Forest Hill Cemetery, Fredonia, NY

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About Forest Hill Cemetery

Forest Hill Cemetery consists of about 40 acres in the Village of Fredonia, NY. The entrance is on Lambert Avenue. Formerly a private cemetery, it is now owned and maintained by the Town of Pomfret. Record books survive, and Town of Pomfret personnel are available for questions by appointment. This transcript consists of data from the "Burials by Date" section of Record Books One, Two, and Three. It covers known burials from the mid-1850s into 2007. Some maiden names, spouse names, and related items have been have been added from other sources by the transcribers, Lois and Norwood Barris. The "Tiffany" note in a notes field indicates that this interment was also found in the burial records (Oct 1858 to Feb 1867) of Jesse M Tiffany, Fredonia undertaker. Only names and dates are available for interments less than 50 years old. There are 16,343 interments in this update, which includes many corrections to last year's list, many contributed by readers.

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October, 2008