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Compiled by Loraine C. Smith, Town of Ellery Historian, 2002.


Beach, Charles. 1869 - 1940. bd. Nov. 20, 1940 Lot 212 G - 10. Age 71.


Becker, Dayton S. b. 1857. d. May 1931. bd. May 14, 1931 Lot 316 G - 1. w/ Alice. Dayton. Lived at Maple Springs, NY. (on July 3, 1992 Dennis Castle of Milford, Pa. found in his attic a painting, 4’ X 3’ of two dogs pointing and a hunter in the background. On the back of this picture was written, "Painted and sold by D. S. Becker, Chautauqua Lake, Maple Springs, NY.)

Becker Alice. bd Nov. 17, 1936 Lot 316 G - 2. Age 71. w/o Dayton S. Becker.

Becker, Mae Louise. d. Jan. 23, 1933. bd. Jan. 29, 1933 Lot 315 G - 4. Age 36. d/o Dayton S. & Alice Becker. w/o Clair Wicking Rew. b. 1901. d. Oct. 25, 1985 at his summer home in Maple Springs, NY. Age 84. s/o Adelbert D. & Esther Etta (Wicking) Rew. bd. Mount Olivet Cemetery. Mr. Rew. md. 2nd Margaret C. Caravan.


Bell, Marjorie D. b. Apr. 2, 1922 Parkersburg, W. Va. d. May 28, 1993 WCA Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 71. d/o Earl & Daisy (Rinker) Bell. md. June 1, 1942 Washington, DC - Hilary B. Rambacher. Marjorie was a Jamestown resident since 1976. Was a member of the St. Monicas Guild in Akron, Ohio. She was preceded in death by her father who died Aug. of 1962, her mother who died in Aug. of 1951.

Children of Marjorie D. Bell & Hilary B. Rambacher included:

1. Marciana Rambacher.

2. Michael J. Rambacher.

3. Martin "Kim" Rambacher.


Bemus, Alexander. b. 1836. d. Jan. 12, 1837. bd. Lot 46E G - 1. Age 0/6/27. s/o James & Thankful Bemus.

Bemus, Ann Mirah. b. Apr. 3, 1811. d. Mar. 23, 1892. Age 81. d/o Thomas & Jane (Atkins) Bemus. md. Aug. 25, 1836 in Ellery by Rev. J. W. Sawyer - Simon Smiley.

b. Apr. 9, 1809 Chenango Co., NY. d. May 9, 1888 at home near Bellview, NY. Age 79/1/0. s/o William & Electa (Gilmore) Smiley. Both buried in Bemus Point Cemetery.

Children of Ann Mirah Bemus & Simon Smiley included:

1. Mary Jane Smiley. 1840-1918. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery.

2. Helen H. Smiley. 1846-1847. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery.

3. Alice M. Smiley. 1844. -1874 of pneumonia. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery.

4. Willard Smiley. 1851-1881. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery.

Bemus, Charles W. b. Oct. 13, 1848 Ellery, NY. d. Oct. 28, 1930 at home in village of Bemus Point, NY. Age 82. bd. Oct. 31, 1930 Lot 159-160 G - 6. Age 82. s/o James Silsbee & Antoinette Catherine (Howell) Bemus. md. Apr. 2, 1874 by Rev. M. B. Benton - Elizabeth A. Blanchard. Charles a great-grandson of William. Bemus who settled Bemus Point. Charles Bemus survived by six cousins: Howell "Collie" Griffith, Mrs. Lena Griffith Lown, Mrs. Belle Griffith Kelly, James Bemus, Dr. William M. Bemus and Mrs. Lena Hatch. Mr. Bemus spent all of his life in Chautauqua County, with the exception of a few years in New York City with his father, the late John S. Bemus. While in New York City he held a position of New York Customs House. The deceased held no political offices during his lifetime, but was a strong Republican.. In 1874, Mr. Bemus married Miss Elizabeth Blanchard, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Charles Blanchard of Mayville. Six years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Bemus celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. Mr. Bemus owned Bemus Heights and built several cottages on the property which he rented to summer residents. Mr. Bemus’s great-grandfather, William Bemus, in the spring of 1806, made the first settlement in Ellery at Bemus Point, near the old Indian fields. He resided in Bemus Point, named in his honor until his death in 1832. He was born at Bemus Heights, Saratoga County, NY, in 1762. He served in the Revolutionary Army and moved with his parents of Pittstown, Rensselaer County, where he married Mary Prendergast.

Bemus, Elizabeth A. (Blanchard). b. 1849. d. Sept. 10, 1933 at the family home in Bemus Point, NY. bd. Sept. 12, 1933 Lot 159-160 G - 7. Age 83/11/6. d/o Charles & Mary Blanchard. w/o Charles W. Bemus. PJ: 9/10/1933: Mrs. Elizabeth A. Bemus, widow of Charles W. Bemus, died at her home, Bemus Heights in Bemus Point at 9:40 a.m. today, aged 83 years, 11 months and 6 days. Mr. Bemus preceded her in death three years ago, Oct. 28. Mrs. Bemus was the daughter of Charles and Mary Blanchard of Mayville and resided in that village, teaching in the Mayville schools until the time of her marriage, Apr. 2, 1874 and since then has resided at Bemus Heights. Her only surviving relatives are a nephew and several cousins. Mrs. Bemus was a member of the Episcopal Church at Mayville and was also active in the work of the Methodist Episcopal Church here for many years, serving as superintendent of the Sunday School and teaching the Elizabeth A. Bemus Bible Class as well as working in the various church societies and finally giving up this work because of ill health. Mrs. Bemus was responsible for the organization of the Bemus Point Free Library which was made possible through the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Bemus and where she served as librarian for nearly thirty years, donating this service until her health failed. During this time she had been president of the Library Association and president of the Bemus Point Study Club, holding these offices until her death. She always was intensely interested in the welfare of both organizations. Interment will be made in the family plot in the village cemetery.

Bemus, Charles. b. Aug. 31, 1791 in Pittstown, Rensselaer Co., NY. d. Oct. 10, 1861 Jamestown, NY at the home of son, Dr. William P. Bemus. bd. Lot 56E G - 1. Age 70. s/o William & Mary (Prendergast) Bemus. md. Feb. 28, 1811 - Relephia Boyd. He came with his parents to Chautauqua County in 1806. During the War of 1812, he was First Lieutenant in Captain Silsby’s and Captain Mac Mahan’s Company. In 1813 he witnessed the burning of Buffalo by the British and Indians. He settled in Ellery near Bemus Point, on land originally bought by his father.

Bemus, Relphia (Boyd). b. July 20, 1790. d. Jan. 2, 1843 Town of Ellery. bd. Lot 56E

G - 2. Age 53. d/o David Boyd. w/o Charles Bemus.

The 11 children of Charles & Relephia (Boyd) Bemus were all born at the farm at Bemus Point except youngest who was born at Pine Grove, Warren Co., Pa.

1. James Bemus. b. Dec. 20, 1811. md. Thankful Berry. Moved to Cal. where he died.

2. Eleanor "Ellen" Bemus. b. Sept 30, 1813 Ellery NY. d. Jan. 14, 1896 Albany, Wisc. md. Daniel Smiley. They moved to Wisconsin where Daniel died. They are bd. in a cemetery near the Sarah Gap Church.

3. Mathew Prendergast Bemus. b. Jan. 3, 1817 Ellery, NY. d. Mar. 28, 1879 Mayville, NY. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery. md. Elizabeth Marcelia Walters.

4. Daniel Bemus. b. Feb. 24, 1820. d. Dec. 31, 1890. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery. md. 1st Adaline Strong. md. 2nd Jane Griffith.

5. Jane Miles Bemus. 1822-1886. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery. md. Edward Copp.

6. John Silsbee Bemus. 1823-1872. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery. md Antoinette Catherine Howell.

7. William Prendergast Bemus. b. Oct. 4, 1825. d. Sept. 19, 1890. bd. Lakeview Cemetery, Jamestown, NY. md. 1st. Helen Olivia Norton. md. 2nd Sarah Elizabeth Prather.

8. Mehitable Prendergast Bemus. b. July 22, 1827. d. at Strawberry Point, Iowa. md. Philip A. Strong. Resided in Iowa, later moved to Wisconsin.

9. Dr. Elisha Marvin Bemus. b. Sept. 23, 1829. d. in Wisconsin in 1861. md. Arvilla J. Bly.

10. George Hamlin Bemus. b. May 1, 1831. d. Dec. 28, 1896 Pine Grove, Pa. md. Julia Prendergast Bemus (his first cousin). resided in Meadville, Pa. bd. Meadville Cemetery.

11. Alexander Bemus.

Bemus, Daniel. b. Feb. 24, 1820 Town of Ellery. d. Dec. 31, 1889 Fluvanna, NY. bd. Lot 152 G - 1. Age 69/10/4. s/o Charles & Relphia (Boyd) Bemus. md. 1st Sept. 30, 1840 - Adaline Strong. md. 2nd Mar. 1, 1847 by Rev. G. W. Sesson - Jane Griffith. Daniel and Jane built a house and resided near her father’s home at Griffith’s Point in Ellery.

Bemus, Adaline (Strong). b. Jan. 16, 1820 Ellery. d. Sept. 22, 1845. bd. Lot 152 G - 2. d/o Joseph & Lois (Walrth) Strong. 1st w/o Daniel Bemus.

Bemus, Jane (Griffith). b. Feb. 3, 1822. d. Feb. 15, 1907. bd. Feb. 1907 Lot 152 G - 3. Age 85. d/o Jeremiah Jr. & Margaret (Loucks) Griffith. 2nd w/o Daniel Bemus. Jane Griffith Bemus had a sister, Mrs. William C. Benedict (Mary), and Mrs. Amorette Atherly of Gridley, Kan.

Daniel Bemus and 1st wife Adaline (Strong) Bemus did not have any children.

Daniel Bemus and 2nd wife Jane (Griffith) Bemus had child:

l. Mary Cordelia Bemus. 1853-1917. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery. md. George E. Drew.

Bemus, Dr. David Marvin b. xxxx. d. May 30, 1881 at residence of his brother Jotham Bemus. bd. Lot 154 G - 5. Age 56. s/o James H. & Tryphena (Boyd) Bemus. Was married and had four daughters. David and Reuben G. Wright of Westfield believed to be 49ers in the Gold Rush. Went by the overland route. Came back to Iowa then to Chautauqua County, NY. Received his diploma from medical college, Buffalo. Practiced medicine at Bradford, Pa.

Bemus, Emmett Howell. b. Oct. 12, 1846 on old Bemus Farm, on Westman Road, in Ellery, NY. d. Apr. 16, 1925 at his home 418 Spring St., Jamestown, NY. bd. Apr. 18, 1925 Lot 159-160 G - 4. Age 78. s/o John Silsbee & Antoinette Catharine (Howell) Bemus. md. Jan. 22, 1889 in Corry, Pa. - Gertrude M. Kent. PJ: 4/16/1925: Emmett Howell Bemus was a lineal descendent of the William Bemus who settled in Ellery in 1806. Mr. Bemus lived in the early years of his life on the old Bemus farm in Ellery and at Bemus Point, and in 1883 came to Jamestown and went into the manufacturing business. His brother Charles W. Bemus and his wife survive him.

Bemus, Gertrude M. (Kent). b. 1846. d. June 2, 1929. bd. Lot 159-160 G - 5. Age 83. w/o Emmett Howell Bemus. She was a school principal in Corry, Pa. Gertrude had sister, Miss Eliza Kent who died in 1912 at Gertrude’s home. Age 74 years - born Vermont. Gertrude also had a brother Alba M. Kent.

Bemus, Fred Charles. d. Feb. 18, 1933. bd. Feb. 22, 1933 Lot 151 G - 7. Age 71..

Bemus, George Howard. b. Mar. 20, 1925 in Jamestown. d. Oct. 10, 1986 in Wesley Long Community Hospital. Ashes bd. Oct. 25, 1986 Lot 155 G - 11. Age 61. s/o William J. & Bertha (Pitts) Bemus. (George Howard (7), William J. (6), James H. (5), Jotham (4), James H. (3), William the pioneer (2), Jotham (1) Bemus. md. 1st - Lee Dickel;. md. 2nd - Cindy Drinker. PJ: 10/24/1986: Greensboro, N.C. George H. Bemus, 61, of 2606 Camden Road, Greensboro, died October 10, 1986, in Wesley Long Community Hospital. He was born March 20, 1925, in Jamestown, a son of William J. and Bertha Pitts Bemus. A graduate of Wilkinsburg, Pa. High School and Penn State University, Bemus served in World War II, receiving a Silver Star, and in the Korean Conflict. He was employed in the field of life insurance as an account executive for many years and was a member of Greensboro Barbershop Quartet and Peace United Church of Christ. Surviving are his wife, Cindy Drinker Bemus; three sons: Alexander Bemus of Seattle, Wash., and Howard and Glen Bemus, both of Greensboro; a daughter, Ann Bemus of Chapel Hill, N.C., a stepdaughter, Casey Mills of Greensboro; his mother, Bertha P. Olander and stepfather, Frank B. Plander of Pittsburgh, Pa.; a brother, William J. Bemus Jr. of Shippensburg, Pa.; and two sisters: Betty Lu Wylie of Denver, Colo., and Carol Ann Kramer of Valley Forge, Pa. He was preceded in death by his father, who died Aug. 16, 1951; and a brother, Robert A. Bemus, who died July 1, 1980. A graveside service will be at 3 p.m. Saturday in Bemus Point Cemetery. The Rev. Daniel McBride, pastor of Bemus Point United Methodist Church will officiate.

Children of George Howard Bemus include:

1. Alexander Bemus (8) 1986 of Seattle, Washington.

2. Howard Bemus (8) 1986 of Greensboro, NC

3. Glen Bemus (8) 1986 of Greensboro

4. Ann Bemus (8) 1986 of Chapel Hill, NC

5. a stepdaughter - Casey Mills of Greensboro. NC

Bemus, Howard Cassander. b. Sept. 12, 1900 Bemus Point, NY. d. Feb. 25, 1932 Bemus Point, NY. bd. Feb. 28, 1932 Lot 154 G - 6. Age 31. s/o James Harridan & Minnie Belle (Scofield) Bemus. md. Alma Catherine Fahrney. b. Mar. 29, 1905. d. Nov. 4, 1993 Beaver Falls. Pa. Howard remained on the Bemus farm in Bemus Point until his death. PJ: 2/26/1932: Howard C. Bemus, died at his home at Bemus Point, at 4:15 o’clock yesterday afternoon after an illness of four days. He was 31 years old and is survived by his wife, Alma Fahrney Bemus; two daughters, Mary and Jane; his mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. James H. Bemus; one brother, William of Pittsburgh, Pa., and two sisters, Miss Margaret Bemus of Bemus Point and Mrs. Russell Haskin of Maple Springs. Mr. Bemus had lived at Bemus Point since his birth and had been engaged in farming with his father since boyhood. He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church and one of its stewards at the time of his death. The funeral will be held Sunday afternoon at 2:30 at the home of his father......Funeral services for Howard C. Bemus were held at the family home at Bemus Point, Sunday, at 2:30 p.m. Rev. E. H. Jones, pastor of the Methodist church officiated. The bearers who were all boyhood schoolmates were: Leslie, Earl, and Walter Shepardson, Sherman and Elmer Skillman and Harry Dolan. Those from a distance who attended the service were William Bemus of Pittsburgh, Will and Steward Scofield of Sebring, O.; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Shreve, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Shreve and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Shreve, all of Union City. Friends and relatives from several nearby towns, besides a large number of local residents were also in attendance and there were numerous floral tributes which bespoke the high esteem in which Mr. Bemus was held.

Children of Howard Cassander & Alma Catherine (Fahrney) Bemus included:

1. Mary Carherine Bemus b. Nov. 9, 1927 Bemus Point, NY. md. Donald R. Misner.

2. Jane Elizabeth Bemus. b. Sept. 25, 1929 Bemus Point, NY. md. Charles Hugh Kennedy.

Bemus, Infant. bd. Lot 64E G - 1. c/o James Bemus.

Bemus, Infant Girl. bd. Lot 155 G - 14 (on grave of Joan (Flick) Bemus.)

Bemus, James H. b. Feb. 2, 1797 Pittstown, Rensselaer County, NY. d. June 2, 1874 Bemus Point, NY. bd. Lot 154 G - 8. Age 77. s/o William & Mary (Prendergast) Bemus. md. Feb. 14, 1819 - Tryphena Boyd. They lived on the farm near Bemus Point, a part of the original purchase by William Bemus, his father.

Bemus, Tryphena (Boyd). b. Nov. 2, 1792. d. Dec. 3, 1852 Bemus Point, NY. bd. Lot 154 G - 2. Age 60. Probably d/o David Boyd of Saratoga Co., NY. w/o James H. Bemus.

Children of James H. & Tryphena (Boyd) Bemus included:

1. Jane Bemus. b. Nov. 24, 1819. d. Jan. 10, 182_.

2. Jotham Bemus. b. Dec. 19, 1820. d. Feb. 4, 1902. Age 81. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery. md. Pauline Winch.

3. David Marvin Bemus. b. Apr. 8, 1825 Town of Ellery. d. May 30, 1881 Bemus Point, NY. Age 56. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery. In the gold rush of 1849 he went with his brother Jotham, and Reuben G. Wright of Westfield, by the overland route to California. David did not return to Ellery until 1878.

3. Catherine "Kate" Bemus. b. Mar. 7, 1828 Town of Ellery. d. Mar 7, 1902. on 74th birthday. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery. md. 1st Jan. 21, 1863 - ______Howell of Mayville. md. 2nd Charles Ross Horton of Ellery

4. Daniel Bemus. b. Feb. 24, 1820. d. Dec. 31, 1889. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery.

Jotham and David went to Sacramento, Cal. about 1849 in the gold rush. They were in Sacramento seven years.

Bemus. James "Jimmie" Harridan. b. Sept. 26, 1868 at Bemus Point, NY. d. June 5, 1941 Bemus Point, NY. bd. June 8, 1941 Lot 154 G - 7. Age 72. s/o Jotham & Pauline (Winch) Bemus. md Jan. 30, 1893 at Ashville, NY - Minnie Belle Scofield. PJ: 6/6/1941: James H. Bemus, lifelong resident of Bemus Point, who for many years was a member of the village board, died suddenly yesterday morning at his home, aged 72 years. He was a member of the Bemus Point Methodist Church and the Ellery Grange. Mr. Bemus is survived by his wife, Mrs. Minnie Scofield Bemus; a son, William J. Bemus of Pittsburg, Pa.; two daughters: Miss Margaret Bemus, at home, and Mrs. Russell Haskin of Maple Springs; a sister, Mrs. Stella Goodrich of Ravenna, O., and nine grandchildren. The remains will be at the home until Sunday noon when they will be taken to the Bemus Point Methodist Church from which the funeral will be held at 2:30 p.m. (DST).

Bemus, Minnie Belle (Scofield). b. Aug. 26, 1874 in Ashville, NY. d. July 28, 1949 family home in Bemus Point, NY. bd. July 30, 1949 Lot 154 G - 8. Age 74. d/o Charles O. & Sarah (Casselman) Scofield. w/o James Harridan Bemus. PJ: Mrs. Minnie Belle Bemus, 74, widow of James H. Bemus, and a life-long resident of the Bemus Point area, died at the family home at 7:45 p.m. Thursday. Mrs. Bemus was born Aug. 26,, 1874, in Ashville, the daughter of Charles O. and Sarah Casselman Scofield. On Jan 30, 1893 she married James H. Bemus and came to live in Bemus Point. She was a charter member of the Bemus Point Methodist Church in which she was very active. She also belonged to the W.S.C.S. of the church until the total loss of her vision made her inactive during the last 23 years of her life. Surviving are one son, William J. Bemus, formerly of Pittsburgh now of Bemus Point; two daughters, Margaret Miller of Pasadena, Calif., and Mabel B. Haskins of Maple Springs; three brothers, William Scofield, Sebring, O.; Steward Scofield, also of Sebring, and Clark Scofield of Jamestown; nine grandchildren and several nieces and nephews. A son, Howard C. Bemus, preceded her in death in February of 1932. Funeral services will be held from the Bemus Point Methodist Church at 2 p.m. Saturday. Interment will be in the Bemus Point Cemetery......At the funeral the Rev. Harold Knappenberger, pastor of the Bemus Point Methodist Church, officiated. The bearers were Paul Smith, Leslie Scofield, George Bemus, Robert Bemus, William Bemus Jr. and Leo Ticknow.

Children of James "Jimmie" Harridan. & Minnie Belle (Scofield) Bemus included:

1. William Jotham Bemus. 1895-1951. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery. md. Bertha Pitts.

2. Margaret Pauline Bemus. 1898-1994. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery. md. Rex Miller.

3. Howard Cassander Bemus. b. Sept. 12, 1900 Town of Ellery. d. Feb. 25, 1931 Bemus Point. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery. md. Alma Fahrney.

4. Mabel Bemus. b. July 27, 1902. d. Apr. 28, 1975. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery. md. Russell Haskin.

Bemus, Jane Miles. b. Feb. 18, 1822 Pine Grove, Pa. d. Oct. 17, 1886 Mayville, NY. bd. Lot 164 G - 1. Age 66. d/o Charles & Relephia (Boyd) Bemus. md. Jan. 21, 1840 at Ashville, NY, by M. Norton, Esq. - Edward Copp.

Children of Jane Bemus & Edward Copp included:

1. Martin T. Copp, 1841 - 1904. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery;

2. Cornelia J. Copp, 1848 - 1928. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery;

3. Helen Copp, 1862 - 1900. md. Wm. H. Whitney.

Bemus, Joann (Flick). bd. 1972 Lot 155 G - 12. Age 43. w/o William Jotham Bemus Jr. b. Feb. 9, 1924 Jamestown, NY. d. June 7, 2003 Chautauqua, NY Cremated. s/o William J. & Bertha (Pitts) Bemus.

Bemus, John Silsbee. b. Dec. 16, 1823 Ellery, NY. d. July 22, 1872 at Bemus Point, NY. bd. Lot 159-160 G - 3. s/o Charles & Relepha (Boyd) Bemus. md. Jan. 15, 1846 Chautauqua, NY, by Rev. Mr. Blinn - Antoinette Catharine Howell. He inherited the Bemus Tavern property. On August 14, 1871, he was severely injured in the unfortunate destruction of the steamer, "Chautauqua". This boat was bound up lake, pulled into Whitney’s Bay to land passengers and take on wood for the boiler. About ten minutes after landing, the boiler exploded. The whole bow of the boat was torn to splinters. The water and land for twenty rods around was covered with broken timbers and here and there a mangled and bleeding body. Eight persons were killed and twelve seriously injured, several dying in later years from their injuries.

Bemus, Antoinette Catharine (Howell). b. Nov. 12, 1823 Green County, NY. d. Sept. 15, 1899 Bemus Point, NY, at her home. Age 76. bd. Sept. 17, 1899 Lot 159-160 G - 2. d/o William Thomas & Betsey (Lindsley) Howell. w/o James Silsbee Bemus. Antoinette Catharine md. 2nd 1883 - William B. Hazeltine, being his third wife. He was the s/o Daniel and Mehitable (Bemus) Hazeltine. PJ: Mrs. Wm. Hazeltine, after an illness of about three weeks, died Friday afternoon at her home at Bemus Point. Mrs. Hazeltine was 76 years of age. In 1846 she married John S. Bemus whose death occurred in 1872. In 1883 she married William B. Hazeltine, who died in 1890. Mrs. Hazeltine was a woman of delicate and affectionate nature, whose long life was full of cheerful and unselfish activities. Two sons survive her, Emmett H. Bemus of this city and Charles W. Bemus of Bemus Point. She also leaves two sisters and two brothers, Mrs. Underwood and Mrs. James Griffith of Ellery, and Thomas Howell and James Howell of Mayville. The funeral of Mrs. W. B. Hazeltine was held from the residence of Charles W. Bemus at Bemus Point. The casket was taken from the house by the bearers, and from there to the Bemus Point Cemetery by six of the twenty post office employees from this city.

Children of John Silsbee & Antoinette Catharine (Howell) Bemus included:

1. Emmett Howell Bemus. 1846-1925. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery. md. Gertrude M. Kent.

2. Charles W. Bemus. 1848-1930. bd. Bemus point Cemetery. md. Elizabeth A. Blanchard.

3. J. Willard Bemus. b. Apr. 4, 1854. d. Oct. 24, 1864.

Bemus, John William. b. May 24, 1950 Shippensburg, Pa. d. Aug. 24, 1983 New York City. bd. Lot 155 G - 13. Age 33. s/o William Jotham & Joan (Flick) Bemus. John was a graduate of Mercersburg Academy and the College of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio. Surviving are his father and stepmother, Mr. and Mrs. William J. Bemus Jr. of Shippensburg, Pa. and Chautauqua; a brother Thomas Bemus of Akron, Ohio; a sister, Barbara Bemus, a student at Behrend Center, Erie, Pa. and a grandmother, Bertha Pitts Bemus Olander of Bemus Point and Pittsburgh, Pa. He was preceded in death by his mother and his grandfather, William J. Bemus Sr. Family will receive friends in the family home on Lakeside Drive, Bemus Point.

Bemus Jotham. b. Dec. 19, 1820 Ellery, NY. d. Mar 4, 1902 Bemus Point, NY. bd. Mar. 7, 1902 Lot 154 G - 1. Age 81. s/o James H. & Tryphena (Boyd) Bemus. (Jotham (4), James (3), William (2), Jotham (1) Bemus). md. Apr. 10, 1864 - Pauline Winch. Jotham had lived in the Town of Ellery except for seven years spent in Sacramento, Cal. Jotham operated Ravenwood which was a hotel and church retreat center before the turn of the century. Ravenwood was host for Sunday School study groups for week-long seminars during the summer. It shared in the spirit of the Sunday School movement which had its center at Chautauqua Institution. PJ: Mar. 1902: By the death of Jotham Bemus of Bemus Point, which occurred on the 4th of this month, there was removed from life one of the few remaining descendants in his generation of Wm. Bemus, a pioneer settler of this country, who came here in Mar., 1806, and settled on land in the Town of Ellery on the east shore of Chautauqua Lake. Jotham was the son of James Bemus, the grandson of Jotham Bemus Sr. of Bemus Heights, Saratoga Co., N.Y. He owned the land on which was fought the battle of Bemus Heights, and he was a soldier in the Revolutionary Army, and it may be said in a very literal sense that he fought in defense of his fireside and his home. The first Jotham Bemus was born in 1838; died it is supposed in 1786. He married Tryphena Moore, who was of Scotch descent. Wm. Bemus, his son was married to Mary Prendergast, daughter of Wm. Prendergast, one of the pioneer settlers of this county. He had three children: David, Jotham and Katherine. David died some years ago; Katherine married Ross Horton of Bemus Point and died after a lingering illness on Mar. 7, only three days after her brother Jotham. In early life, Jotham lived on his brother’s farm, part of the original homestead bought by his grandfather, William Bemus. About 1849, when the migration caused by the gold fever was prevalent in this section, he went with his brother David and settled in Sacramento, Cal., where he was prominently identified with the fire department in that city. After the return of the forty-niners Jotham lived on the old farm until his marriage April 10, 1864 to Pauline Winch of Lakewood. He then removed to a farm on Chautauqua Lake above Bemus Point, building a number of cottages and calling the resort Ravenwood. He lived there a number of years. Later on he erected a house at Bemus Point where he died. He had two children, James H. and Stella, the wife of Frank B. Goodrich of Cleveland, O. Mr. Bemus was a man of reliable character, strict integrity and great kindness of heart; Republican in politics and connected with the church at Bemus Point. His funeral was held from his late residence Thursday, conducted by Rev. Jas. Kittell of the Methodist church. The burial was in Bemus Point Cemetery....The funeral of Jotham Bemus was held from the M. E. Church at Bemus Point, Thursday March 4. Services were conducted by the Rev. James S. Kittel, pastor of the church. Music was furnished by Mrs. Geo. Thompson and Mrs. B. G. Haskin. The bearers were Charles Bemus, James Bemus, E. H. Bemus, Fred E. Hatch, Dr. M. N. Bemus and S., H. Brownell. Numerous handsome floral pieces were expressions of the sympathy and affection of his many friends. Jotham Bemus was born Dec. 10, 1820 and died March 4, 1902. For 81 years he had lived in the Town of Ellery with the exception of seven years spent in Sacramento, Calif. His residence is built on almost the same spot where the house stood in which he was born. The land was originally purchased by his grandfather and still remains in the family. Mr. Bemus was a good citizen, honest and upright. He always had a kind and cherry word for every one, and leaves a host of friends, but not an enemy. Of the immediate family there remain a wife, Mrs. Pauline Winch Bemus, a son, James H. Bemus of Bemus Point, and one daughter, Mrs. Frank S. Goodrich of Cleveland, O. Among those from out of town in attendance at the funeral were Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Bemus, Dr. Morris N. Bemus, Mrs. Daniel H. Post and Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. Hatch of Jamestown; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Winch of Lakewood; Mrs. T. A. Howell of Mayville and Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Goodrich of Cleveland. Interment was in Bemus Point Cemetery. Bemus Point, N.Y. March 7, 1902.

Bemus, Pauline (Winch). b. Feb. 23, 1841 Kiantone, NY. d. Nov. 12, 1911 at Bemus Point, NY. bd. Nov. 14, 1911 Lot 154 G - 4. Age 70/8/20. d/o Dr. Harridan W. & Amilison Winch. w/o Jotham Bemus. Pauline had brothers: Joel Winch of Lakewood and Chester Winch.

Children of Jotham & Pauline (Winch) Bemus included:

l. James Harridan Bemus. b. Sept. 26, 1868 at Bemus Point, NY. d. June 5, 1941. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery. md. Minnie Belle Scofield.

2. Stella Millison Bemus. d. Feb. 13, 1943 Ravenna, Ohio and was bd. there. md. June 6, 1889 at Bemus Point, NY, by Rev. Henry Frank - Frank S. Goodrich. residence at Cleveland, Ohio. Had a foster daughter Mrs. Berthold Kleen of Ravenna, Ohio.

Bemus, Mabel. b. July 27, 1902 Bemus Point, NY. d. Apr. 28, 1975 at her home in Maple Springs, NY. Age 72. d/o James H. & Minnie Belle (Scofield) Bemus. md. Sept. 17, 1922 Little Valley, NY by Rev. H. N. Shaw - Russell Haskin. b. Sept. 7, 1902 Town of Ellery. d. Apr. 23, 1944. Age 81. s/o Ora A. & Minnie (Holman) Haskin. Both bd. in Bemus Point Cemetery.

Bemus, Margaret Pauline. b. Sept. 6, 1898 Ellery, NY. d. Nov. 20, 1994 in St. Petersburg, Fla. Ashes bd. Dec. 12, 1994 Lot 145 G - 4. Age 96. d/o James Harridan & Minnie Belle (Scofield) Bemus. Margaret great-great-granddaughter of William Bemus, founder of Bemus Point, NY. md Sept. 18, 1943 in St. Petersburg, Fla. - Rex Miller. PJ: 11/ /1994: St. Petersburg, Fla.: Margaret Bemus Miller, 96, of St. Petersburg, formerly of Bemus Point, died Sunday (Nov. 20, 1994) in St. Petersburg. Mrs. Miller was the great-great-granddaughter of William Bemus, founder of Bemus Point, and lived in the family home, Ravenwood, built by her grandfather on Lakeside Drive, for 45 years. She was born Sept. 6, 1898 in Bemus Point. She attended Bemus Point schools and graduated from Jamestown High School. She was an active member of Bemus Point United Methodist Church. She was also active in the United Methodist Church in St. Petersburg. Surviving are a nephew, William J. Bemus of Chautauqua; six nieces: Lois Haskin Ball, Bemus Point; Jean Haskin Raynor, Maple Springs; James Bemus Kennedy, New Brighton, Pa.; Mary Bemus Misner, Apple Creek, Ohio; Caryl Bemus Kramer, Wheeling, W. Va.; Elizabeth Bemus Wylier, Yorba, Linda, Calif. and 28 great nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her husband, Rex Miller, whom she married in 1943; two brothers, Howard C. and William J. Bemus and a sister, Mabel Haskin.

Bemus, Mary Cordelia. b. Aug. 25, 1853. d. May 31, 1917 Bunnell, Fla. bd. June 3, 1917 Lot 152 G - 4. Age 63. d/o Daniel & 2nd wife Jane (Griffith) Bemus. md. Nov. 18, 1891 - George E. Drew. d. Mar. 30, 1917. The Drew family is the early one of the Plymouth colony. John Drew, grandson of Sir Edward Drew of England, immigrated to America in 1660 and settled in Plymouth, Mass.

Bemus, Martha. b. Oct. 14, 1824 Town of Harmony. d. Nov. 10, 1904 at her home, 351 W 121 Street, New York City. Age 80. Youngest d/o Thomas & Jane (Atkins) Bemus. w/o Albert Ensign Weed. b. Oct. 14, 1824 Town of Harmony. d. Dec. 28, 1909 New York City. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery Lot 37 G - 4.

Children of Martha Bemus and Albert Ensign Weed included:

1. Hamilton M. Weed. 1904 of Madrid Springs, NY

2. William B. Weed. 1904 of Madrid Springs, NY

3. Miss Amanda Weed.

4. Mrs. William M. Spear. 1904 of Chicago.

Bemus, Mary A. 1841 - 1891.

Bemus Mathew P. 1865 - 1866. bd. Lot 151 G - 1. s/o Robertson W. & Mary A. (Parkhurst) Bemus.

Bemus, Mathew P. 1870 - 1898. bd. Lot 151 G - 5. s/o Robertson W. & Mary A. (Parkhurst) Bemus.

Bemus, Matthew Prendergast. b. Jan. 4, 1817 Ellery, NY. d. Mar. 28, 1879 Mayville, NY. Age 61. s/o Charles & Relephia (Boyd) Bemus. w/ Elizabeth Marcelia Walters. He moved to Mayville in 1831 and served as clerk for Morris Birdsall in the mercantile business. He and Robert Whiteside bought out the interest of Birdsall and afterwards sold his interest to Whiteside. At the age of 22, he received the appointment of County Treasurer, and held that office by reappointment for six years. In 1846 he was elected County Clerk. He served several years as a member of the assembly in the legislature of the state, and represented the Town of Chautauqua for several terms on the board of supervisors. He took an active part in obtaining the grant for the Cross Cut Railroad, and held at different times the offices of treasure and president of the company. He also built and for a time kept, the Chautauqua House at Bemus Point. He married Elizabeth Marcelia Walters.

Bemus, Elizabeth Marcelia (Walters). b. Apr. 9, 1822. d. xxxx. w/o Mathew Prendergast Bemus.

Children of Mathew Prendergast & Elizabeth Marcelia (Walters) Bemus included:

1. Robertson W. Bemus. 1840-1901. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery. md. Mary A. Parkhurst.

2. Helen Bemus. b. Nov. 3, 1841. md. Dr. Reynolds I. Curtis.

3. Francis R. Bemus. md. Silas W. Bond.

Bemus, Mary Cordelia. b. Aug. 25, 1853. d. May 31, 1917 Ellery. d/o Daniel & Jane (Griffith) Bemus. Daniel s/o Charles & Relepha (Boyd) Bemus. Jane d/o Jeremiah J. & Margaret (Loucks) Griffith. md. Nov. 18, 1891 - George E. Drew. d. Mar. 30, 1907. Their son, Daniel Bemus Drew was b. Jan. 25, 1893.

Bemus, Robert Allen. b. Aug. 16, 1926 Jamestown, NY. d. July 1, 1980 Westport, Conn. Ashes bd. Oct. 1, 1980 Lot 155 G - 10. Age 53. s/o William Jotham & Bertha (Pitts) Bemus. md. Mar. 31, 1951 Paoli, Pa. - Leatrice Thomson. b. Nov. 29, 1929 Drexel Hill, Pa. PJ: Westport, Coon.: Robert Allen Bemus, 53, of Westport, Conn., a former resident of Lakeside Drive, Bemus Point, died Tuesday (July 1, 1980) in Norwalk Hospital, Norwalk, Conn. He was the son of the late William J. Bemus. Bemus was a 1950 graduate of Penn State University and during World War II served in the U.S. Navy on a submarine in the Pacific Theater. At the time of his death he was employed by IBM Corp. Surviving are his wife, Leatrice Thomson Bemus; two sons, Allen and Glenn Bemus of Westport, Conn.; his mother, Mrs. Frank Olander of Pittsburgh, Pa.; two brothers, William J. Bemus of Shippensburg, Pa., and George H. Bemus of Greensboro, N.C.; and two sisters, Mrs. Robert W. Wylie of Denver, Colo.; and Mrs. Lawrence Kramer of Valley Forge, Pa. The funeral will be at 5 p.m. Thursday in Saugatuch Congregational Church, Westport. A memorial service will be held in Bemus Point United Methodist Church at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday. It is suggested that memorials may be made to the American Heart Association.

Children of Robert Allen & Leatrice (Thomson) Bemus included:

1. Allen Lee Bemus. b. Mar. 31, 1955 Bemus Point, NY. md. Aug. 4, 1984 Greenwich, CT. - Eileen Eaton.

2. Glenn Thomsom Bemus. b. Oct. 23, 1959 Tonawanda, NY. md. Nov. 30, 1900 Norwalk, CT - Jo Ann Northrup.

Bemus, Robertson H. b. 1879. d. July 7, 1920.

Bemus, Robertson W. b. 1840. d. Feb. 3, 1901 Canaan, NY. Age 60/11/17. bd. Feb. 5, 1901 Lot 151 G -2. s/o Martin Prendergast & Elizabeth Marcelia (Walters) Bemus.

w/ Mary A. Parkhurst.

Bemus, Mary A. (Parkhurst). b. 1841. d. Sept. 13, 1891. bd. Lot 151 G - 3. w/o Robertson W. Bemus.

Children of Robertson W. & Mary A. (Parkhurst) Bemus included:

1. Matthew P. Bemus. 1865-1866. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery.

2. Matthew P. Bemus. 1870-1898. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery.

Bemus, Sarah L. b. June 12, 1822. d. Apr. 6, 1865. bd. Lot 269 G - 1. Age 63.

d/o Thomas & Jane (Atkins) Bemus. w/o William Austin Strong. b. Aug. 4, 1815 Ellery. d. Feb. 4, 1888 Brocton, NY. bd. Lot 269 G - 2. Age 72/6/0. s/o Joseph & Lois (Walrath) Strong. Their child Austin Strong was b. 1817 and d. Feb. 2, 1862. All are buried in Bemus Point Cemetery.

Bemus, Thankful. bd. Lot 46E G - 2. Age 6 months.

Bemus, Thomas. b. May 19, 1786. d. June 23, 1829 Town of Harmony. bd. Lot 37E G - 2. Age 43. s/o William & Mary (Prendergast) Bemus. md. Jan. 1, 1809 - Jane Atkins. Thomas settled in the Town of Harmony on land bought by his father in January 1806, and given to him. He was probably the first settler in that town. Soon after the land was purchased he built his log cabin, and commenced clearing land, though he did not marry for a few years. In 1815, he surveyed lots in Jamestown, N.Y. for his uncle James Prendergast. Tom’s Point across the lake from Bemus Point was named for him. He started operation of a ferry, authorized June 25, 1811, which crossed Chautauqua Lake at the Narrows. He was the first postmaster of the Bemus Point Office, established in 1826 at Stow, NY.

Bemus, Jane (Atkins) b. about 1789. d. 1828. bd. Lot 37E G - 1. Age 39. w/o Thomas Bemus.

Children of Thomas & Jane (Atkins) Bemus included:

l. Elizabeth "Eliza" Bemus. b. Nov. 5, 1809. d. Feb. 8, 1886 Shell Rock, Iowa. md. 1st Samuel E. Barney of Harmony. md. 2nd Dea. Jacob Reasoner Brownell.

2. Ann Mirah Bemus. 1811-1892. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery. md. Simon Smiley.

3. Mindwell Bemus. b. Nov. 1, 1812. d. _______. md. Horace Rice.

4. Mary Bemus. b. Nov. 27, 1815. md. Horace Cullum.

5. William Bemus. b. July 20, 1816. d. Jan. 2, 1871 near Houston, Texas.

md. Ann Jeanette Jackson of Hartfield, NY.

6. Jane Bemus. b. Mar. 6, 1818. md. William Hosmer of Meadville, Pa.

7. Thomas Atkins Bemus. b. July 30, 1820. md. Ann Elizabeth Barnes of Buffalo, NY and one time lived at Northeast, Pa.

8. Sarah L. Bemus. 1822-1865. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery. md. William Austin Strong of Ellery.

9. Martha Bemus. 1824-1904. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery. md Albert Ensign Weed of Saratoga Springs.

Bemus, Tryphena. b. Apr. 2, 1793 Pittstown, Rensselaer Co., NY. d. Feb. 19, 1851.

bd. Lot 149 G - 3. Age 57/9/26. d/o William & Mary (Prendergast) Bemus. md. Feb. 8, 1809 - John Griffith. b. June 2, 1785 Rensselaer Co., NY. d. Sept. 23, 1849 Town of Ellery. bd. Lot 149 G - 2. Age 83. s/o Jeremiah & Mary (Crapsy) Griffith.

Bemus, William. 1854 - 1864.

Bemus, William (The Pioneer). b. Feb. 25, 1762 Bemis Heights, Saratoga Co., NY. Moved to Pittstown, Rensselaer Co., NY. d. Jan. 20, 1830 Town of Ellery of dropsy.

bd. Lot 57E G - 2. Age 67/10/7. s/o Jotham & Tryphena (Moore) Bemus. md. Jan 27, 1782 at Pittstown, NY - Mary Polly Prendergast. His military service was performed as a private in Capt. Ephraim Woodworth’s Company, 13th Regiment, Albany County, N. Y., Militia. As a member of this unit, he fought in the battle Oct. 7, 1777 at Bemis Heights, the second major action in the decisive victory that checked Burgoyne’s southward invasion from Canada. William Bemus and his family spent the winter of 1805-06 in the present town of Westfield, near Arthur Bell’s house on the Buffalo-Erie Road. In the spring of 1806 he settled at The Narrows of Chautauqua Lake. He was the first purchaser of land in the Town of Ellery, in January 1806 purchasing Lots #24 and #40, Twp. 2, Range 12, and in March 1806, Lot #35. Bemus Point on the east side of Chautauqua Lake was the location of the Bemus pioneer homestead and the old soldier’s home until his death. The first sawmill in the Town of Ellery was built by William Bemus, and in 1811 he began the operation of a grist-mill. He deeded one acre of his land to the town for a burial-ground, the original part of Bemus Point Cemetery. In later years his grandson, Matthew P. Bemus, born in 1818, added 7 1/2 acres to the original grant.

Bemus, Mary Polly (Prendergast). b. Mar. 13, 1760 Pawling, Dutchess County, NY.

d. July 11, 1845. bd. Lot 57E G - 1. Age 86. d/o William Sr. & Mehetable (Wing) Prendergast. w/o William Bemus.

Children of William & Mary Polly (Prendergast) Bemus included:

1. Daughter Bemus. b. & d. Oct. 10, 1783.

2. Daniel Prendergast Bemus. b. Sept. 4, 1784 Pittstown, NY. d. Feb. 21, 1866 Meadville, Pa. md. 1st Jane Miles. md. 2nd Jane (Brooks) Clark. A physician - lived at Meadville, Pa.

3. Thomas Bemus. 1786-1928. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery. md. Jane Atkins.

4. William Bemus. b. Dec. 20, 1787. d. Jan. 10, 1789.

5. Elizabeth Bemus. b. Nov. 3, 1787. d. in Iowa. md. Capt. John Silsby, prominent military figure in the county during the War of 1812. They moved to Iowa where they both died.

6. Charles Bemus. b. Aug. 31, 1791. d. Oct. 10, 1861. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery.

md. Relepha Boyd.

7. Tryphena Bemus. b. Apr. 2, 1793. d. Feb. 19, 1851. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery.

md. John Griffith. s/o Jeremiah Griffith, soldier of the Revolution. bd. in Fluvanna Cemetery, Town of Ellicott.

8. Mehitable P. Bemus. b. Jan. 10, 1795. d. Sept. 22, 1889 Warren, Pa. Age 99.

bd. Lakeview Cemetery, Jamestown, NY. md. Daniel Hazeltine of Jamestown.

9. James H. Bemus. b. Feb. 2, 1797. d. June 2, 1874. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery.

md. Tryphena Boyd.

10. Jedediah Bemus. b. Apr. 3, 1799. d. Nov. 2, 1799.

Bemus, William Jotham. b. Jan. 20, 1895 Ellery, NY. d. Aug. 16, 1951 Bemus Point, NY. bd. Aug. 18, 1951 Lot 155 G - 9. Age 56/6/26. s/o James H. & Minnie Belle (Schofield) Bemus. md. Aug. 1923 First Congregational Church by Rev. Dr. Geo. L. McClelland - Bertha Pitts. William Jotham Bemus was a graduate of Jamestown High School, class of 1914 and of Cornell University. A member of Alpha Chi Ro & Etta Kappa Nu Fraternities. He saw over-seas service during World War I. In 1923 was associated with the electrical department of the Clark Hardware Company as a mechanical engineer..

Bemus, Bertha (Pitts). b. Sept. 21, 1902 Jamestown, NY. d. Dec. 27, 1991 WCA Hospital, Jamestown, NY. bd. 1992 Lot 155 G - 15. Age 89. d/o George B. & Lucy (Shaw) Pitts. w/o William Jotham Bemus. Bertha Pitts Bemus md. 2nd Frank Olander. After the death of her 1st husband, William Jotham Bemus, Bertha purchased the farm (Ravenwood) from heirs, June 1, 1952. PJ: Bertha Pitts Bemus Olander, 89, of 306 Lakeside Dr., Bemus Point, died at 7:06 a.m. Friday (Dec. 27, 1991) in WCA Hospital. She was the wife of Frank Olander. She was born Sept. 21, 1902, in Jamestown, the daughter of the late George B. and Lucy Shaw Pitts. She attended local schools and was a 1920 graduate of Jamestown High School. She attended the Pennsylvania College for Women, which is now Chatham College. She was a member of the Bemus Point Methodist Church, the Fortnightly Club, the Mozart Club and the DAR. She is survived by her husband, Frank Olander; a son William J. Bemus Jr., Chautauqua; two daughters, Elizabeth B. Wylie, Yorba Linda, Calif. and Caryl Kramer, Philadelphia, Pa.; five step-daughters: Mary Alma Price, Leona Moore, Katharine Munford, Margaret Brophy and Marian Fee; 11 grandchildren: Glen, Thomas, Barbara, Anne, Howard, Glen, Allen and Lex Bemus; and Dawn Hiscock, Clair Patton and Paul Wylie; three great-grandchildren; a brother, George B. Pitts Jr., Jamestown; and a sister, Elizabeth Pitts Mustard, Pittsburgh. She was preceded in death by her first husband, William J. Bemus Sr., who died in 1951, and two sons Robert A. Bemus and George H. Bemus. Memorial services will be at 4 p.m. Sunday in the Bemus Point Methodist Church. The Rev. Daniel G. McBride, pastor of the church, will officiate. No visitation will be observed. The Migliore Funeral Home will be in charge of arrangements.

Children of William Jotham & Bertha (Pitts) Bemus included:

1. William Jotham Bemus Jr. b. Feb. 9, 1924. md Joann Flick.

2. Robert Allen Bemus. 1926-1980. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery. md. Leatrice Thompson.

3. George Howard Bemus. 1925-1986. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery. md. 1st Lee Dickel. md. 2nd. Cindy Drinker.

4. Caryl Ann Bemus. b. Jan. 1, 1940. md Lawrence Kramer

5. Elizabeth Lucy "Betty Lu" Bemus. b. Dec. 5, 1934. md Robert W. Wylie.

Bemus. Marian (Goiese). Residence at 63 Lakeside Dr. Bemus Point. b. Oct. 6, 1919 Brocton, NY. d. Mar. 29, 1968 Jamestown General Hospital. Age 48/5/23. d/o Ernest & Harriet (Blodgett) Goiese.


Benedict, Alfred Brunson b. Nov. 25, 1880 South Stockton, NY. d. Jan. 9, 1964. bd. Jan. 11, 1964 Lot 270 G - 13. Age 83. s/o William H. & Florrie (Brunson) Benedict. William H. s/o William Sr. & Mary (Griffith) Benedict. William Sr. s/o Dr. Odin & Sarah Ann (Copp) Benedict. PJ: 1964: Alfred B. Benedict, 83, of Bentley Hill Road, Gerry, died at 7 a.m. Thursday (Jan. 9, 1954). He was born Nov. 25, 1880, in South Stockton, the son of William H. and Florrie Brunson Benedict. He was a retired excavating contractor and in later years operated a farm. He had lived in South Stockton and Falconer for many years and in Ellington about 12 years. He was for many years a partner in the firm of Benedict and Swanson, excavating contractors, who excavated the site for the former Hotel Samuels, the Packard Estate in Lakewood, and for many of the Jamestown Streets prior to paving. Mr. Benedict’s grandfather, Dr. Odin Benedict, was the county physician for many years. Surviving are one sister, Miss Mary E. Benedict, Jamestown; one cousin, Ralph W. Benedict, East Orange, NJ; and a niece, Miss Irma Jean Benedict, Jamestown. Funeral services will be at 11:30 a.m. Saturday at the Powers Funeral Home. The Rev. Sherman H. Epler, associate pastor of First Methodist Church, will officiate. Burial will be in Bemus Point Cemetery.

Benedict, Mary Elizabeth. b. Feb. 26, 1886 Brunson homestead at South Stockton, NY. d. June 29, 1978 Fenton Nursing Home, Jamestown, NY. bd. July 1, 1978 Lot 270 G - 14. Age 92. d/o William H. Jr. & Flossie (Brunson) Benedict. Mary was a teacher.

Benedict, Dr. Odin. b. Aug. 20, 1805 Skaneatelas, Onondaga Co., NY. d. Mar. 11, 1874 Erie Hotel, Dunkirk, NY. bd. Lot 270 G - 3. Age 68. s/o Dr. Isaac & Sarah (Bass) Benedict. Isaac came from Conn. Dr. Benedict md. Dec. 4, 1826. Sarah "Sally" Ann Copp. Dr. Benedict studied medicine under Dr. Samuel Porter of Shaneatelas and received his diploma in the spring of 1826, when he settled in Ellery, where he had a large professional business until 1850. In 1851 he moved to Dunkirk. He was supervisor of Ellery 18 years and elected to the assembly in the fall of 1839 and again in 1842. He mostly engaged in banking until 1867 when he resumed practice of medicine again.

Benedict, Sarah "Sally" Ann (Copp). d. Sept. 26, 1874 Ellery. bd. Lot 270 G - 2. Age 68. d/o John E. & Mary (Ashford) Copp. w/o Dr. Odin Benedict.

Child of Dr. Odin & Sarah "Sally" Ann (Copp) Benedict was:

William Copp Benedict. 1827-1906. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery. md. Mary M. Griffith.

Benedict, Walter Scott. b. July 2, 1853. d. 1932. bd. July 7, 1932 Lot 270 G - 9. Age 78. s/o William Copp & Mary M. (Griffith) Benedict. In 1911 of Winona, Mich.

Benedict, Warner G. b. Aug. 5, 1851. d. July 1, 1917 WCA Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 65/10/25. bd. July 3, 1917 Lot 257 G - 2. s/o William Sr. & Mary (Griffith) Benedict. William Sr. s/o Dr. Odin & Sarah "Sally" Ann (Copp) Benedict. md. Nov. 18, 1880 - Anna Salome Hoag.

Benedict, Anna Salome (Hoag). b. Feb. 18, 1854. d. Sept. 16, 1917. bd. Sept. 18, 1927 Lot 257 G - 3. Age 63. d/o Levi Jr. & Jedidah (Brown) Hoag. w/o Warner G. Benedict.

Benedict, William Copp. b. Sept. 5, 1827 Ellery. d. Apr. 11, 1906 at Falconer, NY. bd. Lot 270 G - 4. Age 78. s/o Dr. Odin & Sarah "Sally" Ann (Copp) Benedict. md. Jan. 9, 1849 - Mary M. Griffith.

Benedict, Mary M. (Griffith). b. July 31, 1825 Ellery. d. Nov. 15, 1911, 108 W 8th St. Jamestown, NY at home of son William H. Benedict. bd. Nov. 22, 1911 Lot 270 G - 5. Age 85/3/18. d/o Jeremiah Jr. & Margaret (Loucks) Griffith. w/o William Copp Benedict. Mary had sister, Mrs. Amorette Griffith Atherly (Franklin A. Atherly) 1911 of Gridley, Kan.

Children of William Copp & Mary M. (Griffith) Benedict included:

1. Willis Odin Benedict. 1849-1921. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery. md. Jennie Persell.

2. Warner G. Benedict. 1851-1917. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery. md. Anna Salome Hoag.

3. Walter Scott Benedict. 1853-1932. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery.

4. William H. Benedict. 1855-1932. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery. md. Florrie Brunson.

5. Cadwallader Washburne Benedict. b. May 11, 1862. d. Apr. 16, 1934 Niobe, NY. md. Oct. 27, 1886 Mary E. "Minnie" Brunson.

Benedict, William H. b. May 4, 1855. d. Mar. 24, 1932. bd. Mar. 27 Lot 270 G - 10. Age 76. s/o William Copp & Mary M. (Griffith) Benedict. md. Feb. 18, 1880 South Stockton by Rev. Creed - Florrie Brunson.

Benedict, Florrie (Brunson). b. July 16, 1860 South Stockton, NY. d. 1948. bd. Nov. 9, 1948 Lot 270 Age 88. d/o Alfred Perry & Zelpha "Elizabeth" (Turner)Brunson. w/o William H. Benedict.

w/o William H. Benedict.

Children of William H. & Florrie (Brunson) included:

Children of William H. & Florrie (Brunson) Benedict included:

1. Alfred Brunson Benedict. 1880-1964. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery.

2. Odin H. Benedict. b. Jan. 23, 1883. d. 1954. md. 1st Mayme England. md. 2nd Ruth Lamphere.

3. Mary Elizabeth Benedict. 1886-1978. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery.

Benedict, Willis Odin. b. Nov. 26, 1849. d. June 30, 1921. bd. July 1, 1921 Lot 270

G - 8. Age 72. s/o William Copp & Mary M. (Griffith) Bemus. md. Jennie Persell.


Bennett, Andrew J. bd. Feb. 21, 1892.

Bennett, Dr. Andrew James. 1893 of Busti; 1884 of Ellery and West Ellery; 1916 Busti. b. Dec. 27, 1860 Town of Ellington. d. Oct. 30, 1919 WCA Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 58/10/3 of influenza. bd. Nov. 2, 1919 Lot 171 G - 5. s/o James & Ruth Ann (Winsor) Bennett. md. 1st May Stoddard. b. in Busti, NY. Known for her musical talent. md. 2nd Feb. 27, 1884 at West Ellery, NY. - Cynthia O. Hayes. md. 3rd Oct. 5, 1916 at home of bride’s aunt, Mrs. Louise Burns - Bernice M. Simmons. b. Dec. 18, 1879 Busti, NY d. 1975. bd. in Busti Cemetery. Bernice in 1916 a teacher in Buffalo, also a school principal, owned Aldine Hotel at Chautauqua Institution. Dr. Andrew Bennett moved to Town of Ellery in 1866. He attended common schools, Jamestown High School and Rochester Business College. A graduate of University of Buffalo, completing his course in March 1891. He also taught School in Chautauqua County for 13 terms. He was an ardent Democrat and served the Town of Busti as supervisor for four years. He was for several years chairman of the Democratic County Committee and frequently represented the First Assembly District in state conventions of his party. Shortly after his graduation from college in 1891, he located in the village of Busti, and practiced there until the time of his death. On October 5, 1916 he was united in marriage with Miss M. Bernice Simmons who survives. He also leaves two sisters and one brother, Mrs. E. B. Tefft of Jamestown, Mrs. M. E. Bly of Ellery and S. Henry Bennett of Custer Park, Ill. He was a member of the Baptist Church of Busti. No man comes closer to the lives of the people than a country doctor. Dr. Bennett was devoted to his patients. No roads could be too rough or no storm too severe, but what he would answer any call. His practice covered not only the Town of Busti, but also the Townships of Kiantone, Carroll, Farmington and Sugar Grove, as well as Jamestown. During the influenza epidemic last year, he worked day and night and it was undoubtedly his unremitting efforts at this time that undermined his physical condition so that he was unable to withstand the illness that caused his death. His death will cause genuine sorrow in the community where he was respected and honored by all. A prayer service will be held Sunday from the late home in Busti at 1:30 o’clock, following by a funeral service in Busti Baptist Church at 2:00 o’clock. The interment will be in the Bemus Point Cemetery.

Bennett, Cynthia O. (Hayes). b. 1861. d. Feb. 18, 1892. bd. Lot 171 G - 2. d/o John B. Sr. & Laura (Hull) Hayes. 2nd w/o Dr. Andrew James Bennett.

Bennett, Charles. bd. Apr. 10, 1938 Lot 333 G - 1. Age 77.

Bennett, Clark W. b. July 1885. d. Aug. 1885. bd. Lot 171 G - 1. Age 1 mo. s/o Dr. Andrew James & Cynthia (Hayes) Bennett. James s/o James H. & Ruth Ann (Winsor) Bennett.

Bennett, Henry S. b. 1859. d. 1928 at home in Joliet, Ill. Funeral held from home of M. E. Bly, Dutch Hollow Road, Bemus Point. bd. June 11, 1928 Lot 170 G - 6. Age 68. s/o James M. & Ruth Ann (Winsor) Bennett. w/ Alice Laird. PJ: June 1928. Word has been received by relatives of Henry S. Bennett, formerly of Jamestown, at his home, Friday morning in Joliet, Ill. He was 63 years old. He is survived by his widow, Alice Laird Bennett; two daughters, Mrs. Alice Darmott, of Custer Park, Ill., and Mrs. Lucille Lawson of Chautauqua; one son, Willard S. Bennett of Cleveland; two sisters, Mrs. Mary Tefft, of Kansas City, and Mrs. Mertie Bly of Greenhurst; also several nieces and nephews. The body will arrive in Jamestown, Sunday evening at 5:30 o’clock and the funeral will be held from the home of Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Bly on the Dutch Hollow Road near Greenhurst, Monday afternoon at 1:30 o’clock. Burial will take place at Bemus Point......The funeral of Henry S. Bennett whose death occurred suddenly at his home in Joliet, Ill., was held Monday afternoon from the home of Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Bly on the Dutch Hollow Road near Greenhurst. Rev. J. L. Buck, pastor of the Bemus Point Methodist Episcopal Church conducted the services. The bearers all nephews were: Ray Graham, Alfred Heelas, Leo Wiltsie, William Tefft, William Bly and Wellman Bly. Those present from a distance were Mr. and Mrs. William Bennett, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Donaldson of Wattsburg, Pa.; Mrs. Grace Maschler and son, Ralph and Mrs. Abbie Bachelor of Franklin Center, Pa.; Mrs. and Mrs. Wilson Laird and Mrs. Thomas Laird of Erie, Pa.; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Goodrich and Mrs. Lyman Dye of Stockton; Mrs. Sarah Cross and Mrs. Lavina Langworthy of Dewittville; Mrs. Helen Kelsey and Mrs. Rose King of Kennedy; Eugene Kelsey of Falconer; also Mrs. Alice Laird Bennett of Joliet and Mrs. Alice Dermott and daughter Delores, Mrs. Lucille Lawson of Chautauqua. Interment was at Bemus Point.

Bennett, James Hall. b. Nov. 21, 1825 Penn Yan, NY. d. May 1897. bd. May 15, 1897 Lot 171 G - 4. s/o Elizabeth ( ) Bennett. md. Apr. 19, 1857 - Ruth Ann Winsor. James came to Chautauqua County in 1831, to Ellery 1857. Was a shoemaker and turned to farming.

<>Bennett, Ruth Ann (Winsor). b. Jan. 17, 1828. d. Nov. 16, 1890. bd. Nov. 19, 1890 Lot 171 G - 3. w/o James Hall Bennett. Bearers at her funeral were all relatives: Andrew Bennett, Emmet Bly, Clement and Charles Winson, Erastus Tefft and Frank Berry.

Children of James Hall & Ruth Ann (Winsor) Bennett included:

1. Myrta Bennett. b. Aug. 21, 1870 Town of Ellery. d. July 1943 at the family home on Dutch Hollow Road. Age 72. w/o Marvin Emmett Bly. bd. Fluvanna Cemetery.

2. Dr. Andrew James Bennett. b. Dec. 27, 1860 Town of Ellington. d. Oct. 30, 1919 WCA Hospital, Jamestown, NY. md. Cynthia O. Hayes. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery.

3. Henry S. Bennett. 1859 - 1928. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery. md. Alice Laird.

4. Mary C. Bennett. md. Erastus Tefft.

Bennett, Willard S. b. Apr. 27, 1882. d. Nov. 26, 1959. bd. Nov. 28, 1959 Lot 157 G - 7. Age 77. A veteran of the Spanish American War, the Boxer Rebellion and at one time served in the U.S. Navy. w/ Mary Jane Nichols. PJ: Nov. 1959: Westfield: Willard S. Bennett, 77, of English Street, died in Veteran’s Administration Hospital, Buffalo, at 5:15 a.m., Thursday (Nov. 26, 1959) after an illness of one month. Before he retired, Mr. Bennett served as a marine engineer on the Great Lakes. He was a veteran of the Spanish American War, the Boxer Rebellion and at one time had served in the U.S. Navy. Mr. Bennett was born in Town of Ellery April 27, 1882, a son of Henry and Mary Jane Smiley Bennett.. He had lived in Westfield for the last three years, moving there from Buffalo. His survivors include three nephews, among whom if Courtney B. Lawson, Evanston, Ill.; a niece; a brother-in-law, William Lawson, Chautauqua; four cousins, Mrs. Carrie Young, Bemus Point, William Bly, Jamestown, Marvin Bly and Wellman Bly, both of the Dutch Hollow Road. Services will be held at 3 p.m. Saturday in Freay Funeral Home, Mayville. Rev. Charles S. Aldrich, pastor of Hurlbuut Memorial Church of Chautauqua, will officiate. Burial will be in Bemus Point Cemetery.

Bennett, Mary Jane (Nichols). d. Jan. 14, 1919. bd. Jan. 19, 1919 Lot 157 G - 6. w/o Willard S. Bennett.

PJ: 1/14/1919: Mrs. Mary Jane Bennett, died at the home of her son, Miles C. Nichols, 107 Francis street, at 3:10 o’clock this morning, aged 78 years, 8 months and 10 days. She was born at Stow and had resided in this city for the past 22 years. She is survived by two sons, Miles C. Nichols and William S. Bennett, and one daughter, Mrs. Lucille B. Lawson, all of this city. One granddaughter, Ruth Starr Nichols, also survives. The funeral will be held from the Nichols home, 107 Frances street, Tuesday afternoon at 1 o’clock. Interment will take place at Bemus Point.

PJ: Jan., 1919: The funeral of Mrs. Mary Jane Bennett conducted by Rev. Walter A. Taylor of the Unitarian church, was held Tuesday afternoon from the home of her son, Miles C. Nichols, 107 Francis street. Music was furnished by Mrs. Frank R. Reed and Mrs. Joseph Lowman and the bearers were Miles C. Nichols, Willard S. Bennett, W. J. Lawson and J. L. Hills. Amoung the floral tributes were pieces from the Prendergast library staff and friends and neighbors. Burial was at Bemus Point.


Benson, Doris M. b. Aug. 27, 1894 Jamestown. d. Apr. 21, 1933 Higgins Memorial Hospital, Olean, NY. Age 38/7/29. bd. Apr. 24, 1933 Lot 255 G - 6. Adopted d/o Junius H. & Mary A. (O’Brien) Culver. md. May 28, 1914 by Rev. G. Frank Johnson - Clayburn James Culver. b. Apr. 6, 1893 Ellery Center, NY. d. May 28, 1973 King Manor Nursing Home, Jamestown, NY. bd. May 31, 1973 Lot 255 G - 12. Age 80. s/o James & Grace (Hayes) Culver. PJ: 4/7/1893: Mrs. Doris Culver, wife of Clayburn Culver, 244 South Barry St., Olean, died at 6 o’clock last evening at Higgins Memorial Hospital, Olean, aged 38 years. Besides her husband she is survived by two daughters, Dorothy and Catherine, and her mother, Mrs. Mary Benson. Funeral services will be held at the Baptist Church of Olean on Monday at 1 o’clock. Burial will be at Bemus Point. (Clayburn Culver md. 2nd Ethel Roush. md. 3rd Jean D. Dearing.)

Benson, Robb R. b. July 23, 1934 Jamestown, NY. d. Oct. 27, 1988 WCA Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Driving to Jamestown he pulled into a gas station and slumped over the wheel of his auto. bd. Oct. 29, 1988 Lot 438 G - 10. Age 54. s/o Everett B. & Gertrude (Robb) Benson. w/ Diana. (Diana md 2nd Melvin G. Lewellen). PJ: 10/27/1988: Bemus Point: Robb R. Benson, 54, of 4302 Lakeside Drive, Bemus Point, died at 5:55 a.m. today (Oct. 27, 1988) in WCA Hospital. A lifelong area resident, he was born July 23, 1934, in Jamestown, a son of the late Everett B. and Gertrude Robb Benson. He was employed by Jamestown Community College, starting as an accountant in 1960 and later becoming a controller. He was named the first director of purchasing in 1983. A 1952 graduate of Jamestown High School, he graduated from Allegheny College in 1956. He served in the US Army from 1957 to 1958. A photographer, he collected and photographed with antique cameras, with many of his prize winning black and white exhibits portraying life in Chautauqua County featured in "Tempo" the magazine section of "The Post-Journal Weekender". His memberships included Bemus Point United Methodist Church and Viking Lodge. Surviving are two daughters: Robin Lynn Rotsko of Ashville and Jennifer Ann Benson of Greens Farms, Coon.; five grandchildren: Savoy Robb, Nicolas, Nathaniel, Christian and Diana Rotsko, all of Ashville; and a brother, Douglas E. Benson of Jamestown. The funeral will be at 1 p.m. Saturday in Bemus Point United Methodist Church. The Rev. Daniel McBride will officiate. Burial will be in Bemus Point Cemetery.

Children of Robb R. & Diana Benson included:

1. Robin Lynn Benson. md. Aug. 8, 1976 - Jefrey Scott Rotsko.

2. Jennifer Ann Benson. 1988 of Green Farms, Conn.


Bentley, Edith P. b. Apr. 13, 1909 Charlotte Center, NY. d. Apr. 4, 1980 Sun Coast Hospital, Largo, Fla. bd. Apr. 8, 1980 Lot 327 G - 8. Age 70. d/o Walter & Cora B. (Abbey) Bentley. md. Dec. 1, 1926 Bemus Point, NY - Earl B. Shepardson. b. Sept. 17, 1906 Town of Ellery. d. Oct. 2, 1976 Dunedin, Fla. bd. Oct 5, 1976 Lot 327 G - 7. s/o George Walter & Emma Jennette (Johnson) Shepardson.

Bentley, Walter B. 1877 - 1943. bd. Oct. 9, 1943 Lot 327 G - 1. Age 66. w/ Cora B. Abby.

Bentley, Cora B. (Abbey). b. Sept. 18, 1888 Town Charlotte. d. Apr. 6, 1974 Heritage Village, Gerry, NY. bd. Apr. 8, 1974 Lot 327 G - 6. Age 85. d/o Nelson & Elizabeth (Lewis) Abbey). w/o Walter B. Bentley.

Child of Walter B. & Cora B. (Abbey) was:

Edith P. Bentley. 1909-1980. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery. md. Earl B. Shepardson.


Bergeson, Paul Julius. b. June 24, 1912. d. Nov. 10 10, 1972. bd. Nov. 13, 1972 Lot 354 G - 12. Age 60. s/o Julius & Hulda Bergeson. md. 1940 - Beverly Lucile Johnson. Paul a graduate of Jamestown High School in 1930 and is a representative of Chadakoin Press, Jamestown, NY. World War II.

Bergeson, Beverly Lucile (Johnson). b. Apr. 11, 1917 Jamestown, NY. d. Jan. 23, 1998 Valley Hospital, Ridgewood, N.J. bd. Jan. 27, 1998 Lot 354 G - 11. Age 80. d/o John Alfred & Bernice Lucile (Johnson) Johnson. w/o Paul J. Bergeson. PJ: 1/25/1998: Oakland, N.J.: Beverly Lucile Johnson Bergeson, 81, of Oakland, N.J., formerly of Jamestown, Greenhurst and Bemus Point, died Friday morning (Jan. 23, 1998) in the Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, N.J., following a three-week stay. She was born in Jamestown on April 11, 1917, daughter of John Alfred and Bernice Lucile Johnson Johnson. She was the widow of Paul Julius Bergeson, who she married in 1940. She graduated from Jamestown High School in 1934 and the New York State College for Teachers in 1938. She also taught in the Jamestown school system. She was a longtime member of the Immanuel Lutheran Church and was a charter member of St. Timothy Lutheran Church in Bemus Point. She served as parish secretary and in other capacities at Immanuel Lutheran Church for 20 years. She was active in the Lutheran Church women and held several posts locally and for the New York State Synod. She also was the New York State consultant for the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service in the mid-1970s. While living in Charlotte, N.C., she was the executive director of the Mecklenburg County Council on Aging and worked in Orlando, Fla., for the Florida Council of Churches in the Refugee Resettlement Office. She moved to western North Carolina in 1992 and moved to Oakland, N.J., in October 1996. Surviving are two daughters: Eleanore Bergeson Orman of Oakland, N.J.; and Melinda Bergeson Castillo of Lenoir, N.C.; one son: Jon Bergeson of Glastonbury, Conn.; six grandchildren: Paul Castillo of Lenoir, N.C., Meredith Bergeson of Minneapolis, Minn., Jeffrey, Amy, Genevieve and Kent Bergeson, all of Glastonbury, Conn. The funeral service will be at 10 a.m. Tuesday at the Immanuel Lutheran Church. Interment will be at the Bemus Point Cemetery. PJ: 1/28/19: Rev. D. Wesley L. Hamlin, pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church officiated at the funeral. Music was provided by Cindy Lind Hanson, organist, and the Rev. Robert Land, soloist. The bearers were: Jon Bergeson, Jeffrey Bergeson, the Rev. Robert Land, R. Mark Hanson, Andrew Kayes and Skip Lind. Attending from away were: Eleanore Orman, Oakland; Mr. and Mrs. Jon Bergeson, Jeffrey, Amy, Genevieve and Kent Bergeson, all of Glastonbury, Conn.; Mary Bergeson, Minneapolis, Minn.; the Rev. Robert Land, Concord, N.C.; Melinda Castilo, Lenoir, N.C.; and Allison Land, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Lind Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements..... (Mrs. Bergeson was a graduate of Jamestown High School in 1934, where she was a member of the National Honor Society and KZC Society and was graduated from N. Y. S. College for Teachers at Albany in 1938 with a bachelor of Science in Commerce degree. She has been a commercial teacher at Jefferson Junior High.)

Children of Paul Julius & Beverly Lucile (Johnson) Bergeson included:

1. Eleanore Bergeson Orman.

2. Melinda Bergeson Castillo

3. Jon Bergeson.


Berggren, Lenhart "Lenny" George. b. Oct. 19, 1928 Jamestown, NY. d. Mar. 23, 2002 Westfield, NY. bd. Mar. 26, 2002 Lot 401 G - 4. Age 73. s/o George & Dorothy (Wade) Berggren. md. Mar. 21, 1981 - Barbara Paine. PJ: 3/24/1002: Westfield: Lenhart "Lenny" Geroge Berggren, 73, of Locust Drive, formerly of Jamestown, died Saturday (March 23, 2002) in his home. He was born Oct. 19, 1928, in Jamestown, the son of the late George and Dorothy Wade Berggren. He was a Westfield resident since 1981 and entered the U.S. Army during the Korean War, attaining the rank of PFC(T). He had worked for the Burns Case Co. of Jamestown as a furniture finisher and for Jamestown Royal Furniture Co. for several years. He had attended the First Baptist Church of Westfield. Played the accordion, banjo and harmonica for the Real Country Band for many years, entertaining at area Senior Citizens events and Senior Citizen residences. He was an avid horseshoe pitcher and a member of the Falconer Horseshoe Club, where he was New York State Horseshoe Pitching Champion in 1981 and 1993. He enjoyed his yard and gardening and was an avid bird watcher. He was active in and a member of the Westfield Senior Citizen’s Group. He is survived by his wife of Westfield, Barbara Paine Berggren, whom he married March 21, 1981; three daughters: Leann Austin of East Randolph, and Lori Dorman and Linda Kennedy, both of Jamestown; three step-daughters: Judy Brentley of Jamestown, Mary Krawczyk of Niagara Falls and Donna Whitford of Land-O-Lakes, Fla.; a stepson, Donald Paine of Jamestown; seven grandchildren; 10 step-grandchildren; 16 step-great-grandchildren and a sister, Delores Adams of Jamestown. Besides his parents, he was preceded in death by two step-sons: Roger Paine and David Alton Paine. The funeral will be a 1 p.m. Tuesday in the First Baptist Church of Westfield. The Rev. Thayne Bodenmiller, pastor of the church, will officiate. Burial will be in Bemus Point Cemetery, Bemus Point.


Bergquest, Violet Arlene (Crandall) Ahlbin. b. Nov. 23, 1928 Dewittville, NY. d. Oct. 28, 1967 WCA Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 38.. bd. Oct. 31, 1967 Lot 387 G - 5. d/o George G.. & Pearl M. (Casselman) Crandall. md. 1st Carl Ahlbin. (divorced). md. 2nd John Raymond Bergquist. b. Apr. 2, 1942 Jamestown. d. July 9, 1983 Wisc. Age 41. Cremated. s/o Axel H. & Astrid V. (Faggrell) Bergquist. John md. 2nd Judy ______. PJ: 10/28/1967: Mrs. Violet Crandall Bergquist, 38, of Maple Springs, died at 11 a.m. Saturday (Oct. 28, 1967) at WCA Hospital, after an illness of a year. She was the wife of John R. Bergquist. She was born Nov. 23, 1928 at Dewittville, the daughter of George G. and Pearl Casselman Crandall. Mrs. Bergquist was a member of the Bemus Point Methodist Church; Bemus Point Casino Ladies Bowling League; and Bemus Point Ladies Golf Club. She graduated from Bemus Point High School in 1947 and was named Miss Chautauqua Lake in 1949. An avid golfer, she was a women’s golf champion of the Bemus Point Golf Course in 1963. Besides her husband, she is survived by her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. George G. Crandall; three sons, Steven, Gregory and Daniel Ahlbin, all of Bemus Point; three sisters, Mrs. Gordon Dietzel, Niobe, Mrs. Clifford Starks and Mrs. Gerald Kelley, Bemus Point; three brothers, Orville Crandall, Erie, Pa, Herbert Crandall and William D. Crandall, Bemus Point. Funeral services will be at 1 p.m. Tuesday in the Bemus Point Methodist Church. The Rev. Sheldon Peterson, pastor, will officiate. Burial will be in Bemus Point Cemetery....Bearers at the funeral were: James Soule, Bob Hetzel, Gordon Kemp, James Newberry, Harold Wickham and John Kress. Attending from away were Mr. and Mrs. Marion Crandall, Mr. and Mrs. Orville Crandall, Erie, Pa.; Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Crandall of Ohio; Mrs. Everett Gardner, Randolph; Mr. and Mrs. Gust Bergquist, Buffalo.


Bergstrom, Arthur W. Ashes bd. May 24, 1991 Lot 456 G - 5. Age 89. w/ Anna L. Anderson.

Bergstrom, Anna L. (Anderson). Ashes bd. 1995 Lot 456 G - 5. Age 89. w/o Arthur W. Bergstrom.

Children of Arthur W. & Anna L. (Anderson) Bergstrom included:

1. Lorraine Bergstrom.

2. Duane Bergstrom.

3. Bruce Bergstrom.

4. Robert W. Bergstrom. 1925-1975. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery. md. Ruth Fiske.

Bergstrom, Robert W. b. May 20, 1925 Kane, Pa. d. Nov. 23, 1975 Jamestown General Hospital, Jamestown, NY. bd. Nov. 26, 1975 Lot 456 G - 3. Age 50. s/o Arthur & Anna (Anderson) Bergstrom. md. July 9, 1955 - Ruth Fiske. d/o Ira W. & Frocky (Block) Fiske.


Berlund, Helen Louise (Graves). b. Oct. 6, 1934 Westfield, NY. d. Oct. 24, 1999. Ashes bd. Lot 422

G - 3. Age 65. d/o John Carl Graves and Jessie Hazel (Haskin) Graves Lockwood. md. July 17, 1954 - Arthur Berlund. PJ: 10/25/1999: Bemus Point: Helen L. Berlund, 65, of High Acres, died at 5:00 a.m. Sunday, (Oct. 24, 1999) in her home. An area resident most of her life she was born Oct. 6, 1934, in Westfield, the daughter of John C. Graves and Jessie Haskin Graves Lockwood. She was a graduate of Tulsa Oklahoma High School. She had been employed by the T. James Clark Box Factory and Comfort Inn. She was a former member of the Thule Lodge No. 127 in Jamestown. She was a loving mother, grandmother and enjoyed cooking. Surviving are her husband, Arthur Berlund whom she married July 17, 1954; a daughter, Suzan Penhollow; a son, Arthur D. Berlund both of Jamestown; two grandchildren: Jennifer DePasquale of Jamestown and Daniel J. DePasquale of Falconer; and a sister, Betty Johnson. She was preceded in death by her father, in 1967 and her mother, in 1982. The funeral service will be held at 11 a.m. Wednesday in the Lind Funeral Home. The Rev. Dayle F. Keefer, pastor of Fluvanna Community church will officiate. Burial will be in Bemus Point Cemetery.


Berns, Gilbert A. Ashes bd. May 29, 1973 Lot 361 G - 12. Age 60.

Berns, Mariam Griese. bd. Mar. 29, 1968 Lot 361 G - 11. Age 48.


Betts, John L. b. 1844. d. Sept. 1919. bd. Sept. 8, 1919 Lot 221 G - 1. Age 75. w/ Viola P. Marsh.

Betts, Viola P. (Marsh). b. 1853. d. Sept. 1931. Age 81. bd. Sept. 6, 1931 Lot 221 G - 6. w/o John L. Betts.

Betts, Sara Jane. d. June 1956. bd. June 13, 1956 Lot 221 G - 8. Age 80.


Bicksler, Nancy Adaline (Pike). b. 1840. d. Feb. 1930. bd. Feb. 3, 1930 Lot 274 G - 6 on Pike Lot. Age 90. w/o B. F. Bicksler. Nancy Adaline was a first cousin to Harrison Pike.


Bielata, Infant. b. June 1966. d. June 1966. bd. June 14, 1966 Lot 333 G - 14. Stillborn.


Bills, Lucy C. 1816 - 1898. bd. Mar. 3, 1898 Lot 179 G - 1. (May be a relative of Traphagan, Parker families.)

Bills, Leroy E. bd. Lot 179.


Bitely, George E. b. Jan. 7, 1872 Town of Ellicott. d. July 21, 1965 WCA Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 93. bd. July 23, 1965 Lot 58W G - 3. s/o William H. & Ellen (Harris) Bitely. PJ: 7/21/1965: George E. Bitely, 93, of 388 S. Main St., died at 9 a.m. today (July 21, 1965) in WCA Hospital. He was a retired employee of Blackstone Corp. He was born in the Town of Ellicott, Jan. 7, 1872, the son of William H. and Ellen Harris Bitely. He was a member of the Wesleyan Methodist Church, Falconer. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Gladys Miles Bitely; one daughter, Mrs. Virginia Peterson of R.D. Bemus Point; one brother, Henry Bitely, Jamestown; one sister, Mrs. Addie Ward, Jamestown; three grandchildren, George, David and Diane Peterson, R.D., Bemus Point; and one great-grandson, Mark David Peterson. Funeral services will be at 2 p.m. Friday in the Wesleyan Methodist Church, Falconer. The Rev. Harold Waite will officiate. Burial will be in Bemus Point Cemetery. The family will receive friends from 7 to 9 p.m. today and Thursday at the Falconer Funeral Home.

Bitely, Gladys (Miles). b. Aug. 12, 1888 Gerry, NY. d. Nov. 8, 1968 King Manor Nursing Home. Age 80. bd. Nov. 11, 1968 Lot 58W G - 4. d/o Lewis & Sarah ( ) Miles. w/o George E. Bitely. PJ: 11/8/1968: Mrs. Gladys M. Bitely, 80, of 388 S. Main St., died at 3:10 a.m. today (Nov. 8, 1968) at the King Manor Nursing Home. She was the widow of George Bitely, who died July 21, 1965. She was born in Gerry, Aug. 12, 1888, the daughter of Lewis and Sarah Miles. She was a member of the Falconer Wesleyan Church. Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. Virginia Peterson, three grandchildren, George Peterson, Diane Peterson and David Peterson, and two great-grandchildren, Mark and Randall Peterson, all of Bemus Point. Funeral services will be in Falconer Wesleyan Church at 2 p.m. Monday. The Rev. Harold Waite, pastor, will officiate. Burial will be in Bemus Point Cemetery. The family will receive friends at the Falconer Funeral Home from 7 to 9 p.m. Saturday and from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Sunday.


Blakesley, William F. d. Mar. 1915. bd. Mar. 1915 Lot 19. w/ Adelia.

Blakesley, Adelia M. ( ). b. ca 1856. d. Aug. 1904 suddenly at Ellery, NY. Age 48. bd. Sept. 29, 1904 Lot 297 G - 2. Age 48. w/o William F. Blakesley.

Blakesley, Infant. d. Oct. 1911. bd. Oct 21, 1911 Lot 197 G - 5.

Blakesley, Luella E. b. 1873. d. Feb. 1926. bd. Feb. 10, 1926 Lot 297 G - 7. Age 62. d/o William F. & Adelia Blakesley. md. H. Laverne Wilbur. b. 1862. d. Oct. 1925.

bd. Oct. 2, 1925 Lot 297 G - 6. Age 63. s/o Aaron & Mary Jane "Mercy" (Haskin) Wilbur.

Children of Luella E. Blakesley and Laverne Wilbur included:

l. Doris L. Wilbur. b. June 22, 1902 Town of Ellery. d. Mar. 27, 1981. Age 78. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery. md. Ernest L. Wilcox.

2. Richard A. Wilbur. 1982 of Petoskey, Mich.

3. Elva Wilbur Cederquist, 1982 of West Oak Hill, Jamestown

4. Marie Wilbur Palmeeer. 1982 of Shertz, Texas.

5. Ethel Wilbur, deceased by 1982.

6. Ralph L. Wilbur. deceased by 1982.


Blakesly, William S. d. Mar. 19, 1916. bd. Lot 19E G - 1. Age 66. Also in this grave are Dane L. Wilcox and Richard A. Wilbur.


Blinn, George B. b. Watertown, NY. d. Mar. 31, 1908. Age 73. bd. Apr. 3, 1908 Lot 235 G - 6. md. May 26, 1863/64 - Laura Ann Scofield.

Blinn, Laura Ann (Scofield). b. Nov. 1, 1835 Ellery, NY. d. May 7, 1924 Ellery, NY. bd. May 9, 1924 Lot 235 G - 10. Age 88. d/o Smith Warren & Eliza (Brown) Scofield. w/o George B. Blinn.

Blinn, Carrie E. b. June 5, 1865 Ellery, NY. d. June 6, 1944. bd. June 8, 1944 Lot 235

G - 11. Age 79. d/o George B. & Laura Ann (Scofield) Blinn. md. Nov. 14, 1888 - Ariel F. Pickett. b. Jan. 24, 1866 Stockton, NY. d. July 27, 1928 Town of Ellery. bd. July 30, 1928 Lot 235 G - 11. Age 62/6/4. s/o Whitfield & Jeanette (Harris) Pickett: PJ; 6/6/1944: Mrs. Carrie Blinn Pickett, widow of A. F. Pickett and a lifelong resident of the Town of Ellery, died suddenly at the home of her son, Blinn Pickett, in Bemus Point at 10:30 a.m. today. She had observed her 79th birthday yesterday. Besides her son, Mrs. Pickett is survived by two grandsons, Wendell R. Pickett of Jamestown and S-Sgt Wilton C. Pickett of Camp Blanding, Fla. She was a member of the Dewittville Grange, Maple Springs Ladies Aid and the Jolly Workers. Funeral services will be held at the home of her son at 2:30 p.m. Thursday with the Rev. A. C. Howe, pastor of the Bemus Point Methodist Church, officiating. Interment will be in Bemus Point Cemetery.


Bloom, Henrietta. b. Jan. 20, 1862. d. Dec. 11, 1935. w/o Josh S. Sherman. b. June 6, 1848. d. Jan 10, 1914. s/o Joseph L. & Phoebe (Winslow) Sherman. Both buried in Bemus Point Cemetery.


Bloomquist, James A. b. May 19, 1923 Kane, Pa. d. Jan. 24, 1986 Roswell Park Memorial Hospital, Buffalo, NY, after a lengthy illness. bd. Jan. 27, 1986 Lot 394 G - 9.

s/o F. Almon & Ruth (Nyquist) Bloomquist. md. 1st - Jean Keenan. d. 1971. md. 2nd. Jacqueline Faye (Scofield) Stowell. Jacqueline md 1st to Donald Stowell. PJ: 1/25/1986: Bemus Point: James A. Bloomquist, 62, of Ralph Avenue, Bemus Point, died Friday

(Jan. 24, 1986) in Roswell Park Memorial Hospital, Buffalo, after a lengthy illness. He was born May 19, 1923 in Kane, Pa., a son of F. Almon and Ruth Nyquist Bloomquist. Bloomquist a graduate of Kane High School and attended Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, Pa. A U.S. Army veteran of World War II. He was a member of St. Bernard’s Catholic Church, the Knights of Columbus and was a director of the Elk-Lik Boy Scout Council. He was in the petroleum distribution business most of his working life. He owned and operated a Gulf distributorship in the Kane- Bradford area until 1975, and more recently was employed as a salesman by Ropet Petroleum Co., Pittsburgh, Pa. Surviving are his wife, Jacqueline Stowell Bloomquist, whom he married Feb. 14, 1981; three sons: James A. Bloomquist Jr. of Bradford, Christopher Bloomquist of Erie, Pa. and Gerald Stowell of Bemus Point; four daughters: Mary Ellen Eddy of Bradford, Diane Matteson of Buffalo, Martha Pascale of Atlanta, Ga. and Donna Stowell Stillman of Randolph; nine grandchildren; his mother, Ruth Bloomquist of Kane, and a brother, Robert Bloomquist of Indiana, Pa. He was preceded in death by his first wife, Jean Keenan Bloomquist, who died in 1971. A prayer service will be at 9:30 a.m. Monday in Galati Funeral Home, 75 Kennedy St., Bradford, followed by a Mass of Christian burial at 10 a.m. in St. Bernard’s Catholic Church. Burial will be in Bemus Point Cemetery.

Children of James A. & Jean (Keenan) Bloomquist included:

1. James A. Bloomquist Jr.

2. Christopher Bloomquist.

3. Mary Ellen Bloomquist Eddy

4. Diane Bloomquist Matteson.

5. Martha Bloomquist Pascale.


Bly, Lydia. b. Apr. 12, 1800. d. Oct. 6, 1863. w/o Calvin Cheney. b. Dec. 29, 1801 Pittstown, Pa. d. Nov. 16, 1875. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery. s/o Jonathan & Amy (Cole) Cheney.


Bogenschutz, Ernest H. b. Jan. 18, 1916 Jamestown, NY. d. Aug. 14, 1990 WCA Hospital, Jamestown, NY. bd. Aug. 17, 1990 Lot 228 G - 11. Age 74. s/o Henry & Annie (Anderson) Bogenschutz. md. Nov. 5, 1938 at SS Peter & Paul Rectory - Margaret Minnie Pickard. b. Nov. 29, 1916. d/o Clarence H. & Minnie K. (Cheney) Pickard. PJ: 8/15/1990: Ernest H. Bogenschutz prior to retirement in 1978 was a tool maker at Hope Windows, where he had been employed for 43 years. He was a member of Ellery Senior Citizens and Lakewood Rod and Gun Club. He is survived by sister Margaret Calimeri of Jamestown. Residence at time of death was East Lake Road, Bemus Point.

Children of Ernest H. & Margaret Minnie (Pickard) Bogenschutz included:

1. Helen Margaret Bogenschutz. b. June 27, 1940. md. William Waite.

2. Emmett Bogenschutz. b. Jan. 26, 1944.

3. Joyce Bogenschutz.


Bohall, James "Jay" F. b. Aug. 9, 1900 Town of Ellery. d. Oct. 10, 1989 WCA Hospital, Jamestown, NY. bd. Oct. 12, 1989 Lot 382 G - 5. Age 89. s/o Franklin J. & Adeline (Taylor) Bohall. md. Sept. 17, 1921 by Rev. Felix V. Hanson in Jamestown - Louise Lamphear. (A double wedding with Louise’s brother Mervin Lamphear and Beatrice Anderson). PJ: 10/10/1989: Bemus Point: James J. "Jay" Bohall, 89, of 4966 Marshall Ave., Oriental Park, Bemus Point died today (Oct. 10, 1989) in WCA Hospital. He was the husband of Louise Lamphear Bohall, whom he married Sept. 17, 1921. He was born Aug. 9, 1900 in the Town of Ellery, a son of Frank and Addie Taylor Bohall. Bohall was employed by Marlin Rockwell for 37 years, retiring in 1965. Later he worked for Milan Tool Co. as caretaker for 15 years. He was a member of Sleepy Hollow Sharp Shooters Camp and UAW-CIO Local 338, and a life member of Bemus Point Volunteer Fire Company. Besides his wife, surviving are a son, Ernest F. Bohall of Bemus Point; four grandchildren: Sondra Kindland, Reynold Bohall and Jennifer Garrett, all of Bemus Point, and Thomas Bohall of Jamestown; eight great-grandchildren; and a brother, John K. Bohall of Lakewood. He was preceded in death by four sisters: Ethel Kranking, Nora Carlson, Sarah Selden and Adeline DiNunzio; and two brothers: George and Irvin Bohall. The funeral will be at 1:30 p.m. Thursday in Freay Funeral Home, Mayville. The Rev. Daniel G. McBride, pastor of Bemus Point United Methodist Church will officiate. Burial will be in Bemus Point Cemetery.

Bohall, Louise (Lamphear). b. Aug. 4, 1905 Town of Stockton at Centralia, NY. d. Mar. 23, 1990 Heritage Village, Gerry, NY. bd. Mar. 26. 1990 Lot 382 G - 6. Age 84. d/o Ernest W. & Maude (Frank) Lamphear. w/o James "Jay" F. Bohall. PJ: Mar. 24,1990: Bemus Point: Louise Bohall, 84, of 4966 Marshall Ave., died at 1:05 p.m. Friday (March 23, 1990) in Heritage Village Health Center in Gerry. She was born Aug. 4, 1905, in the Town of Stockton, a daughter of the late Ernest W. and Maude Frank Lamphear. She had been a manager of the B. & L. Tea Room and the Grove Cottage, both in Bemus Point. She had also been a clerk at Jones Grocery Store and at the Bemus Point Liquor Store. She is survived by a son, Ernest F. Bohall of Bemus Point: two granddaughters: Sondra Kindland and Jennifer Garrett, both of Bemus Point; two grandsons: Reynold Bohall of Bemus Point and Thomas Bohall of Jamestown; eight great-grandchildren; and a brother, Ward Lamphear of Bemus Point. She was preceded in death by her husband, James F. "Jay" Bohall, whom she married Sept. 17, 1921, and who died Oct. 10, 1989, and two brothers: Frank and Mervin Lamphear. Funeral will be at 1:30 p.m. Monday in the Freay Funeral Home in Mayville. Burial will be in Bemus Point Cemetery.

Child of James "Jay" F. & Louise (Lamphear) Bohall was:

Ernest F. Bohall.

Bohall, Joseph M. b. 1851. d. Mar. 1924. bd. Mar. 12, 1924 Lot 206 G - 2. Age 73.

w/ Sarah Annette Carpenter of Ellery, NY.

Bohall, Sarah Annette (Carpenter). b. Mar. 26, 1852 Ellery, NY. d. Dec. 30, 1941 at Bemus Point, NY at home of granddaughter Mrs. Ethel Kranking of Magnolia while visiting. bd. Jan. 2, 1941 Lot 206 G - 4. Age 88. d/o Elihu & Patty (Haskin) Carpenter. w/o Joseph Bohall. PJ: 1/1/1941: Mrs. Sarah Annette Bohall, of this place, widow of Joseph Bohall, died last night at the home of her granddaughter, Mrs. Ethel Kranking, Magnolia, aged 88 years. She is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Lucille Russell and Mrs. Mertie Buck of Bemus Point, with whom she made her home, and Mrs. Ida Ball of Stow; one son, Frank J. Bohall, Magnolia; fourteen grandchildren, 32 great grandchildren and nine great great grandchildren; also several nieces and nephews. Mrs. Bohall was born in Ellery, the last of seven children of Elihu and Patty Haskin Carpenter. She was a prominent and highly respected resident of this vicinity all her life. She was taken ill while spending some time at the Kranking home. The funeral will be held Thursday at 2 p.m. from the Bemus Point Methodist Church. The remains are at the Haskin and Evans Funeral Home here......Bearers at the funeral of Sarah A. Bohall were: George Bohall, Jay Bohall, John Bohall, Erwin Bohall, Harold Buck and Elim Carlson.

Bohall, Lucille "Lucy" b. Sept. 28, 1879. d. Jan. 27, 1968 at County Infirmary at Dunkirk, NY. Age 89 years. bd. Jan. 27, 1968 Russell Lot 318 G - 2. d/o Joseph M. & Sarah Annette (Carpenter) Bohall. Sarah d/o Elihu & Patty (Haskin) Carpenter. w/o Mathew E. Russell. b. Aug. 26, 1881. in Ross Mills, NY. d. Mar. 8, 1933 at home in Bemus Point, NY. Age 51. bd. Mar. 7, 1933 on Russell Lot 318 G - 1. s/o Francis M. & Laura (Wright) Russell. Mathew owned and ran the Eagle Garage in Bemus Point. No children. PJ: 1/27/1968: Bemus Point: Mrs. Lucille Russell, 89, formerly of Bemus Point, died at 9 a.m. today (Jan. 27. 1968) at the County Infirmary, Dunkirk. She was a former member of the Bemus Point Methodist Church; the Rebekah Lodge of Bemus Point; and the Bemus Point Study Club. Surviving are many nieces and nephews in the area. Funeral services will be at 1 p.m. Monday in the Evans Funeral Home. Burial will be in Bemus Point Cemetery.

Bohall, Mertie. b. Mar. 28, 1872 Niobe, NY. d. 1954 in Hillside Nursing Home, Jamestown, NY. bd. May 27, 1954 Lot 206 G - 5. Age 82. d/o Joseph M & Sarah Annette (Carpenter ) Bohall. md. lst Nathan J. Buck. 1845 - 1936. Buried in Bemus Point Cemetery. md. 2nd _________Ball.

Children of Mertie Bohall and Nathan J. Buck were:

1. Pearl Buck md. Wilson.

2. Harold C. Buck 1954 of Buffalo, NY.


Boswell, Kathleen May. b. Nov. 5, 1960. d. Nov. 7, 1960. bd. Lot 333 G - 10. Premature Birth. d/o Charles Elmer & Grace Lucille (Gnaggy) Boswell.


Bosworth, Charles O. b. 1860 Orange, Mass. d. Apr. 2, 1941. Age 81. md. Dec. 22, 1881 Elizabeth "Liza" J. Martin. Moved to Maple Springs in 1908 and bought store there and operated it eight years.

Bosworth, Elizabeth "Liza" J. (Martin). b. 1861 Frewsburg, NY. d. Aug. 1950. bd. Aug. 22, 1950 Lot 150 Section 1 G - 3. Age 88. w/o Charles O. Bosworth.

Children of Charles O. & Elizabeth (Martin) Bosworth included:

1. Maurice C. Bosworth. 1898-1981. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery. md. 1st Marie. md. 2nd Ruth Francis Soule.

2. Lucia Bosworth. 1880-1986. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery. md. Leslie A. Wood.

3. Mary Wood. md. Glenn F. Coe.

Bosworth, Lucia. b. Oct. 29, 1880 Frewsburg, NY. d. Jan. 16, 1986. bd. Jan. 18, 1986 Lot 253 G - 9. d/o Charles O. & Elizabeth "Liza" J. (Martin). w/o Leslie A. Wood.

b. Feb. 2, 1890. d. July 29, 1960 Maple Springs, NY. bd. Aug. 1, 1960 Lot 253 G - 7. Age 70/5/27. s/o Daniel G. & Anna (Haskin) Wood.

Bosworth, Lynn Ree. b. 1922. d. Mar. 28, 1926. bd. Mar. 31, 1926 Lot 150

G - 1. Age 3. d/o Maurice C. & Marie Bosworth.

Bosworth, Maurice C. b. Sept. 17, 1898 Frewsburg, NY. d. 12:31 a.m. Sunday, Oct. 25, 1981 Jamestown General Hospital. bd. Oct. 28, 1981 Lot 150 G - 5. Age 83. s/o Charles O. & Elizabeth J. (Martin) Bosworth. md. 1st Marie. d. Mar. 4, 1973 in Houston, Texas. Age 74. Buried in Houston, Texas. md. 2nd Ruth "Francis" Soule. PJ: 10/ /1981: Maurice C. Bosworth, 83, of Maple Springs, died 12:31 a.m. Sunday, Oct. 25, 1981 in Jamestown General Hospital. He was a general contractor and was co-owner of Maple Springs Grocery Store. Bosworth was also one of the oldest syrup producers to manufacture maple syrup this year. He had served as assessor for the Town of Ellery for 25 years. Born Sept. 17,1898 in Frewsburg, the son of Charles O. and Elizabeth J. Martin Bosworth, he was a member of Maple Springs Union Church, Peacock Lodge, No. 696, F&AM, Mayville, and Jamestown Consistory and Shrine. Bosworth was a charter member of Maple Springs Volunteer Fire Department. During World War II he served with the National Guard. Surviving are two sons: James E. Soule of Maple Springs and David Soule of Westfield; a daughter, Mrs. Cecil Smith of Nevada, Mo. and several grandchildren including Jodie A. Soule of Fort Collins, Colo., Michael D. Soule and John O. Wood Jr. of Honolulu, Hawaii; several great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren, and a sister, Lucia Wood of Maple Springs. He was preceded in death by his wife, the former Ruth Francis; two daughters, Lynn Ree Bosworth and Hazel . Burial will be in Bemus Point Cemetery.

Bosworth, Ruth "Francis" Soule. (Ruth md. 1st to Robert Soule). b. Dec. 24, 1899 Buffalo, NY. d. June 5, 1971 WCA Hospital, Jamestown, NY. bd. June 9, 1971 Lot 150 G - 4. Age 71. 2nd w/o Maurice C. Bosworth.


Bowen, Hattie E. 1954 of Kansas City, Mo., formerly of Bemus Point, NY, prior to moving to Kansas City 15 years ago. b. Dec. 1, 1860 Stedman, NY. d. Dec. 1954. Age 94 at home of her niece Mrs. Arabelle White Shepard, Kansas City, Mo. d/o Daniel & Elizabeth Bowen. w/o Forest E. Weaver. 1860 - 1933. s/o George & Elvira (Hall) Weaver. Both buried in Bemus Point Cemetery. PJ 12/9/1954: Hattie’s father, Daniel Bowen traveled over the Erie Canal to settle in Chautauqua County, over one hundred years ago. Hattie was a member of the Bemus Point Methodist Church. Surviving are a niece, with whom she had resided, another niece, Mrs. Ruth White Lowry, La Jolia, Calif.; a nephew, Raymond Baird White, Kansas City, Mo.; a grand niece, Mrs. Jane Hemingway Gordon, Kansas City., Mo. and a grand nephew, Franklin White Hemingway, Bemus Point.


Boyd, Aaron. d. Dec. 21, 1856. bd. Lot 66E G - 1. Age 71/8/5. s/o David & Sibbel (Taylor) Boyd.. w/ Rhoda. David, brother of Joseph S. Boyd who is buried in Lewis Cemetery, Town of Ellery.

Boyd, Rhoda. d. Sept. 3, 1842. bd. Lot 66E G - 2. Age 59/11/22. w/o Aaron Boyd.

Boyd, Infant. bd. Sept. 23, 1932 Lot 312 G - 2. Stillborn.

Boyd, John William. b. Dec. 9, 1934 Jamestown General Hospital. d. 11:30 Sunday, Dec. 1944 of acute appendicitis. bd. Apr. 27, 1975 Lot 312 G - 7. Age 10. (His father was in military service and body was held until he could come home. s/o Dr. Luke Howard & Helen (Patterson) Boyd. PJ 12/ 28/ 1944: John William Boyd, 10-year-old son of Lieut. Luke H. Boyd, Unites States Navy, and Mrs. Helen P. Boyd, 76 Lakeside Drive Bemus Point, died at the Jamestown General Hospital at 11:30 p.m. Sunday after a few hours illness with acute appendicitis. He is also survived by three brothers, Luke H. Boyd, Jr., Mark and Matthew Boyd; two sisters, Joan and Sue Boyd; his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Patterson of Hartfield and Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Boyd of Jamestown. He was born at the Jamestown General Hospital on Dec. 9, 1934, was a fifth grade pupil at the Bemus Point Central School, member of the school band and served as an altar boy in Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Church in the village. His father is on active duty with the Navy in the Pacific and cannot be reached at the present time. The remains are at the Boyd Funeral Home in this city and will be taken to the Bemus Point Church at 9:30 a.m. Thursday, for funeral services in charge of Rev. Raymond Ash at 10 o’clock.

Boyd, Dr. Luke Howard. b. Aug. 19, 1908. d. Dec. 1973. bd. Dec. 19, 1973 Lot 311

G - 5. Age 65. s/o Harry W. & Florence (Smith) Boyd. md. 1st 1932 Helen Patterson. md. 2nd Mildred "Millie" Lindquist Hooper, widow of Elmer Hooper. Millie b. June 6, 114. d. Dec. 15, 1999. d/o Paul and 1st wife Anna ((Abrahamson) Lundquist. Millie is buried in the Fluvanna Cemetery beside her 1st husband, Elmer "Yank" Hooper.

Boyd, Helen (Patterson). b. Dec. 25, 1907 Kansas City, Kans. d. Jan. 24, 1967 WCA Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 59-2-27. bd. Jan. 27, 1967 Lot 312 G - 4. d/o Elmer H. & Helen (Lane) Patterson. 1st w/o Dr. Luke Howard Boyd. PJ: Jan. 1967: Mrs. Helen Patterson Boyd, 59, of 76 Lakeside Drive, Bemus Point, died at 2:45 Tuesday, Jan. 24, 1967, at WCA Hospital in Jamestown. She was born Dec. 25, 1907 at Kansas City, Kansas, the daughter of Elmer H. and Helen Lane Patterson. Mrs. Boyd was a member of Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Church and its Altar and Rosary Society. She was a former president of the Chautauqua County and Jamestown Medical Auxiliaries; the Jamestown General Hospital Auxiliary; and the Bemus Point School Board. She also was a past president of the Mixed Bowling League of Bemus Point. Besides her husband, she is survived by three sons, Luke H. Boyd Jr., Trumansburg; Dr. Mark P. Boyd, D.D.S., Orono, Maine; and Mathew C. Boyd, a student at Baldwin Wallace College, Beres, Ohio; two daughters, Mrs. Peter J. Bova, Warren, Pa.; and Susan A. Boyd, Bradford, Pa.; one brother, William H. Patterson, San Luis Obispo, Calif., and 10 grandchildren. Funeral services will be at 10 a.m. Friday at Our Lady of Lourdes Church. The Rosary will be recited at 8 p.m. Thursday at the funeral home. The Rev. James H. Cotter will officiate. Burial will be in Bemus Point Cemetery.....Bearers at the funeral were: Norman Skillman, Clyde Dalseth, John Millward, Richard Arnold, Ford Hagberg and Dr. Maurice B. Furlong. Attending from away were Mr. and Mrs. Luke H. Boyd Jr, Trumansburg; Dr. and Mrs. Mark Boyd, Orono, Maine; Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Bova, Warren, Pa.; Mrs. Delmo Wetzen, Buffalo; Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Klussman and Thomas Klussmann, Bradford, Pa.

Children of Dr. Luke Howard & Helen (Patterson) Boyd included:

1. John William Boyd. 1934 - 1944. bd. Bemus Point Cemetery.

2. Luke Howard Boyd Jr.

3. Mark P. Boyd

3. Matthew C. Boyd

4. Joan Boyd. md. Peter J. Bova.

5. Susan A. Boyd.

SOURCE: Compiled by Loraine C. Smith, Town of Ellery Historian, 2002