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Forest Hill Cemetery Search Tool

Use this form to search for interments with matching first, last, middle, maiden, and mother's maiden names. This simple search tool works by searching for substrings in records consisting of

last, first middle (maiden) ((mother's-maiden, first)) [lot/section]

For example, to search for full surname only, use name, where name is the name to be searched for; for maiden name only, use (name); for mother's maiden name only, use ((name. Fragments of names also work, e.g., ((mother's-maiden-name-fragment, and first middle-initial, etc.

Give the search time as it takes several seconds for your browser to parse all 16,303 records. Remember that some fields are absent in many records; searches on these fields will not return hits. Following a search, open the links (in new windows) and scroll to the full records. Finally, interments later than 50 years ago have only names and dates.

Name or name fragment (not case sensitive):