moses
Enlist Date 05 August 1861 at Clymer Rank Sergeant Age 23
Served New York Enlisted G Co. 49th Inf Reg. NY Mustered Out at Buffalo, NY
on 01 October 1864
Wife Eunice C*NEWTON b 1843
Dau Lillie Virginia d 10/4/1875 ae 3-2-17
Son Edward Newton MOSES d 3/2/1871 ae 4 months 7 days
Also here is RUFUS Moses born or Died 4/23/1853 (*Father of Hiram)

Charles b 1/22/1840 died 12/31/1915
Wife Ozello M. (*ALBRO) 6/28/1846 died 5/21/1893

Elizabeth NELSON 1868-1947
Charles JACKMAN no dates
Nettie F Jackman no dates

Henry 1855-xxxx
Rachel HAGER NICHOLS 1827-1904

E.H d 5/17/1856 ae 45
Moses NORRIS d 12/10/1854 ae 69 or 63

Eva Steward TYLER 1851-1938
Irma TYLER OSBORNE 1889-1951
Earl OSBORNE 1885-1951

Amos B 1857-1940
Wife Florrie 1859-1935

William 1852-1891
Adelia 1850-1934
Alice 1874-1953

Leon and Lydia died May 4, 1898

There is reference to a PHINNEY serving in the War of 1812, and crossed off,
there was a large family of David PHINNEY here, David born April 6, 1761
died here Feb 18, 1842 married 1784 wife Theodocia Ambler b. 1764. David
Phinney- had 3 sons- Daniel P., Harvey A. and David.; All show in census
records Clymer.

George 1826-1903
Cora A 1860-1872
Frank no dates

Nicholas PITT 1783-1874 "Grandfather"
Rachel 1783-1857 "Grandmother"
Nicholas PITT 1811-1897
Wife Caroline BEACH 1816-1896
Son Charles PITT d 1850
dau Julia Louise d 12/15/1863 ae 21-1-28
Martha PITT died 10/12/1863 ae 9 yrs
Garth PITT died 10/10/1865

Leicester, Son of Lester POOL died 2/15/1873 ae 16-1-12 or 22
Eleanor, wife of Lester POOL died 1/2/1868 ae 37-10-25
Lena 5/10/1859 died 12/19/1880

Henry lot owner 4 plots no markers
Children of ALVERZ POOL and wife Charity
Baby marker
Channing, d 10/31/1867 ae 9 mos
Louisa d 2/1/1873 ae 10-8-15 (other record states she died 2/1/1853 ae 19)

Joseph E 1901-1960
Alice 1910-1959
Elizabeth 1882-1969

Benjamin died (/10/1841 ae 57
(Other records says died 1817, but he is in the 1840 census , others there

Garrett 1882-1971
Wife Nellie 1888-19xx
Guyle 1914-1921

William 1856-1923
Jennie M 1863-1938

Name as spelled by 2 dif, historians
In census records it is spelled only as RHODES
Joseph R. died 4/20/1883 ae 75-8-21
Wife Adah CHURCH d 11/18/1864 ae 58
L. A. E .CHURCH 1828-1912
Joanna ROADES his wife 1833-1913
3 very old unreadable stones

In Memory of Permelia wife of Daniel RHOADES/RHODES Died 5/117/1833 in the
37 th yr of her age

Frank died 12/2/1862 Killed Civil War age 21
82nd PA Vol
Bertha, dau of R.W. and E M d 1869

Henry E d 8/19/1891 ae 68-7-17
Wife Mary d 9/12/1887 ae 62-10-12
Dau Jennie M d 10/15/1880 ae 26-10-4
Dau Hellen 12/2/1863 ae 2 yrs

W.W. 1835-1914
Wife Helen A 184801916
Little C J IFFLE d 8/16/1872 ae 0-11-12
Little Bammy J 12/29/1877 ae 9 months
Georgia, Our Darling 8/23/1879 ae 11 mos
Charlie, B 9/30/??

Artemas ROSS 1815-1886(*Physician in 1875 at Clymer)
Mary E 1826-1887
Artemas Junior 1841-1901
Wife Eva 1853-1919
Son Roy ROSS d 1875 ae 18 days
Samuel ROSS Died 1/22/1856 ae 51 or 57

Artemus S 1841-1901
Eve no dates
Son Roy died 1/1/1875 ae 18 days

Nehemiah 6/10/1813 died 3/13/1898
Wife Mary (*ELLEN FULLER) 5/14/1815 d 3/2/1906
Dau Cynthia d 6/20/1867 ae 7
Son William L 9/26/1839 d ?
Wife Sue M. 5/3/1850 d 8/11/1888

Thomas died 11/13/1862 aged 65-7-7
Wife Abigail NICHOLS d 1/11/1845 ae 48-7-6
"Mother" 1823-1905 (BEACH??)
"Father" 1822-1905

George R son of William and Clarissa PETTIT RUSSELL d 6/10/1871 ae 14--0-
20 days
Dau Josephine d 8/11/1869 ae 10-10-0

B. 1886-1973
Lillian 1888-1969

Martin 1846-1891
Wife Amanda 1847-19xx

Lyle C 9/28/1883 d 6/16/1962 WWI Veteran
William 1855-1887

Adam 6/29/1820 d 12/9/1888
Jane M. 5/2/1829 d 12/5/1900

Orrie A 1874-1955
Belle M 5/8/1873 d 2/21/1887 dau of W.B and E.E. SESSIONS

Alice, "Grandmother" 10/19/1786 d 5/31/1878

Fred 1853-1900
Ida E 1859-1926 BIG Stone
Lou A 1891-1926 broken stone

Cynthia A b 2/26/1818
Susan A b 3/16 1827 d 1912
W.W. b 3/23/1830-xxxx
(other dates are provided but obvious not correct so I did not add them)

Stoddard 6/24/1792 died 6/24/1871 ae 79
Probably wife b 12/10/1787 died 12/10/1880 ae 93

Curtis L 1828-1906
Son of Curtis and Claranda Morelle E d 6/12/1858 ae 1-0-19
Dau Frances V no data

Silence, wife of Elder STERNS died 3/31/1854 ae 48
Laura wife of R. SWAIN no dates
Son Randon? no dates

Alfred W. 1824-1894
1st wife Julia 1831-1855
2nd wife Cordelia R 1833-1910

Laura wife of Rev. E. R. SWAIN died 11/2/1832 ae 32-10-6
Son Ransom d 11/15/1837 ae 13 days

V.R 1809-1894
Eliza 1814-1867

George W. 1/1/1825 d 1/18/1885
Tarhuld B. 12/20/1825 d 5/19/1870

Alice SESSION 10/19/1786 died May 31. 1878

Silas TERRY died 9/18/1883 aged 85
Wife Polly *POWERS died Jan 10. 1894 aged 90
Dau Marilla Cynthia (TERRY) wife of Harry Galusha SESSIONS, born Nov 11.
1822 died June 20, 1880

Seward Harmon TERRY- Killed Civil War born c March 28 1838 died May 12, 1864
Seward Harmon Terry (*Son of Silas TERRY and Polly POWERS)
Enlist Date 05 August 1861 At Clymer rank Private age 23
Promoted to Full 2nd Lieut on 26 December 1861
Promoted to Full 1st Lieut on 29 April 1862
Promoted to Full Capt on 02 September 1862
Served New York Enlisted G Co. 49th Inf Reg. NY Killed at Spotsylvania Court
House, VA on 12 May 1864 ( left no widow, mother POLLY Terry received his
Brother of Seward, and another son of Silas and Polly
Lawyer Sylvester TERRY born* 11/9/1824 died 1912
His 1st wife
Laura *MOSES" TERRY 1829-1864 (*Dau Hiram and Betsey MOSES)

Nathaniel d 11/3/1865 ae 78
Wife Lucretia d 8/18/1864 in the 65th yr of her age
Roxy, wife of Nathaniel THOMPSON died 4/17/1836 in the 41st yr of her age

Peter 1872-1960
Belle 1879-1936
Stanley 1910-1972

Wayne B.Thompson 1841-1931? (hard to read typing)
Enlist Date 04 August 1861 at Clymer rank Private age 20
Served New York Enlisted G Co. 49th Inf Reg. NY disch disability at
Philadelphia, PA on 03 May 1862
Wife Sarah E. 1841-1929
Lora S THOMPSON 1831-1901

Chester 1866-1939
Myra 1868-1926
Claude 1896-1965

Elisha P 1822-1902
Wife Marie G 1824-1918

Marvin 1821-1891
Marge -1825-1893
Dau Mary d 1863
Lender 1858-1880

Henry C 7/28/1853 died 1886
Wife Julia M, HENRY 1857-1928
Dau Jessie M 5/18/1878 d 9/13/1880 ae 2 yrs

William b (*7/5/1818 died 12/19/1893)
Wife Almira (*CONE 1823-1887)

M. Laverne Tyler Killed Civil War Veteran (was not born 1813)
Is Mortimer LeVerne TYLER in records born ca 1842 died May 12, 1864
Mortimer Le Verne Tyler
Enlist Date 05 August 1861 at Clymer Rank 1st Sergt age 19
Promoted to Full 2nd Lieut on 02 September 1862 Served New York Enlisted G
Co. 49th Inf Reg. NY Killed at Spotsylvania Court House, VA on 12 May 1864

John B, 1814-1895
Wife Lydia BROWN 2/16/1819 d 6/4/1883
Isabel died 6/12/1841 ae 60-11-27 Wife of Thomas TYLER
Isabel D d 6/7/18?? ae 16-6-13 dau of T W.
Tyler, Polly d d5/26/1872 ae 33-6-11 Wife of S. B TYLER

Joshua UPTON 2/3/1801 died 10/13/1870 ae 69-8-10
Wife Priscilla (*TAGGART)1805 d 5/12/1876 Ae 71-1-29
dates are not readable for some of this family
Son Amos
Wife of JAMES UPTON Elizabeth (*CARR VROOMAN) d 12or 10/31/1868 ae 34
Her dau d 1865 aged 1 yr Attie UPTON, lamb on stone
Son of Joshua, Thomas J 1839-October 1863 Was Killed in the Civil War
Thomas J Upton
Enlist Date 28 August 1862 Clymer, NY rank Priv age 28
Served New York Enlisted H Co. 112th Inf Reg. NY disch on 18 September 1863
Thomas J. Upton, Clymer, sent to hospital June 29, '63; discharged from
hospital Sept. 18, '63, disability.

Helen UPTON may be nee PITT 1836-1878

Lambert VanbBuren born March 1779 (*was baptized 4/11/1779 Reformed Dutch
C, Kinderhook, Columbia, New York) Died June 28, 1840
Wife Hannah *FENTON died either 1857 or 1859 aged 79 years
(*Family data says she was born July 7, 1779 dau of Roswell FENTON, Deborah
(*Historical notes, Their son Roswell Fenton VanBuren was born in
Broadalbin NY Jan 28, 1802 and came to Clymer NY in 1826 and was the first
physician in practice there, he removed to the town of Carroll in 1836 ,
practiced there several years, then removed west and died in Cherry Valley
Illinois in Feb 24, 1863)

Henry 1862-1913
Mary COOPER 1861-1923

Ernest 1872-1921

Anna R. d 7/9/1941 [Anna Rose, b. 7/4/1941]

Raymond 6/11/1893 d??
Wife Ruth VanGEEM 2/17/1896 d 6/11/1975

Elizabeth 1850-1914 "God's Woman"

Nehemiah, stone down no data
Charles WHEELER 2/22/1833 or 38 died 1/25/1919
Wife Theresa E. 11/1/1845 d 3/3/1915

Alfred 9/14/1798 d 6/2/1872
Clarissa (*CHENEY) 8/14/1799 d 4/15/1885

Walter F 1885-1933
Bertha E 1889-1950

Jennie, 1888-1969

DANIEL--Born at Norwich, Conn., Sept. 4, 1760. Died at Clymer, N. Y.,
February 13, 1846. Grave in Clymer Cemetery. He enlisted at Norwich, Mass.,
in April 1775, and served nine months as private in Capt. Abner Pomeroy's
Company, Col. Fellow's Mass. Reg't. Enlisted in Sept., 1776, served fourteen
months as private in Capt. Elijah Murray's and Capt. Chase's Companies, Col.
Samuel Williams and Col. Pomeroy's Mass. Reg't, and was at the battle of
Stillwater. Family records show that he was at the battle of Saratoga when
Burgoyne surrendered, that he lost two fingers from one hand. He was the son
of Elijah Williams and Lydia Longbottom who were married in 1756. Daniel
Williams and family came to Chautauqua County in 1820 and settled in the
town of Clymer, where he had been preceded by some of his sons. Young's
History says he was the father of 16 children, 7 sons and 9 daughters, of
whom four died in infancy. His wife, Lucretia, died July 31, 1834, aged 69
years. Her grave is beside husband in East Clymer Cemetery. Clymer,
Chautauqua Co NY
Wife Lucretia WILLIARD or WILLARD died either 1832 (Cem records) or 1834 DAR
Dau in Law
Sylvia, wife of William or Alvin Williams died 1860 age 71
Her dau Harriet Louise d 4/25/1815 ae 1-10-8
Dau of John WILLIAMS (*son of Daniel and Lucretia) wife Emma no data

Hubert W 1877-1965
William C. 1906-1956

Josiah, d 3/15/18?? ae 68-5-7

Daniel WING born 1757 Soldier of the American Revolution
--Born July 2, 1757, at Dartmouth, Mass. Date of death not ascertained.
Grave in Clymer Cemetery. Enlisted Oct., 1780, served as private in Capt.
Adiel Sherwood's Company, New York Militia. Was taken prisoner and confined
one year at Montreal, was then moved to Prisoners' Island and kept until
1782, when he was exchanged and returned home. His brother, Benjamin, who
enlisted with him was also taken prisoner at the same time. He applied for
pension in 1832, while residing in Clymer, which was granted.
(See BIOS)

SOURCE: From records by Marguerite N Vander Schaaff Historian of the Town of Clymer 1978. Graciously copied for me at the Clymer Library by Diane HESLINK, Librarian, from records provided by the Clymer Town Clerk, Mrs. Cindy (Dale) WILLINK. And another reading found at the Fenton Library, unknown compiler.

Provided by Dolores Davidson, 2000.


Note1: This Amy is Amy ROSS d/o Charles S. ROSS & Amy WOODBURN born 11 Jan 1802, Rensselaer Co., NY, died 4 Jun 1878.

As found in the census records of the family:
11 Jun 1865, Clymer twp., Chautauqua Co., NY, p.23: 179 frame $75, family 170:
Jackins, Peter, 70, Ostego Co.,
Amy, 63, Rensselaer Co.
Bruce, 28 Chau
W. W., 25 Chaut
Edward, 23, Chaut
Art, 22, Chaut

27 Jun 1870, Clymer twp., Chaut. Co., NY, Dwell #261:
Jaquins, Peter, 74 farmer, b. NY
Amy, 68, keeps house, b. NY
Wallace, 30, farmer
Edward, 28, farmer
Art, 26, farmer

This the sister of my ancestor George S. ROSS who is buried in the now lost ROSS family cemetery on Clymer Hill.

Sue Walker Rood
1 April 2001

Bruce JAQUINS, Civil War Veteran, ( records state died 1880 ae 21-4-20 Impossible)
Bruce Jaquins
Enlist Date 28 August 1862 Clymer, NY rank Priv age 25
Served New York Enlisted H Co. 112th Inf Reg. NY Mustered Out at Raleigh,
on 13 June 1865
Source: New York: Report of the Adjutant-General
If he indeed died 1880 his age is about 43 )

Sue Walker Rood
1 April 2001